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on 2 November 2015
Selling England By The Pound
For the past 25 years i've owned and only listened to the 1985 Virgin/Charisma cd. For some reason curiousity got the better of me (20 years in delay i know) so i've ordered a 1994 Virgin Definitive Edition Remaster. Recevied it a couple of days ago and 3 listens later my conclusion is this:
The 1994 remaster is quite decent in his own right and i would guess that anyone discovering this wonderful album for the first time would be content by this version. However, as in my case, anyone that has been exposed and habituated to the original version i suspect this version would not be completely satisfying. i do enjoy it, just not as much as the original.
My advise is this: If you wish to experiment with the 94 DE or the 2009 remix and already own an original 80's cd, hold on to it. DONT GET RID OF IT. in my opinion it will always be the prefered version of this great album.
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on 25 June 2017
One of the best PROG ROCK albums ever, as good on vinyl as it is on CD. Every Proghead will have this masterpiece, but if you are new to this niche of Rock music, make it one not to miss. Truly defining music of an Era............
Firmly placed as a top ranking effort in the melodic section of Prog.
I like it a lot!
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on 30 August 2015
In my opinion 'Selling England by the Pound' is the best Genesis album containing as it does two of their best songs - 'Firth of Fifth' and 'The Cinema Show'. It was the first Genesis album to feature synths while Peter Gabriel's vocals have never sounded better. 'Firth of Fifth' is full of cascading keyboard and spiralling guitar motifs while the T S Eliot influenced 'The Cinema Show' suddenly transforms into an extended jazz-rock workout. Also included is the surprisingly catchy, but still prog single 'I Know What I Like'.
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on 24 April 2015
This is an album that is worth the complete work. It's a classic album of progressive rock. The theater rock band is very evident in this album. The songs are completed and harmony is very good. I do not discount a track of this album. Highlights include the first four over the last two tracks, perhaps protruding "Firth Of Fifth" and "More Fool Me". One should also mention "I Know What A Like" for their different style. Opening with "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight" shows the good disc. This edition blu-ray audio only comes to further enhance this work. Fantastic! Excellent! Note 9.5.
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on 25 May 2013
This is just a review of the DVD 5.1 surround sound version of Selling England, as I haven't got round to listening to the remastered cd version yet and like most people I don't have a surround sound capable SACD player. But when the DVD sounds this brilliant who cares. Although I don't think Genesis ever made a bad album, I've always rated the Gabriel years as being the best of Genesis, and hearing them in 5.1 surround sound just reinforces that belief, together with the belief that Selling England was the best of a very good bunch.
I have maintained from the first 5.1 surround sound disc that I heard that this should surely be the medium of the future and while this doesn't appear to be the case, it was with immense pleasure that I discovered that the entire Genesis back catalogue had been re-released with the SACD discs now accompanied by DVD audio discs. So if you like Genesis, or are just a fan of well written songs brilliantly played, and you've got access to a 5.1 capable sound system then this is the Selling England for you and like me you'll be so glad that you bought this little bit of England.
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on 8 November 2013
I had'nt heard this album for many years, the last outing for it was on vinyl but after watching footage of the recent Steve Hackett tour and I thought I'd give it another listen.
Peter Gabriels' opening vocals on Dancing With The Moonlit Knight starts the album off beautifully and it just gets better from there on in, I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe), Firth of Fifth, The Cinema Show etc to a long forgotten track (by me) called 'More Fool Me'.
