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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 29 June 2015
Best headset I have ever owned. Been a PC gamer for a while now and tried all manor of headsets including the famous Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset and the Astros A50's along with many, many Turtle Beach headsets. I won't even bother rating the G4ME ZERO headset against the Turtle Beach headsets because they are not even in the same league. Sound quality, build quality, design, value for money, comfort, the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO just stomps on anything Turtle Beach could ever make.

Anyway, enough about Turtle's. Compared to the other high priced headsets I have owned, this is truly the only one that has ever made me feel like I was listening to the sound as it was originally intended. Pair this headset with a high end, high performing sound card and the difference will be night and day. Sound never sounded so good! Even without the performing sound card, the difference will be there. The high, mids and lows on this set are perfectly tuned. Most gaming headsets these days have either too much bass or too little but that is a problem I thankfully need not deal with anymore since turning to Sennheiser

The comfort of this headset cannot be emphasized enough. They have XXL head cuffs that fit perfectly over my ears (and I have big ears) and they are super light weight. They never get in the way and they allow you to concentrate on your game instead of constantly messing with your headset.

The build quality. What can I say? They are German. Go throw them out of your window in front of a bus and they would probably still work. They are not cheaply built at all and you can see and feel that. The design of them is superb.

The mic has got to be one of the best you can buy. Everyone will be able to hear you crystal clear and the great thing about the mic is you simply push it up vertically when not in use and it automatically mutes. Awesome!

I know they are expensive but you are not just paying for the name. You are paying for the best. Right now, this is one of the best gaming headsets you can buy. It has pretty much everything you could want in a headset. Great build quality, superb sound, comfort, unique design and a fantastic mic.

Remember, these are labeled as Pro headsets and I will give you a few reasons as to why. First off, the volume control will not mute the sound completely when at it's lowest. They have done this to accommodate for the lack of mic monitoring which I will discuss below. Remember, the idea of this headset is to immerse you in the game and keep outside noise from distracting you.

As I mentioned above, they do NOT have mic monitoring. This is a definite plus in my book. Mic monitoring causes horrible feedback looping that results in a constant background noise in your headset. It is very distracting while gaming and to get the best audio quality, this feature had to be done away with. If the game is too loud and you need to speak to your fellow comrades, turning the volume down to the lowest it will go will still provide you with the ability to know what is going on in the game but will also allow you to hear yourself while speaking. As soon as you are done you can turn it back up again.

Despite what Turtle Beach will have you believe, true pro gaming headsets do NOT have mic monitoring.

And that concludes my review. Do not let the price put you off. You get what you pay for and this headset does not disappoint. It is Sennheiser after all. Most if not all the games you play on had their sound reordered on a Sennheiser audio device. Just remember that.
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I’ll admit I’ve not had much previous experience with Sennheiser. Well, none really apart from when I was on holiday in Vegas. We had a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon and the headsets we wore were made by Sennheiser. I could not tell you what model they were, but they were of a high quality and did an amazing job of blocking out the noise of the helicopter and allowing myself and the captain to talk to each other. So as you can imagine when I went to a computer trade show and saw that Sennheiser had a stand, I was keen to have a chat with them. They told me they were developing headsets for gamers, and it certainly looks like they have with their G4ME ZERO headsets. As soon as I opened the box I knew that these were premium headphones and should deliver the best in mic and audio quality.

What are Sennheiser all about? (from Sennheiser)

Discover true sound
For more than 65 years our name has stood for top-quality products, true sound and tailor-made solutions for every aspect of recording, transmission and reproduction of sound. We want people to not only hear all aspects of sound, but also to feel it, too. With German engineering, decades of experience in professional business, and innovative science, we stay true to the sound and set new standards for headphones, headsets, microphones, and integrated systems.

Being a fan of many online computer games, I am no stranger to headsets. My wife would go crazy if she had to listen to me and all of the related gaming noise. I have never really spent much money on headphones, normally going for un- branded, sub £20 headphones. I was under the impression that they all sound the same so why spend the money on expensive headphones. To spend even £100 let alone £199.99 on headphones was just something that I had never thought about. So when the G4ME headset arrived on my desk I was keen to try them out, and I haven’t thought twice about using any others since.

