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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2015
If, like me, you have the series' boxed sets, it's great to have "The Time of the Doctor" but really irritating to have to buy it in this form - along with the Christmas specials (which are already on the afore mentioned boxed sets).

Come on BBC - what are you playing at?
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on 18 August 2014
I am only marking this down, as you get ALL of Matt Smith's Christmas specials when, if you have series 6 and 7 - you will already have the Christmas Specials so it is a waste of a disc.But The Time Of The Doctor Disc IS good and includes, American produced documentaries which shows just how much Doctor Who Confidential is missed. wonderful farewell to Matt Smith though
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on 25 December 2013
First off this is a bit cheeky getting people to repurchase specials from previous sets. However I will bite because Matt Smiths final performance was truly amazing!

As with many overly ambitious episodes of who, this promised more than it could deliver and although it was good they couldnt find the balance. Either make it longer and make use of the weeping angels and other protagonists more effectively or drop them from the story and then make it flow a bit better.

That gripe should make me drop this to three stars but Matt's final speech had me sitting with a lump in my throat as I remembered all the adventures he had taken us on! There was so much variety. Moffat seemed a bit unsure in places with what to do with the plot he had set up but Matt showed what a truly great actor he is at the end. There was no whining self referential farewell, kicking and screaming like the last doctor. Matt was dignified and his leaving really did feel like it was too soon. Though I thought David Tennant was superb, toward the end his doctor was becoming egotistical and self congratulating. More Russel T Davies fault than Davids but I had had enough. Matt brought an energy and innocence as though the Doctor was literally reborn. I know he has had a few poor episodes but for me he is the best Doctor of any series, classic or new. I wont spoil it if you have yet to view it but the final 10 mins are worth the price of the disc. A fitting end to a great 11th/12th timelord! Thank you Matt for giving me a great few years of adventures in time and space.

UPDATE: I missed a few things. Having gone back and rewatched it I have a greater appreciation of the episode. There are loads of subtle references to this doctors time in the tardis and also previous incarnations. The battle music played during the silence will fall speech is that of the tenth doctors as an example. This is a love letter to all the fans that bothered to follow the doctor through all the ups and downs. It reminds me of Babylon 5 in that you were rewarded for your investment. I'm sorry some don't get it but ultimately I feel appreciated for supporting the eleventh and Ifor the negs out there I can only ask you go back and watch series 5-7 again. If you don't want to do that I understand but base your reviews with that restriction in mind.
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on 26 November 2014
I've not actually brought this yet, I'm about to, but the following needs to be said. The 3 stars are for 'The Time of the Doctor' which on the whole is ok, although the Time Lords giving the Doctor a new set of regenerations without actually appearing is a bit of a cop out by Head Writer Stephen Moffat in my opinion.

Now for the thing that really sucks (there's no other way of putting it) and frankly, baffles me. Why have the stories been released like this? Everyone adding this to their dvd collection DOES NOT want repeats of episodes they have in previous boxsets. Why is 'Night' and 'Day of the Doctor' not released as part of the series 8 boxset to link it up with where the series 7 boxset ends? Frankly this would have made series 8 more watch-able a second time.

In short, I now have to buy 3 DW boxsets this year to complete my collection, including some episodes I already have.. Completely unnecessary, BIG fail BBC
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on 14 January 2014
There's a lot of complaints here and elsewhere at the BBC's decision to include an extra disc featuring all the previous Christmas Specials for the Eleventh Doctor.

Please look at the price of this release.

That's the amount that it would have been priced at, even if the other specials weren't included.

The fact that they ARE included, and that the price hasn't altered at all, means that this release is actually great value for money. Plus it gives everyone who already has those episodes the choice to watch them on a different release.

I too have already got all of those other specials. I have them multiple times on multiple releases.
It won't stop me from buying this one though, like the completist that I am.

