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on 7 October 2017
It's badly made and the rubber band that moves the device came off within 3 min of use. Very fiddly to get it hooked back on. I finally did it and started it up again but within another 5 min the thing ground to a halt. It's not the original Undercover mouse and has another name on the box. So sold under false pretenses. Not impressed at all. I would steer clear.
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on 6 October 2016
I was recently told that my cat had put on a little weight and to try and shift the weight back off. She is an indoor cat and is particulary lazy! We have tried other cat toys such as wands, string, balls, scratch posts, lazers etc and this is honestly the ONLY toy she has ever taken a liking to! It's amazing to see her actually pounce and jump around, I had never seen her move so much before! She loves it and spends a good half an hour chasing the mouse. The only negative I would say is to make the wand/mouse a little longer as sometimes it gets caught up in the plastic top. Great product, very pleased.
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on 15 December 2014
terrific bit of fun for kitty and the grown-ups. Good value for the money
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on 31 December 2014
cats love it, but uses up batteries rather quick.
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on 13 June 2015
I have three cats. Simba, the head of the house who's rarely interested in anything, Monty, a timid cat who prefers a nap on the radiator to any kind of activity and Nibbles, a stray who we recently adopted. Now I'm moving out soon to an area near a busy road, so I wanted a toy that could give him the something to hunt as he's used to being in the garden. I got this for Nibbles. To my amazement, Monty has taken an interest in it to, he simply loves watching it go round and round and give it a whack here and there, and Simba seems to get a lot of enjoyment out of just watching it too. So here I am writing this review about to go and buy another to leave for them when I'm gone!

A few things to note; It's the kind of Toy you can leave on, but you want to check on it after a few minutes because cat's can pull the mouse out of the socket, leaving it pathetically whirling round and annoying the cats because the mouse seems to stay still, it's designed to be detachable but it's worth checking on them.

Second thing to note is batteries, this thing uses C Cell Batteries (Big chunky ones) and because these can be very expensive I would recommend to anyone to invest in rechargeable batteries Duracell Rechargeable 1 Hour Multi-Battery Charger This seems to be the best charger around, rechargeable batteries can be bought here at Amazon too, it's worth the investment to avoid disappointed cats. Anyone knows cat's don't sit disappointed, they take it out on something so save your furniture now!

I see a lot of questions about the noise of this thing and to be honest, I haven't really noticed it too much, it makes a sound like rubbing something against a raincoat, but on the lower settings it's not too noticeable. It is very entertaining to watch and my 3 year old nephew sometimes likes to get involved too which is hilarious. I bought this and a laser toy and there really is no comparison, this is simply the best toy out there, it looks simple, but cat's don't get bored of it for a long time!

In fact last night I wanted to switch it off so I could go to bed, soon as I picked it up monty looked at me and gave me the saddest meow I've ever heard. Honestly, buy this toy, you will not regret it.
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on 7 June 2016
Both my cats love this. This is a 2nd purchase because Chatty dominated the 1st one, not giving Ginger a chance. I thought by getting another and putting it in another room that would solve the issue, but Chatty races between the 2 and, because I have laminate floors, sends the toys & himself skidding across the floor. It's actually hilarious to watch & he definitely thoroughly enjoys himself. I tried closing the doors so they each played with their own but I think the closed doors worried them, cos they're used to full access around the house, so they stopped playing. Ginger now has 'secret' play times when Chatty's not about. Some reviewers have given this a 1 star rating & warned people not to buy because their cats won't play with it. This, to me, is daft! Cats are individuals with different likes & dislikes. What is fun for 1 cat might not interest another in the slightest. Unfortunately the only way to know how your cat will react is to buy the item. If they don't play with it, it doesn't make the toy itself 'rubbish'. This applies to all cat toys and products, not just this one.
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on 26 March 2017
My 12 month old Bengal has shown absolutely no interest the numerous toys I've purchased so far but he wanted this toy before I had even got it out of the box. He used to race downstairs for breakfast in the morning, now it's to sit next to this toy waiting for me to switch it on. He does get a bit boisterous and will jump on it from the furniture, so not sure how long long it will last, but can't stand his wailing when I switch it off. Overall, hours of fun. GET ONE NOW! - and plenty of batteries!
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on 11 March 2015
He loved me once. Now he loves the Cat's Meow. When I come home, he sits there expectantly, waiting for me to turn the stupid thing on. I tried to teach him to turn it on himself, but apparently he's too stupid for that. So at least he still needs me for SOMETHING in his life. To fill his bowl, empty his litter tray, and to push the button on the Cat's Meow. *sob*
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Brought this for the cats two weeks ago and have had to hide it away at certain times because they won't leave it alone. It's great to watch them play with it and they would be there all day if they could. Only slight problem is the batteries run out too quickly.
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on 29 April 2016
My cat really likes it - he tolerates the (small) noise and likes to hunt the wand.
Unfortunately, after 5 months it started to make sometimes a stronger noise while the wand stopped.
I opened the toy and found out that they were really short on screws - my toy was missing at least four screws in different places.
For example, the electric motor is fixed by a plastic cap on the bottom of the toy and from the four holes, only two had screws (and, of course, in time they got a little loose and the mechanism started to fail.
I "borrowed" some screws from some other not-so-critical parts of the toy and now it's working again but I didn't expect them to try to save (money? assembling time?) by forgetting screws.
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