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on 16 January 2014
So far after a month I can say it works 99% of the time. I wasn't sure due to reviews but couldn't get anything with that spec. especially the screen and RAM memory without paying almost double the price (got that one for 170).
It has some glitches every now and then but runs videos and games smooth and internet browsing is amazing on it...
It does not overheat and keeps the charge long enough...
Will review later if find anything...
Only minus is the charge plug - could be getting power through that mini USB that is already there...
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on 2 March 2014
Bought this tablet at the end of December when £170. Great value great specs. Was delivered within 3 days of ordering updated and fully charged within 4 hours and ready to play. Everything great for 2 weeks benchmark testing, iPlayer worked fine then pop tablet died. As I have laptop and at300se tablet I knew things would work out OK so contacted Amazon for replacement could only offer refund I knew that the price I paid I wouldn't be able to get another. So contacted toshiba for repair. Tablet collected next day for repair. Waited a week then spoke with tech support who advised me that they had no parts to repair and the delivery date for m/board was beyond the 4 week wait time until toshiba will escalate case so said I would wait as I have another tablet that I can use in the mean time. 3 weeks later spoke with Toshiba again and still no part so case was escalated next day got call from Toshiba asking if I wanted refund or replacement asked for replacement. He then explained what replacement would be Toshiba write 32gb with pen and keyboard case said great. Checked online for price and wow these cost between 400 and 500 quid. Got this within 2 days brand new set it up and charged and updated and what can I say but FANTASTIC. So for 170 and a bit of patience I now have a top of the range tablet. That yes is all singing all dancing and no problems just does as it is supposed to. I have mentioned that I have other toshiba products and I have found them to be reliable and if I ever needed to contact toshiba they have responded quickly and explained the process they have to follow clearly. I thought I would give all of this info as products do fail from time to time but it is how the company deals with this that makes the difference between bad and good for me. This has got to be the best company I have dealt with after Acer dell HP and Compaq have let me down over the years.
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on 29 January 2014
this is a great bit of kit .After using a 7inch and 10inch tab from the cheaper end of the market i bought this because i was fed up of the slow unresponsiveness of my previous tabs . After ordering i did find some unfavourable reviews, so did panic a little but let me tell you anyone writing a bad review about the Toshiba excite pro must work for a rival . The nvidia tegra processor is quick , handling multi tasking like a dream .watching movies is also a pleasure on a 10 inch screen that rivals the nexus 7 inch and is certainly as good as the apple retina . The Harman Kardonhe speakers are a loud enough to listen too without headphones or external speakers . build quality is pretty good ,it feels solid and well put together Battery life is good enough to watch three movies, play about six hours of angry birds or a full day of constant office work . The only bad thing i can say about the Toshiba excite pro is that it doesn't charge when connected via the micro usb which means buying another cable if you want to charge it in the car.
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on 15 March 2014
I bought this tablet 4 months ago. I wanted a tablet with high resolution screen. Price drop was the reason why I chose this one. I think for £169.99 it offers reasonable value. I wonder how many people who paid its original retail price did not return it while they could still claim refund. I used an iPad (3rd gen.) for about 6 months before I bought this one. My wife now uses the iPad. I use the tablet mainly to read books, watch movie videos, browse the internet, emails and video chat. This tablet offer good experience for all of these pursuits except for movie video watching and it is bad enough that it would have been a deal breaker for me were that to be its main use to me. Fortunately that is not the case. I hardly ever play any games on my tablets, may be a sparing amount of solitaire if at all. PS3 serves that purpose pretty well. I has never crashed on me while reading books. It has done so several times in the last 4 months while browsing the internet. Some times it freezes and requires to be rebooted. In addition to that perhaps it has crashed as well a couple of times. Again this happened while I was on the net and it then restarted itself. But this does not happen again and again. Of course none of these was an issue when I was using the iPad, but then I had to fork out more than twice as much for that thing. That is why I would again reiterate that Toshiba Excite Pro 10.1 offers reasonable value for the price I paid for it.
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on 1 January 2014
In short I dithered about buying this tablet @ £169 for quite some time. I eventually gave in to my better judgement and made the purchase. In summary my thoughts are this:

- Build quality is solid and attractive but not "premium"
- Updates to Android 4.3 without any issues
- Benchmarks around 15000 in Quadrant and consistently at circa 31000 in Antutu after 5 repetitions of the full test
- Gets warm during normal use and very warm when gaming etc but not uncomfortably so
- Had no stutter, lag or app closes even when pushing it fairly hard
- Battery seems to give a fair performance considering specs
- Screen is pin sharp, colours are nice and brightness is good also. Tiny amount of back light bleed in bottom right corner only noticeable when displaying black backgrounds but nothing intrusive
- WiFi performance is excellent

All round I would say it's an absolute steal at £169, good value at £200 but I wouldn't personally pay any more for it than that as you're entering Nexus 10 territory which although sports an older processor has an unlocked bootloader for root etc and is probably a little more dependable in the long run...
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on 5 March 2014
This was my first tablet and I spent a long time researching which to buy. A high definition bright screen was essential and also 8" + screen size. When I found these at a remarkably low price (significantly down from the current £309 it has to be said) I bought one for myself and recommended them to two others who also bought them. Our only criticism is that the sound is too low and you will need an additional speaker unless you are listening to it in a very quiet room.
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on 20 February 2014
I bought this when on offer in January.

I have been using a 7" Samsung which works fine and proved the usefulness of a tablet, but I wanted a bigger screen. This Toshiba had good reviews and was much cheaper than an iPad.

The Toshiba has a good clear screen and a good turn of speed. Some people have reported that it gets hot but I have not noticed this, although that may be because I do not play power hungry games. The extra screen size makes it much easier to hit the right hot link when using the internet.
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on 3 January 2014
I was looking for a good 10" tablet as a gift this Christmas and came across this wonderful piece of gadget at a superb price.....I have previously used Toshiba products and i have a lot a faith on them. Hence the bad reviews did not put me off. I am glad i choose to buy this product and what can i say, it amazed me when i opened it first time. Brilliant resolution, nice design, decent size, and brilliant response from touchscreen. In regards to the system heating up I would say there is a very little concern, however its not a major major issue. Only when you are playing video games or using for long the backside (one corner) gets slightly warm, which is nothing unbearable. Am sure improving heat sink, or by working on certain application updates this can be reduced by Toshiba. Only other drawback I have felt is that the wireless antenna not very strong, video files sometimes halts when my other wireless devices performs fine, am sure Toshiba could improve this too by certain updates. I have taken one star out mainly for the wireless and heat issue. Am sure Amazon will raise concern with Toshiba after reading such reviews.

Only other issue is is finding screen protector and keyboard cover for this tablet as this is not the most popular tablet in the market. There are some available however they are a bit expensive compared to what you could get for other Tablets (i.e Samsung ones or Ipads). Am sure Amazon could work on it themselves to introduce some covers and keyboards at a decent price.

Overall am very happy and glad that i decided to buy this tablet. An finally great job and 3 cheers to Amazon and Toshiba.
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on 7 October 2014
I have had this Toshiba Tablet since December 2013 and can only say it works perfectly and does what it is expected of,this display is every bit as good as the Apple product.
This download speed is just fantastic even in a poor signal area,l have just purchased a mobile wi-fi unit for and it worked first time when l used it in Mallorca.
The screen is gorrilla glass and l find any window cleaner with a micro fibre cloth pergfect for cleaning off the fingerprints,allthough this tyablet has a tutorial and manual built in its much better to downloan and print off a copy from the Toshiba website.
I am so impressed by the build quality and the extra sockets available,i-player works a treat on all channels and the 8mp camera has full auto-focus and flash built and is really good,overall very please with this tablet.
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on 24 November 2014
Fantastic I am so pleased I picked this one for my Hubby ( He is 67 years old ) it was so easy for him to use and the sound it great. He has done more on that then I do on my desk top computer, lol I can not highly praise this Toshiba Excite Enough .

It also has a Great Camara Great at showing old cowboy films !!! I do not know where hubby found them ?

My last word on this Toshiba Excite 10.1inch FANTASTIC PRICE FOR A FANTASTIC TABLET
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