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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 September 2014
Serials contain:-

56: A Christmas Carol (2010 Christmas Special)
57: The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon (2 episodes)
58: The Curse of the Black Spot (1 episode)
59: The Doctor's Wife (1 episode)
60: The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People (2 episodes)
61: A Good Man Goes to War (1 episode)
62: Let's Kill Hitler (1 episode)
63: Night Terrors (1 episode)
64: The Girl Who Waited (1 episode)
65: The God Complex (1 episode)
66: Closing Time (1 episode)
67: The Wedding of River Song (1 episode)

Plus extras
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on 12 October 2011
If your kids/ friends/ Jim The Fish are going to want Series 6 for Christmas, order this great 'Silent variant' with exclusive postcards now: mean spirited stockpilers have form in buying up these lovely limited editions, then charging three times the price only months later (eg Series 3's 'Master variant'). The 3D Silent head itself isn't just holographic; it's sculpted card, and leans out menacingly.

Moffat planned a "fairytale": after the "rollercoaster" of Series 5, Series 6 is the "ghost train". We're fully immersed in the lives of the travellers, each with their own compelling battles ahead. While I don't agree with those who've labelled this series "overcomplicated", in its ambition it has sometimes lost coherency (ie I understand what the characters have done and when, but I've not always been convinced by their supposed motives). However, the verdict is overwhelmingly positive. You will have your own reactions to the episodes; these are merely mine.

The Special
A Christmas Carol: 8 -thin stuff but fun. Yet more Dickens/Victoriana and sometimes sickly sweet, but clever and with some lovely touches.

The Episodes
The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon: 9 -irresistable imagery (space race, Oval Office, Mad Men, haunted house), truly scary aliens & two of the greatest openings in the show's history. Few too many loose ends but a great cliffhanger.

The Curse of the Black Spot: 7 -fun & feisty romp marred only by Hollywood pirates & a soppy father/son subplot (the first of many this year!). Cole is great & the Moffat-inspired sci-fi twist is neat.

The Doctor's Wife: 10 -a note perfect fan pleaser resembling a graphic novel by Samuel Beckett. The continuity feels just right, Jones is sublime & the humour/horror balance is perfect.

The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People: 7 -a horror movie inspired base under siege that flags when it gets talky. A lack of clarity & likeable characters make it hard to invest in, but there are very powerful scenes: especially the cliffhanger!

A Good Man Goes To War: 9 -this great 'finale' with Star Wars designs feels truly epic. The 'repertory of monsters' vignettes really feed the story and Moffat's placing of the Doctor in the universe.

Let's Kill Hitler: 7 -at its finest at its funniest, with a great new companion introduction. Rory & Amy's early days are both touching & clever; but there's a lot of padding, an assassin's conversion is deeply unconvincing & the end's a cop-out.

Night Terrors: 6 -well regarded but downbeat. Almost a remake of Fear Her except we know from the start that the fears are imagined. Great visuals & terrifying monsters though.

The Girl Who Waited: 8 -affecting 'what if' story with a retro sci-fi look. Gillan & Darvill are superb. The time-bending pushes it at times, but the ending's fully committed.

The God Complex: 9 -nice use of CCTV in a creepy hotel full of monsters. Often very tense. Smith's brilliantly vulnerable. Walliams perhaps steals the show too much.

Closing Time: 8 -very funny sequel to The Lodger. There's something childishly exciting about a big, shiny shop at night. The Cybermen do what they do best: lurk!

The Wedding of River Song: 6 -Smith's brilliant performance carries this (maybe inevitable) let down. The fun BBC Breakfast cameo & Live Chess aside, the 'time gone wrong stuff' (also done last year) goes on & on without adding to the plot. Though the end was never in doubt, the universe is very easily fooled it would seem! However, there's a lovely tribute to the past and overall it's an excellent set up for next year.

