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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

on 8 January 2014
I was anxiously awaiting the publication of Bitter Legacy, Rheagan Greene's third volume in her Samurai Revival Trilogy as I had so much enjoyed Bitter Truths and Bitter Justice. In my opinion Greene surpasses herself in Bitter Legacy, and I wasn't expecting to be able to say this, because all the books have been well written and gripping. Bitter Legacy is particularly well-paced and the balance between edge-of-the-seat action and evocative descriptions is particularly well executed. What I particularly enjoyed is that the characters, especially the main ones, are credible, engaging and meticulously drawn by Greene. Tessa and Nyunt both grow and develop as people through the trilogy and I found that I really cared what happened to Tessa and her adopted daughter. Tessa is my favourite character. The truly horrific torture scenes were effective, in keeping with the context of the story and not simply gratuitous. The settings were described well enough for me to feel that I was there - no mean feat when one considers the number of locations visited and described so accurately. As well as learning a lot about Japan and the history, honour and techniques of the Samurai I couldn't wait to turn the pages to find out what would happen next to each of the characters. The story kept me guessing right until the very end, and I enjoyed every page. I only wish there were a fourth book to come, so much have I enjoyed these three, but more to the point, I do encourage you to read these books.
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on 10 March 2014
Well, here it is - volume 3 and another chance to become involved with Japan, her history and fighting techniques - all bound up in a stimulating storyline.
This storyline has moved on some 10 + years from volumes 1 and 2 which tended to concentrate especially on Tessa's brother (Beauchamp) and the death of her friend Penny. Now the emphasis is still on the Calver Cats but also on her relationship with her adopted daughter (Nyunt) , a surprising marriage and being once again drawn into her peacekeeper role - all culminating into an effort to protect the Royal House of Japan.
The location of the action visits England, Japan,Thailand, Burma and Orkney. As such the reader can easily appreciate the detailed study and effort that Ms Greene has put into each area - a commendable effort. There is a certain amount of bloodshed and brutality and there are times when you feel that Tessa simply can never triumph over deep evil. However , this is all woven skilfully into the credible storyline and much of the fascination for me was to find out who got their "just deserts" - and indeed how they got it !

In closing , I really feel that I can easily recommend this book - although be aware that when you start it you wont be able to easily put it down - it moves along at such a cracking pace right up to the end. Take a day off work to read it - it will repay you. I am now truly "hooked" and just hope that Ms Greene is producing a fourth volume in the near future. I will watch her future book production with interest and anticipation. Hadrian
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on 12 February 2014
Of this truly original trilogy, the final book Bitter Legacy does not disappoint with it's complex plot and evocative writing. Still believable, the characters develop further still with further revelations. Despite the dark subject matter the book is difficult to put down and a compelling read. This trilogy is a brilliant concept which I am sure in the right hands would transfer well to the cinema.
How about the further adventures of Tessa or Nyunt?? It can't be all over!
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on 26 May 2014
Most of the plaudits have already been awarded by other reviewers. The point about Rheagan Greene's thorough research is that it makes authentic the astonishing twists and turns in her heroine's war on evil. The mind-bending science, the engineering, the physical fitness, the swordplay--all are believable and are probably actually in use somewhere in the world at any one time. The reader can suspend belief and accept that the skills are all centred in one hero and combine to defeat evil centred in one group of fiends. But these fiends and their doings can almost certainly be found at any one time somewhere in the world as well. What makes it a fantasy is that we can't imagine a world where guns are outlawed and only licensed swordsmen/women are entitled to keep the peace. Or can we?
These books are fast-paced and exciting although there are scenes of sexploitation in the third which are not for the squeamish.
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on 25 February 2014
I have recently read Rheagan Greene's third book, Bitter Legacy, with the same sense of excitement, tension and edge
that I discovered when reading her previous novels, Bitter Truths and Bitter Justice, which, together with this book make
up The Samurai Revival Trilogy.
Rheagan Greene is an author I discovered only last year and found myself rapidly becoming a devotee of her extraordinarily
well researched style. From the opening pages of Bitter Truths, her first book, I was captivated by the fast pace which, truly,
make these books page turners.
The Trilogy took me on a voyage of discovery, much of which would have been impenetrable but for Greene's masterly ability
to immerse the reader in unfamiliar places and situations through her assured descriptive writing. This, in my opinion, could
only have been brought about by an immense amount of research and understanding.
I was particularly drawn to her intricately created and well rounded characters all of whom came alive from the pages in a
fascinating fusion of fact and fiction.
I highly recommend one reads the entire trilogy.
R.S. Oldfield
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on 3 April 2014
Bitter Legacy is a literary roller-coaster that takes the reader from the highs of beautiful landscapes ,magnificent castles, love and fidelity to the lows of hate, degradation and extreme violence.
After a short but welcome reprise of the main events of books one and two we are launched into a dystopic world of mind control, torture and sexual violence.The highly complex plot is cleverly worked out with a strong story-line full of twists, turns and surprises while the slick, concise writing makes this book a page-turner par excellence.
The reader is treated to not only a highly exciting fictional journey but also to the fascinating world of Samurai history and traditions.Whether fact or fiction the scenario of mind-altering drugs and hypnotism makes for enthralling reading.
Bitter Legacy is a compelling, albeit at times stomach-churning, conclusion to the brilliantly conceived Trilogy and Ms Greene should be very proud of her amazing achievement.
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on 3 December 2014
Well, I must admit this book took me through a roller coaster of emotions. Bitter Truth and Bitter Justice had their moments of brutality and violence but Rheagan Greene really yanked the carpet out from under my feet with this one. A big portion of the book is you standing side by side with the heroine as she undergoes some life-changing, horrific moments that are at times quite difficult to stomach but you will persevere - not because you want to but because you need to. The sympathy I developed for Tessa and the extreme pleasure I felt as she gained justice shocked me as I hadn't realised how much I had connected with her.

Outstanding literature. Job very well done.
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on 21 May 2014
As we have come to expect of her, Rheagan Greene closes the The Samurai Trilogy with a very powerful and gripping end. To me the mark of a really good read is how unsociable you become whilst working through the story and then finally having to stay up half the night just to see how it all ends....................thanks Rheagan!

Never a dull moment for our heroine and her experiences in this last book are both graphic and eye watering, but good triumphs over evil in the end, so what more doe we need?

What next Rheagan, that's the question.
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on 7 June 2016
Well number three never let you down Rheagan, such detail, I couldn't even begin to think how it could end, but it did and I'm sorry I have now finished them, perhaps I I'll go back to one and start over again, highly recommend these books to anyone and everyone, well done
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on 8 January 2014
Loved this last book in the trilogy , some of the place names difficult to pronounce but very enjoyable .hope there are mote to come
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