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on 1 February 2014
I do not like buy old stuff in blu ray, the picture will be the same more or less. Why is not the complete concert in this new edition? this would be a good reason to buy. If the quality of the songs not included is poor, can be included as extras. Where is the other song by George Harrison, If Not For You? Since years there has been available a complete version of this concert in bootleg dvd, I have a copy that will keep in my collection.
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on 22 January 2014
Firstly this is a brilliant concert that has a tangible commitment from every artist.
There are many, many exceptional performances. The viewer senses that everyone was doing their utmost to do their best for Bob.
I have the VHS of this and have watched it many times. To experience it in high definition will be a real pleasure.

So, why not 5 stars? Simply it is that there are omissions. George Harrison performed 'If Not For You'; this is not included.(Nor was it on the VHS)
Neither is Sophie B. Hawkins's rendition of 'I Want You' and crucially, Bob Dylan himself performing 'A Song for Woody.' All of these were on the TV transmission.

Possibly there are legal wranglings over the Harrison but surely they could have been resolved? However why not the other two? I have seen all of them and they are all excellent performances.
There are also several other artists who played at the beginning of the concert before transmission began officially with John Mellencamp. Again, why not these on an extras disc?

Beware the CD as it features even fewer performances than the Blu Ray/DVD. Booker T's excellent
'Gotta Serve Somebody, for example.(Which is on the video release.) I really wish these corporates would realise that consumers want the complete article. It exists out there if you look hard enough.

In summary, this will be great to watch in a quality release. It is a wonderful concert by any standards if you are a Dylan fan or not.
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on 25 May 2014
I bought this DVD because I have never had the opportunity to see Bob Dylan in concert and having been a fan since I was 17 I thought the added bonus of additional artists would make an entertaining few hours.
I enjoyed the majority of the concert, the sound was good, we have wired up our DVD recorder to our speakers which made it feel like you were there with them all. The picture quality after the enhancement from the VHS version, was also first class. However it takes quite some time to get through the big names before we see Bob or Zimmy as he is known to his friends, appear on stage. When he did turn up his actual performance time was quite limited which I felt was not enough; apparently when concert was broadcast it went on for 4 hours.
Nevertheless, seeing old favourites like the Cash family & George Harrison, who for me stole the stage,you can see he was clearly enjoying playing with old friends performing wonderfully written and meaningful songs.
Lou Reed's musical rendition was more in Lou Reed style than Bob Dylan, plus he was the only artist who failed to memorise the lyrics and had to read from a music stand!
Eric Clapton showed them all how to play guitar in his usual relaxed style while a surprise appearance from Roger McQuinn from the Byrds performed a brilliant version of Mr Tambourine Man. I particularly enjoyed Neil Young's performance of 'All along the Watchtower'too.
Sinead O'Conner's slot was spoiled by the audience booing her when she walked on stage. Instead of just ignoring them she decided not to sing her allocated song, but in response gave an incantation of Bob Marley's 'War'. Other than that slightly uncomfortable moment the evening passed with flying colours, smacking of a concert well put together resulting in an enjoyable night for all concerned. Sad though to see so many time-served musicians no longer with us, we will not see their like again.
Would recommend to others for a good Saturday night in!
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on 1 February 2014
I am viewing this item one month before its release before ordering, and find a whole swathe of 'reviews'. How can this be? It isn't available for a month. Does this mean that reviews are pointless and worthless, as they cannot be 'kosher' for the item described in this case. Incidentally, I have given a star rating because it's essential for a comment to appear.
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on 18 March 2014
I can't really rate this at all as I've twice been sent a NTSC Region 0 version, not as described on the website. Full marks to the returns system though. Not sure whether to risk ordering again, but the lure of Dylan will probably win.
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on 5 March 2014
22(!) years after the event concert we finally get a superb transfer of this iconic concert!

