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Saving Mr Banks [DVD]
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on 17 September 2017
Whilst this is a "Disneyfication" of the "alleged" events, "based" on a real scenario ..it remains a DISNEY story under DISNEY's control.

It is an absolute tear jerker emotively, the author PL Travers father did die when she was young, it is likely that she stifled her emotions as a result.
The rest!? well you'd have to study Travers history beyond a wikipedia page to come to your own conclusion, no doubt though she was very protective of HER creation & the series of Mary Poppins books, of which the Disney story broaches one, maybe two!?

That is not to say it is a bad film (I myself am very anti disney as I find much of it potentially damaging to a child in the real world, thats not to say they shouldn't dream, ..far from it, however "disneyfication" runs rampant, ..even through this, to their credit at the end of the film as the titles roll it cuts back to the rehearsal room we are now familiar with (the jelly beans & reel to reel recorder) & we hear the archival audio of P.L. Travers trying to hold court & protect her vision (as author) of her creation that had enthralled the children & adults who read the original stories long before it was "disney'ed" ..& perhaps partially explains why Travers was so reluctant.

Don't think of "walt" as the benevolent hero here, he was not, & if you want to see another film of corporate entities taking "contrl" of others creations ..check out the story of "Ray croc" (Mc Donalds) ..& tell me if Mc D's mde films theirs would not display the cut throat despotism of the "anything for the deal" boss, ..Walt Disney was used to getting his way too.

Regardless of the real % of fact vs fiction it makes for an excellent film that had us in tears for different reasons.
Both Tom Hanks & Emma Thompson made for a riveting film, one we will watch again, but not *too* soon as it left us a little frayed (in a positive way) it brought my own childhood & why in our family "we do what we do" to the fore.

P.L Travers ( an apparently single lady) was correct to attempt to dictate her "family" portrayed on the big screen, as it clearly went beyond the character of Mary Poppins, watch & you will see.
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on 24 March 2014
Two of the names that get my attention, the magic of childhood movie-making
'Walt Disney' and one of todays finest actors 'Tom Hanks'
The film is the true story of how the film 'Mary Poppins' came about.
The author 'P.L.Travers' (Emma Thompson) is down on her uppers, she's almost
broke, she's not written a book for some time, the royalties are no longer paying
for her life-style.
'Walt Disney' (Tom Hanks) wants to adapt her book 'Mary Poppins' into a movie,
to do so he has to have her permission to go ahead.
She takes a flight to L.A to reluctantly discuss his proposals, on arrival her hotel
room is stacked out with Disney Characters (toys and puppets).with the courtesy
of 'Walt'.............She is not amused.
'Walt' has pursued his dream to turn the book into a film for twenty years having
promised his then young daughter he would do so.
'Pamela' has agreed to listen to the proposals 'Walt' and his team have though
she is in no mood to make compromises, and will not be easily impressed.
Every thing suggested early on is rejected out of hand by 'Pamela' she even has
a thing about the colour 'red' and will not discuss any form of animation.
'Walt' and his team become frustrated as every idea is knocked back, the situation
looks seemingly impossible, but 'Walt' isn't about to give up, he wants her signature
on the contract.
'Pamela' apparently like 'Walt' have ghosts from the past, she often reflects on events
that shaped her life during childhood, yet, it had inspired her in the writing of the book
'Mary Poppins'
'Walt' has to find a way to understand the lady to achieve his ambition with her blessing
to go ahead and create the story they both want.
There are many amusing confrontations between 'Walt' and his team with 'Pamela'
The film, sometimes very funny, often touching and deeply moving, a tale that will
almost certainly draw you in whether you like the film 'Mary Poppins' or not, the film
which is 'the making of 'Mary Poppins' is quite simply ....a must see.
Great performances throughout with superb picture and sound quality.
Special Features:
* Deleted Scenes - 'Stargaze' - 'Nanny Song' - 'Pam leaves'
* Behind the scenes - 'The Disney studios-from 'Mary Poppins' to present.
* Behind the scenes: - Let's Go Fly a Kite.
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on 23 January 2015
Saving mr banks really does do justice to the film Mary Poppins. I watched mary poppins as a child and i love it! Watching saving mr banks as a adult fuelled my imagination for mary poppins all over again. My father always said to me it was the best film ever made and i must admit he was right. Mary Poppins in blu ray is absolutely amazing the color and sounds are perfect, practically perfect in every way. I have a great niece who adores the film and shes 5 months old, out of the mouths babes lol
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on 12 April 2014
I wasn't quite sure what to expect of 'Saving Mr Banks' but by the end my husband and I were both entranced and wanting to watch Mary Poppins!

Superb acting from Hanks and Thompson (as well as the minor characters of Ralph the driver and the Sherman brothers) in an affecting true story.

Fascinating stuff this - we see the writer of Mary Poppins using every reason possible not to allow Walt Disney to make a film of her beloved book. And eventually, the history of her childhood tha explains her and her reluctance. Colin Farrell commands a wonderful English accent to portray her beloved but flawed father in her Australian childhood years.

I cried more than once and tapped my toes to the Sherman brothers wonderful songs.

Fantastic evening's viewing and very interesting film/literature history. Stay for the end credit tapes of the real Travis meeting with the Disney team to hear and see the real people.
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on 13 May 2017
A truly beautiful tale of "the true story" behind the production of Mary Poppins
Much more accurate than it might otherwise be thanks to the fact the Disney co still have all the tapes P L Travers really did insist on.
Obviously a few inaccuracies for the sake of creative license.
Still one of the most moving tales and a true delight for the soul and senses
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on 5 November 2017
I bought this DVD so I could pass it on to other people who had not watched it when it was shown on TV. It is a most heartwarming 'true' story about the making of the 1964 film 'Mary Poppins'. Initially a little confusing as one cannot readily understand why there is an Australian storyline running through the main story but all is revealed in the happy but tear-jerking ending.
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on 28 August 2017
To put it simply - Tom Hanks as Walt Disney was spot on, Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers was spot on, and the supporting cast were just as great. None of the references to Mary Poppins e.g. quotes were over the top or out of place and the film can both make you laugh and cry. Walt's love for making films for children and Travers' love for the characters she created are both evident, and this film shows how opposing minds can work together to create movie gold. Dramatised, of course, but glorious nonetheless. Try not to smile during the "Let's Go Fly A Kite" scene!
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on 5 October 2016
The story of Pamela Travers and Walt Disney's tumultuous journey to get Mary Poppins onto the big screen. Except, most of the film is pure fiction. A nice, heart-warming story nonetheless. Added to that is the restored version of Mary Poppins that pops out as crisp as ever with very clear audio so everyone can sing along, "let's go fly a kite" :P
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on 10 December 2017
An amazing film about P L Travers (the writer of Mary Poppins) and Walt Disney who's own daughters begged their father to have their own film, that based on the book Mary Poppins, it's a lovely film, sad and funny, truly heart warming, highly recommend.
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on 24 July 2017
Ok, maybe it is not totally accurate from an historical point of view. Maybe the jumping between Australia and Hollywood can be a little jarring. Nonetheless I found this a charming film with some very touching moments. Enjoy
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