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on 26 February 2014
I always buy cases for my mobile phones, and this is by far the best one I've ever bought. It's a perfect fit, with all cut-outs in the correct place and provides adequate protection without adding too much bulk. The finish is really nice, its like a hard rubber which is grippy but not sticky. Highly recommended.
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on 23 January 2015
The 2013 Motorola Moto G is a sensibly sized, ergonomically designed handset that is comfortable and pleasant to hold. Whilst it's cheaply priced for what's on offer, it is by no means 'throw-away' or something I wouldn't kick myself for if I dropped and broke it. Whilst it feels quite solidly built I always like to get a little extra protection on my handsets without adding too much bulk and the Ringke SLIM Case seemed like a good deal with a free screen protector included.

The case was supplied in simple, 'eco' cardboard packaging and came with the listed screen protector as well as fitting instructions for the same.

This is a hard-case constructed from a matt black and slightly rubberised plastic that mimics, to some degree, the feel of the original back cover (not the smoother replacement covers you can get). It is blank of any decoration except for a very subtle black, glossy 'Ringke SLIM' label on the back, close to the bottom. 'SLIM' by name and slim in nature, it doesn't add too much bulk to the Moto G, follows it's curves quite faithfully and is thus comfortable to hold. It only really omits the traditional Moto 'Dimple' which is a bit of a loss but not something I can complain too loudly about. If you've bought a different coloured battery cover for the Moto G, like I have, the cut-outs also show this off a little which means you haven't spent money for nothing!

The case has cut-outs for the speaker grille, camera and LED flash on the back and on the right hand side it has cut-outs for the Power Button and Volume Rocker. It has a raised edges on the sides which come out about 1mm past the screen which means you can put the phone face down on a flat surface and the screen should be protected from contact with the same. If you've fitted a tempered glass screen protector, however, then I suspect this raised lip will not offer any protection, as it probably won't come out far enough to do so. It is compatible with the included 'film' protector though.

On the top and bottom of the case is where things get a little controversial. In the trade-off between sleekness and protection, I think Ringke have erred a more towards sleekness, but I suppose this is implied in the name anyway. The top and bottom of the phone are more-or-less open and unprotected. There is a raised lip towards the back of the phone (with cut-outs for the headphone jack and the micro-USB port) which will offer some protection if you drop it straight down or on a corner, however if your phone falls angled towards the front screen then you're probably out-of-luck. I don't know why Ringke have not just covered all four sides of the phone or at least brought the lip further up and past the corners which would have likely have protected all four sides from a drop and they could have kept the majority of the top and bottom open still. *sigh*

So that's how it looks, but how is it to use? Honestly, pretty good. It adds minimal size to the phone and so is still comfortable to use one-handed, it is not slippy and whilst it does pick up fingerprints and oil quite readily it is also easy to wipe clean. If you're a left-hander like myself however, the buttons can be a little difficult to hit convincingly as on the Moto G they are quite low profile and thus sit below the surface of the case and so when trying to press them with your fingertips you keep coming up against the hard case. Holding the phone in my right hand though and pressing the buttons with my thumb presented no such issues. Personally I think it's a shame that Rearth couldn't have integrated buttons into the case however at this price point it's hard to complain too loudly.

The supplied screen protector came pre-packaged with dust specs already attached to the adhesive side, which was disappointing and I hope doesn't speak to the general standard of the protectors they sell at full price. The included instructions also make reference to items that aren't provided such as a cleaning cloth, dust removal sticker and a bubble removal card, again though, with it being a free pack-in screen protector I can't find it in myself to complain.

To sum up - As implied in the name Ringke have concentrated more on adding as little bulk as possible to the phone rather than going for optimal protection. It is a thin, hard case and so does not look like it will offer too much in the way of impact protection, in fact, I'm also half convinced that the phone will pop out of the case if it is dropped since it doesn't really have much of a lip to keep both phone and case together. That said, it should offer enough protection unless you're unfortunate enough to drop it at such an angle that the unprotected portions of the phone make contact with the ground. The upside of this is that it really does not add much size to the phone and so is comfortable to use and the finish feels a lot like the original back so offers some degree of grip. If you're not clumsy and are looking for a compromise between style and protection then this is a good one - if you want protection most of all then you're better off looking elsewhere.
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on 18 January 2014
I bought the thin black casing. It fits the phone well, and protects the back and edges from scuffs and marks. It slides easily in your pocket, for my previous phone I had a rubber casing and this made it difficult to get out of your pocket quickly when you receive a call.

