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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 17 May 2014
Now I for one have had a love to hate relationship with regard to Kade. He's always come across as arrogant, selfish and so so ambivalent with other peoples feelings. We've seen flickers of concern and sympathy for Ava and Mason, but that's all flickers.

This book redeems him as he actually allows himself to feel for another as he realises he is not meant to be with Ava, the start of the book is Kade blocking that void left by accepting he isn't meant to be with Ava and then we meet Grace. Grace the unstoppable, fully firing warrior. We've met her before NSC, she's linked briefly in the trilogy and Atonement and we know some of her family.

Without spoiling anything these two are brought together under the worst scenario and Grace has to protect Kade, he is not obliging and is his usual self. After events unfold and Kade sees the real Grace he admits he is falling in love again and Grace feels a connection growing to Kade too, but will it be too late to save them both from the inevitable outcome from the forces at work. The walls from both come down but as always violence, deception and other factors cause heartache, death and ultimately plenty of pleasure along the way. Ava and Mason are involved in this book too, but I can't say to what degree...

If you've enjoyed heart of stone series you'll love this, it is better to have read the others so you know what to expect from D H Sidebottom, if not try this book and welcome to the world of D H Sidebottom.
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on 28 December 2013
Kade is part of the NSC and Heart of stone series. A Heart of Stone spinoff actually. Because of this I HIGHLY recommend you read the other books first. You will come to know and love Kade before beginning this book Although some hate Kade's "choices", reading the complete series will give you a better insight Into Kade's life, his personality and definitely his pain.
That being said is possible to read this as a stand alone. I believe that you will still fall in love with Kade. And run back to read the rest of the series (YES it's that good!!)
Grace is our heroine. She is what every heroine should be, strong and fierce yet Vulnerable. Instead of the mousy girl next door were so sick of reading about. Grace is that bad ass we all aspire to be in those tuff moments in life.

And what can I say......Hot is not the word for the sex scenes contained in this book. Boiling, blistering, and Explosive would be closer to what Kade and Grace have. I love the animalistic chemistry the main characters have for one another, and am in aww of the passion the author can create with her characters.

I think you will definitely be held captivated, with the erotic scenes and the twists and turns. This is a MUST read. I applaud the author yet again for a fantastic addition to my kindle collection!
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on 24 May 2014
I genuinely don't think D H Sidebottom can do any wrong with this heart of stone series and this book is no different.

It's important you read the heart of stone series to fully appreciate this book.

This is Kade and Grace's story. I won't say much more as the blurb is plenty and I don't want to give spoilers. What I will say is this book contains all the right ingredients we have come to love and expect for this series- love, suspense, violence, drama, super kinky sex and amazing characters.

As Kade character was so much different to Mason, it gave this book it's own stance rather than being a carbon copy of Mason and Ava, which made me love it all the more. And yes, Mason and Ava make a return appearance so you don't miss them too much.

A brilliant book which is part or a brilliant series.
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on 1 January 2014
Kade's story is definitely a must read for those of you that enjoy this kind of genre. With all it's twists and turns, this book cannot really be appreciated if you haven't read the NSC series and better still, the Heart of Stone series beforehand. It's a hot cookie which will distract you, disconcert you, and as Ms. Sidebottom is extremely explicit in every small detail, blow your socks off!

Although Kade is an intelligent and outrageously good-looking alpha male, when he loses the love of his life, Ava, his life starts spiralling down into a pit of oblivion. Alcohol doesn't alleviate the pain he's going through and women, less. An inopportune circumstance puts his life in danger and that is when Grace, a kick arse and no frills MI5 agent is obliged to babysit for him. He's not happy about this situation and neither is she! But slowly they break down complex barriers, deal with deceptions, and eventually a love story of incredible dimensions begins.

Ms. Sidebottom, once again, bravo!
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on 23 December 2013
Wow what can i say...Dawn i love have blown me away again!!!!
I had a soft spot for Kade after meeting him in Dawns other works but after this i freaking love him,and Grace was a kickass female lead.
This story was action packed, scorching hot(in fact its a wonder my panties didnt melt away completely),so emotional and heartbreaking at times.
Kade was in a very dark place before meeting Grace as was she and their connection was pretty instantaneous but neither really knew how to deal with it either on a personal or professional level...Can they make it through all of the horror that awaits them...Does Kade ever really get over Ava and can they reach their well deserved HEA...Buy it and see cause believe me you will not regret it!
Im gonna miss them all
By the way...Loved seeing Mason & Ava again.....
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on 12 March 2014
I was really looking forward to reading Kade's story after reading about him in the previous books in the Heart of Stone series about Mason and Ava as I really enjoyed them. But this book was a total disappointment and quite frankly a load of rubbish. The story was flimsy and very far fetched and there was no angst like there was in the Heart of Stone books. Kade and Grace seemed to get together far too quickly and there was just nothing really to the story! With regard to the sex in the book I felt like I was reading a 'poor man's fifty shades - it was awful. I cannot understand why the Heart of Stone books were so good and yet this one was so disappointing.
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on 17 February 2014
I wasn't really a fan of Kade that much until i read this book, but i really felt for him in the beginning and then to read how he fell in love with the perfect women for him really made me well up and be really happy for was a turbulent battle for them both, but they got there HEA in the end and it was a fantastic journey to have and i thoroughly enjoyed every damn page!!!!

Another OUTSTANDING book from Miss D H Sidebottom I especially liked that Mason and Ava also featured in Kades life in this book and not just from him mentioning them from his side of things.
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on 29 December 2013
Kade is an amazing read, a spin off from the HOS series where yr meet the whole gang again. D H Sidebottom has done it yet again, a slave to writing and produced yet again another fulfilling and satisfied book. It is extremely well written with detailed hot, steamy, scenes that shows u the raw passion Kade and Grace have for each other. The story line keeps u engaged from start to finish where both characters shine through especially with Grace"s epic one liners lol. This book has ended my 2013 reading list with a BANG!!!!,
I highly recommend KADE and should b the 1st, next and must read on everyones TRL.... T
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on 7 December 2014
Just when i think that DH Sidebottom has covered everything i love in a series she throws something else in !!!!

The NSC & Heart of Stone series never fails to hit wvery button with the plotline characters emotions action and hot hot sex hot.

Anothet captivating installment and cant wait to get on to the next one :)
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on 22 December 2013
Well DH Sidebottom does it again !! As Kade's biggest fan I loved this book !! It had everything I expected and so much more . You get a look at the beautiful man that by the end of the Heart of Stone series every one fell a little for. Dh created the perfect match for Kade in Grace she's a feisty,sexy independent women who is more than capable to hold her own. The story has twists,turns an is a hot a hell.
Five stars is not enough for me to rate this if you loved the Nsc industries kade is the perfect next instalment.
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