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on 26 January 2014
I enjoyed several things about this romance, but there were some things I wish had been done differently.

I love futuristic/alien romance, and both hero and heroine are sweet and likeable. The hero's a gentle giant sort, big and tough and kind. His people have come to Earth and are the cause for the destruction/war there. What I do think this book needed was more backstory about that. I also wanted more information about the hero's alien race (looks, culture, and planet), and more info about the council and the Alliance. That was too vague for me. I think the blurb explains more than the actual narrative does.

Another thing I wish had been different is the heroine. She's sweet, and I liked that, but she was almost too much, almost a super-heroine rescuing the hero, doing the impossible, doing what the men in charge seemed incapable of doing, saving the day here and there. I love a competent heroine, but this one seemed too much at times. On top of that, almost every character was telling her how great she was, how tough, how awesome. It would have been nice to see some small flaws or more insecurity in her character.

Even when going back to the hero's home world, there wasn't enough conflict/insecurity on that score. I guess what I'm trying to say is that at times it was too easy. The two leads have a sweet, sexy connection to each other, and I enjoyed reading that. But they are together by 40% into the book, and I wanted to see some cultural conflict, maybe some resistance to the hero claiming her. I would have liked more push-pull and more tension with them. They got together too soon for me, considering the length of the book, and that made the pacing feel off to me.

First time for me to read this author, and I did enjoy what she created. I do feel more was needed on certain things and a little less on other things: more backstory, more tension, and maybe fewer far-fetched scenarios for the heroine to save the day. On the whole, though, I enjoyed Hunter's Claim and would have no problem checking this author out again and seeing what happens to the hero's friends as the series continues. A light alien romance, easy to read, if a bit too easy at times, but still pretty enjoyable.
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on 16 March 2014
It has been four years since the Trivators arrived. Although they planned to integrate earth into the Alliance as peacefully as possible, humans reacted with fear and hate. In a world gone mad, Jesse is doing her best to survive and keep her two younger sisters as healthy and safe as possible. It is whilst she is foraging for food that she comes across a bunch of humans intending to torture and kill a captured Trivator. Jesse cannot sit idly by; even if their target is a hated alien. Freeing him is fairly easy, and whilst the Trivator deals with those that thought to kill him, Jesse uses the opportunity to disappear. Yet this warrior has her scent, and he intends to repay the debt he owes her.

When Hunter finally tracks down Jesse she is in need of medical help and the only way his people will provide it is if he bonds with her. He does so without hesitation, and finds himself not only dealing with an exotic alien wife, but also her two teenage sisters.

The pace sets off with a gallop and only speeds up as in one moment Jesse and her sisters face a bleak future on earth, the next they are involving themselves in intergalactic skirmishes, before quickly settling on Hunter's home world with no acclimatisation required. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There's humour, action, drama, romance and tear jerking moments. It's pretty clear which two warriors have caught the eyes of Jesse's young sisters, and I hope this author has a book planned for each.
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on 4 March 2014
It's a really interesting premise, I've never really bothered with the alien spectrum of romantic sci-to but this intrigued me, it's just unfortunate that it didn't quite deliver. I didn't feel that there was enough time spent exploring the lives of the 3 sisters and what they were experiencing to survive, so you never really get to know them or feel any sympathy for their struggle to survive. The Trivators are really interesting, they're feline like but you only get a brief rundown on them, you don't really get to know much about them as a species and I think Smith misses a trick there. It's the same when they go to Hunter's world; they're on an alien world and there's almost no mention of it apart from what their new home looks like. Overall this was a story of great promise and I think it could have been split into 2 books, with both more time spent on building up the character's, setting the scene and exploring the emotions that connect them all together.
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on 26 April 2014
I found this author by accident, my current bank account might regret my find, but i totally don't. i'm going to give a broad review here. as i'm going to add this review to every book of S E Smith i have ever bought, I've got them all now. every book of hers i'm assuming here that S E Smith is a woman (it could be a man!) i read the dragon lords books first and went on from there, i'm only just getting around to putting up a review and because of the amount i books i'm just beginning to realize i had just bought, i don't have the time to write individual ones, i'm not a writer i'm a reader. lol
the fact that i preceded to spend the amount of money i spent on to buy all of her books, should tell you what i think of her/his writing. i just wish i had them all to read again for the first time. :)
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on 19 March 2018
I wasn't sure what to expect from this book but I was really surprised and pleased. The female characters are strong yet realistic, the dialogue is good, there is an actual plotline and the alien males are probably what you'd get if you crossed a Kling-on with a lion. I really enjoyed this book and went on to purchase the other ones in the series that are currently available and I would rate all of them the same. Waiting for book 6 now and will definitely be reading some more of the other series that the author a written in future.
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on 19 March 2017
This took me by surprise! I'm not usually a fan of alien/sci-fi books. As a graphic designer it was the cover that drew me first. I hadn't even looked at what the book was about. So imagine my surprise when I loved it and couldn't stop reading! There's so much action in this that it'll keep a die hard action genre fan going. Fights, battles, survival from atrocities the works. The characters are strong kick ass warriors and that's just the females. You fall in love with the characters as they're so real. The plot and world building is fab and you know it's going to be a good series! I loved how it wasn't full of loads of silly sci-fi tech but it was there enough for the story. The romance isn't tacky either or just the usual regurgitated into yet another book clone. Really enjoyed it!
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on 20 February 2018
It's not often I review a book but with this I had too. Well done S.E.Smith.
A great tale of a sisterly love and fight to overcome obstacles.
Loved the way the author wove the story through the family connections on both sides. I've already got the next book in the series and can't wait to see what happens next.
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on 12 September 2016
To be honest I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy this book.
Earth has been attacked by an alien race,
Jesse an her two younger sister's are living on the streets and hiding from the aliens an other humans especially men. They've had a few close calls but a chance meeting with one of the aliens changes everything.
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on 26 January 2014
Could not put this book down hot sexy alien, this is not my usual type of book to read but my daughter recommended this author and I enjoyed it so much I will definitely be reading more of this author the story was good the character's were so sweet and lovable the heroes strong and sexy but if you expect chapters of describing foreign food,planet and vegetation it s not for you but if you are looking for a romantic love story this is great.
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on 22 March 2015
Entertaining story, lots of excitement and action with plenty of passion and romance.

Charismatic aliens and feisty beautiful heroines who are destined for a great future together. Fate plays her part and true love knows no bounds, sexy alpha heroes meet their mate's and fall in love hard.

This tale has lots to keep your attention with a strong storyline and well written characters, loved it.
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