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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis (Legacy Edition)
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£7.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 9 April 2017
Wow. I won't repeat what other reviewers have said but, for me, this Memphis concert is one of the best Elvis concert recordings I have. Not as good as the '68 Special - but certainly better than Madison Square Garden or Aloha.

When you have recordings from the same period you soon realise that you can often pick a random track and, when you play that track from a number of concerts, you will find that Elvis will tend to say the same thing before the song and then sing it the same way, almost note for note. Boredom had set in and he can be heard in cruise mode. And who can blame him? When you're doing 2 shows a day with the same track listing it must be hard to muster up enthusiasm and new things to say.

With this Memphis concert he is so stoked that he's singing some of these tracks with such passion that you'd think he was singing them for the first time. Tryin' To Get To You is a great example of this.

And he sounds like he's having such FUN. The chatter in between tracks is spontaneous and you have to think how great it would have been if this concert had been filmed.

The rehearsal concert (disc 2) is still pretty good and I don't mind the 5 tracks tacked on the end. Why would you complain about having some additional tracks? For £8.99 this was great value for money and will be getting regular plays (unlike some of the other live albums that I have, which sound stale by comparison).
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on 19 March 2014
Recorded on 20th March 1974 in Memphis, the concert captures Elvis relaxed, enthused, loose and on top form.

The enhancement to the sound on this legacy release really brings this home.

You will find on this release fantastic versions of "Trying to Get To You", "Steamroller Blues" (better than the version first performed on Aloha From Hawaii), "How Great Thou Art" (as presented here makes one realise why this won a Grammy for best Gospel Performance), "Let Me Be There" (a concert favourite for me) and "My Baby Left Me" which is brilliantly performed.

This was Elvis's 5th live album in as many years and for the record buying public at the time it was perhaps becoming a clichéd format. In 1972 there was the "Madison Square Garden" concert and in 1973 the "Aloha From Hawaii" concert albums which were big sellers. Whilst not doing bad, it did take a good few years before this one was finally certified gold in the USA (1999).

At the time it peaked at No.1 (not No.2 as the sleeve notes quote) on the country album charts and No.33 in pop charts in the USA and No. 44 in the UK.

Unlike the legacy edition the original album was disadvantaged by not presenting the full concert. In fact some of the omissions from the original album turn out to be some of the best performances, particularly in the case of "Steamroller Blues", which was a No.17 USA pop hit when released as a single from the "Aloha" album in 1973.

Listening to this today with the concert presented in its entirety in high quality sound, it does possibly eclipse both "Madison" and "Aloha" in terms of raising your rock 'n' roll pulse, because Elvis comes across as being more relaxed.

If you haven't got, it then it's definitely worth getting.

Even if you have got the bigger selling live albums this one is worth it since hearing Elvis sounding so good and so relaxed during a period of time that is often cited as being around the start of his decline is a pleasure in itself. It is almost comforting to realise that not all of those final few years were perhaps as dark as some critics would have us believe.
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on 28 April 2017
brilliant,what else do you expect from the king
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on 6 April 2017
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on 24 October 2017
the king live in Memphis another great cd with bonus concert on disc to a must for fans
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on 30 October 2017
love this the best
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on 19 June 2014
This has to be the best ELVIS live show ever recorded & even better that its the full show as recorded on the day. LONG LIVE THE KING.
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on 15 August 2017
Already have it lol
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on 2 March 2012
The one time RCA should've featured an exciting live on stage shot of Elvis on the cover of an Elvis Presley live album, they put a picture of his Graceland mansion instead! Just the front of his home with no Elvis in sight. That's typical lopsided marketing and decision-making by his management in the 70s. The Graceland picture would've nicely adorned the cover of his later 1976 album 'From Elvis Presley Boulevard' instead.

Anyway, that's my one and only gripe with this superb album. The concert itself is legendary. Elvis had not performed in Memphis since 1961 and this was his first concert in his hometown since then. Expectations were high and it is such a blessing that this concert was recorded, because it tops all concerts. Elvis was keen to be there for his people and they were just ecstatic to see him. Together with the audience, Elvis and his slick TCB band almost blew the roof off the Mid South Coliseum. They really never sounded better.

Elvis' regular bassist Jerry Scheff had been replaced by newcomer Duke Bardwell and a new backing vocals group recently discovered by Elvis himself also join the band on stage, in addition to the existing vocals. He proudly named them 'Voice'.

Elvis rocked like never before, and every song performed was done as only Elvis could - more especially the rock'n'roll and gospel numbers. They were beyond fantastic. Just listen and you'll see what I mean.

In 1974 Elvis was 39 years old, divorced, and wealthy. And though no one knew it, he had just three years to live. He would spend those final years playing live to screaming audiences all over America, as if trying to perform in every city of every state. He would play Memphis again in '75 and '76, but this concert has to rank as one of the best he ever performed. Elvis delivers rock'n'roll, gospel, blues, and country with hits mainly from his catalogue.

The album featured here is the restored and enhanced version of that concert first released in '74, with additional songs previously absent and with the distracting audience screams and noise dramatically reduced and cleaned up. Elvis wore his Ace of Spades jumpsuit for this show, better known now as the Memphis 74 suit.

This is an historic performance and deserves to be an essential part of your collection.
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on 19 April 2014
The main concert is represented here in it's entirety for the first time. Many people in the media seem to think there is no Elvis after Aloha concert in 73. Whilst it's clear after 72 Elvis standards were slipping rapidly due to his well documented personal problems the March 74 tour was a very good one. This show being in Memphis was likely the best of that tour and is a far better concert than Aloha showing that when motivated Elvis could still cut it. He is in fine voice here with some stand out performances including Trying to Get To You, Steamroller Blues, How Great Thou Art (which won Elvis his final Grammy), the new Help Me and My Baby Left Me which gets a rare outing and is treated with respect. That's not always true of Elvis older songs like All Shook Up as an example. The other noticeable thing about this gig is how much Elvis himself is enjoying it. He is clearly in good spirits and his crowd interaction is fun to listen to whilst never interfering with the actual performances.

The quality of a mix is subjective but this does offer the best yet in terms of hearing more of the instrumentation more clearly e.g. James Burton is more up front now which is always a good thing. I'd have liked a bit of reverb on Elvis vocals to give them a lift as they are very dry here, But the FTD version of this disk is in my collection anyway and that has plenty of reverb and probably captures the ambiance of the recording better. Whilst this mix is more studio like in its delivery. Disk two is interesting as it is basically a live rehersal for the Memphis show taken two nights earlier. Sony have not found the master tapes so this is a mono downmix that was found after nearly 40 years - I wonder what else might turn up? This gig is drenched in reverb and so is closer to a live ambiance but the quality is a step down from disk 1. Elvis though puts on another solid proffessional performance. But apart from Steamroller which is arguably better I doubt many folk will play this over disk one. All in all this is a lovely package and represents a good concert in the best studio quality currently available. Recommended.
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