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on 11 December 2014
Excellent product saved many broken screens.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 January 2015
My boyfriend and I both got this case at the same time (his for a Samsung Galaxy S4).

The case comes in a pretty impressive box with a magnetic door on the front, with an embossed and glossy photo. Looks great, immediately you feel confident in the product (though I do wonder how much you are paying for this box you're about to tear open!)

Instructions are clear and I followed the advice to first test the case's waterproof quality before putting my phone in. Excellent, dry as a bone inside.

My first problem is that the life proof screen seems to stick to my phone screen which doesn't affect functionality but when the screen is off/blank then it doesn't look great. Lifeproof's advice is to put the case in front of your AC for an hour. Trouble is, I live in the UK and don't have AC! Their next option is sprinkle talcum powder on the case from far away. I did this (to no avail) but I have to say if I'm buying a case that is supposed to keep dust out I'm not that keen to sprinkle dust inside it! Alas. The marks don't bother me hugely so I gave up. Interestingly though, my phone is second hand, has no screen protector, and the case had been opened for several days before my phone went in. My boyfriend's Galaxy is brand new with a screen protector, and it went into the case the moment the lifeproof came out the box, his has no marks so I'm going to try an anti-glare screen protector to get rid of the marks.

The case fits snugly to the phone, and the charging port is very easily accessible. The silent switch works in a satisfying way, I can't explain it well, it just clicks nicely! The headphone port has a screw-plug to waterproof it. It's a bit fiddle to do and undo, but once undone your standard headphones will be able to be used with the case. The case also provides a waterproof headphone adaptor so you can use it if you have waterproof headphones.

There does seem to be a slight issue with call quality. Nothing major but calls simply aren't as clear as they would be without the case - but how could they be really? The phone has been sealed to the elements, unfortunately sound suffers. I have noticed that when on a call with my boyfriend with a lifeproof, the sound fluctuates from clear to muffled, and I'm not sure on whose end this is, but it's a problem we've only experienced since using the cases.

As of now I can't vouch for the phones impact capabilities, but for that I guess we have to trust life proof. But as someone who used to use an Otterbox commuter I have to say this case looks and feels far less bulky. It's also less rubbery so doesn't pull your whole pocket inside out when you take it out.

The camera seems to be as clear as before, and the touch screen is just as responsive.

So a completely waterproof case that protects your phone, with the only real downside being call quality (which to be honest isn't THAT bad, maybe an issue of you have hearing problems though). Personally I very very rarely make calls anyway so I'm happy to sacrifice this to know that the next time my dog decides to knock my phone in a river it's not going to be a problem beyond wet feet.

I'd definitely recommend this case to anyone clumsy or who works in a situation where your phone might get wet or take a bash. It might take a day or two to get used to the couple of added millimetres to your phone's depth, but I think it's worth it.
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on 10 July 2014
I was hanging out with friends on their 3rd floor balcony last week when a joke took me by surprise and I laughed so hard, so quickly, that I accidentally dropped my phone from all that way up. It fell and landed on hard concrete and amazingly was absolutely fine, thanks to wearing one of these cases. 100% worth the money, otherwise I would be forking out a lot more for a brand new hand set.
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on 19 July 2014
Superb case, took it on holiday used underwater which worked perfectly (tested the case on its own first as I wasn't convinced). I've dropped it a couple times and as expected no damage to the phone but what did suprise me was no damage to the case either. The extra lead for the headphones is a pain, somewhere on the case to store it or clip it in would have helped.
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on 22 September 2014
Was reasonably happy with this until today when the home button cover simply fell off. This obviously ends the waterproofing. As this is such an expensive purchase I am very disappointed.
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on 21 April 2014
I've owned several cases and in terms of protection this is by far the best i've had. It's not bulky as one would expect, it's not bulky at all or even ugly but then again i've held phablets before so this case still feels easily manageable to me. In terms of protection this is a 5 star case but it does have a few inconveniences. First of all is the headphone port, if you're like me and find yourself plugging in earphones often then it's slightly annoying and ugly to have this extra aux adapter and screw. The screen protector feels flimsy and plasticky. I would much rather pay extra for tempered glass. The screen protector isn't even a tight fit, it leaves a tiny gap in between so touch typing is now tap typing and i type a lot a lot which is why i can only give it 4 stars. If they can fix it then it would be a perfect case but right now the tap typing is getting to me a little. I personally just hate that feeling of air gap. I'm mostly likely going for the nuud case next.
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on 27 July 2014
The case is slim, lightweight and all that but I have one criticism that annoys me greatly. The fit between the screen protector and the screen is poor. More times than not the the screen protector sticks to the actual screen of the phone and this makes parts of the screen difficult to see. It's like having a film type screen protector with a load of air bubbles in it. I have to open the up the case to re-position the the phone to sorts this and it happens so often I'm seriously thinking of ditching the case. I'd thought of the Nuud case initially, probably should have stuck to that idea.
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on 30 March 2015
Purchased just under a year ago, cover is good and keeps phone dry and protected.

Bad points, rubber around top of screen protector has broken off and now the screen protection part is loose and flapping about. Also is you are prone to using this case in a dirty/ dusty environment, I have found that the microphone pic up section has become filled with dust etc, and irrespective of how I have tried to clear it, to no avail. This has left me with having to remove the phone from cover as people can not hear me. Which kind of defeats the purpose.
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on 10 February 2016
Good case.
Tough as nails, used it everyday for the 2 years I've had the phone, it's held up very nice.
One thing though, if you use the silence button often, you will eventually find that the rubber along the button finally gives out and ruptures, thereby no longer being a fully submersible case. But it may just be that it may have happened due to extensive use, I don't know.
Being very active, every time I get a new phone I immediately get a waterproof case. This has saved my phone countless times!
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on 13 August 2014
At first the case didn't arrive with amazon so they refunded me where I promptly went to buy this elsewhere.
After moving from an Otterbox defender to a lifeproof I case I don't see why I ever used an otterbox they are large and clunky!
This case is sleek, smooth and awfully sexy.

It leaves NO air bubbles on my screen like the defender did and it is even waterproof! That adds further peace of mind to me
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