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The US Albums
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£52.05+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 14 March 2014
I'll leave it to others here to delineate the why's and wherefore's of the differences between the US Beatles catalog represented here, and the standard UK catalog -- having grown up in the US, it was these albums I experienced first, though I did come to know and love the UK catalog in the early 1970s, as imports became widely available in America.

But I did want to say, I have to resist the temptation to laugh at some of the reviews here that criticize Capitol Records in America for neglecting the "artistic" intentions of the Beatles and George Martin as to the shape and nature of their US releases -- today, and for the last 44 years or so, we treat the Beatles' music with some considerable respect, but in the years 1964-67, and especially early in that 4 year span, they were just another four "post-teenagers" with guitars and drums, and also something of an enigma to many of the powers-that-were at Capitol (and don't get me started on Dave Dexter, Jr., who oversaw their Capitol album releases up thru HELP!). But to have expected any of Capitol's executives -- or even most of EMI's executives beyond George Martin -- to have taken them seriously as "artists" in 1963, 1964, 1965, or even 1966 would have run counter to the life and business experience of most of them -- these were men (and they were all men in charge in those days) in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, who had come of age around the time (or before the time) in which the Beatles were born, and knew and understood little of the 1960s teenage marketplace into which this music tapped, or the people doing that tapping. The Beatles were a cash-cow, period, and the latest "big thing" (which, in the eyes of many adult onlookers, would likely become a passing fad at any time).

But "artists"? Never -- nor had any rock 'n' roll groups up to that time ever asked (or thought) to be treated as such.

And the fact that the Beatles (and Martin, and the group's manager, Brian Epstein) might have cared about such matters as the configuration or the artwork on their albums sufficiently to make issues of these matters was something new and novel, that the American record company's management, in particular, would scarcely have understood, much less known how to deal with seriously. (For perspective, these were matters that were more often the province of jazz and, especially, classical artists, but the Beatles were hardly lumped in with the latter in those years, in terms of respect or seriousness).

That kind of careful aesthetic thinking -- which the Beatles did much to institute in the years 1966-70 -- on the part of rock & roll performers (and their record labels) just wasn't in anyone's mind in 1964 and 1965. Indeed, in a recently published 1966 letter from George Harrison to producer Chips Moman, the guitarist/singer even casually mentions the fact that two songs (sic) were taken off of their upcoming album (Revolver) for use on an American LP (Yesterday And Today) as though it were no big deal at all.

So "tampering" with their albums as they crossed the Atlantic was not, in those years, the equivalent of, say, asking Salvador Dali to remove an extra eye from an image in a painting of his. (And incidentally, the HEY JUDE album, which trails long after the rest of this catalog, was a creation of Allen Klein's, as part of their last contract while still an intact group alongside ABBEY ROAD and LET IT BE -- it might have been a crass repackaging, but it sold just about as well as those other two records, and none of the group members ever raised an objection to its presence or existence and, in fact, to the degree that they thought about it at all, were apparently pleased to see the songs on it issued, at last, on a long-player).

So lighten up, everyone, and just enjoy the music in these configurations -- it's fun, trust me! (I grew up with it).
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on 13 February 2014
The music speaks for itself. A superb box set, just two minor complaints. If you order the albums separately, you get an obi strip with each one but not in the box set. Also, I think for the price, Capitol should have included the US Rarities album. That said, it is a very we'll packed box set very similar to the Mono box set from 2009. Recommended for any serious Beatles fan.
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on 20 January 2014
Just to echo what Glynn said, I can't fault this product, very well made, very good booklet. Music great as we all know. I bought the set for the CD's that were not in the Capitol Vol 1& 2 set. Very pleased with it & would recommend it to any collector, or just anyone who likes the Beatles.

I actually received this yesterday & at £106-73 a nice bonus, thank you Amazon.
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on 20 January 2014
As an avid Beatles fan as soon as I saw it listed I ordered. Arrived here with me yesterday (Sunday)and I wasn't disappointed. I bought it via Amazon's price guarantee at an amazing price and received it a day before its official release date. The boxed set is just great and adds a new dimension to my collection as some five discs have never been released on CD before. I cannot recommend this highly enough not just to fans but to anyone who loves music.
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on 24 September 2017
Essential for only collectors and completists. If you are one of those the joy in discovering the differences in these recordings compared to other box sets is very rewarding.
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on 20 January 2014
The format of this set is similar to 2009's "Beatles In Mono" and comprises the 13 albums released in the US with different track listings to the UK versions and often with different titles and covers.

It has to be said that the attention to detail in the packaging is astonishing and actually includes the alternative cover to "Yesterday and Today" as a sticker, replicating the photo pasted over the now famous "butcher cover" on early copies of the vinyl album. The set also includes the highest quality of sleeve printing, accurate inner sleeves and a decent booklet.

In terms of the audio, there are the 4 lovely George Martin instrumentals on the Hard Day's Night soundtrack, which not everyone will have heard before and the "documentary" album, the Beatles Story, never on CD before. You also get to hear Capitol's exclusive version of I'm Only Sleeping and other interesting variations.

The audio differs from the previous Capitol Albums sets in that the 2009 UK remasters have been used (except where there is a unique Capitol version) rather than the actual Capitol masters: was that the right route to take?

Overall, this set is so well presented that it stands up in its own right, whether you are a UK buyer, interested in these American variations, or a US collector, who remembers them from the first time around....And those of us who pre-ordered a while back received the set for just over £100, which can't be grumbled at!
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on 27 April 2014
Considering I already own The Beatles box set in stereo I wasn't sure whether or not to purchase this collection. After reading reviews by other people and doing a bit of research I decided to buy this box set. And I am very glad I did! The set is brilliantly put together, all the albums are in individual plastic wallets and the box itself is very good looking. This has a pride of place on my shelf. Anyone who loves The Beatles and their music should buy this, honestly, you won't regret it!
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on 22 December 2015
Just got this for myself for Christmas. Already have the capital box sets.but if you are a fan like me go and buy it its fantastic. The sound is amazing on my b and o and I can hear sounds I've not heard before .the track.' Don't let me down' is pure magic.And its not dated at all.have fun. And i got it £30 cheaper of amazon .
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on 4 April 2014
Neat boxed set, 13 CDs (less than a tenner each), a nice little booklet enclosed as part of the package, it's all there. As a Beatles fan and avid collector it was a 'must have' as far as I was concerned. I've doubtless got all the songs - but as Eric Morecambe famously said, not necessarily in that order! Great - it's The Beatles - what else would it be?
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on 20 January 2014
I'm a bit disappointed that the original US stereo mix of 'I'm Only Sleeping' hasn't been used on the 'Yesterday and Today' CD included in this set. This mix is still only available on the unofficial 'Alternate Revolver' CD and later vinyl editions.

Unfortunately, it's errors like this that let down an otherwise very good collection.
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