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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 31 May 2016
This steelbook has become one of my favourites. Colours are nice and subtle, but also a nice contrast between the shield and the rest of the front image. Has a quality retro look, with Cap's face in particular. The lenticular is a little off - doesn't matter, and doesn't spoil the 'book. This is now sold out at Zavvi, but was surprised it hung around for so long, given how nice this is in-hand. The two Captain America steelbooks from Zavvis Marvel lenticular collection are superb!
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on 3 September 2014
Great film, and it looks great in 3D. This is one of my favorite Marvel films, I actually prefer it to the Avengers. The plot was great. There was a LOT of action. Absolutely everyone got a beat down! And the 3D effects were great. I highly recommend this.
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on 22 January 2016
A very different Marvel Universe movie. This takes the realism up a notch and feels less superhero and more super spy. And boy does it work. wow every time I watch the film I like it more and more! Its still recognisable as the Marvel Cinematic Universe but feels a lot more closer to a grounded humanity story. Captain America who has had to develop in the first film to accommodate his new position, develop again in the Avengers to earn respect and lead the team, once again needs to develop here as he acclimatises to the modern world and realises that things are no longer as black and white as they where when he was fighting the Nazis. Infiltration, terrorist plots, secrets old friends and enemies. This film is an essential watch for Marvel fans. The film shapes the entire future of the Marvel cinematic universe and leaves you hungry for more.
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on 10 May 2014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier is getting great reviews, with most ranking it as the third best MCU movie ever. I think that is an insult to this movie. To say it's weaker than The Avengers, a light-hearted team-up, or the first Iron Man, only good because of Robert Downey, Jr., is ridiculous. I would rate this level with The Dark Knight as the greatest superhero movie of all time. I can't find anything to fault. Very, very highly recommended to anyone.
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on 28 May 2016
Great movie, would recommend watching the previous (Captain America : The First Avenger) first as this will mean you fully understand it. Would 100% recommend, a great watch. I took advantage of the 2 for £16 deal making it excellent value for money
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on 23 August 2014
Probably my 2nd fave Marvel film after Avengers. Much better than the original and you can tell that a lot of money has been invested, and invested well in this movie. Great plot, acting, action sequences and FX.
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on 22 June 2015
The Cap is back and instead of a CGI fest of superheroes v supervillans, what we have is a great addition to Cap's background story as well as laying the foundations for future movies. SHIELD has been compromised by HYDRA and Cap finds himself as a fugitive. While some viewers might think Cap battling SHIELD a bit pointless, you have to realise that the comic books go to great lengths to build up storylines, and take great pains to give each hero a vibrant place in the Marvel universe. The days of "KAPOW", "THWOK" and "SMACK" are long gone thank goodness and it is great to see Marvel Studios doing the same on the big screen. There is plenty of action for everyone to get their teeth into, and a big dollop of intrigue and mystery to boot. Good to see the introduction of the Winter Soldier and The Falcon (understandable why he's not wearing the red and white costume of the comics, but would have been cool to have seen!). Roll on Captain America: Civil War.
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on 22 August 2014
My personal favourite film of 2014 so far (amazing, since I strongly dislike the first) has arrived on ANOTHER disappointing Disney Blu Ray release. The film itself looks and sounds absolutely perfect - it really is showcase material for Blu Ray.
But not including the audio commentary, the extras add up to approximately 20 minutes.
For a quality film like this, that's just not good enough for DVD let alone Blu Ray!
This film has such a different tone for a Marvel film and felt so fresh after the slight let-downs of Thor the Dark World and Iron Man 3. Its feels grittier, with a very practical visual style and Captain America walks away from this film as my favourite Avenger.
I seriously recommend this film, but don't expect to be blown away by the release.
If you already own this and have watched the features, CUT THE CHECK!
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on 31 March 2014
I was really impressed by this instalment. The writing, acting, action, pacing, character development, the Winter Soldier himself, the twists and turns and just the overall scope of this film is awesome. Because of these aspects, the film rarely ever slows down and keeps things moving at a fast and engaging pace. This is definitely the darkest and grittiest of all the Marvel films I have seen so far. The strongest point is the action. The choreography of the hand-to-hand combat is outstanding. This film has some of the best action I've ever seen, not just in a superhero film, but also films in general. The film is incredibly interesting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It even has an emotional core towards the end, which makes it even greater.

Overall, I was thoroughly entertained by Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I may get some disagreement with this, but I think this is better than The Avengers, purely because of the darker and grittier tone and the fact that the film keeps you guessing throughout. It's my favourite Marvel film thus far.

I would give CA: TWS a 9.5/10.
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on 11 October 2014
Wow ! Huge expectations after the highly favourable reviews to date, but this film definitely met them all. Great story. Great action, great one-liners, great characters. Yes, a great film. Not faultless, true, some of the scenes really do stretch the imagination and credibility, even in a film of this genre, but it is honest enough to keep on entertaining the viewer. I find Captain America a slightly dull character to be honest, but the injections of Black Widow et al. lift the film nicely. This is a very good follow up to Avengers and I look forward to Avengers 2 now. Good film all round, fun, entertaining, even better in Blu-ray !
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