The great value extras raise 4 stars for the stories to 5 stars for the box set. There are the 5 online prequels (for Episodes 1, 3, 7, 8 & 13), the 2 Comic Relief scenes, 14 cut-down Confidentials and the 4 Monster Files (Silents, Gangers, Anti-bodies, Cybermats) released earlier this year. Only 4 Commentaries (for Episodes 1, 4, 7 & 13) but there are 5 exclusive to DVD 'Night & the Doctor' scenes with their own Confidential episode: the somewhat disposable 'Good/Bad Night' are Tardis based comical/ sentimental vignettes with Amy and the Doctor, while 'First/Last Night' do the same for River and the Doctor but add more to River's story; 'Up All Night' is simply an amusing Doctor-less prequel to episode 12. Don't miss out!
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on 3 October 2016
Bought to complete my upgrade of Doctor Who DVDs to Blu-ray, this is Matt Smith's second season as the time lord. Unlike season 5, Matt Smith is more relaxed in the role and seems to have settled in nicely. As in the previous series, there is a story arc and in keeping with Steven Moffat's writing, there are clues everywhere and in plain sight, but this often makes for over complicated storylines that might alienate younger viewers. The production values are still in keeping with previous series and most episodes are enjoyable. The boxset is supplied with a card sleeve with a multi-way Blu-ray case inside. As well as the episodes there are a selection of behind the scenes features, although these seem to be less that during David Tennant's tenure.
All in all, an enjoyable romp through series 6 which is sometimes let down by over-complicated storylines for a family show.
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on 23 December 2013

as i will keep saying. Matt Smith possibly my favorite time lord of all time.
just fantastic to see him bring this character to life. action. comedy. and suspense.

Fantastic way to open the season. can't fault it. LLOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE!
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on 15 October 2011
As a Doctor Who fan of almost 40 yrs of age I feel very happy to report that I feel this has been the strongest, most consistent season since Phillip Hinchcliffe and Bob Holmes were in charge and the mighty Tom Baker was the Doctor. I dont include the frankly NAFF Christmas Special we got this year in the season, although we do get it on this boxset, but it cant detract from the deliciously dark series of stories that were to come.

Highlights for me were the impressive opening 2 parter, the AMAZING The Doctors Wife (please please more from Gaiman!!)the old school Rebel Flesh/Almost People, the barnstorming A Good Man Goes To War, the bonkersly brilliant Lets Kill Hitler, kinda creepy Night Terrors, the emotional Girl Who Waited and the usual clever wrap up from the Gand Moff in The Wedding of River Song.

The other stories of the season are Closing Time which seemed a bit filler for me with Cybermen just tagged into it for no reason really, Curse of the Black Spot which was a fairly bog standard runaround and the unsettling yet somewhat unsatisfying God Complex. The only slight irritation for me is just how much the demise of the Doctor is built up, right from the very first episode, even though filming of the Christmas episode had begun as this aired so WE KNOW he's not going to really die! And the fact is, hes been around for 50 years now. He aint gonna die that easily.

But all in all the strongest season since classic Who and certainly since it came back in 2005.

And just a quick note on the additional extras weve been told of so far....additional scenes and prequels are cool, confidential is essential viewing, the comic relief sketches are brief but cool but why oh why only 4 commentaries?!?!?!?!
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on 23 February 2016
Great Series: Poor Packaging

I love Dr Who. My one small gripe is the packaging of this Blu-Ray. Why are the series details only printed on the outer box cover? If like me you prefer not to keep the easily damaged outer boxes, then you're left with a Blu- ray case without the series details on the front! Also as none of the previous complete series Blu-rays (1-4) had these box covers they don't match.BBC please re-issue series 5 and 6 with the same details on the outer and inner covers.
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on 22 December 2015
Bought these second hand from a reliable seller "Zoverstocks" which I used for all six series. With just a small crease, or a small mark, paid very little in comparison to new. Will be loved by my husband and kids for christmas. I never buy new DVDs now. With Amazon's great returns policy I've learned to save pounds and my relatives don't care - as long as they can see their favourite programmes and films they don't care about the tiny wear and tear on the box !!
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on 30 September 2012
Well first off i ordered this under the free delievery service and it arrived within 2 days, so am extremely pleased. The box set comes in the same style as season 5, which is nice, easy to distingish on the shelf.

As for the season itself it is phenomonal! I really enjoyed it. There are many two part episodes but actually i would say it is more like a running series, as some even continue after the second episode. It is a very intense and dark story right throughout leading up to the discovery of who River Song actually is and what it is she actually does, very compelling. Plus of course it also comes one step closer to the question that surrounds the mistery of The Doctor, Doctor Who? I would say that if your a Whovian you should have a pretty good idea of what the Doctors name is by now, i sure do! In the episode called The God Complex, Amy asks the doctor a question about his faith and who he worships and his face reveals alot about who he is, it is very sutble, blink and you'll miss it.