Firstly let’s take a look at the headset, what it features and what Sennheiser have to say about it.
“Gaming Headset for PC & Mac G4ME ZERO BLACK featuring Sennheiser’s “Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement” technology, the G4ME ZERO delivers the ultimate in sonic accuracy and clarity. The updated closed design provided by the custom-made painted steel ear cup grids lets you hear even the faintest detail of your game.”

Supreme Comfort
Introducing a new era for professional gaming headsets.
“With G4ME ZERO we have gone back to where we started and completely rethought the concept of comfort for gaming. Our aim was to design the most comfortable and best sounding closed professional headset on the market. We think we’ve done just that.”
So with all that in mind let’s have a look at the G4ME ZERO headset and see if it lives up to its name.

What do you get?
One of the first things that you notice with just the box in your hands is how premium it looks. The packaging is well constructed and contains the premium look to the graphics and design of it. On the back of the box you will find the specifications for the headphones and upon opening, you will see the headset tucked neatly away in its carry case.

• TAILORED EAR PADS- the first ever gaming headset to feature multiple layers of fitted ear padding.
• SENNHEISER TRANSDUCER TECHNOLOGY- extreme clarity and accurate, developed at our own labs.
• "ERGONOMIC ACOUSTIC REFINEMENT"- Sennheiser technology delivers ultimate sonic accuracy and clarity by channelling signals directly into your ears.
• XXL EAR PADS- Plenty of space around your ears for best fit and comfort.
• NOISE-CANCELING MICROPHONE- Professional-grade noise-cancelling microphone with intuitive mute function.
• CLOSED DESIGN- The closed design blocks out all outside noise allowing you to focus on your game.

• Headset and Microphone
• COLOR black (Article No. 506079)
• COLOR white (Article No. 506064)
• IMPEDANCE Headphones: 150 Ω
• CONNECTOR 2 x 3.5 mm for desktop/laptop
• FREQUENCY RESPONSE (MICROPHONE) Microphone: 50 Hz - 16,000 Hz
• FREQUENCY RESPONSE (HEADPHONES) Headphones: 10 Hz – 26.000 Hz
• SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL (SPL) Headphones: 108 dB
• EAR COUPLING Headphones: around-the-ear, closed acoustic design
• WEIGHT 312 g
• PICK-UP PATTERN Microphone: Noise Cancelling
• SENSITIVITY Microphone: -38 dBV at 94 dBSPL

The Headset
With the headset out of the box and in your hands, the first thing you will notice is their light weight and feel. The headset feels really sturdy and looks like it would stand the test of time through many hours of gaming and playing music. One of the many features is its travel friendly design which allows you to fold the headset away for storing when not in use or for travel to LAN parties etc. The included hard case is a godsend and allows the headset to be safely stored when not in use. Connecting the G4ME ZERO to your computer is so simple with just a pair of 3.5mm connectors- one for the headphone and one for the microphone. Just plug them into your sound card and you are away. You can use the headset on other devices but you will need an adaptor that isn’t included.

The cable is made from a really high quality braided material and is around 3m in length. It is extremely flexible and I found that it did not get in the way. I would have to say that the headphones are the most comfortable headset that I have ever worn, lightly pressing against your head and covering your entire ear. I found that they stay securely in place with little movement at all. I was expecting the headset to feel heavier than it actually is and feel Sennheiser really have got the right balance here with the overall weight. The G4ME ZERO features a new ear pad design that they have developed for their professional pilot headphones. The ear pads are made with thick leatherette and triple layered memory foam. The case of the ear pads are thicker to ensure that the headset closes all around the ear. I found that this prevents the sound from escaping.

The controls on the headset are well placed with a volume control on the right ear cup- I feel that this works much better, rather than placing the control on the actual cable itself. The microphone features a convenient mute function as well where you just lift the boom in the air and you’re off air.

The microphone is a flip down boom located on the left ear-cup. Flipping it down activates the mic and vice versa turns it off. I tested the mic through Skype calls as well as game play, and even read some of The Hobbit book so I could hear for myself the amazing mic quality.

The sound is crystal clear and as mentioned before is totally out of this world. I will never again buy un-branded, cheap headphones. The headphones during game play really give you the edge, allowing you to hear all of that minute game detail and sound effects that I just cannot hear with my normal headphones. The sound was totally immersive but not overwhelming. Playing music was on a really different level and having tested the headphones with a great range of music, I was really impressed.
I think what really sets this headset apart is just how well it behaves when listening to movies and playing music. Maybe you would not necessarily spend so much money on this headset unless you were a gamer, but it does fit the bill for movies and music as well, and I definitely think it is worth the expense.