Relax, everyone.
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on 28 December 2013
The writers were forced to: create an excellent Christmas special, wrap up the entire story ark of the eleventh Doctor, make the episode emotional - to show all of the elements of the character, write out Matt Smith, create an effective regeneration scene, show the incarnation's memories for the sake of nostalgia, clear up the regeneration limit, introduce something new for the next incarnation, introduce the new actor (Peter Capaldi), and make the transition meaningful, all in a single - hour long - episode; I think they made an excellent job under the circumstances. But will this set an impossible standard?

Some may be a little displeased with the episode, because it's what they believe to be "unsatisfactory", but how do you define that? At times, when a T.V show becomes popular enough, the expectations of the fans, go beyond reality - and not even an incredible episode like this one, can meet the expectations of those who can never be happy.

Personally, I think that the episode is a magnificent example of creativity, and real emotion. Some may see a couple of humorous elements to be "unnecessary", but all I can say is to please develop a sense of humor! Comical moments may not always fit the story art exactly, but they add an extra dimension to the show - which is much needed in a lot of others. The ending is also in my opinion touching, and fitting for the incarnation - ending in a blaze of glory, and an emotional speech. Many see Matt Smith's departure as too quick, and insufficiently dramatic; I however see the actual change from Matt to Peter as an excellent way of allowing the moment to set in, by reminding the audience of the core of the character himself; ironically followed by an almost instant and shocking regeneration moment - this is however separate from the main section of the regular cycle, which involved the glory that I talked about above.

This structure of a lack of any transition from one moment and the next, is perfectly represented in this special - compressing everything that was presented in the era, into a single episode. Be it the immediate final regeneration, or the change from almost childish moments of joy, to dramatic moments of shock and almost emotional trauma - fitting for a final episode.

To conclude, the episode is a perfect method to end an era, and must be seen by any fan - major or minor - or any intelligent and tasteful person. The standard for the story telling seems to have leaped from sometimes slapdash story arks, to the dramatic storytelling of the Name, Day and Time of the Doctor trilogy; this is likely due to Matt Smith's departure, following the regular pattern of a temporarily raised story line - in a similar fashion to David Tennant's era, resulting in the following episodes being terrible due to the comparison. Nonetheless, the standard has been set once again, and due to the significant number of reviews on Amazon, who complain that they are not entirely "happy" with the quality of this epic tale, such standard could backfire on the show, simply because the truth is that it's impossible to make everyone happy - as I have said before. All arguments aside, I strongly recommend that you enjoy the episode, before being influenced by other people.

Please note that I'm reviewing "The Time of The Doctor" only, as it is the most significant of the DVD set, at the time of this writing.

- C. J. Evans, author of 'The Falling Lemmings' (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Falling-Lemmings-Tale-Corruption-ebook/dp/B00MDXZWAK/).
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on 16 March 2014
Call me old fashioned but if I'm told "Time of the Doctor" is available on Prime... then maybe, just maybe I would expect Time of the Doctor to be available on Prime?

Despite some searching, this item appears to be A Christmas Carol on Prime with a whole load of other stuff to buy, Given how shoddy the Prime quality is:

"Amazon Prime video on-demand... The picture is so poor, it's like watching a twenty-year old multi-generation VHS copy on a television made out of farts."

I think I'll stick with Netflix (for honesty) and Bluray (for quality) and be thankful that my Prime membership renewed a month before the price-hike so I get a year of free delivery before I cancel the service.
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on 3 January 2014
The episode itself is awesome and a great send-off for Matt but I find it a bit annoying that the DVD/Blu-Ray includes all the othe Eleventh Doctor christmas specials as I already have these, it's a slightly annoying but just cause I'm picky, I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds this annoying.
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on 5 April 2015
Attention whovians this makes for a perfect night in........... don't forget your fez
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on 20 December 2014
I'm not complaining here, but I bought (not actually bought because it's free) Prequel to the doctor, widow and the wardrobe but I got The Doctor, the widow and the wardrobe instead which is the full movie which I didn't pay for because the prequel is free. So happy Christmas Amazon thanks for the early gift I guess.
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