All in all a fantastic storyline and can not wait to have the entire seventh season to stand next to the rest of my Dr Who collection.
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on 14 June 2016
Ah, series 6... The point at which 'Doctor Who' starts disappearing up its own fundament. A series of surprising highs & excruciating lows. A series of doppelgangers; fathers reconnecting with sons & timey-wimey shenanigans! So, join me as I review, 'The River Song Show.'

A Christmas Carol - A clichéd, derivative & utterly tedious hour of television, that's full of cloying sentiment, forced humour, the Doctor babbling nonsense at speed & SINGING!! Certainly the worst Christmas story & one of the worst stories EVER!! Even Micheal Gambon can't save it!
The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon - A good 2-parter to start the series proper, full of mystery & suspense. The Silence are suitably strange & menacing but are mostly kept in the background, bar one memorable scene in the White House toilet. Sadly, much of what is set up here is unsatisfactorily resolved later in the series.
The Curse Of The Black Spot - A story no one can muster much enthusiasm for. Incompetent pirates; a boy stowaway; some poor continuity & a dead Rory... nearly. I also dislike the idea of 17th century pirates comfortably piloting a spacecraft. An actor like Hugh Bonneville deserved better.
The Doctor's Wife - One of the highlights of the Matt Smith era! Neil Gaiman's script is original & wonderfully strange, with a great performance by Suranne Jones. Have the TARDIS corridors ever seemed so threatening?..
The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People - A mixed bag of a story, too heavy handed in its central message but Nu-Who is rarely subtle. We have another father reconnecting with his son, though the father, on this occasion, is a Ganger. The Doctor also exhibits shocking double standards, when he destroys Amy's ganger without hesitation.
A Good Man Goes To War - The story that introduced us to a lesbian lizard, her Victorian lover & a comedy Sontaran. Some people like them... I don't. As far as I'm concerned, they'd be more at home in an episode of 'Red Dwarf' or a comic book. The story itself is poor, with too much portentous dialogue & a reveal that is annoying rather than surprising. And as for being able to regenerate because of conception in TARDIS... Give me strength!!
Let's Kill Hitler! - Another episode more interested in furthering the season arc than telling a story in its own right. In it, we're introduced to the insufferable Mels before she regenerates into River Song - at her most annoying - who swans about pre-war Berlin looking for something to wear. She also happens to poison the Doctor but has a change of heart & saves him, despite being trained all her life to kill him. The only aspect that works for me is the Teselecta, which reminds me of the Numskulls. The title's rubbish too!
Night Terrors - A decent story from Mark Gatiss; beautifully filmed but did we really need another father & son scenario? The resolution is yet another based on the power of lurve.
The Girl Who Waited - An excellent performance from Karen Gillan, especially as the older Amy, in Tom McRae's affecting story, make this a highlight of the series. It's also nice to see Smith's Doctor show a little ruthlessness for once.
The God Complex - A minotaur roaming a hotel reminiscent of the one in 'The Shining' & feeding on the faith of its victims, should be scarier than it is but it's a little too anaemic for my taste. It's a pretty good story but it should have been gutsier.
Closing Time - Baby talk! Stormageddon!! Cybermen defeated by love!!? AAAARRRGGHH!!! This is not what I want from 'Dr. Who!'
The Wedding Of River Song - The series draws to a close with an incoherent, timey-wimey, smorgasbord of nonsense!! "The question that should not be asked." What on Earth could that be?.. "Doctor WHOOOOOO..." Give me a break!

I'm afraid it's a series that promised much but singularly failed to deliver on those promises. It is also far too glib & in love with its own seeming cleverness. Matt Smith's performance, though still good in places, grates with the constant arm-waving & general silliness. I understand that there are a lot of people out there who thoroughly enjoy this series & Smith's performance but I'm constantly frustrated by both. To end on a positive note, of all the extras on the DVD, the best is the prequel to 'The Impossible Astronaut'... Very creepy & disturbing. Thank you!
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on 7 September 2013
I loved the more complex story lines and ideas that were put into the production of this series. Each episode is extremely entertaining and leaves you with questions that you eagerly want answered. You can't watch one without wanting to watch the next one!! The finale is great and I would definitely recommend this series!!
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