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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 10 December 2013
I have to give huge kudos to RR Haywood for what he has accomplished here. 14 books in a series that consistently gets 5 star ratings. Having read this series from Day One I feel like I have been on a journey with mr Haywood and watched him grow as a writer as the series has developed. I'm not criticising his writing in the earlier books but you could tell they were his first works. Now however his writing is on a par with anything else I've read recently. The whole series could do with being proof read and edited as minor punctuation and spelling mistakes do tend to get a bit tedious but other than that I have no complaints.
The story itself is brilliant, being English I feel that a lot of the zombie books available are aimed more towards the American market and the majority of them are written by Americans, The Undead series however is written by an Englishman and thankfully set in England making it a lot easier for me to relate to. The characters are extremely realistic (although as often happens in fiction they are caricatures) and the relationships between them and the interactions they share are often times more interesting than the zombie plot itself. There literally is not one character so far I haven't liked to some degree and if I'm honest I would quite happily have a night down the pub with these guys.
To summarise as I am beginning to ramble, the whole series is brilliant, and this latest instalment doesn't let the side down. Action packed from the very first page and set at a pace that will leave you dizzy, RR Haywood has done it again. I can't wait for day fifteen.
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on 15 March 2017
I love this series. Have been reading them for a few years and now rereading and checking I've left a review for every day.
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on 16 May 2017
This is the best zombie series I have read.it's up there with walking dead,it would make a fantastic television series, zombie lovers must read this😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
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on 2 December 2013
I am writing to you to complain about your written series of books known as The Undead. Firstly how dare you write stories so fascinating, enthralling and exciting that I am required to stay up throughout the day and night until I have finished the entire book in one go. Now granted, it may be seen as my own fault but like a big slice of chocolate cake I can hardly be expected to "put the book down" when the story keeps me gasping for more. I blame you and your talent for story-telling entirely and demand that you hurry up and write Day Fifteen right away.

Secondly, how could you write so slowly? I mean, don't you think it's a little bit cruel to keep me...I mean your fans, hanging on like this? I can barely eat, sleep, or talk coherently when I've got my nose in your books and then to snatch that away is like taking the meth away from an addict. I am now lost. What am I supposed to do now? How am I supposed to go on not knowing what happens in the weeks it'll take you to get Day Fifteen out? Don't you think writing such fabulous books for us is a little bit cruel?

Thirdly, please don't stop doing what you're doing. The whole story line from the start to this most recent book has been one enormous adventure. It's so detailed I can see it playing out in my head (is it bad I picture Mr. Howie as a Jack Whitehall look alike?).

So in summary... I have forgotten what the point of my complaint was... Stop reading this and go and write day Fifteen please - I'm literally getting the shakes from withdrawal and it's only been a few hours since I finished your last book! Like an annoying child on a long car journey, I shall now proceed to email and facebook you every 15 minutes asking "is it nearly finished yet?!".

Kind regards,


PS. If you're not Mr. Haywood and wondering if you should buy this book - go do it. Now. You've wasted precious minutes reading this when you could be reading his fabulous and addictive story.
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on 1 December 2013
5 stars isn't enough! Far and away the best zombie series around!

Firstly if you're reading this review and you haven't read any of the Undead series stop reading this right now and go buy the previous 13 straight away then come back and thank me!

Taking off from where 13 finished the pace is relentless and this time they don't only have to deal with zombies and other survivors but now there's lions and tigers and bears thrown into the mix, oh my!
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VINE VOICEon 7 December 2013
The weather finally breaks in 14, along with any notion for the readers that only the good and the strong survive. Day 14 contains some truly horrific acts and some utterly reprehensible characters. Sustained threat and deeply unsavoury human evil makes this, at times an uncomfortable but sadly realistic read. The greatest battles to come in this story world will not just be with zombies but with fellow survivors whose vision of a new world order is startlingly different from Howie's own.

I love this instalment in the Undead Saga. Proving again that this serial drama has more legs than a horde of undead, RR Haywood walks off with yet another cult hit. How does he keep doing it? I don't know but I'm so glad he does. This is now, without question, my favourite series. In recent months I've swerved Lee Child and Joe Hill, both firm favourites with new releases and chosen to read segments of the Undead first- the series is that good.

Without becoming even remotely formulaic, we have a pattern emerging with the tales- we have ongoing, rip snorting engagement with the main storyline but we also have individual story arcs that deepen our understanding, feelings and interest in the individuals that make up the cast of characters. This is firmly Nick's book.

I've found Nick one of the more engaging and interesting of Howie's crew so I was delighted that he got the chance to shine. It speaks to the strength of the writing that every single character is intriguing, fascinating and individual, contributing to the stunning mosaic that forms the backdrop to the action.

The monumental battle at the end of Day 13 which led to separation of our main gang, gives opportunity for individuals to once again speak in their own voices. Nick dominates this narrative with a thrilling adventure all his own. Strong moral purpose, heart-in-mouth set pieces and ample evidence that a soldiers best weapon is his brain makes this a tour de force. I applaud the author for challenging stereotypes with Nick too, proving that intellect and literary prowess are not remotely linked. A dyslexic hero for our times.

