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  • 1916
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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 18 February 2018
If one was going to offer an criticism of the music of Motorhead, the casual fan may suggest that once they found a winning formula, Lemmy & Co stuck to it quite rigidly, but Motorhead have at times throughout their career experimented with their sound, most notably on “Another Perfect Day”, “B-Bomb”, but I think most successfully with “1916”.
The album does start on with a traditional Motorhead sound with “The one to sing..” & “I’m so Bad”, but then Lemmy seem to decide to throw Motorhead's rule book out of the window. “Angel City” has a horn section, “Love me forever” is a power ballad, “Nightmare..” is moody & atmospheric, “R.A.M.O.N.E.S” is the bands tribute to punk (The Ramones did record a version of this song, but curiously added synthesiser), the album finishes with the heart-wrenching poem/ballad “1916”.
The final two tracks were on the b-side of “The one to..” single, two great traditional high-octane Motorhead songs, with “Eagle Rock” having some interesting slide-guitar.
The only negative is that the album is supposed to be digitally remastered, but sound doesn’t seem to be improved from the original 1990 release, but it’s still work purchasing for the two bonus tracks.
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on 1 March 2016
I am an 'old timer' going back to Motorhead's first albums, sadly given the record company issues the band had, this album passed me by at the time, along with a number of others....this is something I regret deeply now. This may well be Motorhead's best album. It is very different to the earlier albums, but that is no bad thing, but there is still that fantastic mix of humorous lyrics, and good old fashioned rock and roll. I played this album to my teenage son, he knew (as most people do) Ace Of Spades, and it blew his mind that Motorhead had produced these songs..
There were many who claimed that Lemmy sold out, but what does that mean, simply that they wanted to sell records, ummm they are musicians its kinda what they need to do to live. The bottom line is this is a fantastic album, possibly and arguably the best Motorhead album..
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on 20 January 2008
Ah yes, 1916 widely recognised as a damn fine Motörhead album and a terrible year for war. One could of perhaps feared that 1916 would be a bit of a sell-out, all the signs indicated that; Lemmy moves to LA and the band to a major label.....could we expect power ballads and Tawny Kitaen? Well no, although 1916 was a bit of a departure from the tried and tested Motörhead sound in places (which frankly was needed after the stagnant `Rock and Roll') it still rocks like a b*stard.

1916 finds Motörhead in a experimental mood but unlike previous experimentation's (on the `Bomber' album for instance) 1916's quirks and experimentations don't sound contrived or as some of the experiments on `Bomber' did, just plain bad. No, as it turns out `Nightmare/The Dreamtime' and `Love Me Forever' (actually this is a power ballad) are quite good Motörsongs, hardly show stoppers but worthy nonetheless. But this experimentation shouldn't come completely as a surprise as lest we forget that Motörhead have actually changed their sound over the years. Despite this experimentation, the real killers on 1916 are the balls out rockers which come complete with Lem's wonderful `I've spent the past 20 years drinking and shagging' swagger. `I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)' is one of my absolute favourite Motörhead songs with a rather splendid riff and some of Lemmy's best lyrics. It's a corker, with all the swagger and attitude you could possibly ask for....listen to it and reaffirm your faith in Rock 'n' Roll. `One to Sing the Blues' is a simple yet effective song, effortlessly catchy and a nice way to start the album. `No Voices in The Sky' was sent up wonderfully by Beavis and Butthead (eye for eye, tooth for tooth!) and is a melodic, lightening fast and almost poppy number, albeit still heavy. `Going to Brazil' is just plain old Rock and Roll, its stayed in the set ever since although because of this songs success with have had to put up with a few second rate copies of it on subsequent albums....but I won't hold it against the original. `Make My Day' is perhaps my personal favourite and a forgotten Motörhead classic featuring some characteristically brilliantly lyrics, these being my personal favourite;
`Dream lover, head to tail, coulda put a lot of boys in jail', Ah Jailbait......A rhyming couplet that would of done William G Shakespeare proud...
`R.A.M.O.N.E.S' is unsurprisingly a tribute to that great Rock `N' Roll band, The Ramones (but doesn't all that punk sh*t belong on Mars?) and this too is a great lively number that sounds just like classic 70's Ramones. Even thought some tracks stand out from the rest 1916 is a consistent piece of work and ranks among the bands best.

Performance wise, even thought this isn't the most celebrated line up Motörhead ever had, its generally good performances all round. Philthy Animal although he wasn't half the player he was when he came back after leaving in 1984, puts in a good performance here although he apparently had trouble with some of the timings in the studio. But you can't really tell here as they managed to coax a good performance out of him. Guitarist's Phil Campbell and Wurzel do a fine job here, with razor sharp riffing and good old balls out rock solos throughout. I'm quite fond of Motörhead's twin guitar line up, I find it ultimately more interesting sonically than the current line up (although that said the current line up is still fantastic live and the guitar sound on `Inferno' and `Kiss of Death' is much improved from say `Overnight Sensation', `Snakebite Love', `We Are Motörhead' etc). Lemmy of course plays some damn fine bass with his signature `plane taking off' sound and sings (note sings not shouts) as well as ever. The production on `1916' is greatly improved over `Rock `n' Roll' and `Orgasmatron', the guitars less thin and the vocal performance better.

