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on 12 June 2016
I was one of the first people to be excited by the thought of having all this data of my health and activity at my fingertips. The Fitbit had barely made it in to the mass market scene and it was something you very rarely saw people using at the time. The details it produces seem good and fairly accurate when comparing it with more expensive dedicated pieces of tech. It looks nice when worn on the wrist and doesn’t stand out too much that people will be staring at it when worn with casual clothing. There is a 5 light system display which provides a 20% target completion rate per light of your goal which is set by the individual through the app or computer software. It does also contain a vibration unit which is used for a number of different functions of the tracker and is strong enough to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.

The app is very polished and one of the best that I have seen on one of these devices which means the data you are given is easily translated in to understandable info. The sleep tracker is an interesting feature and I have only used it a handful of times as I usually forget to switch these feature on. It is easily done though by giving the display a few fast taps.

There are 2 different sized bands that come with the device so should suit the majority of people and has various sizing’s per band, operated by a press stud on the back of the strap.

My main issue with this activity tracker is the price that is charged for it. There are a number of much cheaper alternatives out now and available. Whilst they may not be as finished or quite as stylish as this unit they provide a very good functionality and must be considered as a real alternative to the Fitbit flex.
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on 13 April 2015
It's ok. The sleep tracker isn't very accurate and it doesn't pick up every step. It did however pick up on a very bumpy car journey the other day and added a few hundred steps to my count.
It does give you a lift in the day when you get the buzz and light show for reaching your steps goal but it is hard since you seem to really hav to swing your arms for it to pick up on steps.
The silent alarm wouldn't deactivate the 3rd time i used it. I had to go to the app to turn off the alarm.
The battery is good.
I haven't tested the waterproof-ness of it but have worn it while washing up and its been fine. You do need to take it off afterwards otherwise the water lingers and it'll irritate your skin.
I comes with the small and large straps which is useful as on warmer days I like to wear it looser.
The slate is true to colour (wouldn't have been my first choice but it was the cheapest).
The app is tempermental which makes the fitbit itself a pain to use
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on 20 November 2017
I bought this as a replacement having lost my original. Once you link it to your phone or tablet (or other similar device) you can track your steps, record your food intake and sleep patterns. It's a fun way to record your activity and can help you to get fitter and lose weight. I bought the tangerine colour as it was much cheaper than other popular colours. It's easy to find replacement straps very cheaply so you can change them to suit your mood. The straps do occasionally break so a backup supply is recommended.
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on 4 October 2016
I am delighted with my Fitbit Flex and addicted to tracking my steps and analysing my sleep. The sleep part of the app seems to be surprisingly accurate and you don't even need to 'tell' the Fitbit that you are going to sleep. The vibrations that let you know that you have walked your 10,000 steps is a great incentive. You can also change this goal via the app which is useful.

I ordered the teal version, which is a great colour, however as it is quite light, it seems to have picked up the dirt quite quickly. After looking on the website, you can clean them with hand disinfectant, water, etc. but mine did not come up clean. I would recommend a darker colour.

I highly recommend the Fitbit flex for its ease of use, great features and good battery life. I love mine so much, we have ordered them as presents for family so we can all compete against each other for steps!
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on 1 October 2016
Not over the moon with this item. It's really just an expensive pedometer with a few extras which are sold as things that will really change your life and therefore make it worth paying £60. As with a lot of IT gadgets it is not easy to work out how to use all these extras. And if you've got lots of time to work it out and input all the data I still can't see how it's any different from good old pen and paper. It does not recognise the exercise I do on my cross trainer and the cycling I do everyday other than sometimes it will show that I have been doing active exercise. In fact sometimes when I'm cycling it will go into sleep mode because it's been shaken whilst riding. If I don't realise it has gone into sleep mode I lose all the walking I do afterwards. The sleep tracking is interesting but for the manufacturer to claim it can help improve your quality of sleep I ask How? Set an alarm to tell you 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep to start winding down. For goodness sake! Do you really need a FitBit to do this? There are a lot of other things you can do with this which to be honest I'm just not interested in, the challenges etc. I realise that for some people this might be what they want but it's not for me. Another problem is I find it hard to fasten the bracelet. The little metal bits will not easily fit into the holes.I suppose this also means they won't easily come out either so it's not going to drop off your wrist but I think it's a poor design. Ok, so the good things about it. I do find that I get pleasure from hitting my 10,000 steps target each day. It does make me get up and move around more and at work go to the printer farthest away from my desk. But that's about it sadly. I've had the FitBit for nearly two weeks and I anticipate using it to count my steps for the forseeable future. And lastly, I actually wanted a red bracelet but it was £20 more on Amazon so I
bought the cheaper slate colour version. You can always buy other coloured bracelets and I don't believe they cost £20 each.
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on 24 July 2016
I've been using my FITBIT since it came and it's absolutely awesome! I've had it on for 4 days now, and the battery is at 20%. I don't like things on my wrist, but I don't mind this at all - it's small, not heavy, not thick, it's only about 1cm in width.

