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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 18 July 2014
Bought this for my dog after reading about the wonderous benefits to Coconut oil!
Wasn't sure if he would like it but he actually LOVES it! I give him a teaspoon full per day (good for immune system, digestion, dog breath etc) and then rub a little through his coat to prevent flea's - which makes him smell lush!!!

I was surprised that my 3 cats also seem to like it! I just let them lick a little from my hand and didn't expect them to like it but they love it!

I guess I will be buying some more soon as my boyfriend has taken to spreading the oil on toast instead of butter!

Well worth the money due to the amazing benefits of this wonder product and this one being organic and virgin coconut oil (at the same price as a non-organic one from the supermarket) makes it all the better in my book!
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on 19 July 2014
I was very pleasantly surprised when I received my jars of this coconut oil. Having previously purchased a much more expensive product, I was expecting this one to be inferior, but instead found it was BETTER. It tastes wonderful and is easy to get out of the jar, unlike the more expensive brand. I have used it in baking, frying, eating it from the spoon, in my porridge etc and applied it on my skin and scalp. I will be trying it on my cat also as apparently it is good for keeping parasites at bay amongst other benefits. You will not be disappointed with this product. Great customer relations too, they CARE about their customers!
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I was kindly sent this Ma Devlin's Organic Virgin Coconut oil by the distributor for review. I have used coconut oil before for cooking and baking. My partner has used coconut oil for many years on her hair and skin.

I have uploaded a few pics of the label to show it's nutritional values and the 'K' mark signifying that it is Kosher.

This is a single 500ml glass jar of unrefined organic virgin coconut oil. Upon arrival you will find that it is a solid at room temperature but - it does have a very low melting point and will readily melt into it's oil state on the palm of your hand.

This Coconut oil is 100% pure cold pressed and the method of extraction is expeller pressed. This means that the coconut oil was pressed out at a high pressure without the aid of heat. Heat does produce higher quantities of oil but. . .cold pressing produces a higher quality oil which retains all the flavour, nutrients (Vit E+K and Iron) and fragrance with a shelf life of about 2 years. This jar has a best before 2017 mark on it.

Note - Keep stored in a cool, dark place.

In use at above room temperature -

This Coconut oil is colourless, slightly sweet and coco-nutty to taste as it is edible and this particular oil is food grade.

What can you use this for? - This coconut oil is free from Cholesterol - Gluten - additives and preservatives as it is 100% raw and natural.

You can use it in the kitchen as a butter substitute for - spreading - shallow frying - in salads - baking. I would also add that as with any oils - watch how much you are eating. Although this stuff is reported to be a miracle type food - it does contain fats!

Other uses - I have also used this to massage my partners body head to toe a few times now. Just get a generous amount in your hands and cup them together - it will melt quickly and a little goes a long way! It has a rather nice glide to it across the skin and gives the skin a nice lustre after a massage as it's readily absorbed making a great moisturiser. Other health uses for this oil would be as an everyday moisturiser, in your bath, it's good for your hair, improving thickness and strength, reducing dark circles around the eyes and as a makeup remover!

My partner has been using coconut oil on her hair for years and swears by it. She has afro type hair and straightens it. She applies a small amount of this oil afterwards and runs it through with her fingers to the tips. It smells quite pleasant and gives a shine to her hair as well as giving protection, and providing some some control.

Just a quick one in regards to massage - I would definitely check that the person being massaged did not have an allergy before use (you could do this by rubbing a tiny amount on the back of the leg) and I think nowadays it goes without saying that if used as a lubricant (and it can be) it can damage a condom and render it useless!

So sum up - this is quite the all rounder oil and has been used for all the above for centuries in Asia, India and many other countries. It has a very acceptable taste and appears to go a long way in every use you can find for it providing health and beauty benefits.

Highly recommended
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on 10 July 2014
This coconut oil is everything it promises and more.

The product is of very high quality. It tastes and smells amazing, and has so many different uses that I don't know where to begin!

