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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 16 February 2016

Kapp Records was founded by Dave Kapp in 1954. His brother, Jack, had founded the US branch of Decca two decades ago. The label would feature a number of notable artists across a wide variety of genres including pop, jazz and country during its two-decade existence, its artist roster including Cher, Louis Armstrong, Fred Astaire and a young Burt Bacharach. Other acts include Kenny Ball & His Jazzman (with No. 2 hit Midnight In Moscow), Jack Jones (Lollipops And Roses), Jerry Fuller (Here Comes Summer), Jane Morgan (With Open Arms), Carmen McRae and a novelty hit for 16 year old Brian Hyland (Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini). The label would produce cast recordings of popular musicals in the early to mid sixties. In 1967 Dave Kapp sold the label to US music goliath MCA which had brought out America Decca five years earlier. Kapp would become a subsidiary of MCA-owned Universal City Records, but eventually folded into MCA during the 70s.


This 2 CD set contains 50 songs from 1958-1962. To truly appreciate the importance of Kapp on popular music, I have compiled a detailed song listing (which chart position, year and personal comments), which is as follows:

Disc 1:
01 Strange Feeling – Jerry Mason (uncharted single, 1959)
02 Got My Mo-Jo Working – Bobby Gonzales (uncharted single, 1962)
03 Here Comes Summer – Jerry Keller (US 14/1959; UK 1/1959)*bigger hit in UK
04 Time – Jerry Jackson (uncharted single, 1961)
05 Apron Strings – Billy the Kid (uncharted single, 1959)*rare gem; US version, covered by Cliff Richard in UK (b-side to Living Doll); a great rockabilly song
06 Another Girl Like You – Gary Haines & The Five Sequins (uncharted single, 1961)
07 Little Bitty Goose Pimples – Jack Hammer (uncharted single, 1959)*cute song title
08 If Only For Tonight – Babs Tino (uncharted single, 1961)*I would have preferred her charted single: Forgive Me (US 117/1962)
09 Teardrops At Dawn – Ersel Hickey (uncharted single, 1961)*his only charted single: Bluebirds Over The Mountain (US 58/1958)
10 Cal’s Tune – The Vel-Tones (uncharted single, 1959)
11 Echo – The Emotions (uncharted single, 1962)
12 The More I See You – Carmen McRae (uncharted single, 1959)*later made popular by Chris Montez
13 Living Doll – David Hill (US 92/1959)*ultra-rare gem; US version, covered by Cliff Richard in UK 1/1959 & US 30/1959)
14 Lollipops And Roses – Jack Jones (US 66/1962)
15 I Think I Love You – Helen Troy (uncharted single, 1962)*not the Partridge Family song; what a name for an artist
16 Midnight In Moscow – Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen (US 2/1962; UK 2/1961)*original version; I am still waiting for a comprehensive compilation of his greatest hits; some on the market are re-recorded versions.
17 Danny’s Dream – Kris Jensen (uncharted single, 1961)*rare gem; written by Canadian Ken Tobias; his biggest hit: Torture (US 20/1962)
18 The Caterpillar Crawl – Dick Dixon & The Roommates (uncharted single, 1959)
19 With Open Arms – Jane Morgan (US 39/1959)*my second introduction to Kapp Records via her 45 rpm single
20 Congratulations – Al Reno (uncharted single, 1961)*not the same song as the version by Cliff Richard
21 Hello, A New Love – Glenn & Jerry (uncharted single, 1959)
22 Young In Love – The Easy Riders (uncharted single, 1960)*lead singer Terry Gilkyson; their biggest it: Marianne (US 4/1957)
23 Pasadena – Temperance Seven (UK 4/1961)*rare gem; their biggest hit: You’re Driving Me Crazy (UK 1/1961)
24 Streets Of Love – The Videls (uncharted single, 1960)*their only charted hit: Mister Lonely (US 73/1960)
25 Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini – Brian Hyland (US 1/1960; UK 8/1960)*my first introduction to Kapp records via his 45 rpm single

