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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
The Satanist
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£13.08+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 4 February 2014
please don't buy this album from cduniverse nor amazon us because they are charging $87 usd or more when it can be bought here for only $21 or $22 from here on amazon uk.

the high price here in the states makes no sense to me!

this is one of those releases which proves why having a paypal account and an ntsc/pal all region dvd player is a wise investment.

behemoth became one of my favorite black metal bands (after deicide left earache in 2009 after 2 lack-luster albumsstench, and til death(the bands worst ever). polish black metal is excellent! while you are at it, please try to obtain a copy of watain wild hunt(media book edition) here too. both are great european (poland and sweden) satanic black metal at it's finest...the new hot-bed of satanic black metal? these bands make venom(germany)look like posers!
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on 18 April 2014
...is it their best, as the hype would suggest? I don't think so myself. I'm probably not the best person to review a Behemoth album, since I love everything Nergal's ever put down on tape. I use the early black metal stuff from the Chaotica and Demonica sets to write my novels to, and the latter day death metal to blast in the car when I'm at work. For me, The Apostasy and Demigod are the pinnacle, but The Satanist adds a new, welcome element to the band's work: groove. Some of the songs here show a side of the musicians that we haven't really heard before - Inferno's drum parts on the title track, for example, and Orion's bass being higher in the mix give the fans a little bit of a change from the usual relentless extremity.
I've read a lot about the "dynamics" on this album. What it actually means is there are more slow sections, which allows the instruments a chance to shine. It makes for a relentlessly personal album, in the sense that each member of the band (Seth included obviously) gets a chance to be heard as a musician rather than part of the band.
Nergal's vocals are brilliant, Inferno's drumming is beyond pretty much any other metal drummer, Orion has killer tone and plays some fantastic lines, while the soloing - when it surfaces - is outside the black or death metal box (really could have done with a few more lead breaks though). The songs themselves are well-formed and create an exhilarating whole.
You can tell someone had a life-changing moment during the creation of this album, even if you didn't know the story, as it seeps into every groove of this album. There's nothing "evil" or "hateful" about any of this - as Nergal roars on the (excellent) live bonus DVD, "It feels GOOD to be alive!" - this is about making the most of your talent, and giving a big middle-finger to anything or anyone that tries to hold you back. The "evil" here is in the fact this philosophy goes against the "X-Factor", mass media-driven modern lifestyle where everyone is supposed to look the same, want the same things (money and fame) and never question anything we're told.
Metal has always gone against that ideology and albums like this carry on that legacy.
It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if this, in years to come, is held up as a watershed for extreme metal. I'm sure there's many years worth of hidden depths to be plumbed within each composition.
I'm still going with The Apostasy in the car or Grom for my writing though... ;-)

Steven A. McKay author of Wolf's Head (The Forest Lord) and The Wolf and the Raven: 2 (The Forest Lord)
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on 6 February 2014
For the past few years Behemoth have been an upward rise first with Demigod and then bettering themselves with Evangelion, and like everybody else I thought Demigod was as far as they could go, and then they released Evangelion. Since Nergal's diagnosis and treatment of Leukemia, everyone thought that there could be one more album in the cards...it was a certain possibility. Understandably there has been a lengthy break since Evangelion which came out in 2009. Because of my love of death metal I checked out Behemoth a few years ago and liked what I heard, going through the albums one by one.

Everyone by now has heard "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel" with the accompanying amazing video of it and with also the second video just released a few days ago, the anticipation for this album is extremely high. Since it was announced last year I've never felt this excitement for an album before. Sure, it's bound to be different - you wouldn't want the band to release the same album twice?

I truly and honestly want this to be the first review where I don't give too much away, where I don't go into too much depth about the music; this will be a hard review for me, but anyways let's continue. There is much to say if you're a fan of this band let alone the fact there's so much behind this album - the four teasing prologue videos released throughout the year; the early reviews (in magazines) giving it high praise; the fact that Nergal is looking extremely well considering. I've been, what you say, a casual fan but now my love is starting to grow for this band. "The Satanist" is not so much as just a band returning after a lengthy absence, but it feels like a grand celebration, a homecoming of sorts.

Is it better than Evangelion? That's a hard question to answer considering that they bettered themselves for a few years, album after album, ever since Demigod. It's going to be one of those long-standing arguments between devoted fans, I can only guess. I would say that it's on the same level as Evangelion and that same vein of intensity, however the music is more varied; it has plenty of blast beats in there if you're wondering and all things Behemoth. I would say that people reacting badly to "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel" is it feels like it's an intro of sorts. It builds and builds to start with, and then it explodes with noise.

I truly feel that in years gone past this album will be looked at fondly, with an amount respect you'd come to by following a band like Behemoth. It's early in 2014 and still there are plenty of albums to come out but I can guarantee that this album will be in people's `best of' lists come the end of the year. This album is bold as it is beautiful, dark as it is daring, but in the end it all comes down to one thing: this is a phenomenal return for Behemoth.
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on 11 February 2014
What an Album!

I do have to admit to not owning the entire Behemoth back catalogue, as I prefer Black metal to Death - but I have always liked Behemoths "blackend death" style and love their earlier work (straight up black metal).

This album for me has it all... death, black and all sorts inbetween. I love the space they have allowed in this release and find that it really allows the songs to brood.

Also worhty of mention is the DVD - worth the amount paid all by itself. contains some of Behemoths most iconic songs and the performance of these is amazing.
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on 6 March 2014
When I first popped it in my Hi-fi I asked myself why I even bothered to buy the CD however I decided to nevertheless, rip it onto my phone where... I was pleasantly surprised at how brilliant each song was! There are a lot of small details that I didn't pick up from the Hifi as well. Each song deserves it's place on this album bar 2, Furor Divinus and Messe Noire which I found both to be a little on the boring side, however every other song was amazing and choosing a favourite is hard. The artwork inside the album case is detailed and the only quarrel I have with the album is that even though they have decided to put the lyrics in there they are damn near unreadable as they are all scribbled down.

Aside from the the album itself, the bonus DVD features a full live performance and a short documentary. The documentary itself isn't much to rave about since you can find it on the bands youtube channel. The live performance I haven't watched yet but looks like a nice edition to the album.
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on 14 December 2015
A source of perspective here; this offers little more than what you would expect from the (unfairly) much maligned Dimmu Borgir. However that's not to say it hasn't got merit, the production is classy and unusually for Black Metal, the bass guitar is prominent in the mix and offers some interesting fills too. The orchestrations (real classical instruments, not samples) are most enjoyable too.

Having said that, the last song O Father O Satan O Sun is a majestic song; well more of an incantation really. Great symphonic touches and spoken word recitals make give this a classic, worthy of the Norwegian masters Emperor!! It's enough to give this slightly over hyped release 4 stars. If all the album was of the same standard it would be 5 stars easily.
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on 28 February 2014
love behemoth for several years now..but I just can't stand the audio of this album..another loudness wars album...
no problem with the music though...it's the mastering that bothers me...

Listen to the album 1 time, and sold it imediately..
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on 17 January 2015
You know what your getting when you buy this album. Satan himself singing to you in your living room! I'm not a die hard metal fan but I do love a bit of death metal (as I call it) and for me this album sums it up as a masterpiece. The chords are perfect and very "sinister" as I like to describe them, The vocals are superb and every track has an individuality with a few slow sections thrown in for a menacing feel. This is my first Behemoth album and very glad I own it and I rate it far more highly than some of the horrible screechy metal bands about these days.
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on 16 March 2018
hey! the satanist))) the best vinyl ever
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on 5 October 2017
Behemoth at their best.... powerful stuff well worth your listening time
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