I have found reviewing this headset highly interesting. The G4ME ZERO headset is a fantastic gaming headset and with a price of £199.99, you would not expect anything less. Spending this type of money on a headset really buys you the very best that money can buy. I do feel that the price is little high, but you are also paying for the Sennheiser brand and design. I would like to see maybe a 3 year warranty on a pair of head phones that cost as much as £199.99. In terms of quality, I would recommend these to anyone and the extra expense is certainly worth the results.
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on 12 February 2015
I didnt really know about headsets untill a few weeks ago, i saw an advert about the new ASUS Strix 7.1 headset.

Just before Xmas I built my self a new Computer, ASUS Maximus 7 hero, i5 4690k, ASUS 780 DC II, 850 pro SSD, Creative Z sound card, Watercooling etc etc. I know about PC's, turns out Audio I am a Complete beginner.

So I have been using Turtle Beach p11 as xbox players always saying turtle beach best ever blah blah and why should I doubt them, they spend all the time living on those Console toys as most have no jobs and way to much time to play games....

I have since realised that turtle beach is like driving a Yugo compared with a BMW M5. I put headset on with my IPhone6 + (I Know that Iphone has to small Ohm rating to drive them properly, but I am at work and have no other audio source to hear the sweet sound)

"OMFG!!" was the words of my co worker who claims to be a audiophile..... I am still at work at present, but I when I get to hear BF4 later, and the 4 x hispano cannons on my Spitfire... well lets just say I picked up some Kleenex just incase!

whould give 10/10 scores but they ware worthless in my opinion

Feel.... not £200 worth, but that's not all the components. feels like a mixture of good with not so great. Cable is nice, mic looks like it comes from a sound studio. i whould say the cheapest feeling part is the actual cups and volume knob.

Sound... Cant give total opinion, but from what my iphone showed me.... Sounds like how I have never heard sound before, open /warm the sound feels like a big room correctly staged... I cant explain it better

Comfort... I can feel I have them on my head, but not overly. ears might get warm, but just air them once every 20mins should be good. very soft top and cups.

Conclusion........ £200 is expensive, but I like to pay good money for something and know that I am going to have a flawless product. because for me if I was to spend £100 on headset that are nearly as good, I would consider that a waste of £100, as I know I am not truly happy with them, and would rather spend the extra £100 knowing that I have the best which I wouldn't consider a waste.

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice.............. and with these I doubt ill need to buy again.
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This has been a difficult review to do since everywhere I have read, the Sennheiser Game Zero is concluded to be the top of the pile for gaming headphones, and the only downside is price (something which most reviews downplay as `if you are buying these, then cost is not a concern').

However, I have ignored every such review and gone by my own results, which are significantly different. I have also NOT ignored cost, and have compared against a number of other headphones on the basis that the Game Zero MUST compete on price against at least one other classic audiophile headphone set, as well as wiping the floor with more standard gaming headphones from the likes of Creative and Logitech.

I have reviewed on the following points:

1. The headphones must be able to handle gaming audio frequency ranges, and in particular be able to bring out explosions without blotting out other sound such as soundtrack and other special effects.

2. Stereo separation should be good enough to give good directional cues.

3. The headphones should be good enough for general audio such as music and occasional sound editing.

4. Usability and look-and feel.

5. Price vs features

I buy new headphones at the same rate most gamers change their graphics cards (!) so am lucky to have a full selection of headphone sets that encompass the available price range, and will compare them to the Game Zero for each of the points above. The line-up includes:

Old, last gen headphones (Creative Fatality). These go for about 20-30 nowadays and are probably the low end quality headphones a serious gamer would consider.

Current gen headphones with audio processing hardware (Logitech G430). These are a traditional two speaker set, but come with a hardware dongle that digitally emulates a 7.1 sound-space. They are a step up from the Fatality, and you are looking at the mid 50s for one now.