This blu-ray doesn't look and sound anyway near the old VHS that we had to do with all these years. Sony managed to obtain the rights to the HD-footage that was broadcast at Japanese national TV at the time. It was sourced from different cameras so it's basically a different representation of the same show. The image looks surprisingly sharp and clear and comes in gorgeous 16:9 ratio.

The sound comes in lossless 2.0 PCM and is also a major improvement over the VHS/laserdisc. Sound is very punchy and powerful, I'm hearing Neil Young's Les Paul growling and Jim Keltner's drums kicking as never before .A 5.1 mix would have been a nice bonus but this PCM track does an excellent job. It's the same mix as the original, which means that Dylan's vocals on 'My Back Pages' are still the re-recorded ones

The bonus features are a bit on the light side: 3 standard-definition bonus tracks and a (interesting) behind-the-scenes featurette (that was already available on the Web) but I guess that's all that we could hope for. It's been commented that it's not the whole show but there must be good reasons for that (licensing? technical issues?).

In short, with this blu-ray the concert probably looks as good as it will ever do, and can sit nicely next to 'The Last Waltz' on my shelf :-)


P.S. the In Memoriam on the back of the booklet is a sad reminder of who's left us since the event: Mr and Mrs Cash, Rick Danko, Donald "Duck" Dunn, George Harrison, Richie Havens, Levon Helm, Lou Reed and others ...
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on 4 October 2016
The product arrived safe and sound and in very good time.
I'm sure it plays perfectly also - it was a gift for my brother who told me he STILL hasn't got round to playing it - that's gratitude
for you! I have a copy of the dvd myself (bought in a closing-down sale in Dublin a few months back) and it's a terrific concert - apart
from a growling Dylan himself, and poor old Sinead O'Connor, who gets a very hard time from the audience, greeted by
a chorus of boos as she makes her entrance. She had only recently torn up a photograph of the Pope on a live tv show and is being
made to pay for her "sins" on this occasion. Thank you, i'm happy and no doubt, so will my brother ... when he eventually gets round
to viewing the show. Probably saving it for his Christmas treat!!!
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on 25 March 2014
I have heard most of this music before as I had the Cd version of the original release but having just bought a Blu-ray player felt this was a good opportunity of seeing this concert for the first time. Aside from "The Last Waltz" and George Harrison's "Concert for Bangla Desh" I cannot think there has ever been a concert I would like to have been at more and it is no coincidence that Bob Dylan is the focal point of all three of these events. It is not perfect but there are two aspects which warrant my rating. Firstly the quality of the song writing is in my opinion unsurpassable. Even though Bob Dylan has written many other wonderful songs the selection here is outstanding and today "My Back Pages" is my favourite Bob Dylan song but tomorrow it will be something else.
Secondly we have performances by Lou Reed, The Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem, Richie Havens, June Carter, Johnny Cash, Rick Danko, Donald "Duck" Dunn and Levon Helm preserved in a show where they all were clearly having so much fun. Buy it now to see some of which can never be seen again
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on 5 April 2014
Some really excellent performances (Lou Read stands out for me). Also a piece of social history: the snubbing of Sinead O'Connor by the audience is disgraceful and no performer or celebrity who were making the most of the time addressed the audience in support of her. If she was invited to perform then she deserved to be backed up. I loved the music and was shocked and outraged by this aspect of the concert.
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on 9 October 2014
Another of those everybody 'should buy one', "just a guitar player" DVDs, so what do you think of them, as that matters more than the introduction man, or instead the critics who know nothing, or are paid to know nothing in case it is libel? Otherwise they would have visited Rouen France and Austria, Wimbledon, Albert Hall. The Band did this, Knopfler used Randy Quaid, Eastwood used John Quade, "I'm a'hardenin' ... so am I ! If you watch this you will see Neil Young enjoying himself playing, Clapton enjoying himself singing and some super brilliant, they have after all being doing this a long time like Pink Jimmy Nail and Alison Goldfrapp or even Richard Starkey but now we begin to notice them. Ewan McGregor went to Africa, Band Aid raised children to success, buy it or miss it. Forgive us for not listening when at work, wonderful.
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