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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 May 2014
I don't want to spoiled the film... But I will, or maybe. Heard a lot of comments to the film that Polish is quite conservative to third gender. So this film ended up with tragedy and hard for someone who looking for happy ending. It's a typical modern day plot of gay movies which have a prize from random film festivals. They always put a message that gay should not be happy or deserve to live with someone they love because god made a man together with woman... I'm feeling unhappy about this idea because I'm also gay :(

Yep,we have a heart!!!
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on 16 April 2014
I got into this film pretty much right away. I found early on I wasn't noticing that I was reading the subtitles as I was really hooked. I enjoy foreign films as you see things from a different perspective. This film seems to follow other European countries in the fact that so much is said in silence. You find yourself needing to think so much more than films in English. This was very down-to-earth and I thought a believable story line. For me personally I really enjoyed this film.
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on 11 October 2014
I would not recommend this film to a person who has not come out as gay because there is no convincing hope of a positive future for the two young men.There is an obvious hostile attitude towards gay people throughout which makes the film quite depressing. The violence and the fact that the film is mostly slow add to my negative impression of it.
The acting is, however, good. At times even very good. When will Polen deliver some positive thinking?.
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This is a Polish film of gay love and in some respects has similarities to the recently released German film `Freefall'Free Fall [DVD]. It is essentially the story of Kuba (Mateusz Banasiuk) he lives at home with his mum and girlfriend of two years - Sylwia. He is a talented swimmer and trains every day. He seems to be a bit care-free and, some might say, even immature in his outlook. Then one night at an art gallery, which Sylwia has dragged him to, he meets the broodingly good looking Michal (Bartosz Gelner).

They sort of hit it off and all of a sudden they are falling for each other. However, things are never simple and events conspire against the two men, what follows involves family loyalties, coming out and rampant homophobia. To say any more could impinge on the plot.

This film does contain a fair bit of nudity and scenes of a very sexual nature but it is all pretty tasteful/realistic - this is not art house though and does not shy away from a `rutting scene'. It is extremely well shot with great use of the locations and lighting, the underwater sequences are all excellent. This is a high values production and it reaps the rewards for that. The acting is top notch and the sub titles are all very good too - with a run time of 89 minutes this is a film that left me wanting more and was an experience that moved me - absolutely recommended.
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on 22 June 2014
As reviewer Tommy Dooley points out, the plot is very similar to the German film "Free Fall" which I watched last night. Both depict a man in a straight relationship who falls for another guy. They both end with the gay getting beaten up and the straight guy going back to the girl (implied in Free Fall). I thought we had moved away from this negative depiction of gay relationships. I'm not too sure to whom this film is aimed up. It's a pity because the acting and photography is top quality (the two stars given for this reason) but a more positive ending would have made this film more memorable. Of course some will say that life doesn't always end up happily and so this will appeal to them. Lets have some gay films with hope!
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on 13 October 2014
A classic-looking "European" film, you feel Floating Skyscrapers could have been filmed anytime in the last 2 decades of the 20th century - plenty of widescreen vistas, gorgeous if rather gloomy cinematography set in vast grey urban complexes under leaden skies. The tale itself is competently performed and nothing new but is reportedly a first for Poland in terms of gay cinema. However, although I am all for realism, in the end I found it all rather depressingly bleak and backwards-looking. It skirts round gay sex with a couple of standard 'lets not scare the horses' sort of sex scenes, yet feels compelled to counterbalance those with a lengthy and rather graphic nude scene of oral sex performed by Kuba on his girlfriend. Oh, and it ends with a nasty gay murder. Even Christiane F, as bleak a film about drugs as you could get, closed with a glimmer of hope. As anti-gay attitudes appear to be getting stronger political support in some parts of the world (Russia, say), it's hardly a film that would compel any isolated gay man in such countries to think about coming out.
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on 27 March 2014
I never saw a Polish movie, I was surprised: good cinematography, good acting , a lot of tension seen on the screen by living a heterosexual live while being gay and desperatly in love with a boy.
I'm impressed!
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Floating Skyscrapers is quite similar to the German film Free Fall, in telling the story of a straight man who falls for a much more openly gay one who still faces problems with his environment. In both films the straight man has a girlfriend, and his parents feature quite a lot, while the settings are very much modern interiors, multi-storey car-parks etc. - a lot of concrete, glass and tiles. This may be an important film for the cause of Polish gay rights, which I believe face a lot of official opposition and scorn, but it makes for quite a fatalistic film. If the German one is more enjoyable, it is largely because German society is quite tolerant, even if, as I remember, not everyone was in the police force ... But the general climate is more favourable. In Floating Skyscrapers there are quite a few longueurs and the weight of hostility on gay people is felt throughout. The main character, called Kuba, seems to be in full-time swimming training to be on a team, and then considers going to university. Oddly, the gay sex scene rang very true, and the film briefly got beyond the more obvious set-ups it uses most of the time. It starts with a masturbation in a toilet stall sequence that seems a complete rip-off of Almodovar's Law Of Desire, but unfortunately there is none of the exuberance or humour of that film. I thought that, even allowing for its grimness, a more telling script would have maintained interest better. The gay lovers are quite good, especially Kuba, as is the girlfriend, but the underwater scenes are fairly ordinary and the look of the film is best described as drab. There is the feeling that we have seen this material a lot of times before, even if not from Poland. It has a kind of sub-Kieslowski feel, but really lacks the intensity of his films ... Equally, anyone expecting another Free Fall is likely to be disappointed.
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on 19 May 2014
'Floating Skyscrapers' a Polish production from respected director Tomasz Wasilewski and starring Mateusz Banasiuk, one of Poland's finest young actors, caused a stir in its homeland where conservative attitudes still hold sway and equal rights struggle against an organised opposition to their advancement.

