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on 15 March 2014
Absolutely amazing in-ear headphones.

As someone with a degree in fine arts in music and diplomas in music production and sound engineering I feel reasonably qualified to offer a bit of advice:

No in-ear headphones can truly represent proper bass frequencies. So if you are looking for that, get a proper pair of monitoring headphones and proper monitor speakers. (and say goodbye to close to a grand,or more)

With that out of the way, I use in-ear headphones as a reference tool to hear what the average listener hears on their ipod/mobile (along with ipod factory in-ear headphones), and to listen to music at the gym.

I was truly shocked at the sound quality and frequency range of these headphones. If you were to compare them with apple ipod headphones you would shocked at the incredible difference in how much more of the music comes through.

Having had them for over a month now, I am can say that the quality/durability is really good so far and has stood up to my cardio work outs with no signs of wear and tear yet .

So if your looking for high end & high priced in-ear headphones (please don't even look at beats by dre), then forget about it, save yourself a hundred quid and get these instead - you won't regret it.

If your looking for a cheap pair of in-ear headphones, spend the extra couple quid and get these, again - you won't regret it.

Lastly, after purchase, aLLreli® emailed me to make sure everything is okay with the headphones and offer help if needed. So although it hasn't been needed, it appears that their customer after care service is great.

So don't even bother looking elsewhere, get these!
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on 30 January 2014
Very good earphones for the price. I don't get a great fit in my ear, but I suppose that's quite common for these types of earphones- that's the only thing I've marked down on. Quality of sound is fine; it won't win awards but it's as good as I need it to be! I like the flat cable, where most use a round cable- easier to route where you need it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 January 2014
I received these free to test and review.
Please note this review is for the allreli earphones Amazon seem to have cross posted JVC reviews here.
Out of the box these are well made with some little touches that make them stand out from the rest. They come with three different size ear tips which allow you to choose the one that is most comfortable, I found that the smallest ones worked best for me. In the past I have had in the ear earphones which were uncomfortable but these being so light were very good. The lead to the earphones was flat and did not seem to tangle as much as the round section ones. I have both the black and red ones and although I did not like the colour of the red ones in the photographs in reality they are a superb metallic red. Sound quality was as good as some of the expensive ones I have. For me however the real bonus was the in line microphone with the PTT (Push To Talk) switch. I am a radio amateur and have a small hand held transceiver the microphone worked very well and I had reports that the sound quality was much better than when using the built in microphone. The microphone and switch are so small that you could almost miss it and think it was part of the lead. The only downside is that you have to have a compatible socket I could not use the microphone with my laptop as it has separate earphone and microphone sockets.
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on 29 April 2014
I bought these headphones as a replacement for a pair of RHA MA350s which had recently started to fail and I needed a pair of headphones with microphone for my long daily commute. I've owned several sets of headphones over the years all of which have lasted for at least 6 months and I like to think that I take fairly good care of them, so assumed that despite the cheap price they would last.
The headphones themselves are attractive, although I found them slightly difficult to put in at first as you need to angle them slightly, but after a couple of days this wasn't an issue. The sound from the headphones is good, quite heavy on the bass as other reviewers have said, lacking mid range but perfectly fine for listening to music on the go! The microphone picks up a lot of background noise to the point people couldn't hear me when I was on the train, or if the mic was brushing against my jacket, but for the money you can't complain...
But the headphones started to fail after a couple of weeks. At first I found that occasionally vocals in music would fade out, before a week later the bass before finally they cut out totally. I thought it could be my phone as it's quite old, before testing with a friends set confirmed it wasn't my phone. I purchased the headphones 32 days previously, so I couldn't return the headphones through Amazon as there is a 30 day return policy, so I sent a quick email describing my problem and waited for a response. I had looked at their website and it looked like they took customer satisfaction seriously, even though the headphones didn't cost that much I thought they would last more than a few weeks and that Allreli would agree with me.

A couple emails and a week later I haven't heard back from them. It's a real shame as I thought they were a pretty decent set of headphones.

UPDATE - Although Allreli didn't respond to me by email. A nice new set of headphones was waiting for me at work! Thankyou!

