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on 20 May 2017
Quite annoying to read this on the first page of a book that you just paid for!

"Most of the examples used in this book are a couple years old.... I can't keep updating it indefinitely so I'm making it FREE.

Eh? It just cost me £0.99
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on 15 January 2016
Connecting with people is the key message of this book, writing guest blogs, reviews and getting your name in front of a new audience all takes time.

In common with many non-fiction writers he talks about writing a book that will sell and not one that you want to write. However writing in the same genre or style as someone else often gets you negative comparisons in fiction. Wolf Hall, Twilight, The Hunger Games and Interview with a Vampire all broke new ground by coming from a different perspective.

He talks about the importance of presentation both in your cover, formatting, editing, your blurb, biography and your website. There are lots of suggestions on how you may be able to tweak things to make a greater impact. Obviously if you can afford to pay a professional that will help, but everyone recognises indie authors often can’t afford to do this and it is about doing the best with what you have.

Books reviews are a constant problem as bloggers are often overwhelmed with requests. He has set up his own website for review requests, http://www.blurbtrade.com/ and this is worth a look. There is also the Review Group and Taming Amazon on Goodreads. He does recommend you read and comment on the top bloggers work, in order to form relationships that may lead to future reviews. I find the idea of finding out personal things and the suggestion that it is like stalking amusing, but I can see where he is coming from. You don’t want to be perceived as just another author who wants you to promote their book.

In terms of social media the book recommends Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and I would agree. He dislikes automated services for Twitter, but his is where I part company as I love SocialOomph (its free) t schedule my posts. I don’t have a smart phone and my computer time is restricted so if I want to post everyday it is ideal. Facebook is the difficult one as if you advertise your book they may close your account. The book suggests using your own personal account, but I prefer to keep my business and personal account separate. I’m still learning Linkedin and I don’t feel this book gave me enough to get to grips with this professional network. I need an idiots guide.

There is quite a bit at the end of the book about paid adverts and if you can afford it they will help. He suggests you monitor your conversion rate, so how many people who look at your add actually go on to buy the book. This will help you determine if you are advertising in the right place.
Even if you don’t have money to spend, there are lots of suggestions in this book that you can do for free.
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on 4 September 2015
A useful well-organised book. Author generously shares advice, tools and links.
I didn't found sparkling insights there, but overall it is a good list of ideas.
The main points (as I see them) are that your author's platform must be polished before you start your marketing and your marketing must be more personal, caring about people. Author provides some tips on how to do it.
I did some marketing already and agree with Derek in the poins I have some marketing knowledge myself.
Overall a very useful reading for this price.
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on 16 February 2014
I downloaded a sample of this book and was immediately hooked by its refreshing, no-nonsense style and bought it. I was a few minutes into the book before I realised that I knew the author. I was, in fact, one of the ten authors who Derek mentions in his book. He did a make-over of one of my covers, giving me many different options to choose from and, as he said, my sales more than doubled immediately.

I have read many books on this subject and found this a refreshing and thought-provoking one. Derek is a real creative thinker and this book is filled with ideas. Not every one of them appeals to me but that is not the point; he offers choices and solutions and it is up to you to choose that which work for you.