I lost interest in Genesis after 1978 because albums such as 'Duke', 'Abacab', 'Genesis' and to a point 'And Then There Were Three' were too commercial for me although I realise it brought a new audience to the band. Also when my sister in law declared she really liked the self titled 'Genesis' (her musical tastes included David Essex so that tells you something) I gave her the album :o)
Definitely worth a listen if you have any interest in the earlier works of Genesis and the classic line up of Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford,Steve Hackett, Tony Banks...even Phil Collins :o)
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on 29 November 2011
By 1973 Genesis had had several attempts to get their specific and unique sound just right, and perfection came with it's own particular hurdle - that of putting out an album of wallpaper. Selling England might have spiked extra interests if it had been a little shorter so that a much broader sound spectrum could have been laid dowen on the vinyl medium. Everything back then was purpose-recorded and down-mixed for plastic's limitations. In fact the 1995 remaster demonstrated only that there was little more to be squeezed out from the original master tapes, every dub had been laid down as if to assist the final mix engineer without unneeded frequencies getting in the way. The latest generation of sound enhancing technologies mean such insufficient master tapes can now be bulked up to near enough present day digital standards, and that's exactly what they have done here to great effect. The same algorithm has ruined albums such as Trick of the Tail, but the remastering guys managed to get the mixtures just right in this case and thankfully refrained from splashing out on extra vocal reverb. Even the two dull tracks, Moonlit Knight and Epping Forest, make you sit up and listen with a platinum feather scraping down your spine. Hackett's guitar finally competes with Banks' organ as an equal, not something told what to do and pushed away into a corner so as not to upstage the trademark keyboard pads and layers. Just a shame they took so little care with most of the other albums.
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on 27 October 2013
You've probably already got the album, although this package offers you higher quality audio options. I bought it for the video footage - two concert-ettes - which I had hoped would be purely live stuff from SEBTP. Alas no. The first mini concert does feature 'Dancing with the Moonlit Knight' and 'I know what I like ...', but thats it. Its all contemporary timewise, but with stuff from the earlier, slighly dull albums. And no 'Battle of Epping Forest', which they did do live and often before the over-rated 'Lamb' took over.
This album could have been enhanced by inclusion of the live recordings - or alternate versions - of SEBTP recordings that were mad available in the box sets a few years back. As it was I got it for the interviews video section - very good, but 'Battle..' - probably their most complete, dynamic and entertaining work ever - got a bit of a panning. Too complex ? Pants !
Anyway - its a stunning album, so go buy it for an audio-visual treat !!!
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on 5 March 2015
This is the newer 2008 remaster of this iconic album. I won't go into detail about Mid 70's Genesis as it has all been said before & true GenHead's know how amazing they were anyway! This version is the best yet -sound wise- & really is superbly done! Esepcially noteworthy is the mix of Firth of Fifth & Battle of Epping Forest. I feel these 2 excellent tracks sound better than ever on this disc.

My only gripe being the poorly printed front cover art, its too small & the colour is way way off from the original A/W by Betty Swanwick! shody to say the least!
It is however nice to see a return to the proper Charisma label printed on the disc rather than the awful shiny silver Virgin label of the older 90's remastered album.
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on 16 January 2011
Only in my view of cause this was the album that the group felt they did not have enough material for. it contains the first top 40 hit "I know what I like" which I have to say is still a great tune. Their are not very long long songs on this album but it still holds together very well. Dancing with the moonlight knight, starts or the album and goes throw some great changes with a quite beginning with Gabriel opening the album vocal only. Cinema show is still great and appeared in the live shows very often in the early days, with both Gabriel and Collins doing the lead vocal. Phil Collins gets his first lead vocal No fool me as well. Now I have always be slightly sceptical of remaster after remaster, we were led to believe the remaster "the definitive remaster" were the best, OK I except that technology moves on, but my main argument here is by all means clean up the sound if it needs it, but do not change the mix on the stereo version. I say Stereo version, because if you were lucky enough to buy the DVD version with the SACD layer on it the CD it had the 5.1 mix obviously that's fine, but leave the original alone. It is a great shame the DVD is only available in the box set and not stand alone any more, however if I was honest it is the DVD that was the best bit of the package, and it such a shame that History was altered and the mix we all knew has been altered beyond recognition. This series should have taken a leaf out of mike Oldfield re-master series, two CD's containing the original re-master, the new mix and a DVD with the extras and 5.1 sound, that would have kept everyone happy.
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