Here are the uses we have for it that I can remember:

My partner uses it to make toothpaste.
I use it as mouthwash (it freshens the breath really well).
We use it as a dietary supplement by adding it to smoothies or just taking a spoonful a day, as it comes.
I use it as sun screen (works way better than any chemical sun screen that I've used) and as after-sun.
My partner uses it to condition her hair (and my goodness, I have never touched such soft, silky hair).
I use it to remove make-up and especially eyelash glue.
In a pinch, it even works as a personal lubricant, and doesn't sting or smell nasty like some other oils do.

However it's used, it leaves everything smelling amazing and leaves skin feeling soft and healthy, and hair silky-smooth and soft.

My only slight concern is that it has obviously been heated somewhat to get it into the jar. This may have slightly affected the quality, but not that we've noticed.

Other than that... Just make sure you wear a little citronella oil as well if you use it as sun screen, as the flies seem to love the delicious smell almost as much as I do.

We avoid cooking with this, and instead use refined oil for cooking, but we have used it for cooking in the past. It adds a beautiful aroma to curries and stir fry dishes!
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on 29 June 2014
My wife and I are both pensioners and we both experience debilitating health problems. A friend, who suffers from Lyme disease, told us that taking coconut oil regularly had increased his energy level considerably, so we decided to try it and have been taking it for just over a month.

Initially, I purchased a jar from Holland and Barratt, where it is priced at over £15. Subsequently, I purchased Ma Devlin's at less than half that price, but expected to get what I'd paid for. What a surprise!

The two were indistinguishable to our admittedly insensitive palates, but with the attributes of organic extra virgin, cold pressed from raw coconut, not copra and unprocessed, it has all the attributes recommended by those with apparent expertise on the topic, so for the lowest price, we're getting the best! Now how's that for a good deal?

It's perhaps a little early to feel results, although I have achieved more per day of late. My wife also seemed to be feeling a little better, but as her illness is prone to sudden dips, she's dropped into one of those, so overall, in such a short space of time, we can't offer a more positive assessment. Perhaps if Ma Devlin's policy were to sit back and wait for a while before pressing for a review, more could be achieved.

We've all but replaced butter/margarine and cooking oils with coconut oil. After a short time, the changed taste becomes the norm and we find it pleasantly acceptable. Needless to say, more Ma Devlin's has been ordered and we'll keep taking it for at least three months before reviewing its effect.

I see my GP tomorrow (he's actually a Professor of General Practice) for the results of extensive blood testing; the cholesterol figures will be most interesting. He knows I'm taking coconut oil so it will be interesting to see if he's done any research on it.
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on 13 July 2014
The familiar coconut aroma and taste that's present in the Tiana EVCO appears to be absent in the 2 jars of Ma Devlins EVCO that I've consumed. The lack of coconut flavour in Ma Devlins EVCO can be a benefit when cooking foods such as scrambled eggs were coconut flavour may not be desirable. I contacted Ma Devlins via there website to ask the reason for the lack of coconut flavour but I've received no response, though may spam filter may be the reason for that. The PRICE of this product is INCREDIBLE. If you go through as much coconut oil as I do, paying 25 to 50% less (when compared to the other well know EVCO brands) is hard to resist.

The text below is a excerpt from a email I received from a Ma Devlins representative. Hopefully it will help someone with this issue!

We have tested oils from different parts of the world and this can also have an effect on the aroma, but in terms of testing and making sure the correct fatty acids are present there is no loss, which is the most beneficial part of the oil.

I do understand people may like a stronger aroma, which we are looking at Thailand for this but this is still in development, once this is complete we will be bringing this online, whilst other valued buyers dislike the strong aroma, so we settled with Sri Lanka as the aroma was not over powering and no loss in the fatty acids as I mentioned earlier.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 May 2015
Massive jar (16.9 lb or ½ litre, twice the size of what I normally buy), pure, organic product, sourced from Sri Lanka. The flavour is so mild that even people who don't care for coconut (like my hubby) actually like it. I find it delicious, it's almost like eating a flower.

I've been reading up on the benefits of coconut oil: disinfectant, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, digestive aid, booster of metabolism, brain food, skin moisturizer; in short, coconut oil is now considered a superfood. Apparently, the bad rap it got as a saturated fat was unjust, as its unique structure (Medium-Length Chain Triglycerids or MCT) allows this oil to go directly to the liver where it becomes a source of energy. There is also promising evidence that it can help with brain disorders like Alzheimer's and epilepsy.

