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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 January 2015
This alarm lock seems to be quite good. Very loud alarm, sensitive, but haven't yet had a false alarm. I like the fact that reseve batteries are provided. Lock has been in use for 6 weeks without need to change batteries.

Why only 3 stars, then? Well, the fitting mechanism leaves much room for improvement as it is very inflexible: The frame needs to have a precise diameter where this beast can be fitted at all. Too wide, and it won't fit, too narrow, and it won't fit either. There is no way the base can be adjusted to specific needs. This also means that there are only certain areas on your bike where you could fit it, if at all. The shackle is quite narrow, so doesn't usually fit over mudguards.

If there would be any better / more adjustment possibilities (eg different sized metal straps to fit the base, thicker rubber bands longer screws to fit the base, or other simple mechanisms to change the shape of the base bay), this would be a perfect alarm lock.
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on 15 October 2015
It's loud. It really scare me at the first trial. It fit my bike with frame 32.5 mm diameter (about 10.2 cm of circumference).
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on 19 November 2014
Very efficient piece of kit this. The unit sounds a low and short warning if the bike is moved ... then if another movement is detected the noise is deafening!!!
I use this in conjunction with a stronger Lock but used together they are quite formidable and give great peace of mind.
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on 12 November 2015
Update: I was riding and the D- shackle came loose from the lock; I must have gone over a bump or off the curb and due it being on the forks, didn't notice that it had fallen off (since it's usually not something I worry about). I emailed the vendor, and they have been very helpful - they are sending me a replacement shackle, very pleased - no fuss.

I have a 24" mountain bike, with a very thick frame - so, with fiddling, managed to attatch it to the front forks and put the lock through both forks spokes. This seems to be safe, but was fiddly to get tight and can be a pain to lock and unlock. Do check the measurements of your bike. Due to this, it's come loose before, and has withstood some battering, so it is well made and still works after a bit of a beating. It is now secured tightly, again, just fiddly having it on the forks as opposed to the frame.

- Loud. Very loud.
- Suitable level of sensitivity
- Great opinion to have the alarm active or off
- Nice colour, unusual product - admired by bicycle repair veterans so seems pretty good to me

- Fiddly
- Not entirely universal for thicker frames
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on 8 November 2015
This has to be one of the best auxiliary buys for the security of my electric bike. Having read reviews and asked questions on size I took the plunge. Excellent product, substantial build quality, and simple to use. I would agree if it was twice the size it would be better for most people offering the ability to lock 2 bikes together. The alarm is easy to set and when triggered the initial beeps are loud enough to dissuade most thieves but should they persist the actual alarm is deafeningly loud. It would deter most and have them walking away with all other pedestrians looking at them with suspicion. Thank you Target, at last in combination with my Kryptonite D locks I feel much happier about leaving our bikes locked and unattended.
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on 9 February 2016
Really handy as a front wheel doesn't look strong enough for your main lock. Sounds like a car alarm so if your bike's nearby you'll definitely hear it. Good for locking your bike outside shops or cafes if you're just popping in. The slightest movement and it sends warning beeps (these are loud) then goes off the second time it's touched. Hopefully you've plenty of time to run out and see what's going on. It doubles as a holder bracket but found it rattled too much so I keep the lock in my bag. It's very light weight. It won't fit over a mountain bike tyre but will fit through the suspension forks. The bracket won't attach to the suspension fork as they're too least on my bike. Not sure how it'll perform if left in the rain. I had a different alarm locks fail due to water but maybe it would be fine. You have the option using the lock without the alarm activated. It'll trigger if someone tries to attack your main lock unless they manage to pick it without any movement at all....this I doubt is possible. I think it's really good value for money and better than most second lock option out there.
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on 3 December 2015
I've always really liked the idea of having an alarm on my bike. I had one on an old bike that lasted for many years but sadly it broke and predictably then got stolen. It's no longer on the market.

Having ordered this I headed the warnings from other reviews that the fitting onto the bike can be an issue if the tubes of your frame are larger than normal or unusual shapes (quite common on a lot of road bikes etc). There was only one place on my bike (medium size Boardman Hybrid Comp) that it would fit, see pictures. It was still a tight squeeze on my bike (I needed to turn the rubber strip vertical to make it fit) but was eventually quite firm. I have to say there is very little flexibility with positioning. Any higher up the frame and it wasn't possible to put the lock in its storage position (the lock is always fitted to the bike - see second picture). Any lower and it is close to fowling the front dérailleur. The fact that this lock is permanently fitted to the bike (which I assume is necessary to make it secure enough not to false alarm constantly) is the reason the lock is so small and restricted - if it was any bigger it would start to get in the way whilst you ride.

I did have a chance to test out the alarm and yes it is loud and I am sure it would wake me if it suddenly started going off in the back yard. Hopefully a good deterrent to thieves too. When setting the alarm it will beep to confirm that you have set the alarm (good since you know the battery still works and that you haven't accidentally put it in the non-alarmed setting). The shackle is itself quite looses in the lock which allows movement. It is this movement which will set off the alarm if it is being tampered with. Although the lock is constructed very well I wouldn't rely on this as your primary lock - I don't think it would take long to cut. Where this is more useful is making a thief's life difficult whilst trying to cut any other locks on your bike (hopefully a hefty D Lock or chain lock).

So why only 2 stars? Well after 2 rides, both less than a mile in dry weather the alarm has stopped working - although it's still functioning as a lock. I've checked the batteries (2 extra sets conveniently supplied with the lock) and this was not the cause. I'm really hoping that I've just been unlucky as I am returning the first one and plan on trying a second because I'm generally impressed with the concept and I can't find any better alarms on the market right now. However if a second one breaks in the next year I'm definitely coming back to make this a 1 star review.
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on 22 July 2014
Good lock but the shackle ls a little narrow for suspension forks....very good alarm, loud enough to deter would be theives.
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on 22 July 2015
Fantastic little compact lock to be used with an extension cable or D-lock. I use mine to go around the neck of my handle bar, as this is the only place it fits as I have thicker tubes on my raleigh. I use two other d locks in conjunction, this allows me to lock front and back wheel also the main frame with an alarm. Very good alar. And is actually good for the money. Recommendable to use with another lock or two.
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on 20 April 2016
The alarm is easy to fir if you have the correct size front forks. But if you have slightly larger front forks, Such as I have then the fitting can still be done but it is a little more fiddly. But once fitted it is easy to operate. I think the sound is a more piercing sound than a loud sound. I do not think the lock would be very secure as a main lock. but as an extra lock that will make a noise when tampered with. It is more of a deterrent. I have actually used it on the bikes on the back of my motorhome. Hopefully it will wake me up if somebody tries to take the bikes off.
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