Audiophile headphones. The Sennheiser HD25's are a classic. A music industry mainstay, and their lightness and durability makes them very useful for gaming, assuming you can live without the microphone. You can pick them up now for around 100. I would have liked to have tested against the Sennheiser Amperior rather than the HD25 as the former are in the same cost ballpark as the Game Zero, but I don't own the Amperiors.

And of course, finally, the Game Zero.

For all the tests, I am outputting via a Creative SB X-Fi (and am certainly NOT using the motherboard audio to test such an expensive pair of headphones!). I am using a fast gaming rig that is in the top 10% of all PCs according to its 3DMark results (Alienware i7 12 core, recent graphics card, 24GB, dual SSDs, Windows8).

Ok, on with the 5 test areas!

1. Gaming Frequencies.

I tested with Crysis 3. The HD25s produced the best bass, with the Fatality and G430 coming second. I was gobsmacked that the Game Zero came last for bass. On investigation, I found that the Game Zero could be made to sound as good as the HD25s if I pressed the heads down into my ears a fraction. It looks like the foam on the Game Zero lifts the drivers too far away from the ears, and also absorbs some of the bass in the process. However, the Game Zero also uses memory foam, so maybe they will settle with time. If I don't update this point, then assume it's a design fault, and the Game Zero really is not seating properly for optimum sound. However, I must say that one of the major points with top quality headphones is that they must seat properly and consistently. The Fatality headphones also sound deeper when you press them towards your ears, but the G430s do it much less, and the HD25's don't do it at all (and never have).

For the clarity at the high end, the Fatality started showing its true colours: the separation between the bass and highs get a bit muddy when you have explosions going off, and it gets a bit indistinct. The 430 is better, but doesn't go as deep to start off with, and the HD25 and Game Zero are about the same: close to perfection. Proper frequency separation across the board, and no muddiness

The HD25s win, with the Game Zero second because it fails on the low frequencies. G430 third, and the Fatality last.

2. Stereo separation

For this test I used a game that relies a lot on sound for cues (ARMA3). You have to know where the incoming bullets are coming from in a flash, because both the AI and online players are merciless!

I thought the G430s, with their emulated 7.1 would win this but even though they are stereo only, the Game Zero really shows its quality on this one: stereo separation is excellent and far beyond the others. The Fataility was too muddy, the HD25s were good and probably as good as it gets for traditional non-gaming headphones, but I think they miss out a little on the extended sound-scape that gaming audio requires. A better result for the Game Zero: an easy first place.

3. General Audio and occasional sound editing.

For this, I listened via Spotify on both my gaming rig and a decent laptop (Sony Vaio i7 in the office at work), and also used my gaming rig for video editing using Adobe Premiere CC. Without a doubt, I expected the HD25s to win, and the Fatality and G430 to be no hopers in comparison (which was the case). The issue was how close the Game Zero came to the HD25s: the HD25 is practically an industry standard for DJing and audio production, so how close do the Game Zero come to them?

Well, pretty close, but the bass issue reared its head again. The Game zero just doesn't sit well enough to pass bass properly to the ear unless you press the cups down, so it comes second to the HD25.

Special mention comes for the G430s, which exhibit a slight crackle at times from the hardware dongle (typical Creative: great hardware, occasionally suspect software!), so for the discerning audiophile, they probably fail overall. Incidentally, they also seem to crackle a bit for certain very specific games. It's down to the hardware dongle (remove that and the headphones don't crackle).

4. Usability and look-and-feel.

Let's be honest here: the Game Zero oozes quality, and looks good packed in its dedicated hard molded carrying case. Once you take them out and are wearing them though, I think the G430s actually look the best, with the Fatality looking its age, and the HD25s looking a little cheap and fragile (although looks can be deceptive - the HD25s last forever, I've had mine since 2007 and not a mark!).

In terms of wearability, it is between the Game Zero and HD25s, with the G430 coming a close second.

For durability, I expected the same from the Game Zero as I got from the HD25s. The HD25s are built to last, and every part is replaceable and the whole thing can be taken apart into its separate pieces: it has no `design life' - its all replaceable and built to last longer than you do! None of the others look to be in the same league, although the Game Zero comes closest.

One really cool thing about the Game zero is that it has a easy to get at volume dial on the right speaker cup. The Fatality and G430 both have the volume on the wire, but that decision seems backward and archaic once you use the Game Zero.

