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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 October 2014
Suitcase was good to look at and light. However, on its first trip the inner stitching on the lid section was beginning to give way.
I contacted the manufacturers USBInternational regarding the 10 year warranty.
They wanted me to cut the case fabric, and send the stitched label to them, asked me to produce the warranty ticket that was attached to the case in the shop, then insisted that in order to get my replacement, I had to pay for it to be delivered, at least £10!
My case was less than 4 weeks old!
Needless to say, the strength of the "warranty" is not quite as it seems.......

Poor case and poor service, not happy and would not recommend this brand.
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on 30 May 2015
Excellent buy, went through airport hand luggage no problem. Holds loads of clothes. I went away for 3 days, packed for 6 including 2 pairs of shoes (heels) and hair straighteners, still had 2kg left and some space. Fantastic buy. Highly recommended. Pockets in and out an excellent addition. Very sturdy.
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on 29 June 2014
I ordered the 32" two-wheeled expandable Aerolite as well as the matching two-wheeled (non-expandable) 21" cabin size Aerolite. One reviewer pointed out that it is useless to write a review before actually using the suitcases so I took his advice! And I am glad I did! I was initially so pleased with the 32" suitcase that I would have given it 5 stars! I have now given it three - it's okay! Colour: just as illustrated and I am still very pleased with the colour (Plum). However, I was disappointed when I collected the case at baggage reclaim after its very first flight - the frame (the back right hand corner near the telescopic handle) had been dented and the fabric very slightly frayed on the edge of the case. The damage is minor and hardly noticable but it annoyed me! I still like the fabric very much - it is lovely and seemed to be strong stuff - but I doubt that it is really as hard wearing as it is made out to be - the suitcase, after all, comes with a very attractive but baffling ten year guarantee. The guarantee seems totally useless as it does not cover any sort of damage caused to the suitcase by baggage handlers at airports or anywhere else for that matter! I don't think the case would survive ten years of frequent travelling and I can't fathom how one can benefit from the guarantee anyway! But the case should survive one or two return trips a year by plane for a few years. A good point one reviewer made is that a 32" expandable Aerolite will hold a lot more than the 20 kilo limit for European flights. I agree with him but I needed a large suitcase to carry four King size duvets and gifts for friends and family on a short European flight. I filled the case to bursting volume-wise because I had four 4.5 tog King size duvets, some ceramic gifts packed inside them, a thick winter coat, boots and some other clothing. The case, however, weighed less than 20 kilos because duvets are lightweight items. "Normal" holiday contents such as clothes, shoes, toiletries etc would reach the 20 kilo weight limit long before the 32" suitcase would be anywhere near full and certainly there would be no need to use the expanding zip feature! The Aerolite expanding 26" suitcase would certainly be a better option if you are limited to 20 kilos, and possibly for a 32 kilo weight limit too with the expanding zip feature. Wheels: three wheels on my wagon might well be better than one wheel on my wagon if a wheel gets damaged but, even so, I chose the two-wheeled Aerolite as I thought that these wheels would be less likely to get damaged or snapped off somewhere between check-in and baggage reclaim than the type of wheels on the Aerolite four-wheeled version. I am still very happy with this decision as I saw people at the airport with what had once been four-wheeled suitcases. The Pros: it is an attractive suitcase; more importantly, it is wonderfully lightweight so you can pack more stuff into it than you could into a heavier, more solid suitcase if you are goverened by a weight limit; it is expandable allowing you to pack some extra volume; it is delightfully easy to manoeuvre. The Cons: the frame is flimsy so the suitcase could get damaged in transit when crushed by other heavy suitcases or when hurled about by baggage handlers if it is not fully and solidly packed to resist being crushed and hurled about. The suitcase probably woulnd't stand many years of frequent travel if regularly at the mercy of airport baggage handlers! Bottom line: it did its job for me and is worth the price on Amazon (but not worth the full recommended retail price) if you are realistic about the sort of treatment any suitcase might be subjected to at airports. I may give the 26" a try since it is probably the ideal size for filling up to the 20 kilo weight limit on European flights. With regard to the 21" cabin size two-wheeled Aerolite in Plum, I am very happy indeed with my choice and give it five stars although I was intially disappointed by how small it was. It does not expand so you really are limited to how much stuff you can get into it. This is a good thing as it prevents me from repeating the experience of having to pay €55 to Easyjet for having filled an "approved cabin size" expanding case to bursting point! Wheels are included in the measurements so the Aerolite two-wheeled version gives you a bit more packing space than the four-wheeled version! I would not want to put my 21" case in the hold so I think it should easily last ten years of frequent flying!
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on 18 March 2014
This case is just perfect. Just used it for a city break in Italy. Surprisingly holds a lot of clothes and doesn't become heavy. Great pockets on the outside and easy use handle. Very sturdy and a great little case. A great accessory for any trip away. Fitted easily in the overhead storage on a RyanAir flight and is well within their size guidelines. Fantastic
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on 1 June 2015
I have 4 of these large cases now and they are fab! Survived serval trips to Spain and several more to Canada, with no damage. They are light and hold tons of stuff. They can tip over though when full, which is annoying. I prefer these ones from Aerolite over the other IT luggage ones that are around everywhere at the moment.
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on 4 March 2015
I bought these in the 26" and 29" sizes. Excellent is all I can say. They have been on 8 flights, 4 of which fully loaded at 23kg - and they have survived virtually unscathed. Just bought another on for Mum to replace one of her cases of a different make.
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on 28 July 2016
I bought this two years ago as I was off to Canada for a month and travelling with a budget airline. This was extremely light-weight and easy to manoeuvre. I was travelling alone to visit my family and I have mild cerebral palsy, so I needed something that I could use easily and that was not too heavy as I can be easily off-balance. This bag was perfect!

