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on 5 December 2013
having read previous reviews about this dvd i was willing to give it a go,however as slick a production it is it will never capture the emotion or intensity that the original nightwish had with tarja,diva she may have been but the rest of the band must surely acknowledge that they have been scratching around for a singer of such vocal presence since they sacked her!this dvd in wacken open air just proves how really lost they are without tarja,just another singer running through the back catalogue of nightwish tracks,floor jansen has a great voice and takes on the back catalogue well,the crowd are up for it but if id been on my feet for ten hours id probably cheer for anythimg myself!!its just one of those gigs for really new fans who dont know any better,nightwish really need to bury the hatchet with tarja,make some new music with her or become another band that just trawls the european festival scene,its a shame floor is such a good singer but she is just trying to imitate tarjas vocals at times on this dvd,only really for new nightwish fans who havent heard there original back catalogue!!!
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on 9 February 2014
The sound just didn't hit me in the stomach like most concert blurays do.
I'm using a full DTS system through mirage speakers and a seperate sub.

Visually its very fuzzy and makes me believe that it was not recordered in hd to start with.
If this was the case then more work was required on the bluray version.

Every 3 seconds the camera will change angle which I hate in concert dvds/blurays.
(Be sure to wave to the crowd....a lot!)

Metallica s&m on DVD had better sound and visuals and that was some years ago.
I love the band but I expected a lot more.
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on 3 December 2013
Nightwish as a band has been through a lot over the past 8 years as it's changed, vocalist, direction, changed course again, changed vocalist again and received a mixture of adoring praise and scathing bile throughout. In 2013 major changes came through and joining the Nightwish crew permanently, Floor Jansen, vocalist from After Forever and Revamp, for the tour, and then for as a permanent vocalist along with Troy Donokle who had been working with the band since 2007 on "Dark Passion Play" with his assortment of pipes and whistles. The change has been one of the most positive forces Nightwish has ever received and this live DVD is the ultimate tribute to that, an epic tour de force of Nightwish' symphonic power and stage presence as they take on 85,000 fans at Wacken and knock em dead.

First of all - Floor Jansen, many have praised her and she deserves every bit. I'm one of those people who liked both Tarja and Anette for different reasons, they suited the songs written for them. Floor is just breathtaking, her stage presence knocks both of them out of the water, her voice is dynamic, powerful and manages to get both vocalist styles and trump them. Featured alongside this DVD is a live clip of "Ghost Love Score" from Buenos Aries in Argentina and that is the ultimate show of her skill as a vocalist as she gives it a loud, dramatic ending which is just outstanding and asserts her rightful place as one of the best, if not the best, female vocalist in the genre. And singing beside her is the underrated Marco Hietala who has sung with three vocalists and never failed to disappoint. Vocally, Nightwish are at their strongest here.

But as bitching fans on the internet often forget, the vocalist doesn't define the band and the rest of Nightwish are damn solid in this live album, playing their hearts out with chemistry, passion and smiles written across their faces. The set list is extremely good with most of the songs from either "Once" and "Imaginaerum" and a few songs rarely heard such as "She is My Sin" and "Romanticide" combined with the old classics like "Dark Chest of Wonders" and "Nemo." The songs are all outstanding and with no previous versions to compare to, songs like "Storytime", "Ghost River", "Song of Myself" and "Last Ride of the Day" are incredible to hear live for the first time. The ultimate highlight though is "Ghost Love Score" which Floor does absolute justice and is solidly performed all round, with the guitar more prominent than in the "End of an Era" version of the song. The show itself is steadily and spectacularly filmed, getting the best shots of an enthused crowd and a passionate band performing at a new height.

Included with the Wacken show is the documentary "Please Learn the Set List in 48 hours" which is one of the most interesting tour documentaries I've ever seen, although it sadly lacks Annette Olzen who, despite an unfairly negative reputation as a Pop vocalist, had a big part to play, it was her choice, but still a shame. It gives an intimate insight into one of the biggest tours in Symphonic Metal history, and compliments the show perfectly. Overall Nightwish does extremely well here, and I look forward to their future releases with Troy and Floor.
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on 5 December 2013
Just a brief summary of this fantastic DVD Live performance.

1) Floor Jansen is utterly amazing , fantastic voice , stage presence of an Amazonian , never faulted even for the slightest with the lyrics and hit the high spots effortlessly. Nightwish have found a cracker here and really hope she stays around.

2) The song selection is superb as well , although most people will miss tracks like Over the Hills etc they play a large selection of classics and the best of the Imaginaerum album with the three highlights for me been Ghost Love (score) , Storytime and I Want My Tears Back

3) The quality of the actual filming is second to none , the lightshow and the colours used is breathtaking and as good as you will ever see.