So as with about eight over Motörhead albums, `1916' is a essential classic......and please Lemmy put `I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)' back in the set list. Perhaps in keeping with tradition `1916' was followed by the much weaker `March or Die' (Motörhead albums go in a pattern of weak/strong, usually- except Motörhead don't actually do bad albums, just lesser ones).
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VINE VOICEon 11 April 2012
Loved it from the first play, while others still claim that Ace of Spades was the best Motorhead album ever, I disagree Ace of Spades when listened too now is not a classic, and to be fair the production is a bit ropey too. Still a good album, I think a lot of people thought that Motorhead had Bomber and Ace of Spades and that was about it. On to 1916, I love the album it is pure Motorhead from start to finish, who could mistake those vocals?, but it has a different slant, a mate described 'Going to Brazil' as Motorhead do Status Quo, i can see what he means, but its definitely Motorhead more of a follow up to we are the roadcrew, my favourite track is RAMONES, which again is so very much a tribute to a band that definitely saw the world in a similar light to Motorhead and this is an honest tribute to the Ramones. 1916 is one of the most heartfelt songs I have heard, for a start its slow and Lemmy appears to be singing, the lyrics and passion for the topic as well as the emotion in the performance I would never have expected from Lemmy and it is all the more powerful for his imperfect voice. This is THE Motorhead album and it deserved more recognition than it got, but this is also the start of a run of brilliant albums from Motorhead and the longest running line is great. I recommend this to anyone who lost touch with Motorhead and want to get back into them or just someone looking for a new album, great.
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on 13 March 2017
Did not buy this back in '91 as I was getting all growed up and married.

This would have been the more rewarding alternative. 16 years on it's just as fresh and lively as it was then...not true of all things.

The Rock 'n' Roll is strong in this one - Going to Brazil, Angel City and RAMONES.

Tongue in cheek bad-assery also abounds in several tracks (I'm so Bad etc)

The usual atheist and anti-war themes in No Voices in the Sky and the title track gratefully received.
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on 1 March 2018
I've been a fan of the band for many years and I've heard all of the songs on this album before, but never had it in my collection. The album, as a whole, is one of the band's best in my opinion and has quickly become one of my favourites. The closing (title) track is hauntingly performed as only Lemmy and the boys can do. A must buy for all Motorhead fans.
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on 17 September 2008
When I loaned this to a guy I worked with at the time, he gave it back a week or so later, and said "Yes, it's very American!" Very American my big toe! Of course it is, it was the first album they recorded IN AMERICA, you Dummy! The truth was, he hadn't even bothered to listen to it! And I think a huge amount of people are like this with Motorhead and their music, they have this misconception / preconception of this 'very early on in their career distorted Wall Of Noise' so they just don't bother to listen anything they've recorded lately JUST IN CASE THEY HAPPEN TO LIKE IT! Motorhead have probably suffered over the years due to this ridiculous idea people have about them, whereas if they ignored everything other's have said, stood up to be an individual rather then a crowd-follower, and took the time to actually LISTEN to a few Motorhead albums they would find the music to be infinitely superior to their imaginings.
Motorhead were Nominated for a Grammy for this album, and it is one of their finest. And for my work colleague to come up with that, whereas if he HAD bothered to listen to it, he would have said something about the title track because for Motorhead it is / was extremely radical!
But this whole album, other than the atmospheric and touching '1916' track, is pure Motorhead at their very best, driving, hard, heavy, and an amazing album for the car. 'Nightmare / The Dreamtime' is also another track which can be described as "a bit unusual for Motorhead" too, but strike me, it's another very atmospheric and powerful anthem which really gets the adrenaline pumping.
For what this album costs these days on 'New & Used' your money couldn't be better spent, and the front cover is quite amazing, too.
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on 12 January 2018
this is a really great album, and the song 1916 is one of the most powerful songs motorhead ever produced.
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on 27 January 2016
Great stuff. They were still very fecund and musically productive at this time. This is great rock & roll. Beefed up. Loud & fast. But rock & roll. Like Lemmy said. Not just metal. Not just noise. Great lyrics and melodic - in a Motorhead kinda way! The title track should be played every Armistice Day instead of that other bullshot!
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on 1 March 2016
Nothing I can say really,so why bother,except this is one of the best Motorhead albums Full Stop.Lemmy (God Bless You) sings for England.Two great Ballads 1916 be one of them.Guitar solos that still make your hair stand on end,as I still own my original tape version.Mother Motorheading Magic..
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