The Game Zero also has the ability to turn the mic off simply by retracting it upwards (a feature shared with the G430, the HD25 doesn't have a mic, and for the Fatality you have to physically unplug the mic to turn it off).

One negative about the Game Zero is that it comes with dual 3.5 inch jacks only (one for audio, one for mic). These are standard connectors for desktop/laptop computers, but not compatible with some consoles without an adapter - which you don't get in the package. So the Game Zero is aimed at computers rather than consoles (but then, the headphones cost as much as a console!).

5. Price vs Features.

For the price, I would expect the Game Zero to beat the HD25 for everything except perhaps the 'General Audio' test, where it would have to come a very close second. The Game Zero fails on bass, so doesn't meet this high expectation. Short and sweet result on this one, and a bit of a downer for the Game Zero.

So to conclude

The Fatality is a surprisingly good set of headphones. Pretty good in everything, but sound is a little muddy so they have to be discounted for the discerning gaming audiophile. The G430s are an average pair of headphones bolstered by a clever hardware dongle that makes them sound very good. Remove the dongle and the G430s are worse than the Fatality (incidentally, use the G430 dongle with the HD25, and.... well, I'll leave that joy for anyone who has both systems to try out!). The G430s suffer from slight crackling on some games though, so for gaming audio perfection, they also fail.

The HD25s would make perfect gaming headphones notwithstanding the audiophile stereo separation (which isn't quite as wide as dedicated gaming headphones such as the G430 and Game Zero) and they don't have a mic attached. They have to be discounted for online gaming simply on their physical lack of the mic. They're good for occasional single player gaming though if your main focus is video/sound authoring and music, and would therefore satisfy a very particular gaming audiophile: one who enjoys single player and/or doesn't use a mic for teamspeak.

Sadly, I have to conclude that the Game Zero is not worth the money because the as-tested copy I have just doesn't beat the HD25s often enough, which they should given they cost x2 as much. The Game Zero doesn't cut it because it appears to have a design flaw when it should have no issues whatsoever *from day one* given it is the most expensive headphone set you can buy.

What isn't good enough? The sound drivers are certainly good enough (at least as good as the HD25), but the headphones just don't seat correctly on the head to get the bass to your ears. If you press the headphones just a touch to your head, the bass suddenly opens up and you get something closer to a `gaming version of the HD25 - slightly more emphasis on bass and wider stereo image, but otherwise clearly a device with the same audio quality. But you can't stay pressing in the headphones like that for normal use. So, either the Game Zero memory foam needs a while to `burn-in' to the user's contours, or it just isn't physically configured properly.

As I said, this was a difficult review to write. Every web review I see doesn't seem to note the issue with the Game Zero seating and subsequent bass issue. Maybe its just my copy, or the memory foam needs to burn in, or I have a really really big head, or I'm being overly picky, but as of this writing, this is my conclusion. 2 stars off for the bass issue on what would otherwise be 'a gaming version of the classic HD25'.

I'll certainly update the review if things improve (I intend to use the Game Zero exclusively for a couple of months following this review, but if I don't update this conclusion, assume this is my final view).

Thanks for getting to the end of a pretty long review, and good luck with your buying decision. If you have any questions add a comment and I'll do my best to answer.
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on 19 December 2014
I think these are a fantastic buy. They do a great job of isolating you (You will not hear your wife/ partner / parent - which may be a good or bad thing depending on your point of view).

Sound quality is good, though maybe lacking a little mid range. The mic works very well, and i like the mute function (raise the boom).

There's an on-ear rotary volume dial, and it has a very long cable.

I also find them incredibly comfortable - they are very lightweight compared to other "high - end" gaming headsets, and although you get warm ears, I haven't found it uncomfortable.

If the mic boom was detachable I'd have given 5 stars
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on 14 July 2016
Coming from a different high-end headset I had high expectations for this headset, and I can say that I was not dissapointed. Starting with the build quailty, they are outstanding. I have been careful with them so have not pushed them to their limits but I do think that they would keep their structure if treated a bit rougher. They look fantastic in white, and complement my white desk perfectly. Comfort is a very strong point for these, with super soft ear cups and head band. They are very comfortable for long sessions and much better than my old headset. The only drawback is that the leather cups paired with the closed back design means that your ears can get rather hot and sweaty in the summer heat, but it is not difficult to handle. Moving on to the most important aspect - sound. They sound amazing. Even without using any amplifier they pack a punch and offer excellent levels of clarity. They have stood up to the task of performing in competitive multiplayer games and also more relaxed media consumption. I am no audiophile so cannot comment on the specifics, but I have owned enough headphones/headsets to know what is good and what is bad, and I can confidently say they are some of the best. The microphone is also excellent, cancelling out almost all background noise. This, paired with the excellent "seal" on the earcups make them great for use in loud environments.

