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on 3 May 2015
A knife wielding killer stalks and kills the students at a university.

Possibly the most average slasher film in history, not bad just very so-so. The story is quite strange, the first scenes are of a killer stalking & killing a young couple however it takes about 45-50mins for another killing to take place, although we see the killer stalking in the shadows during the mid section the bulk of this part is about the students and there far less interesting activities including a frankly stupid fake mass campus shooting scene. The characters are pretty much a cliché of the slasher genre, the nice girl, the geek, the jocks etc.., none are very memorable & you don't really care that much about what happens to them although by the end the lead girl Courtney, played by Cecile Bagdadi is the one you have any compassion for, in truth the performances are fine, no-one is wonderful but equally no-one is terrible. The one issue with the picture is though is the killer, he just simply turns up stalks & kills for no rhyme or reason, has no name or story just a knife and green jacket, this mystery could've worked but along with the rest of it there is no tension or suspense just some fairy enjoyable & bloody killings towards the decent climax.

All these little things don't add up to a bad film it is actually very watchable it's just never anything more and doesn't have something to make it stand out amongst the slasher crowd. Very surprisingly this ended up on the section 3 list of siezeable titles here in Britain, there's nothing particularly outrageous or shocking here, just, I'll say it again everything's average. 2.5/5
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on 6 November 2014
Bit of an odd one for a slasher pic. Wanting to stay away from the established formula the director decided to stay away from the gore effects and concentrate more on the teen characters getting killed and the killer just kills for no real reason,no back story.
While this approach is somewhat original for the genre it kinda backfires as the tension is lost and it comes over as a weird hybrid of college drama and slasher that really don't work.
On the plus side the acting is good as are the picture and sound in this scream factory bluray release with some decent extras.
Downside is it is region A locked so you will need a multiregion player in the uk

Audio Commentary by actors Joel S. Rice, Cecile Bagdadi, and Sherry Willis-Burch
- actor Joel S. Rice (6:46)
- actress Cecile Bagdadi (3:42)
- actress Sherry Willis-Burch (4:57)
Theatrical Trailer (1:30)
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on 15 January 2017
First off, the picture is amazing, it was like watching it live. The audio is HQ and it's a shame more movies arn't done this way. Could learn a thing or two. So rolling out of the 80's is another slasher. This one stays pretty close to the Halloween mould (just listen to that theme tune).
A killer stalks a bunch of students picking them off one at a time. No mask on this guy but he still seems to have quite a menacing aura about him. What raises this one above the crowd is a pretty well written script and some likable characters. I actually found myself quite liking the nerdy guy character in this one. which is quite unusual in this type of movie. There's a real lack of gore in Final exam as well which is surprising, with a majority of kills being off screen which actually works well as the imagination is a powerful thing. The jump scares are very effective as you don't see them coming. I know thats the point of jump scares but they occur in the strangest moments. As someone who loves slasher horros, this is by far the best.

A definite must see for slasher fans, but if you're not a fan of the horror slasher then forget it. If you do watch it though, you can thank me later :)
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on 21 December 2008
"Final Exam" was made at the peak of the early 80's slasher period and I'm not surprised that this one been forgotten. The intro is truly typical stuff with a teen couple making out in a car only to be killed (but in a crap off screen murder). During the next 50 minutes! or so you'll be wondering if you're actually watching a slasher as nothing happens, that is apart from some ridiculous teen pranks, annoying characters and bland goings on. There's no suspense during this period and the killer is absent for what seems like an eternity before the deaths begin. From then on the deaths do come fairly thick and fast but sadly they are mostly lackluster murders with not much blood and little tension is created. The ending and the killers identity is also a let down and will probably leave you scratching your head, but you probably would have fallen asleep before then anyway. I'm a massive slasher fan but this one is disappointing. 2.5 Stars.
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on 15 March 2017
Final Exam is all about the characters in the story rather than memorable death scenes- so gore hounds beware. This is yet another 80s slasher based in a sorioirty, and like with everyone before and after it the movie is filled with righteous paths and pranks. These only work if somehow the characters are engaging enough- I say somehow because the actors are borderline with most never going on to achieve much in Hollywood fandom. However what is sweet about Final Exam is that the characters do work for this type of film.

However there is still a lot of filler material to get through. What is striking is the killer though, he is in essence the perfect serial killer- because there is no rhyme or reason as to why he is killing- he looks menacing too and the direction at times should be applauded.

So Final Exam isn't just another canning fodder from the Halloween ranks- it does have its charm, but at the same time it doesn't break new ground and is a little dull in places. But it's good and it certainly does pass the exam for all you horror freaks out there- well worth adding to your collection.
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on 2 August 2014
I really wanted to love this film as a fan of 80s horror but it just didn't do it for me. Boring at times, limited story lines and not enough mindless 80s slashing. Its ok, just ok...so if you buy it cheap then its worth a watch.
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on 27 May 2015
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on 29 December 2011
After looking at the reviews , I thought it wouldn't be any good but after watching it I loved it! It had good ,creepy music to go with the chase scenes and a lot of jumpy scenes. I thought it was well made and should be considered for any horror film fan.
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on 28 July 2015
fantastic transfer for a crazy film
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on 4 February 2012
Another contribution to the countless slasher films made during the 1980's, Final Exam was in my opinion a fairly decent slasher although it was bloodless, I still thought it was entertaining. It's final exam week at Lanier College and the campus is rocked by a school shooting. Of course, it's all an elaborate prank - which would not go over well today - by the Gamma fraternity and the sheriff is none too happy about being called out to investigate. As the day goes on, the escalating pranks and hazings distract everyone from the presence of a hulking, knife-wielding killer intent on thinning out the student body, there wasn't that much of a plot which is typical of most 80's slasher films. MPM (who also brought us Savage Streets and distributed City of the Living Dead and several other pieces of brilliant and gory schlock) created the film's advertising campaign first so that the film's script could be tailored to their exploitation needs. Writer/director Jimmy Houston and producer Myron Meisel (film critic for FOCUS! magazine) were instructed by MPM's money-man John Chambliss that the script could contain anything they wanted so long as every scene was tailored after scenes that had appeared in at least two successful examples of the slasher genre. Paradoxically, MPM wanted to reach a much wider audience with their slasher film, including younger teens, so that meant to throw out much of the expected explicit gore and nudity (a bit of nudity was included strictly to receive the required R-rating, and a more lingering take was included in the trailer as a commercial hook). Not as violent as most slasher films from the 80's, Final Exam still delivers the goods with scares and suspense. The most interesting aspect to the film is how the killer's motives are never explained. This actually adds to the film's atmosphere. It's the concept of a random maniac killing random people at a college that makes the film work. The acting is not that bad either. Good direction and pacing are all included in Final Exam to make it a worthy slasher film of the 80's. Most importantly it takes itself seriously and isn't goofy like the current crop of inferior slasher films. The transfer on this new Scorpion release looks fantastic, it also has an audio commentary with Producer Myron Meisel, interviews with cast members and a trailer. It can also be played with a cheesy intro with Katrina. I Highly recommend this slasher film to 80's horror fans.
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