You tap the black part (showing the dots as per the pic) to see how much of your daily steps you've done. 1 dot = 20% etc. It vibrates when you hit 100% (which took me by surprise the first time!)

The actual FITBIT is really small, and is within the strap so it's really easy to 1. just take the FITBIT with you instead of wearing it on your wrist 2. change straps as you see fit.

It requires bluetooth to connect to your phone, but you don't have to have bluetooth switched on all the time - only when you want to sync the results. The app is great (iPhone), it gives you lots of info but I personally favour the bit which tells you if you've managed to hit 250 steps per hour. This definitely helps me understand when I'm most in need to stand and walk around (so far it's been after 9.30PM) I have an office job so I sit down ALL THE TIME which I absolutely hate - but a quick tap on the FITBIT tells me a % of my daily steps so I know if I'm behind or not.

The other bit I've used within the app is to track my sleeping patterns - it tells you when you 1. fell asleep 2. woke up 3. how many times you woke up during. The strap has only fallen off once and that's when I was sleeping. I also bought the little strap fasteners and so far, it's not come off.

Awesome little gizmo.
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on 23 August 2017
This Flex is just over 12 months old now and the battery is failing. Hopeless. I purchased this as a birthday present for my wife. The charge now does not even last a day and the 'tips & tricks' suggested by Fitbit are useless as well. Resetting the Flex does not work. Hopeless. Turning off 'All Day Sync' on my phone has no effect either. Hopeless. DON'T BUY THE FLEX AS IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY! I have a Fitbit One that I have had since 2014 and the charge still lasts over a week.


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on 18 May 2016
My husband bought this for me when our third baby was a couple of months old. He knew that what with the constant feeding and cuddling with the baby and playing on the floor with the toddlers, I had been getting concerned about how much I was actually being able to be active during the day. I had been trying to monitor how much activity I had been able to do with the iPhone steps counter but because I don't always have my phone physically on me it wasn't very acturate. So I was very happy when he presented me with the Fitbit Flex. He chose the lilac one which I love. As it's on your wrist every day you want to have a colour and design you like. It's comfy to wear, I mostly forget that it is on my wrist. Although I don't wear it to sleep in as I do find it catches when I put my hand under my pillow but I don't really want to monitor how much sleep I'm not getting when I get up with a baby all night! I like the fact you can tap the band and it lights up with up to five lights for how much of your target steps you have done. So if I haven't got three lights lit by lunch I know I need to move more in the afternoon. Also it vibrates when you have reached your target number of steps. The iPhone app is laid out well and it's easy to see how many steps you have taken and when you have been active. There are also other useful bits in the app like recording your weight and calories but I don't use those bits. It was easy to set it all up when I got it and link it to the app. The battery lasts well. I usually get about five days of use before having to recharge and it emails me when the battery is low if I forget to check. Overall the fitbit flex has been great to get my activity levels up again and a great present from my husband.
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on 2 October 2017
Does exactly what you would expect it to do. I use this to monitor my daily steps, sleep and water intake and it has helped me to keep active and lose weight.
My only issue was that the strap was ruined by dye transfer from my jeans - I tried cleaning it, but it was ingrained and just looked dirty, so I had to buy replacement straps. The replacement straps were also affected by dye transfer, however they seem to wash a lot easier and came up clean.
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on 5 July 2016
I've used this for approximately 18 months now and would recommend it.

It's very easy to set up and use and the iPhone/Android apps are intuitive and well designed. The battery life is good, I suspect primarily because of the lack of display. A clock display would be useful on it but the Flex is slim enough that I can wear it side-by-side with a watch without too much irritation.

The step counter seems very accurate and since my purchase, Fitbit have released an update to the device so that it now automatically logs sleep. This is now one of my favourite features.

It's a shame that it requires a custom charger but this is a relatively minor flaw and can be overlooked.

The strap is not particularly secure and I've had several instances where I've almost lost it because it's came partially undone. I ended up buying a DelTex® Black Band / Strap With Secure Adjustable Buckle Fastener For Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband Bracelet which had a more traditional watch-style strap to make it less likely to be lost.

One thing to note is that Fitbit's customer service is excellent and they go above and beyond the warranty requirements to ensure customer satisfaction - a charging fault developed with my Flex about 15 months into my purchase and a new Fitbit arrived several days later.
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