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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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At the beginning of Getting Go the images come at you in a confusion of online photos and text as Doc is looking at the website of a go-go-box dancer he fancies. He then goes to the club where he works and meets this boy - called Go - and pretends to be making a documentary he wants him to be the subject of. Go goes along with it, Doc starts filming, and bit by bit they fall into a relationship. Up to this point I enjoyed the film a lot, as it did seem to take you inside Go's living space quite effectively. The two boys are quite the opposite, Doc being very uptight and innocent and Go being very laid-back and free. Once they are in bed it shows their sexual exploration quite lyrically, and Go always looks hot whether in the bedroom or on his box - he certainly knows how to gyrate.

However there are problems: the film is so free it starts to seem more like an idea than a proper film, and the director doesn't quite make the move from the online world to a sense of life as it is lived. There is very little context for Doc's life, and neither character seems to have any friends or relations. It's just about video footage and encounters in Go's flat, a bit of discussion about art, and some kissing in the street. There are quite long passages of pop songs heard over kissing or sex scenes that look nice but don't help to give more substance. The film also has a very experimental feel, using split screen quite often, which I find alienating, but others may like it more. It seems to stop you being at all immersed in what you are seeing, which is generally what I want to feel in a film, especially one about emotions. But even with these reservations I still like the film, particularly Doc's lack of confidence and Go's dancing in his gear in the club.
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on 14 September 2014
This film is extremely watchable, not the greatest film ever but it had moments of real tenderness between the two characters. I actually believed that there was a connection, especially when they were laying in bed together, talking, idly playing with each others' hands etc., Mostly real affection doesn't shine through in gay movies, can only think of one other instance where I thought the interaction was real, that was in the first episode of "Tales in the city" where Michael Mouse and John were in bed together. I would highly recommend this film (it wont be to every ones' taste), if for no other reason than Matthew Camp comes across as being not only sexy but really likable.
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on 5 February 2016
A little masterpiece. The relationship between the star struck university trained geek and the thoughtful dancer making a living from his body is wonderfully subversive. It is all told in the first person by the geek, but there is a Flaubertian sub text which he does not understand but which we the viewers can see even though he is supposedly our eyes and ears to the story. In truth, it is the geek who is obsessed, fetishizing his idol but not seeing him rationally and critically, while it is the dancer who is shrewder, more idealistic, and more thoughtful than he. When the geek asks the dancer what his favourite part of his own body is, the dancer says "my brain", but the geek rejects that as a possible answer. When the geek asks the dancer what he finds attractive in another person, the dancer says "the ability to communicate", but although that is what makes the geek attractive to the dancer, the geek brushes it aside and continues to focus relentlessly on the physical. It is the dancer who knows about Andy Warhol and the geek (who is meant to be the intellectual with a camera) who has to look him up. The dancer is in love with the geek, but the geek is only in lust with the dancer. There is a satisfyingly ambiguous conclusion, which I will not spoil, but I will say that it shows that the geek is better at fantasy than noticing what is being offered to him right there under his nose. Good soundtrack too.
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This is a low budget film made by the very gifted Cory Krueckeberg in his directorial debut. He wrote the wonderful `Were the world mine' which starred Tanner Cohen as does this film. Tanner plays Doc, he is a withdrawn, nearly graduated student who writes a blog, lives on Facebook and indulges in cyber sex. He has also gotten all gooey eyed over a go go dancer called `Go' - now you see where the title comes from.

Anyway he hatches a plan that Machiavelli would have been jolly well proud of. He pretends to be making a documentary about go go dancers and wants Go to be the star. As contrived as that is, it actually worked and so the journey begins. Go is played by the very good looking Mathew Camp who puts in a very good performance. Like all journeys though this one is going to have a few bumps along the way.

The two main characters are virtually the only players here and yet you don't notice as they manage to create such believable on screen chemistry. It also seems to be filmed on a handcam which is intentional. There are a few nods to Andy Warhol here too and some of it is filmed in monochrome. The use of split screens is also prevalent and is often done for visual impact rather than to give two perspectives. The soundtrack is rather good too, featuring Patrick Wolf among many and always seems to fit perfectly with the on screen action - it has an innovative poetic quality to it. There is little in the way of bedroom romping but Go seems to spend most of his time in underwear which is absolutely not an issue as far as I am concerned. So for a thoughtful, different and quite intelligent gay film this one should be the one to `Go' with - sorry terrible pun.
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on 19 October 2014
How to get your own private exotic dancer? This film delivers the answer and then some.