Disc 2:
01 Baby Face – Brian Hyland (uncharted single, 1961)*very popular in the Far East
02 Moon River – Jane Morgan (uncharted single, 1962)*she has a very soothing beautiful voice
03 Big Jimmy, Little Jack And Nellie – Bobby Flare (uncharted single, 1961)*not our Iron Chef
04 When A Man Cries – Jack Jones (uncharted single, 1961)
05 March Of The Siamese Children – Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen (US 88/1962; UK 4/1962)
06 Too Late To Worry – Babs Tino (uncharted single, 1962)*written by Bacharach & David
07 If I Had Only Known – Jerry Jackson (uncharted single, 1961)
08 When My Little Girl Is Smiling – Jimmy Justice (US 127/1962)*UK pop singer
09 Feelin’ No Pain – Paul Evans (uncharted single, 1962)*written by Goffin & King
10 Wimoweh - Bill Hayes (uncharted single, 1959)*rare gem; another version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight; his biggest hit: The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (US 1(5)/1955)
11 That Lucky Old Sun – Bobby Gonzales (uncharted single, 1962)
12 Sholem – Eartha Kitt (uncharted single, 1960)
13 Two Brothers – David Hill (US 90/1959)*rare gem
14 If I Had A Girl – Jerry Keller (uncharted single, 1959)*rare gem
15 The Jackie Look – Kris Jenson (uncharted single, 1961)
16 Fly Me To The Moon (Bossa Nova) – Joe Harnell & His Orchestra (US 14/1962)*can you believe Joe Harnell’s version of this song is the highest charting version, beating out even Frank Sinatra!
17 Money – Skip Cunningham (uncharted single, 1962)
18 Willingly – Carmen McRae (uncharted single, 1959)
19 I’m Not the One For You – Sonny Dee (uncharted single, 1961)
20 A Letter From Ann – The Videls (uncharted single, 1961)
21 Fortune Cookie – Eddie Baxter (uncharted single, 1960)
22 Ballad Of The Alamo – The Easy Riders (uncharted single)*lead singer Terry Gilkyson; their biggest it: Marianne (US 4/1957)
23 Bathing Beauty – The Beach Boys (uncharted single, 1959)*rare gem; before they were popular with Surfin’
24 A Kiss To Remember You By – Susan Rafey (uncharted single, 1961)
25 Yes Sir That’s My Baby – Jan & Kjeld (uncharted, 1959)*rare gem; their only charted hit: Banjo Boy (US 58/1960) also on Kapp; I would have preferred the charted version in this compilation

The sound is very well remastered with no hiss. All the songs are original versions.


One Day Music from UK has released over 100 volumes, covering different labels, like ABC-Paramount, Decca, Philips, etc. Being a collector, I have purchased them all. From each volume, I get to know a little more about the label, which was simple a word on the 45 rpm single when I was a teenager. It is nice to read about and all listen to the songs from that label, which always brings back many happy memories. This set is very enjoyable, and the sound is good. This set also has many charted hits, plus rare gems. I have a smile on my face when I listened to the US version of Living Doll. This set is highly recommended for music lovers and collectors.
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Strange Feeling, The Kapp Records Story, DAY2CD228

This 50 track set certainly mixes the musical styles and is s a result a most varied offering with some very well known names along with others you may not remember too well. CD1 runs for 63.27 & CD2 runs for 61.04

The Kapp label licensed material from other labels for release in the USA and as a result you will hear British favourites Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen playing 2 of their big hits...Midnight in Moscow & March of the Siamese Children. It was also a showcase for up and coming middle of the road singers such as Jack Jones whose association with the label produced around 20 albums and earned him two Grammy awards.

Listen out for the ever popular Here Comes Summer, written and sung by Jerry Keller. It climbed to number 14 in the Billboard Hot 100. The record reached number one in the UK the same year, but lack of further chart appearances branded Keller as a one-hit wonder. "Here Comes Summer" reached the number one spot in the UK in, ironically, the autumn of 1959. It is still a well remembered and happy song...

From the world of jazz came Carmen McRae and she recorded 3 albums for the label including When You're Away which was released in 1959 and included the song The More I See You & Willingly.

The Brian Hyland hit Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini featured also on the Kapp album The Bashful Blond which was released in 1960.

Hyland was born in Woodhaven, Queens, New York. He studied guitar and clarinet as a child, and sang in his church choir. Hyland was eventually signed by Kapp Records as a solo artist, issuing his debut single, "Rosemary", in late 1959. The label employed the Brill Building songwriting duo of Lee Pockriss and Paul Vance to work with Hyland on the follow-up, "Four Little Heels (The Clickety Clack Song)", which was a minor hit, and the songwriting duo continued to work with Hyland.

In August 1960, Hyland scored his first and biggest hit single at the age of 16, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini", written by Vance and Pockriss. It was a novelty song that reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and sold almost a million copies in the first two months of its release, and over two million copies in total.

Some of the other artists featured...

