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on 18 October 2017
Just to briefly provide some context to anyone reading this review…

I am an IT Engineer with 20+ years’ experience, so I had clear expectations on how my R7000 Nighthawk should perform based upon the published specifications. I have also used Netgear products without any reliability issues for my home networking needs for many years. As such I am absolutely 100% confident that this review is reflective of the R7000 Nighthawk as an end-user product as opposed to being related to a configuration issue – which believe me I did check very thoroughly.

I brought this Wi-Fi router in early August to replace my +4 years old modem / router (also Netgear) as an upgrade. However, after just over two months this router has left me extremely disappointed. I have now returned to Amazon (excellent service as always guys) explaining to them that I do not feel that this router is fit for purpose or as advertised. The reason for the return was essentially because I started experiencing both performance and reliability issues shortly after installation.

Specifically, when making voice over IP calls (VOIP) I received complaints that my voice kept on dropping out, likewise when watching Netflix or during online gaming I began to experience frequent drop-outs. Signal strength remained fine throughout but data packets appeared to be either delayed or lost. Searching a number of user support forums revealed that these are known issues that should be resolved by firmware patch, but having received a recent patch performance actually worsened.

Many posts on the forums indicate that this is linked to the Quality of Service (QOS) feature, which is supposed to essentially prioritise your data traffic so things remain smooth. Advice on Netgears own forums is switch this off. Netgear that is not acceptable! You should not have to turn off a product feature which is supposed to enhance the users experience and also helps justify the high price tag to get the R7000 to work. Indeed when you do along with other features the performance increase was negligible – hence not as advertised.

Swapping back to my old router resolved the issue ruling out any line problems connecting via a Netgear DM200 (VSDL / ADSL) modem (purchased at same time). I would encourage anyone considering the R7000 Nighthawk to read the problem reviews outside of Amazon before making a purchase. I’ve now settled for an ASUS product, which incidentally performs better with a lower technical specification. Sad to say I won’t be a returning customer for Netgear anymore as I believe they’ve slipped on quality and brands like ASUS seem to offer better reliability consistently and at a lower price tag.
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on 27 January 2017
Reasonable performance. Nice that there is a short terms support contract, shame its not great support, but does eventually get there.

Turns out you can add static routes internally, however, you can't route traffic via the N7800 from those statically routed networks. If you aren't sure what I just said, or you don't care, its a pretty good router. If you do, hope this saves you time.

They have hidden the firewall and outbound nat settings as well in the interface, which is a shame, no reason you shouldn't have control over these other than they want you to buy 'buisness grade' routers
review image
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on 27 June 2017
On the very first day I had fibre broadband installed I knew the router my internet company provided was going to cause me hassle (Technicolour provided by KC in Hull). As soon as I walked out of the room the signal would drop right off so I bought a repeater but that would only provide speeds up to 100mbps (the Technicolour provided 250mbps consistently). But then, after only four weeks, the internet would cut out - I'd be watching Netflix and it would just start buffering half way through. As well as all this, I was getting a chronic number of IP address conflicts being reported so my company laptop that uses a VPN connection would simply terminate its connection. I had limped along with the Technicolour for two months by this point and had enough!

So, in comes this bad boy - the one to beat them all. This Netgear router is the business - I've done away with the repeater as I now get 250mbps from this modem all over the house. I also have no signal freezes at all - it looks chunky and it is very big but boy it knocks the socks off that Technicolour thing. It also seems to be managing the 15 devices connected wirelessly to it, very well. No channel conflicts reported so far. What is also noticeable is that my speed is now peaking at 260 - now I don't really need that kind of speed but maybe one day I will. I cannot recommend this router highly enough. As for that Technicolour thing, what an embarrassment - how any provider can think supplying those is a good idea is beyond me.
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on 17 September 2016
Use this router and the virgin media one is rubbish.
Had a demo of this at a show, old firmware works really well with the netgear arlo cameras, also QoS is wicked.
Setup of this router can be a bit fiddly, but it does what it says in the box, unlike other routers I have used.
Have recommended this to many other people and set this up for them as well.
Wifi is amazing in this and now virgin media router is just used for the signal for the internet.
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on 27 August 2017
In terms of performance, this router is fantastic. However, if you're looking for something to provide security for your network, or even make basic management anything other than a chore... the firmware is unfortunately extremely buggy (as of firmware V1.0.2.32).

