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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Erased (Altered)
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 26 April 2016
Keeping you hooked with twists and turns and even blossoming romance...action and intrigue.
Ticks all the boxes.
On to the sequel
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on 17 January 2014
I loved this sequel. The twists and turns in the plot are endless making this an interesting and surprising read. Will definitely read the prequel and look out for more by the author
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on 17 February 2014
Nooooo!!! how could I had finished so quickly? Cuz its bloody brilliant that's why!! READ IT! Can't believe i've finished. Might just read it over again. A brilliant sequel to Altered. Highly recommended
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on 1 March 2014
The last book in the series and I just wanted it to go on. I still want to know what happens to them after everything . Do they get the happy ever after???
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Oh, where do I start with this book. First, I loved it. Second, I finished it in under 2 hours. And Third, I LOVED IT. Seriously, the only thing going on in my head while I'm trying to write this review is OMG. THIS BOOK! Even though Erased is a lot shorter than Altered, I actually enjoyed this one a lot more.

Erased picks up where Altered left off: Sam, Nick, Cas and Anna are on the run from The Branch and are trying to piece together their pasts.

There isn't a single character in this book that I didn't love (besides the evil ones because they're evil - obviously). Anna still remains one of my favourite female characters. She's so strong and feisty. She's so protective of the boys and would do anything for them. The main thing I admire about her though is her determination. Anna will go to any lengths to find out what happened to her parents and her sister since she has no memory of that night. She's willing to do anything for answers. Sam was just as amazing as ever. He's the rock of the group - the one that keeps them together and in-line - I doubt they'd be able to function without him. He's stable, reliable, protective and extremely caring. I have to admit that I did question Sam throughout the book, but I'm sure I was meant to. Cas is my favourite of the boys because he's just so freaking hilarious. Cas had me cracking up so many times throughout this book. He's sarcastic, light-hearted and such a sweet guy. He just makes my heart melt. Nick was my least favourite of the guys until I read Erased. I learnt a lot about Nick during this book. He was still his usual moody, snarky and short-tempered self, but we got to see another side of Nick and learn more about his past which made my heart melt.

I had serious Nick/Anna feels during this book. I know we were learning a lot about both of these characters and seeing them actually develop a friendly relationship, but guys, THEIR CHEMISTRY. Please tell me I wasn't imagining it because I was totally rooting for Nick & Anna. I love Sam & Anna because they're so adorable together, but Nick & Anna had serious chemistry (well, I thought they did). I did really love seeing the development of Nick & Anna's relationship though and seeing them bond. It was lovely.

So like I said, the gang are on the run from The Branch and are trying to piece together their pasts. All 4 of them are experiencing flashbacks and are trying to understand what they mean. Anna is having flashbacks of the night her parents were killed and is trying to piece together what actually happened. A surprise appearance of a character from their past throws them all and they start to discover that they've been lied to. Trev makes a few re-appearances and how I've missed Trev! He's changed a lot since the first book, but I still love Trev.

There was a hell of a lot of action, plotting tons of twist and reveals and I was just completely hooked. I seriously could not put this book down. My mind was overloading with the amount of twists but they were just so damn amazing and awesome! I did have tears in my eyes a couple of times and I think I even cried a little bit at one point. So yeah, this book was just brilliant.

The ending was really sweet and hilarious. I was laughing and really happy that they could finally move on and leave their pasts behind them.

Overall, Erased was a incredible follow up to Altered that I completely loved. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more Nick & Cas (I know I'm getting more Nick, but I want more Cas too!) because I just adore all of these characters and I NEED MORE! Seriously guys, if you haven't started this series yet then what are you waiting for? It's a series that I highly recommend!
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on 23 February 2014
i had to finish this book in a week for a book report nd was a bit uncertain.... until i strted reding and it was AMAZING!! i finihe this in 2 days!! highgly recommended!!! xx
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on 31 March 2014
I went into the first book (ALTERED) expecting science fiction, and instead got a thriller. It didn't need a sequel, yet it has one (ERASED). And having read that second novel, it doesn't need a sequel, yet it has one (REBORN will be published in early-January 2015). And there's a novella (FORGED), but that hasn't sold Australian rights, so I can't buy and read it - which means I'm relying on YOU to tell me the spoilers.

We need to talk about this series' covers. (The U.S. covers, I mean - non-English-language covers aren't my concern.) Because the main male characters have been genetically altered, they're aging slower, so I don't actually know how old any of them are. But this is marketed as young adult, which likely means the characters are teenagers. And shirtless teenagers make me feel uncomfortable. No, I'm not attracted to them, but I'm afraid other, older-than-teenage readers might be, and that's creepy. Please don't perv on teenagers, y'all.

The good news is that the American covers have been altered (hee-hee...SHUT UP, TEZ; PUNS AREN'T FUNNY!) so there's some colour pattern covering up the teenage man-titty. Except for FORGED's cover, but that's a novella, and thus may not strictly be part of the canon. But the full-length novel covers have censored the teenage man-titty, and I applaud the publisher (Little, Brown) for making this wise move.

And now onto ERASED's story. It starts so slowly that I thought it wouldn't be a thriller after all. (More like a suspense - building up to something, but nothing of note thus far.) So without plot, we're stuck with character...and Anna is annoying. She slut-shames Nick (and don't give me that faff about only women being slut-shamed - slut-shaming ANYONE is not okay!). She sees the only other female character as a love-rival. (Well, this other female used to date Anna's boyfriend, but shouldn't Anna be more concerned about her boyfriend, rather than just blaming the female for maybe wanting to get with her guy? He has freewill, and he chooses to follow the Compass of Wang.)

The more you think about thrillers, they make less sense. The law-breaking going on here is just appalling: The characters kill SO MANY PEOPLE. They SHOOT or knock them unconscious (even if they don't die). They UNDRESS unconscious people. They trespass/break into people's homes/cabins, and temporarily LIVE IN THEM. They steal SO MANY CARS. They have SO MANY WEAPONS (likely stolen), including LOTS OF GUNS. And that doesn't include all the money they mysteriously have. Being on the run is expensive, y'all: groceries, prepaid phones, diner meals, coffees, and all the fuel for their FREQUENT, LONG CAR JOURNEYS. These characters don't work, and thus don't get paid, and yet never seem to be short on funds. Where are they getting all that cash?! Likely stolen, because these characters seem to lack ethics - they claim to feel guilty about killing people, but then go on to kill even more people.

So what non-spoiler things happen in ERASED? People that were thought to be dead aren't actually dead. Characters have flashbacks, and keep secrets from each other about what the flashbacks mean. We learn who created the Branch. There are sleeper agents with trigger phrases that are a lot shorter than, "Gosh, that Italian family at the next table sure is quiet."
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on 20 March 2014
I loved the plot of this book , full of twist and turns.It kept me on the edge of.my seat I didn't want to put it down.only problem I had was that the book had to end.
I'd recommend this.book for the teenage /early 20s age group.
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