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on 7 January 2014
The box set is full of some steamy reads and for that fact alone it is worth the money and the 5 stars I have given it. Hidden in the collection are some real gems. My review will tell you about each story and how I would rate them separately.

Hands On With The CEO by Cat Kalen - 3 Stars

Alexis has been given the opportunity of being the nanny to the daughter of a Greek businessman for the summer. She has also decided that she will take that opportunity to sample to local cuisine, namely the men. After having a disastrous sexual encounter at college she wants to gain some experience before she goes home!

She meets and has a hot encounter with Nikko's (her boss) neighbour, Dimitri, in a club but then she finds out that he is Nikko's business partner and that they share everything, and they mean EVERYTHNG!! Alexis wanted a hot summer, she's about to get one. A good read but short leaving you not really connecting with the characters.

One Hot Winter Break by Sharon Page - 4 Stars

Mia has been with her boyfriend, Ryan, for a while now but on her break home from college it all goes wrong and they split up. Jonathon has wanted to be with her for a while and had asked her to go away with him for Christmas. Upon her break up she decides to go with him.

This romance was good but for me I had a problem with how quickly she went from being in ove with Ryan and wanting to spend her life with him to going away with Jonathon and eventually telling him she loves him. This is the second book of a series with One Hot Fall Term being the first. You do not need to have read the first book to enjoy this, I haven't, but perhaps you may understand more Mia's change of heart. There is going to be a third book in the series continuing Jonathon, Mia and Ryan's relationship.

Something Borrowed by Adrianna Hunter - 4 stars

Dana has been given the chance of a lifetime. Her new boss, Vienna, is a wedding planner and has picked her as her assistant to a high society wedding in paradise. The groom is Ben a billionaire who feels it is his job to save and make happy his fiancée. Only problem for him is that his close friends and family all feel that she is all wrong for him. Could they be right for when Ben meets Dana he feels a connection with her.

I loved this romance. Yes it was short and the romance occurred quickly but it was one of those romances that you can turn to as a release from your everyday life. It isn't the best romance out there but I loved it anyway!!

Debt of Honour by Opal Carew - 3 Stars

Angelica had stopped off to get souvenirs when she gets held at gun point having her passport and clothes stolen. Instead of being on the plane she is being accused of theft and aiding in a kidnapping by a sexy sheikh.

This is a hot read with F/F action and F/F/M scenes too. Not the greatest romance out there but it is a good, very steamy short read. I enjoyed as I love any story containing sheikhs in it but others may not.

How To Train A Lover - A Savage Interactive by Daire St Denis - 5 Stars

This was one of my favourites. It's a favourite of mine for a variety of reasons, the main one has to be that there was no actual intercourse in the story right up until the closing chapters. The closing chapters were also another thing that I loved due to them being such a different idea. The end of one of the chapters leaves Tessa with three choices, the resulting chapters are what would happen depending on what choice she made. In a way it I left up to the reader to decide which option that she went with. For me I hope she chose Nicolai!!

The story was all about Tessa going on holiday to have a steamy week away with Alander only to discover that if she did so then she would be breaking one of her rules, no married men. She ends up going back to a guest house she had visited 7years earlier hoping to meet the lady she grew an attachment to. She remembers her time there and the ladies shy grandson. Only he isn't little anymore, he is all grown up and looking to her to teach him how to be a lover!! The scenes that come are hot as Tessa takes Nikko, the grandson, through a series of `lessons' which will lead to the ultimate, sex.

Vegas Heat by Lauren Hawkeye - 2 Stars

This book just didn't do it for me at all. Sorry. You had a couple on their way to Vegas to try and rekindle their sex life when they stop at a gas station. The wife fantasises over a guy, feels guilty, finds out him and her husband are friends. Her husband used to like kink in his love life enter friend and a threesome.

Yes there is more to the story but as you can tell I just did not connect with the characters at all. Others will like it. I didn't.

Breaking Free by Cherise Sinclair - 5 Stars

This was the stand out book in the collection for me. Beth has been hiding from her husband/Dom for a year now having managed to get away after two years of abuse where she suffered whippings, broken bones, cigarette burns and a knife to name but a few. Only problem for her is that she likes her sex life to contain BDSM with her as a submissive. This is where Shadowlands BDSM a BDSM members club comes in.

She has been unable to truly submit due to the anxiety she understandably feels. To submit you need to trust the one you submit to. Enter Master Nolan!! He is back from a year in Iraq and not looking for a permanent sub but cannot turn down the challenge that Beth poses. However feelings grow and trust gets broken, on Master Nolan's side. Can Beth get past her past, especially when he comes back to finish her? Read this to find out!! I loved it and you probably will as well. Yes it has BDSM but also a story about a woman who is scared from her past learning to trust and love again, it's just written in a very hot way!!

That One Time by Marian Tee - 5 Stars

For me this was the reason that I read the box set. I am a huge fan of this author and her stories never disappoint! For me the added bonus of this story was the Dutch male lead. I am a fan of the old Harlequin romances featuring Dutch males, to find one here in one of my favourite authors novels, well, for me anyway, was great!! Nic is genuinely amused by the antics of Ayah who he finds himself sitting next to in business class due to his private jet breaking down, a problem that we have all faced. Feeling like this is a feeling he has not felt in. . .he can't remember when, so what can you do when you feel like this but to kiss a complete stranger and then do. . .other stuff!