However one thing let it down for me.

Memo to the actual person or persons in charge of editing the DVD


Seriously the actual filming of the band and Floor in particular is brilliant , combining the stage lighting to fabulous effect with individual shots of the band playing but for some unknown reason the editor seems to think that a shot of a random individual been held aloft by the rest of the crowd and usually shown been pulled out by security warrants so much video time , watching it from start to finish it really is disappointing how many times they think it's a really 'neat' shot to use time and time again. The actual shots of the crowd though ( I think the Rock in Rio/Iron Maiden was the first to really do this) singing along etc are well done in places , but please in future pack it in with the same crowdsurf shots over and over again ad nauseum.

To finish with this is fantastic and should be bought as soon as possible if your a fan of Nightwish or similar ilk , it really is brilliant , no encore was done which surprised me but not too sure if an actual encore was performed in real life at the concert.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 December 2013
By far the best Nightwish concert ever recorded. Let's be honest, as much as I loved Tarja as front woman she had the stage presence of a brick. Anette had a little more but not the voice to match. Floor Jansen has both the stage presence and the voice. She commands the stage, she's a little sultry, a little sexy and certainly knows how to headbang with the best of them. The band effortlessly go through a cracking line up of old and new. I loved every single track but the stand out track has to be Ghost Love Score which builds to an ending that took my breath away. Fantastic vibe from the crowd, great lighting and the band looked like they were genuinely having a ball. after watching the Concert I listened to the audio CD with headphones and i was blown away by the quality of the musicianship of the whole band. If this is what Nightwish sound like live with Floor at the helm then I can't wait till they get her in the studio. I almost forgot to say that there is a cracking documentary included.
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on 9 December 2013
Disc 1 "Showtime":

90+Minutes of the full Nightwish headlining set ,Waken 2013.

Only a few minutes in , its already well clear Floor is just so RIGHT for Nightwish , and equally Floor has found a band so RIGHT for her:. They know it, she knows it, the 80,000 + crowd knows it, you know it. The onstage chemistry , Floor's vocals and stage presence all certainly show it.

Earlier, heavier Nightwish classics fill the opening and closing thirds of the show, linked by a sublime run of tracks from Dark Passion Play and Imaginareum midway -enter new 6th band-member Troy Donockley on pipes and whistles for these.

Sound quality is fine, as mostly is the camera work -there is just one "but": in the editing afterwards, somebody seems to have got more than little carried away with crowd -surfer footage: it's not just how many such cut-aways there are, it's also sometimes WHEN they happen - cutting at just the wrong moment across Floor or Marco or whoever in full flow -that can get kind of irritating.

Crowd-surfer overload aside, this is nevertheless a must -have, both for fans of Nightwish in particular and also equally fans of operatic/symphonic metal or rock in general. And one you might well go-back-to rather often.

Disc 2 "Storytime" (Go to Settings to select English subtitles before you start!):

Main feature:"Please learn the setlist in 48 hours".
At 90+ minutes, this could have been overlong for a "vlog" of any normal tour, but as any fan will already know the "Imaginaerum" tour was to prove anything but.

Anette chose as was her right not to appear or be heard at all, that makes for footage of "her" first half of the tour feeling unavoidably a little weird in places. We get a sense the tour all started out well enough but the band "chemistry" is already slipping downhill awhile before the gig where she is sick and the Kamelot vocalists step in...enter one Floor Jansen to the rescue from half way round the planet !

Both Floor and Troy Donockley ,still "Guest Musicans" when all this footage was shot, are now of course full members of Nightwish, so it has come to serve as a great into to both ...also you can learn from Troy how to say "Uilleann Pipes"... and it's not quite like you spell it!
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on 9 March 2014
What can I say that hasn't already been said on previous reviews? Disc 1, the Blu-Ray film of the concert is fantastic, excellent picture and very good filming, even if the cutting (to the crowd) leaves a bit to be desired at times. The picture quality is excellent, as you should expect from HD. The sound quality is great, but a little lacking in depth, and I had to put my TV on full volume to get the best sound out of it. That said the gig itself more than makes up for the minor ailments associated with the production; a plethora of NW favourites past and present. For me, the highlights are: "She is my Sin", "I want my Tears Back", "Nemo", "Last of the Wilds", "Song of Myself" and "Last Ride of the Day". These are just my favourites from this particular show, but the whole concert is brilliant from start to finish. Its hard to believe also, that its an open-air gig! Floor is amazing, and tackles "Tarja songs" with consummate ease, but equally at ease with the "Annette songs". Its on par, if not, in some respects, slightly better than the "End of an Era" DVD.