Since then, I have been teaching in a British International School in Spain and between me and my husband and teens, we make at least 6 trips between the UK and Spain during the year! Over the past two years so far and numerous flights, this bag has been fabulous and is extremely well made. I have been on Amazon this morning shopping for another cabin bag for my youngest son who will be travelling with me this August to Spain so that he can start his IGCSE's at the school I am teaching at. The original link was no longer available but I found the same bag!

Aerolite 2 Wheel Super Lightweight Hand Luggage Cabin Suitcase (18", 47cm, 26L, Royal Blue) - Suitable for all major airlines, including Ryanair and Easyjet

Even better, it is nearly £10 cheaper now than when I bought this the first time! So I have now placed my order for a second Aerolite bag for my son! After testing this bag for two years already, I am uuuuber confident that it will be just as good as the first one. Watch this space, When we return to Spain in August, I will let you know what we think of the second bag! Happy Travels!

Please let me know if my review has been helpful, Please give suggestions if you think that they could be improved! Thanks!
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on 18 February 2015
I am going to the dump with my old, heavy horrible suitcase that weighs half a ton as this has just arrived and I am absolutely delighted! Light as a feather I don't need to worry so much about baggage restrictions. It even has rings for you to padlock the pockets on the front. Couldn't be more pleased!
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on 25 November 2015
Bought this to save on huge luggage costs with budget airlines. Is very slightly smaller than I imagined but still enough for a 3/4 day trip if you pack carefully. The more you cram in the less likely your clothes are to crease as they won't move about. The larger front pocket us very tight to fit a laptop in but fine for travel documents, phone, wallet, book etc. Also it doesn't fall over when stood on end as the feet keep it upright. Some of the cheaper ones have no feet.
This has already paid for itself by not having to pay for checked baggage.
Worth the money.
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on 19 January 2016
I have no problems with the seller. The suitcase arrived before the estimated delivery date, which was very convenient as I was about to go abroad for two months. The packaging was sound and the suitcase matched the specification in the advert. I chose a bright colour so I could easily spot my luggage on the carousel. However, I do have a problem with the manufacturer. This is supposed to be a very robust, durable product. Says who? It survived a flight from London Gatwick to Kingston, Jamaica intact. It then went from Kingston to Barbados and arrived with a four inch tear along one of the seams. As I was only in Barbados for a weekend I wasn't able to get it repaired and by the time I returned to Kingston this morning the tear had doubled in size and defies all attempts to do a quick fix with needle and thread. I am flying again tomorrow and half expect my underwear etc to be strewn across the Caribbean. This is very disappointing and I would not recommend this brand for air travel. I cannot return it to the seller immediately as I am working overseas till early March and need a suitcase with me. However, I am hoping the seller will agree to some kind of restitution.....
review image
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