UPDATE 2 - These also failed about a month later. Not ordering or returning again as you get what you pay for with these. Lovely while they last...
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on 14 April 2014
These are the best bang for your buck period.

I have a fair sense of what sounds good and what doesnt, and I dont mind my mp3's at 128 kbps, even 96 wd suffice. I can pickup o tinny sounds and too much mid range immediately. Im not a sound freak, but there has to be x amount of bass (almost like caffeine) etc.

Build Quality 5/5
The wires on these feel incredible. theyre made from that silicne like soft rubber that all the oem ones are made of (and last). So i am glad to confirm u will not be walking around with a set of straws hanging around your neck. These feel soft and come with hardly any memory. I am slightly aware of a loss of tone with these, but thats the EST news - as its usually the tone thats too much and the bass missing, so either crank it with EQ or install SRS / DFX. The drivers look incredibly well made, aluminium heads with precision machining.

Bass 7/5
The bass in these is so incredible I had to check my eq setting to see if something had jumped, and actually toned the bass down. Its really incredible!

Fit 5/5
I have never felt in ears that feel so natural, the forward angle of these is a clear indication that they have actually studied the contour of the ears - previous ones would eventually come loose requiring constant resetting, these just stay put which is BONUS! truly plug and play haha.

Please do yourself a favour and get a pair. you WONT be disappointed unless im a genie without a bottle.

Im considering ordering another pair.

I ordered red and got black which is just another reason to get another pair since I couldnt really go without these for a return anyway! they are just too good!
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on 20 May 2014
I must add new information to my previous review below. This is now the third pair I have bought as they are very comfortable to wear and very convenient to use. However the first two I bought had great sound quality, whereas this third pair is very poor. The sound is very muffled, has no depth and a very narrow band width (no bass and no treble).
Previous review:
This is the best set of earphones I have bought in a long time. I go through a fair amount of earphones and buy a variety of different sets, but these ones are the best I have had so far. The sound quality is great, the tangle free cable is brilliant and I love the way they fit in my ear. Thanks to their shape, which is not round, they don't come out despite all the mileage I cover on foot (30-40 miles a go). I also love the microphone which is compatible with my Samsung phone and allows me to pick up calls with a button on the go without having to reach for my phone. The button also allows me to pause the music if need be.
The only unknown will be how long they last...
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on 7 May 2014
These sound great, look great and are a bargain at this price. I have to admit I haven’t bought a set of stereo earbud type headphones in a long time. The several pairs I do have were included in various tablet and mp3 player purchases and they were of course mediocre. These on the other hand deliver excellent sound with a nice bass response, ample highs and lots of volume. They are of a quite innovative design as well as the bud part that goes in your ear is set at an angle that really helps to have a snug fit which reduces background noise and helps keep them in place. Unlike other pairs I have I’m not constantly pushing these back in my ear. I’m using the ear tip pads that came on it but there are 2 more of different sizes in the package that you can try so you get a snug comfortable fit. There is also a nice long cord attached with a switch on the left side to answer phone calls, etc. These will now be a constant companion to my tablet.
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on 6 May 2014
broke within a week. not sure why. before it completly stopped working i will say they were comfortable and the sound was pretty nice. like what i was looking for. one weird issue, due to the angle while walking, or wind the rushing air went into the port hole which then drowned out your music with wind...
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on 9 May 2014
Final Update: after about a month, the Seller contacted me and offered a replacement. Accordingly my score has been revised to what it was originally - 3/5.

(Update: It has been 5 days since I started using the earphones. Today, the earphones stopped working on the left side. This is hugely disappointing. My original rating for the product was 3/5, but I am compelled to revise the rating to 1/5. I would strongly recommend against buying this product. Caveat emptor!)

(Original review:
The earbuds help to cancel noise reasonably well. However the sound quality is not up to scratch - "muddy", if you know what I mean. The sound separation is worse than the apple earphones I was using (the old ones, which don't come with a mic).

As far as I can tell, the microphone works ok.)
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on 16 April 2014
Impressed by the sound for the product price but unfortunate that it stopped working (lost sound) after 30 days. Only used it while running twice in that period... Would have given it another go but had to return it as a replacement was not possible
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