Floor Jansen is a credit to the music industry for the professionalism she showed in turning up for the (near demise) of NW's World tour 2012, which was halfway across the midwest of the US, when she was called for "a little assistance on the vocals side of things". Also, the way that the two lead vocalists from Kamelot, who were touring with the band, filled in on "that night" (they had an hour to learn some songs!). All this is well documented on Disc 2, which really highlights the dilemma the band had found themselves in. The show must go on, as they say. And it sure did...if Floor had not been available, who knows where, in my opinion the World's best symphonic metal band, would be right now. Disc 2, unlike Disc 1, does not appear to have been filmed in HD, at least concert footage isn't

The CDs are basically an audio version of the Blu-Ray, with nothing added, nothing taken away...

At a little more than £20 (at the time of writing), its a steal! BUY IT!
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 January 2014
This is very much a package of two parts! If you are a Nightwish fan, you should definitely buy it, as the concert contained on the two CDs is excellent - a superb tracklist covering most of the history of the band, an excellent performance and a great sound mix.

I wish I could be as positive about the BluRays, but I really can't. Disc 1, the concert, doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the CDs for some reason - there's a lot less bass and the treble is rather harsh. The overall effect is pretty uninvolving, and I have no idea why this should be the case, given that they presumably come from the same recording!

Disc 2 is more of a problem. On the first copy of this I received, disc 2 wouldn't even load on either my BD player or my PS3. The replacement is slightly better, in that after a few minutes of fiddling, I can get disc 2 to play, but only by inserting it, allowing the player to try to play it, returning to the menu and then trying again - for some reason it never works on the first attempt but usually does on the second. This, combined with the problems I had with the first copy, suggests to me that this disc is either badly authored or badly pressed. Also, when you watch the documentary on it, there are places where the picture is rather jerky, meaning I suspect some poor format conversion has gone on, again suggesting bad authoring. (Disc 1 loads and plays fine, btw, on both copies I tried, so it isn't my player!)

Given the problems with the BDs, you might be better off saving some money and going for the DVD instead - there's not much on here that is going to be made significantly worse by being in SD rather than HD. Worth getting just for the CDs though!
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on 10 January 2014
This is probably the best Nightwish release I've ever come across. Most of the documentary is in Finnish, including the narration, which I didn't mind, but people who might not be accustomed to subtitles will find that drawback. It does add authenticity to the whole thing, though; it makes you feel closer to the band in a way. Tuomas Holopainen said he wanted something that showed the reality of touring, and they've done pretty well with this. It gets to the nitty gritty without losing the sense of fun, which is brilliant.

The narrator also sounds like a Finnish Bilbo Baggins, which I found endearing. The Wacken show is amazing, and the concert on CD and DVD is very well-mixed (by none other than Marco Hietala), although you probably wouldn't expect anything less from Nightwish. There are also nice bonuses for uber-fans: there's an interesting table-hockey (not the type most Anglophones would not be familiar with; it's a lot like foosball) tournament, a nice acoustic (almost acoustic punk) Christmas song and the Ghost Love Score and I Want My Tears Back videos with Floor which the band have previously uploaded on YouTube.

I can only think of two faults with this record:
1) Anette has requested not to appear in this, which is a shame. I think she would have added something extra to the documentary.
2) I wish they'd played The Siren at Wacken. I've heard how Floor does it, and it's by far the best rendition of it, in my humble opinion, out of the three Nightwish singers.

Nonetheless, this'll be one to treasure for fans, and I'm pretty sure the band will, too.
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on 20 December 2013
I thought 'End of an Era' was a live Nightwish DVD that would not be trumped. Then Ms Jansen comes along and blows it out of the water! Here we have a lady can that can do full justice to the whole Nightwish catalogue. I don't want to get into a singer comparison but Floor is my favourite.

I won't give a track by track analysis but two things jumped out.

1) I always skip Romanticide when playing Once. Never liked it. Watching it on this Blu-Ray made me an instant convert.
2) Ghost Love Score is my favourite tune from any band. My words cannot express what Floor brings to this wonderful song or how the hairs on my neck stand up at that ending. Look at official Nightwish Youtube channel to see it.

What really stands out at this concert is how much the band is enjoying it. Floor is so unreserved, compared to Tarja, that she brings a new energy to the numbers. The rest of the band have joined in. It's as if they are saying "It can't get any better than this!"

I get fed up of seeing the crowd's antics but, overall, this concert is well filmed. The lights and smoke have not been allowed to affect the videography.

I restrained from playing the Autorips and waited for the Blu-rays to arrive so as to experience it as fully as possible first time round. I suggest you do the same!
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