I've been thinking long and hard about someone new coming to this series and having that reaction of "Oh my word, there's 14 of them?! How can it be any good?!" I'd refer you to an alternate medium, the kind of storytelling most of us engage with without even thinking of it as such- consider strong, quality TV like Breaking Bad, 24, Sons Of Anarchy. The Undead saga is a new breed of entertainment, like those in book form. Superb set-up; complex characters; amazing writing; some episodic resolutions but an overarching story that briskly and surely carries the action on through the series. And every single one ends with possibilities or cliff-hangers, making the reader long for more.

The quality of writing only gets stronger as the series continues and a rich linguistic playfulness comes to the fore in 14. The quality of story only gets richer with innovation and humour aplenty. The yanking of ephemera front and centre to give innovative action possibilities continues... For example, what on earth happens to safari parks in the zombie apocalypse? You'll find out with more lions, tigers and bears than you can shake a stick (or an axe) at!

This is a sure-fire, cult hit of a series that those of us discovering it now will one day, surely, if there is any justice in this world, be able to say we were there at the start when this is finally optioned for traditional publication, TV or film serialisation and the name of RR Haywood becomes as justly renowned as it should be. Thanks Mr Haywood- another classy, funny, exciting, moving hit. We love you, even if the publishing world doesn't-yet. But as surely as Dave can wield a knife, they will- oh yes they will.
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on 13 December 2013
I love this series of books...I am so pleased he doesn't kill off any main characters. The story is so easy to read and I find it really hard to put down. It's typical lads stuff but as a 51yr old woman its still a fantastic read, Love it.
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on 12 January 2014
What can I say that hasn't already been said about this book, and indeed the entire series? Well, it just keeps getting better with every day, not only the story, characters, plot twists, but also the writing. I assure you, if you haven't tried Day 1 yet, you'll come to love the characters!

Haywood excels at combining gritty realism with humour and lots of emotion too, which is refreshing from a zombie story, and a welcome sight too. All too often zombie novels steer toward the blood, guts, and mechanics of an apocalypse, rather than showing what ordinary people do in such intense and heartbreaking times.

Haywood's characters are realistic and alive, even when they're close to death. There's a raw human element which is often missing with other similar novels. And the banter keeps on coming too, and why not? It's human nature to force a joke in dark times, or perhaps that's a British thing. Either way it works very well.

Day Fourteen doesn't let up from the first page to the last. With every instalment I wonder what Haywood is going to do to keep me up late at night once again. Surely there has to be a drop off point where it starts to feel stale, right?

No chance. He still has me riveted, turning the pages long after my bed time alarm has gone off. I'm very pleased to see Nick has a shining role to play in Day Fourteen, long overdue and well worth the wait, especially as I feel I've watching Nick grow up throughout the series, and deserves his chance to show his worth.

I've enjoyed this series so much, and after reaching the end of Day Fourteen I was compelled to write a piece about it on my blog:


When I reached the last page it suddenly occurred to me that The Undead series would make an excellent TV show, I'm thinking a blend of the darkness of The Walking Dead, the humour of Skins (UK version) and Misfits, with the production value of Game of Thrones.

Can you imagine if Channel 4 picked this up? It would make for edge of your seat viewing over more than a few seasons.

Haywood, feed me your words so my eyes and brain can continue enjoying every last morsel!
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on 11 June 2014
Haywood has managed to write 14 excellent books that have kept me interested to the point of obsession. All the characters are simply cracking from Howie and his hard as woodpecker lips sidekick Dave to Roy the hypochondriac archer. He has crafted a story that blends humour, action, sadness (I nearly cried at least once a book but only nearly) romance and a bit of geeky science stuff and he's done it brilliantly. If you're not a reader of zombie novels and are thinking of trying it out then this is for you as he doesn't just concentrate on the gore and the shambling undead but he also develops the characters, relationships and the 'whole end of the world as we know it' thing. I managed to persuade a mate to read them, he's also hooked now and he hates zombies.
This is a must read especially if you've served or are serving in the forces. The fact that Haywood gets most of his facts wrong about weapon capabilities and stuff actually adds to the story what he does get right in spades is the gallows humour most service personnel have (and need) and the camaraderie between those who are experiencing something terrible. I was in tears laughing at some of the situations and how the charters handled them.
I hope day 14 wasn't the last in the series.
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on 30 December 2013
I am a completely, utterly, fully paid up member of the RR Haywood fan club...if there is one! This series is just going from strength to strength - the story had me at the edge of my seat and also had me crying at one point. How the author can make so much happen in a 24 hour period is beyond me - and it really doesn't feel like it's just the one day - by the time you finish it and sit back, I always feel like I had held my breath throughout it all. Completely engrossing writing.

There is a scene where Dave and Howie are chasing a little girl - my God I laughed so much at these scenes - I just love the relationship between these 2 very different men - brilliant writing!

I do agree however with one of the other reviewers - sack your proof reader. I found every single mistake in the book and this shouldn't detract from the work the author has put in...but part of me was annoyed that the proof reader allowed so many mistakes through.

I will proof read your books for free - serious offer. I love your work and don't think that anything should detract from the story.

If you haven't already tried this series - go for it - you won't be disappointed.
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