In particular, the feature to implement access control requires you to reboot the router before you can then unblock devices... simply selecting the device(s) and clicking "Allow" doesn't work.

Additionally, this router doesn't seem capable of knowing which devices are wired and which are wireless, instead listing wireless devices as wired. When it does list a devices as wireless, if frequently gets this wrong too, listing devices as connected to the Guest network when they're connected to the main one.

The guest network is not a separate network at all... it's on the same IP address range and it's merely there so you can give people a different password. There's no security between devices on the guest network and the main network.

There's an attached devices section that is very poorly designed, wasting far too much UI space with a fancy icon for each device (that is usually wrong), such that on a regular sized laptop screen, you can only see 2.5 devices at a time and have to scroll through them.

DHCP assignment is also a chore through poor design - you can only list DHCP assignments in the order you assigned them - you can't reorder the list by IP address, for example, making it very difficult to see which addresses are still free. And the screen in which you add devices shows a random selection of devices that have once connected to your network. It also includes devices that already have a DHCP assignment! /facepalm

Overall, the Web UI is horribly designed, and not even compatible with mobile browsers. Many of the features direct to a "Please wait" screen, which can sometimes take several minutes to go away... leading you to wonder whether or not the router has crashed. Of the mobile apps, I've only tried the iOS one, and it is far too simplistic and doesn't give access to all of the router's features. So, to manage this device, having access to a computer or laptop is essential.

It's such a shame when, in terms of actual performance, this router is very good. How sad that as much effort did not go into making the device easy to configure. Frankly, I'd prefer a command-line interface to what Netgear have provided.
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on 6 August 2017
Note: This review is for the Netgear R6800-100UKS AC1900
I bought this Netgear Router to replace the awful, buggy, crippled, flawed BT 'Smart Hub 6. I already have a Netgear Router as the Primary router and did use the Smart Hub as an access point - but it is so locked down it kept restarting and resetting itself - which you have no control over - so that is now in the bin and good riddance.

So to the new Netgear 6800 Router. We have Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) so pure fibre to the house, then into the OTN (Optical Network Termination) box. This Router then plugs directly into the OTN via the WAN port, using a CAT 5 / 5e / 6 cable. So there is no modem inside the 6800 router - as it designed for cable / fibre connections.

Good points:
It just works!
Looks great
Adjustable antennae
Dimmable LEDs
Stacks of features you can opt to use - or not.

Bad Points:
None - yet

The Netgear Web Interface to control everything is the Genie App available for mobile devices or can simply be accessed from your PC - everything is there for you to tweak.

Performance is fantastic. I use the 6800 as a wireless access point for the rear of the house - as all the kit in the lounge like the Smart TV, Home Theatre, NAS is all hard wired into the other Primary Netgear Router, so wireless is there but not really needed..

Setting it up as an Access Point is simple - you can choose to use the Netgear option to do this for you - or like me, manually set it up. All my wireless devices at the back of the house can now access the Internet at our full 76Mbps speeds, and I use the 4 Gigabit ports on the router to connect up the PC and the other Home Theatre and Smart TV. The Xbox, iPhones, iPads etc., all use the wifi.

The 6800 Router also can detect any firmware updates via the Netgear servers and can self-update itself without you having to do this yourself.

I could of gone for the next model up with the different chipset and slightly higher processor speeds, but that would be overkill for me given the router's role. So I am very pleased with it and urge anyone with a BT Smart Hub to do themselves a favour and bin it.

I'm very pleased with all the Netgear products so far and this 6800 seems to be no exception. Highly recommended.
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on 19 November 2017
Pretty disappointed with this router. Was expecting big things in upgrading from my Asus RT-N66U as this router is considerably more expensive than the supposedly more basic N66U.