This is what happens on the plane but then the issue Nic has is that he is a cynic when it comes to the opposite sex and to love in general. He lies to Ayah about his name and his financial status and then leaves her on the plane. He cannot get her out of his head so ends up contacting her and they have a 'relationship' online and over the phone. But what happens when she discovers the truth.

Although this is another great book by this author I have to be honest and say it is not the best of hers but a fantastic read nonetheless. This is the first book involving characters of the De Koningh family (Nic being one of them)and I look forward to more. Some of the scenes are HOT especially the one in the cable car!

Two Are Better Than One by Suzanne Rock - 3 Stars

Quinn and Declan are lovers, they have been for two years. However the two men have become fascinated with Hannah and think that she would be perfect to complete their love.

I have to admit books with M/M just do not do it for me, this is my personal preference. I do like books that have a ménage in them, just of the F/F/M variety and not the M/M/F that this contained. It is a hot little read with characters that you never really get to know. However for a quick steamy read with a ménage on a beach if you like a read like this then you will probably enjoy this. Just wasn't for me.

All in all a box set worth paying out for. Well worth a one-click with many hours of enjoyment to be had!!!

Please note I was given a copy of this collection in exchange for an honest review.
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on 23 January 2014
There is a really fabulous collection of stories from some of the big names in the genre. They do not disappoint. You will be treated to a wide range of steamy, seductive and heated moments with characters varying from those bursting in confidence, to others who have never before taken a risk. It is winter where I am right now, and these stories of sun and sex have provided both stimulating and soothing escapism.

Hands on with the CEO - Cat Kalen

Alexis spends her summer vacation in Greece looking after 4 year old Sophie, with the bonus of getting very well looked after herself too. A sweet, hot summer read, that will have college girls flocking to book flights to Athens!

One Hot Winter Break - Sharon Page

This is the second book of a series, but I read it as new and it was very enjoyable and characters were well described. It possibly would have helped me see how her mind changed so quickly, but I went with the flow. The overall storyline was tackled well, as it deals with some difficult issues.

Something Borrowed - Adriana Hunter

Good fun read, with a pretty impressive bridezilla and mother to match! Nice sensitive touches along with some hot scenes make for a fun read.

Debt of Honour - Opal Carew

Never quite sure how things are going to go when the main protagonist is held against her will, but this works out well in the end. I liked the touches around the pool, and definitely there is plenty of passion on a number of levels.

How to Train a Lover - Daire St Denis

This is the third in a series although it reads very well alone. I enjoy this author's work as the reader gets to choose the ending - and in fact here there are three choices. Yes, I read them all, and I am sure I chose the best one first! The main plot is really beautifully done and is a very sweet and seductive storyline.

Vegas Heat - Lauren Hawkeye

A married couple who are feeling their relationship fading opt to do something about it ... and leave us very much open to wanting to know what happens next! That said my imagination provided the continuation of the story quite well. Fun, short read.

Breaking Free - Cherise Sinclair

This is the third in the Shadowlands series and is an excellent read on its own, but I would recommend that you read them all. The characters and the story-lines grow through the books, and you will want to know more. This is the BDSM that both dreams and nightmares are made of, and it clearly delineates the two.

That One Time - Marian Tee

This story takes you half way around the world and back again. I enjoyed getting more than just her perspective, especially on the important questions. It is definitely the stuff of sexy fairy tale; so stretch your imagination and go along for the ride!

Two Are Better Than One - Suzanne Rock

Short, hot and beach based. I enjoy stories that introduce MFM / MMF possibilities, and think that this one makes a very good job of it. There is a follow on from this story which you will do well to read too!

-Wicked Reads Review Team-
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on 16 February 2014
Wow, what a collection this is, they are all pretty good stories, very naughty too!! I can honestly say I enjoyed every one of them, but my favourite by far is Breaking Free, the story of Nolan and Beth, absolutely loved it, I would recommend this collection if you are open minded and a fan of Fifty Shades and the Crossfire series, the content is kind of similar but more descriptive and graphic!
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on 26 February 2014
Two stars, which are essentially for Ms Hunter 's and Ms Sinclair's offerings. I really was bored by virtually all the others and kept skipping over large chunks. Even at a bargain price it was a waste of time and money. The two authors mentioned have their books available separately.
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on 4 January 2014
Seduction in the Sun is a box set featuring 9 great stories written by 9 amazing authors. I have to say that I immediately bought the box set as soon as I saw author Marian Tee as one of the writers, even though I had already read "That One Time" previously because it was that good. Although author Marian Tee was the main reason I got the book, I can honestly say that the rest of the stories were well written and yummy.
I can honestly say that this reader find several new authors to me, like author Opal Carew who made me want to be taken by a sheikh and author Cat Kalen who made me drool over Greek men. "Seduction in the Sun" also allowed me to revisit several of my favorite authors such as Marian Tee, Adriana Hunter, and author Cherise Sinclair which has never let me down.
This box set is well worth the price and you will not be disappointed. I will be recommending this book set to others because it was a wicked hot read.
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on 11 January 2014
I loved all of these books from some of my favourite authors. I had been looking forward to reading these since I heard it was coming out and I was not disappointed
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on 15 February 2014
I enjoyed some of the stories more than other , some were great some not so great. I would still say it was worth reading though. Very good value for your money
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on 27 February 2014
I was kept enthralled from start to finish with this box set and would definitely be buying more from these authors..Will be recommending to friends
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on 23 May 2014
Very repetitious in places but a good light hearted read if you are lucky enough to be lying in the sun whilst reading.
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on 18 March 2014
I had to finish the book at one go so I did enjoi it very much , hope you like it too
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