Ersel Hickey (1934 – 2004), born in Brighton, New York, was a rockabilly singer best known for his hit song "Bluebirds over the Mountain". He recorded for the Kapp label...

1961 Teardrops at Dawn/I Guess You Could Call It Love Kapp Records 372
1961 Lips of Rose/What Have You Done To Me Kapp Records 406

Kris Jensen born April 4, 1942, New Haven, Connecticut is an American singer and guitarist. Jensen began his career in music cutting records for Colpix, for whom he recorded his first single in 1959. He graduated from high school in Fort Lauderdale in 1960 and then recorded with Kapp Records and its subsidiary, Leader Records. One more disc was released on Leader, before he moved to Kapp for three single issues.

The Videls
The Videls were the first of several groups formed by the durable song-writing team of Pete Anders and Vinnie Poncia, both born in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1941 and 1942.

Jimmy Justice
James Anthony Bernard Little, better known by his stage name Jimmy Justice (born 15 December 1939, Bermondsey) was an English pop singer. He scored three Top 40 hits in the UK in 1962.

Skip Cunningham is one of America's most talented entertainers and perhaps our last great "song and dance man". The career of this phenomenal tap dancer and singer spans a wide range of American entertainment alongside the likes of Tony Bennett, Ray Brown, Johnny Carson, Arnett Cobb, Nat King Cole, Bill Cosby, Lionel Hampton, Milt Hinton, Bob Hope, Illinois Jacquet, Jerry Lewis, Richard Pryor, Frank Sinatra, Noble Sissle, among many others. Mr. Cunningham has recorded for the Kapp, Coral and Motown labels.

Eddie Baxter 1922-1998
The most swinging organist to record for Dot in the 1960s. Baxter was born in Colorado, but grew up in Los Angeles, where he began performing professionally in his late teens. He played with Glen Gray and Frank Masters toward the tail end of the big band era, then settled into the studio system, where he worked as "musical director" for a variety of daytime game shows. He also played in nightclubs in Las Vegas and the L.A. area.

Jan & Kjeld
The Danish banjo playing and vocalising brothers came onto the recording scene in 1959 and were highly successful in Europe.

The Easy Riders
The Easy Riders were an American folk music band, that were active from 1956 to 1959, consisting of Terry Gilkyson, Richard Dehr, and Frank Miller. Their career was guided by Mitch Miller, who had them under contract for Columbia Records they also recorded for Kapp.

The liner notes are by regular Drew Heatley. The packaging is eye catching and fits with the style of the other "label" issues on One Day Music. There are 6 small black and white photos inside and recording years are included. This is a real roller coaster of a compilation with very good to excellent sound throughout. Talking to some customers in a local record shop about these CDs we all said how much we enjoyed them and never expected such "label" compilations available. Pricewise a snip and well worth collecting the series.
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Two hours of music across two cd's from 'One Day Music' of 'Kapp' records releases from the period 1958 - 62 (So none of Lenny Welch's output sadly). This compilation is a real mix of genres, there are major hits, minor hits, rarities and everything in between. The opening salvo and title track is very good indeed. Other notable tracks are by Jerry Keller, Brian Hyland, Babs Tino and Billy the Kid. Not everything is to my taste, as I said this compilation is very broad in music styles. The sound quality overall is quite good for a public domain compilation. There is no booklet as usual with this type of low price comp. just a one sided intro. Overall an enjoyable listen, a few very good tracks, most are ok to good. 7.5/10.
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on 24 January 2016
While some tracks seem to be sourced from clean material (tapes?), the majority sound as if run through a transistor radio by way of worn 45s. Beware if sound quality is important; a lot of similar public domain compilations are quite decent sounding. Don't think I could fix this one by frequency and time fixes in my home studio. "Black" tunes more so than mainstream of the time, which bothers me now.
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on 29 February 2016
yet another great compilation ,these are certainly sets you just have to collecting , i know a hell of a lot songs from all genres but with these sets i am discovering a heck of a lot of new songs , this one has a few u.k.tunes ,but all round a great set .
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on 25 February 2014
Excelent value for money, and a great reminder of the tunes of yesterday, There were some duplication with my current music collection but that is a small price to pay for the additional ones.
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on 17 July 2014
A very good collection of oldies, which is good to reminisce with. Good value for money.
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on 10 February 2014
Excellent value for money and again a good snapshot of the label
I thought mostly ballads with good orchestral backing
However I was disappointed that one of their most famous stars
Roger Williams the pianist was omitted from this set.

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on 16 July 2014
very good
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