My router is positioned in my loft in a central position in exactly the same place as the N66U was. However I now cannot receive a 5ghz signal in the far corners of the house, where I was able to receive a 5ghz signal with my N66U.

Supposedly on paper this router is "faster" than the N66U, but in reality I'm struggling to notice any improvement over the N66U. In fact as noted the signal is worse :(

Again comparing to the ASUS, the admin interface on the netgear is really poor. Slow and old fashioned, it is dearly in need of modernising.

If I decide to keep this router, I'm going to have to use my old N66U as an access point in the far reaches of the house that the R7800 doesn't cover.
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on 12 January 2018
A quality router which hit the sweet spot of price and memory/CPU/features. The inbuilt gigabit switch is incredibly convenient and the design of the unit is not as outrageous as some of the other ridiculous modem/router combos. Its profile is interesting, largeish but not massively so - you could wall mount it if you wanted (but better for signal propagation to avoid that).

My biggest annoyance is that its row of blue status LEDs along the top is EYEWATERINGLY bright. My hallway was like Blackpool Illuminations, so I masked off almost all of the lights with a small strip of black gaffer tape - they're so bright they're visible through the tape anyway! Now it's much more discreet.

There's nothing else I can really fault about this unit, which is saying something - I'm hard to please. I chose an R6400 because it can run AdvancedTomato (or various other compatible firmwares). The AdvancedTomato installation procedure was quite simple -- as long as you follow the initial installation instructions EXACTLY, you will have no problems. After 15 minutes of careful firmware flashing (including reading the instructions and waiting between reboots), my device is now a powerful little router chock full of useful features.

My router is also authenticating to my FTTC connection (Plusnet VDSL2) with the WAN port connected to my Openreach modem, and it works great. There's a slight initial delay when the unit is authenticating to their RADIUS server, but I think that's just the nature of the ISP's kit.

The unit is passively cooled - AdvancedTomato's interface shows the CPU in mine is running between 58-63 celcius, but I'm not concerned. I could always mod a small case fan into the unit to draw out the warm air, but I'm not overclocking this unit yet, no need.

Even if you don't want to run custom firmware, the Netgear firmware is decent, and their after-sales support is very good. Most customers will have all the features they'd ever need provided by the stock firmware, a commendable effort from Netgear.

I've bought a range of Netgear equipment - ReadyNASes, ProSafe switches - and they're all running solidly many years after purchase. This router looks like it'll be just as reliable. I may have to buy some more and create a house-wide mesh network...!
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on 17 January 2018
Very poor speeds. I installed this correctly about 2-3 weeks ago and it seemed fine, but then I noticed my wi-fi on my Macbook was very slow, I reset my router and turned off the wi-fi on my Mac and it seemed to work, but then got slow again within minutes. It has done this alot and so I decided to investigate this and found that alot of people complained about the speeds over Wi-fi for this model. I tested the speed today over the wi-fi and its 0.06Mbps download and 12.41mbps upload, this was wrong as I have 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. I also tested my wired (Ethernet connection) and this was 16.97mbps download and 17.48mbps upload, so I decided to put my old router who my provider (Plusnet) provided and I am getting the correct speeds now 66Mbps download and 18.51mbps upload. I wouldn't recommended this item based on the issues discussed. I am not able to send the item back for a refund either as I no longer have the box (with it been 2-3 weeks since I had it delivered), I thought it would work, and work fine, but it hasn't and I regret buying this,
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on 31 December 2017
This was a brilliant router until Netgear messed up their latest firmware updates. My experience with the updated firmware ( resulted in my Samsung (android) tv not being able to connect to the internet. Reverting back to allowed the tv to connect immediately. This appears to be an issue with the 2.5GHz network and android devices (5GHz seems unaffected). iOS devices haven’t had any issues - It’s not clear why the router is having issues with android. Netgear have posted a hot fix recently but the issues persist. I’m posting this in the hope Netgear fix the issues.
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