There are cutouts for the camera lense, flash, speaker, volume and power buttons, charging socket and headphones. There is also a small cutout to add a string attached stylus or other accessory, something that the phone itself does not have.

The volume and power buttons are a little harder to access, but then they are protected by the casing so this is not really a negative but something to bear in mind.

Supplied with a screen protector, but I did not bother applying this as the phone already has Gorilla Glass anyway.
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on 11 February 2014
This case is a perfect protective fit to the Moto G and gives you a lot of reassurance that the case edges and back, at least, are well protected. The cutouts for the cameras, buttons, speaker etc are very neat. The whole thing smacks of real quality design. Being paranoid, I have nevertheless bought a stretchy neoprene pouch to slip the encased phone into, as I have dropped my old Nokia several times. Its silicone rubber accessory skin saved it from damage on all occasions. The case needs to be stretchy as anything made to measure for the bare phone will not like the additional thickness of the Ringke, amazingly thin though it is. I'd give the Ringke five stars but for the protective film, which is impossible to apply without trapping microscopic dust particles between it and the screen. Having had this problem before with aforesaid Nokia, I was aware of the pitfalls and having cleaned the screen thoroughly, used an air duster can to blow any remaining dust off the screen before trying to apply the film. No dice. Still managed to get some dust caught and even though the particles are barely visible they stop the film from settling down and leave very visible bubbles on the display. As far as I can see, the only way to apply such a film successfully would be in the clean room of a silicon chip fabrication plant, or maybe an operating theatre under a positive air pressure system. If you don't care about the bubbles then fine, otherwise accept that the film that comes with the otherwise excellent Ringke case is one freebie you may as well chuck straight in the bin and save yourself some frustration. I just hope that Corning's Gorilla Glass is as tough as it claims to be.
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on 13 May 2014
The case has been quickly delivered eventhough I'm from Belgium and it was shipped from the UK.

The case itself is really thin and doesn't make the whole smartphone thicker at all. The design of the case is simple and nice. There is enough room to plug in the µUSB, the earphone jack, etc. without any problem.
Also the material used for the case makes it smooth when touching it, but not slippy at all and even less slippy than the real back cover of the smartphone, which is good.
When holding the smartphone in your hand, it gives a firm grip which reduces the (scary) feeling of letting the phone go and drop it on the floor.

I would surely recommend buying this case !

(PS: the screen protector given for free is OK. It has an extra 3rd hole on the right of the speaker not really needed IMO. Otherwise great because the protective layers strips are on the top.)
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on 28 February 2015
Thanks to the minimal safety provided to my phone when fitted with this case im now in the process of purchasing a new lcd screen along with a new case that i hope does as it says it should... protecting my phone from damage ... this case gives no protection whats so ever at the bottom and top as it tapers off without providing the rim that runs down each side! lesson learnt :(
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on 19 January 2015
Bought this having previously had a Ringke cover for my LG Nexus 4. That worked well, but today having dropped my Moto G, the screen smashed. First time the cover was tested and it failed to protect the phone. Not worth buying as it does not provide the protection you need. Shame as Ringke are a good brand and as I mentioned, the cover for my Nexus 4 works really well.
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on 15 February 2014
Excellent quality, possible better than the case-mate barely there case I had for my old phone. It is very slim and I don't notice a difference in size or usability.

The case (Matt black version) does improve the gripiness of the phone somewhat but is no where near actual rubber bumper cases.
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on 19 February 2014
SF black case for Moto G. Case is perfect and fits the phone well. really easy to fit, feels the same as the back of the phone. Protects well. and the free screen protector is good also very clear and anti bubble.
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on 2 May 2014
It clips really neatly onto the phone adding a layer of protection and much needed grip. Having full cutouts for the buttons just makes them much easier to use in general and the cutouts also allow glimpses of the case colour to shine though (I have a clerical purple/black combo).

The screen protector is good and easy to apply and has certainly picked up a lot to little scratches since its application, but I'm not sure how well it will survive long term.

The packaging of all the components was also really nice with good attention to detail.

Certainly worth the money and far nicer than those cheep gel cases.
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