What I found difficult to comprehend is the claim pertaining to weight loss, or at least weight control. I mean, this stuff looks fatty, especially in its congealed, solid state. So how can it help me lose weight? There was only one way to find out: I started taking a teaspoon a day, increasing gradually to the recommended two tablespoons a day. My weight was somewhat down, after a drastic diet and exercise binge this winter, but I'm always in danger of relapsing. Integrating coconut oil into my diet was far too easy. I let it melt at room temperature or heated it slightly in a bain-marie (DO NOT microwave it!), and added it to my protein/fruit shake. I also used it in cooking instead of, or in combination with, olive oil and walnut oil.

If you like toast, you can spread it on your bread instead of butter. And the big one, for me, is to use it instead of butter in baking. I had just about given up baking because my husband has a high cholesterol count and using butter was a no-no. I tried low-fat recipes but the results were not worth the effort. The other day I made oatmeal and raisin cookies, using this coconut oil in the mix, and they turned out fantastic.

After a couple of weeks of adding it to my diet, my take on the slimming potential of coconut oil is that you have to consider the calorie content and your own metabolic rate. Adding it to your normal diet will increase your caloric intake, so you will need to find ways to burn the excess, or face a possible weight gain. However, if you substitute coconut oil for whatever fat you use for cooking and salads, then you will enjoy the nutritional benefits without adding to your daily intake. For me, as I said, the best thing is to use it in baking so my health bars and nut brownies actually taste like food but without the downside of using butter.

To use as skin care, I apply it to my face at night under my night cream. It melts on contact with the skin and I was surprised to see that in a few minutes, it had been completely absorbed. The reason has something to do with it having a fat profile very similar to that of our natural sebum. You can let some coconut oil melt in your mouth and swish it about like mouthwash in a process called "pulling" which is said to kill bacteria and brighten your smile. It apparently treats acne, although I have no personal experience of this. It can be used in place of sunscreen, bearing in mind that it will block 20% of the sun's rays, so it's best for when you already have a tan, to keep the skin nourished and supple. I also make a hair conditioning mixture with melted coconut oil to which I add appropriate essential oils.

I am now experimenting by using it on my cats now that flea and tick season is upon us. They seem to love eating it, and don't object to a little application on their skins, so I hope to see some benefits there, too. I was sent a free sample of this coconut oil and I am very happy to say that I found it vastly superior both in taste and quality to my previous brand. The price, given the huge jar, is also very appealing.
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on 8 June 2014
This product is a bit more reasonably priced than others I have tried and the quality every bit as good. Much cheaper coconut oils are not up to the mark. As well as using this oil for cooking and as a moisturiser, I would place a 1/2 tbsp in the pan when heating milk for cereal. Tasty in porridge too.
Well worth giving Ma Devlin's a go. Not an inferior product!
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on 11 March 2015
Great quality coconut oil. I'm a big user of coconut oil and go through at least one jar like this every two weeks. So first of all it helps that the price is way lower than other coconut oils that are just as good. I cook with it, use it on my skin since it makes it silky smooth. This week I tried it as a hair mask, I left it for a few hours only and than washed and conditioned my hair as usual. My hair was so much more manageable and soft, I still keep touching it. :)) Also I've been sick since last week with flu and very high fever that has left my lips red and raw. Only two applications of this coconut oil and they feel a lot better now.
Some coconut oils claim to be cold pressed when in fact they have that smoky smell from heat processing. This one does not, it smells natural with mild coconut scent as it should, slightly less sweet in taste than some others I've tried, but works just as well for whatever its used. So try this oil, you wont be disappointed. :)
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on 7 March 2015
Ma Devlin's Coconut Oil is the best I've used. I have used several different brands and nothing tastes as clear and pure as this one. Coconut oil has amazing heath benefits. It raises you metabolic rate which promotes weight loss and it does work.
Coconut oil will not oxidise therefore I always stock up - can never have enough of this product in as it can be used for so many things. The purchase of Ma Devlin's has been an outstanding find from the ordering process straight through to the health benefits from its use.
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