Very imaginative direction - fast, almost music video style. Handsome duo that consists of perfectly sculptured Go and adorable Doc have above average acting skills making this low budget project a sheer joy to watch.

Packed into this very alluring product are Andy Warhol inspired miniatures, meaningful pillow talk, graphic (not full frontal) sexual encounters, heartfelt monologues and a very logical conclusion - after all it was an experiment, never meant to be a love story.
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on 8 September 2014
A gorgeous, early-20s gay virgin in Manhattan (if you believe there ever could be such a person), just about to graduate from Columbia and then west to Iowa for grad school, fakes a documentary film project in an attempt to meet a gorgeous gay go-go dancer he's become obsessed with online. To his surprise the dancer goes along with the idea. The fake documentary leads pretty quickly to some very real sex and a lovely, tender, sort-of relationship.

Actor and singer Tanner Cohen, the star of Were the World Mine (made by the same guys who made this one, but MUCH different), plays Doc, the almost-Columbia-grad virgin. Matthew Camp, a real live go-go dancer, plays Go, who is actually himself. The movie was shot in Camp's own apartment, gym, club, supermarket, etc, and follows his regular daily and nightly routine. The only fiction is the business with Doc.

From beginning to end, nothing about this movie is conventional or predictable. Unlike 99.9% of gay men who see this, I thought Doc was lots sexier than Go, but the nerdy type with a totally natural body appeals to me lots more than the buff, shaved, go-go boy type. But Go is very smart and has an angelic face, and inside he's ten times sweeter and more appealing than Doc is - one of the sweetest and most appealing characters ever to appear in a gay movie. Matthew Camp is thoroughly delightful. Definitely, definitely worth seeing.
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on 18 February 2015
Being obsessed with a go-go dancer named Go, the college student Doc decides to make a documentary about Go to explore his life. During their time together they fall in love with each other and there are many eojoyable and tender moments showing their deep and sincere feelings for each other which they probably had not expected to happen.

Their acting skills are definitely high above average and also very convincing. However, it is easy to see that it is a low budget film but as such I think it is in many ways impressive, especially the intimate and tender scenes thanks to the talented principal actors who do impress with their convincing mutual chemistry.

Personally I would have preferred another type of end but the one chosen is obviously logical, all things considered.
Highly recommended.
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on 24 July 2014
Well I just got done watching this alternative gay drama and I wanted to get one thing off of my chest: this film is NOT a 15. Not that it matters at all. Another thing the back cover reads "100 mins approx" but it's in actuality 1 hr and 31 minutes, again thus couldn't matter more. The guys in this film are H.O.T. There's at least one sex scene. The guys glutes are hot. There's no hoh / sdh subtitles. There's nothing too offensive here. The film is basically a two hander. Shot somewhat mostly on hand held camera or iPhone. I didn't like the ending (I'm a self confessed sucker for happy endings). This film is watchable and really quite emotionally affecting. The chemistry between the two leads is tangible. Nothing much happens but the acting is spot on.
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on 16 August 2014
and the lead actors do look good, but the concept did leave flat and got slightly bored with Tanner Cohen's many trauma's and the poor quality of the sound on the disc did not help my enjoyment of it. Not a film I can recommend.
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on 21 July 2014
On reading the intro to this it didn't really come across as my thing but as it wasn't my turn to choose I sat back ready to be disappointed on the contrary disappointed was defiantly not what I was! Both leading roles were played to perfection characters were totally believable and you got invested in their story without any effort it's relatable too I'd imagine to anybody about to venture out into their first gay relationship the nerves the excitement the excuses to embark on a conversation with someone you've set your sights all of which comes with any first relationship but being a gay one the added pressure from society as a true romantic the end was a little disappointing no love conquers all but still an all round good movie from start to finish take a look I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised
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