Overall they are a great option, and well worth the money. They might not be the best value option but if you have the money to spend they cannot be faulted in any way. Perfect for anyone who wants "the best".
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on 4 November 2015
This is the best headset I have ever used.

The noise cancelling is amazing, they're super comfortable and they sound amazing. The quality of the microphone is exceptional in-game and other programs.

One of the things I really love about this headset is the lead that comes with to connect to phones. I use this now as a headset for my phone and it is truly brilliant. I can hear them clearly, they can only hear my voice rather than a bunch of traffic. Whilst some people would say I look ridiculous wearing them and talking on the phone, I say you're an idiot. These look cool because they are cool and they sound even better
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on 18 January 2016
Can never fault Sennheiser for their products.

Comes with a handy carry case that i will almost never use, The sound quality for gaming is great, i play CS:GO and its almost like cheating the kind of audio clarity you get through footsteps and what not, i would highly recommend for this application.

If however you are looking for something as an all rounder i would look at some other options as i find that they are not the best for music however i am running them off the on board sound with no dedicated sound card as many suggest.
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on 4 December 2015
I've been using Sound blaster tactic3d fury and Sennheiser CX475 before purchasing this.

Along with this headset, I have also purchased Sound blaster zx sound card.

Fury headset I've been using was definitely not for me because it was on-ear headset which sits on and press my ear. Since I wear glasses, that made my ear hurt after 1~2 hours of use.

CX475 was used when I was not required to use microphone, but being in-ear earphone somehow started making ear wax build up inside my ear and made me to use ear drops very often.

I was really worried when purchasing this because I have VERY BIG HEAD as well as VERY BIG EARS that headset might not fit. It was such a relief that it did actually fit to my head and it still had some space available. Earwise it's just about right, but if i move the headset slightly ear starts to touch the pad and it feels annoying.

With this headset which is over-ear which completely covers my ear, I am free from problem caused by both old headset and earphone. I'm wearing it for 8 hours straight at the moment but it doesn't hurt my ears one bit! It's not open-back headset, so sound is sealed well that my roommate won't even notice I'm using my pc while sleeping, as long as I'm not using keyboard or mouse.

I've only experienced sound of this head with my new sound card. It's stereo headset but with aid of sound card it can also provide 7.1 surround sound, as well as tweaks available using equalizer. At stereo(default) setting, sound seems very flat(no boosting on low or high frequency), therefore it was very easy for me to set it up to my favourite sound settings with equalizer. With surround system activated via sound card, gaming experience has been amazing. Compared to old headset and earphone, this headset definitely lets me hear more stuff, with better quality. I was slightly worried that surround system on stereo headset might not give good directional sound, but I was mistaken on that part. It was very clear which direction sound was coming from, and with scout mode on sound card(boosts footstep sound etc), it was helping my gaming performance a lot.

Only bit I'm concerned is the microphone, it does not have usual soft cover on it as well as it is not detachable. Microphone quality-wise, I was happy with it myself until my teamspeak friends constantly said I sound different, that I seem to be using some bad microphone. When I hear it myself, quality definitely improved but somehow my friends are not happy with it. I'm just assuming that they are too used to my old microphone voice that they feel my new microphone voice awkward. I do need to point out that even though microphone is right in front of my mouth, somehow it sounds slightly distant.

Until now I am very happy with it, pricewise it's pretty good considering its sound quality.

Other than microphone problem I do not really have a reason to give less star, but that microphone problem only applies to my friend, not me. So I do not really have problem giving this item 5-star.
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on 2 December 2015
This is the most quality gaming headphones in ever had - the sound quality is amazing - microphone is great , and quality of the build is just incredible - exactly you will expect from brand like this - they sounds good as good is your sound card !!! , I use Soundblaster ZRX and is perfect match :)
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