Derek Murphy is one of those rare people, a generous man with an innovative mind and he offers a rich menu of ideas for you to select and choose from. If you want to look at an example of his covers take a look at my The Lost King series and you'll see what he can do. (In fact he not only did one cover but decided to do all three for me.)
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on 20 February 2014
I bought this book as the description resonated with some of my recent thoughts on book marketing, having been trying to market my own self-published book for a few months now, with no success. Within the first few paragraphs I realised what I had been doing so far was completely wrong, and had made up my mind to change my whole strategy. That in itself was worth the price of the book (which was very reasonable at the time I bought this, Feb 2014). Derek tells it like it is, he doesn't mince his words, he is really honest and reminds you of what many of us have forgotten in this selfish, self-promoting 'social' world we now live in; that relationships still count and there are no shortcuts to gaining meaningful and valuable (not always in the monetry sense!) FB friends, Twitter/Pintrest followers. Even if though they are virtual to us, they do exist somewhere (well some of them do, which is another aspect this book teases out!). Bottom line is that if the product isn't up to scratch, then don't market anything! Even though this is a well known golden rule in marketing, and I already knew it, Derek brings this home in his great writing style, and in particular to the self-published indie author, who, lets face it, is about as objective about their book, that they've invested a large chunk of their life in, as they are about their children - I know this from personal, first hand experience! Derek gets you to think first, long and hard, about the product you intend to market, and gets you to SEE it from the viewpoint of your market, your potential readers. He gets you asking 'why would someone want to...help me promote my book...look at my website....look at my sales page on amazon...read my tweets...like my facebook page...download my book....nevermind even give me several hours of their time to read my book - even if its free...time is valuable to people, probably the most valuable commodity we have, living in the Western world!

I apreciate I've written a lot and possibly evangelized a bit (probably shouldn't write a review when you are still buzzing about a book you've read!) but I will finish with this. If you are serious about becoming a self-published author, then you should make the small investment in time and money to buy and read this book!
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on 10 January 2014
I bought Derek Murphy's book just before Christmas as a recently self published writer who wanted to learn more about ways to further promote my book. I found it extremely helpful. The book gave me tons of new ideas for ways to market my book without a massive budget, and also confirmed the necessity for making the book itself (cover, blurb and actual text) look good from the outset. Broken down into three main sections focusing on the actual product (your book), social media and building an author image or platform and finally the actual marketing of your book, it guides the reader through the journey to becoming a successful self published author, sharing lots of hints and stories about Derek Murphy's own experiences along the way. I have bookmarked certain parts to refer back to and would most definitely recommend it to any other authors new to the self publishing scene.
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on 31 July 2014
I loved this book!!! I love it still, the second time of reading is throwing up lots of great tips. I really enjoy Derek's approach. Honest, pragmatic, a no BS approach to writing and book marketing.

I've read a dozen books in recent months since I started my quest to make a living as an author, and every once in a while, someone resonates with you, someone who has you shaking your head with disbelief at how similar their thought processes seem to your own.

Derek is one of those people. He seems like a decent guy, trying to help people to get ahead without disappearing up their own apexes!

An honest book that has made my writing and dreams seem possible, thanks ?Derek
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on 11 February 2014
After reading this book I 'unpublished' the book I had launched 2 days earlier. Whilst the book I had launched was OK and a quality book in my opinion, I felt I could do better. So I am now applying the suggestions in this book to ensure I offer value for money and am changing my mindset for what I create and why. I am beginning with this book before I start writing. Cannot recommend it enough. In fact I have recommended it to two friends in the music industry who can apply the social media tips alone to their industry (and I hope they heed the theme of quality all the way through). I really feel this book will be my key to being a success. Thank you.
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on 1 December 2014
At the end of this book, Derek Murphy asks if readers would be generous and give him the gift of a review.

Hell, yes. Because this book is just about the most generous gift anybody could have given me at this particular moment. (Although at £1.93, it was more of a steal than a gift.)

I'm a new author who hit publish about a month back. Hate to brag, but guess what? Zero sales on Amazon.com. Zero borrows. Sunk like a stone to the bottom of an ocean of home-made covers, cat pictures and lime-green Comic Sans font.

This book has given me a complete, honest, actionable strategy for getting reviews and building a readership.

The author espouses generating social karma by adding value. The approach clearly works, because it's how I found this fantastic book.
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on 16 August 2015
I really enjoyed Derek's writing style; the hundreds of tips offered and a very broad understanding of the publishing market and the way to build your fan base is important for someone about to publish their own book. The book has plenty of practical, sensible and sound examples that help authors understand where they can go wrong in the publishing world. I am glad I found a copy of this book and certainly will review once again and keep it handy for when I need some directions. Thanks Derek.
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