It is therefore both as a film and as a political statement that this drama can be viewed. Kuba (Banasiuk) is a talented swimmer who lives at home with girlfriend Sylwia (Marta Nieradkiewicz). This surface happiness is only a background as we realise Kuba has inner demons disturbed by the arrival of Michal (Bartosz Gelner), a good looking guy facing a decision when to come out to his family. Additionally, Kuba's mum Ewa (Katarzyna Helmand) possessively flaunts her closeness to her son before an ever more skeptical Sylwia. At first Kuba attempts to suppress his yearning for Michal but succumbs in increasingly more intimate encounters. Here lies, I think, the films main narrative weakness as it is not made clear as to the chronology of their becoming lovers although it may have something to do with the top floor of a multistorey carpark. Apart from this, 'Floating Skyscrapers' presents a grimly realistic picture of humdrum existence shattered by the realisation of new passion.

There is a lot of sex but all justified by its place in the story. The whole cast excels in mainly thankless,, humourless roles. Banasiuk stands out giving a very subtle, sensitive performance. Spending much of his time
naked he is still able to add to his physicality, a good deal of emoting. He is on screen most of the time and with the help of a taut script, never wastes a word where a gesture or expression will do. He does a first class job and is able to convey both the jock side of his nature and the gay side without resorting to histrionics. It is an impressive job, well done. I've seen numerous films with similar set ups recently, the disappointing - The Sex of Angels - for instance, going back to - Sunday Bloody Sunday - and this easily holds its own and more in a compelling production, well directed. Expect no easy answers nor laughs here. But a serious look at how difficult are the pressures from both family and Polish society on two young men who simply want to be together. And the ending speaks volumes.

All in all, I recommend -Floating Skyscrapers- as an impressive addition to the genre. Four and a half stars. The soundtrack is sparse or simply not needed. In Polish with English subtitles. A trailer is the only extra.
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on 17 January 2015
We settled down to watch this film expecting it to be a story about young love and coming to terms with being gay. Instead it was a dark and rather depressing tale with an ending that could have been written in the 1970s. I can only hope that being gay in Poland is not as tough as this film suggests. Avoid this film unless you believe gay people don't deserve happy lives!
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