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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

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on 21 August 2009
There are so many things about this album that I remember, from the way I bought it to the effect it had on my father (to my delight) and to the pleasure of listening to it.

I was 13 years old and had saved up my pocket money, when I had enough I gave it to my mum who went to Woolworths and bought it for me. I was on pins waiting for her to come home.

On opening the LP I was sorely tempted to pull out all the pictures there and then - I never did and the billion dollar note is still a treasure as I have kept this album and still have it complete with all the pieces intact 36 years later.

This CD is a must for any fan of this album, Alice Cooper, or in fact anyone who, was a rebellious teenager in the seventies. And if anything was going to personify how different we were from our Elvis-loving parents it was Alice Cooper and his antics with baby dolls, snakes and chickens and fake blood - partly the reason why I initially saved for LP in the first place.

My father hated it, he hated him, hated the things he got up to and my mother was not too impressed either. My father hated me playing my records and this album in particular - I loved every moment of my youth and this music was a very big part of it.

It is one for the few albums of which I love every track and never reach for the remote to press the `skip' button.

From `Hello Hooray' right through to the last track called ` I love The dead' which I made my father listen to, this album is superb. The second CD is a fabulous addition, and I agree with others that it should have been released all those years ago on vinyl. Speaking personally, this album is worth having purely because I can remember playing it for the first time on my Thorn/EMI Stereo on that Saturday afternoon when I got it, and I can remember the pleasure it always gives me when I play it now, and the perverse pleasure it gave me when playing it to torture my parents - the creaking sounds and the plop when the gums, visible only in my vivid imagination, plopped into the water in `Unfinished Sweet' are still as vivid now as it was then, The lead up to, and the end of `I Love The Dead! in particular will stay with me till the day I die.....
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on 17 May 2016
This is a classic album by the legend that is Alice Cooper.
It contains the timeless classic tracks-Hello, Hooray, Elected, No more Mr Nice Guy, Billion dollar babies and I love the dead!
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on 23 June 2017
an absolute classic. alice (and the band )do not get enough recognition for their song and lyric abilities
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on 10 May 2017
If you love Alice Cooper or you wish to dip into the world of Alice, this is a great album to start your journey.
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on 4 March 2017
Favourite Alice Cooper album, great condition.
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on 1 April 2017
ok Cd recebido no prazo!
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on 11 May 2017
Had this on vinyl years ago. Back to the seventies
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on 7 March 2001
This is one of the greatest rock albums ever made and even after three decades is still a vital part of any collection. I now have four copies of it, two original lp's and a previous cd and now this. Let's face it, no self respecting Alice Cooper fan would be without this recording in some form or another and they certainly don't need me to tell them how good it is. So why should they buy this particular edition? Well firstly there is the excellant packaging with cut-out pictures of the band, just like the vinyl version but smaller, plus a small booklet about the album. More importantly it comes with a second disc containing most of the set from the Billion dollar babies tour(Schools out and under my wheels absent) that many of the older fans(myself included) have been waiting for for 27 years. Why wasn't this released in 1974? It would certainly have been a big seller back then. The quality of the live recording is excellant and the original band prove that they are the masters of their craft. This is Alice at their peak, when they were threatening, when the songs were dangerous and about the real horrors and corruption boiling under the surface of the 'civilised' world. Not the nice cosy 'welcome to my nightmare' of later years. The original band may not have played all the notes in the correct order and pristine condition but they were innovative, stylish and more importantly they were a rock group. This is the most important release that Alice has had since 'welcome to my nightmare' and in my opinion it is more so because it captures an original group pushing rock to the limits as never before.
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on 19 June 2012
At the pinnacle of their career, the A.C. group (plus Bob Ezrin) might have sprayed a mist of silvery, poppy sheen over this Number One effort, but underneath lay some very dark, tongue-in-cheek tales of terror. There's the powerhouse brass of 'Elected', the sinister dolls-in-the-attic Donovan duet of the title track, the pointed lyrics about anti-social brats in 'Generation Landslide' plus the infamous - so bonkers it can't be offensive - 'I Love The Dead'. (The most unsettling track is the very, VERY dubiously titled 'Raped And Freezin'; thankfully it's all about a stereotype turned on its head and the title is only sung once right at the end - nevertheless Alice was sailing close to the wind with this.)

There's a sickly sweet ode to Mary Whitehouse and a daft-as-a-brush tale of a demented dentist that incorporates a James Bond sound-a-like theme. Plus, 'No More Mr Nice Guy', one of their best ever singles, AND an ode to their fans in the guise of 'Sick Things'. (Unfortunately, by then, guitarist Glen Buxton's drug habit had overwhelmed him, and he was present in name only; Steve Hunter/Dick Wagner were the reliable 'fill-ins'.)

The deluxe version is obviously the best one to buy because:

a) it's re-mastered
b) it's got a second live disc

The live disc is from their BDB American concerts in 1973. There are a couple of surprising omissions - like the live 'School's Out' - but overall it's an excellent representation of the A.C. group (well, most of them!) at that time. Certainly it makes a nonsense of some of the then music critics' claims, who sneered that the Coopers were 'all show' and 'no music'. Alice is in fine voice and the band are really tight; Neal Smith's drums, on tracks like 'Billion Dollar Babies', are fantastic - they nearly jump out of the speakers.

There are also a few non-live bonus tracks, such as the rather intriguing outtake of 'Generation Landslide' and the rare 'Slick Black Limousine', which had previously been given away free with the N.M.E. (as a thank you flexi-disc) when A.C. had been voted band of the year. Considering properly mastered live concerts from the A.C. group years are as rare as hen's teeth then it makes double sense to get this deluxe version of the album!

Not one second of filler can be found here on either album, with the band (well, most of them!) playing like seasoned troopers, plus Alice giving it his sweetly, demented best. A true classic.
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on 1 December 2015
It's a gift so cannot say...
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