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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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If you're after a laser level this might cost a little more than some other reputable makes (eg Black & Decker) but, from my pre-purchase investigations, the outlay gives you some features they might not have...

As far as performance is concerned, it worked for me as I had hoped; I usually stick to Bosch or Black & Decker so my 'loyalty' has once again proved worthwhile.

For me, those potential 'extras' which this level gives you are :

1. Self-Levelling (provided the level is already within 4degrees of level).
2. A multi-purpose clamp.
3. Cross-hair laser lines.

I'm not sure I understand the problem I read beforehand in other reviews about the laser lines getting 'thicker' due to the projection distance; as long as they're still well-defined, and of constant thickness, you can still use them by either using the top/bottom or (worst case) a specific distance 'inside' the line. The crucial factor with this level is that the lines ARE of constant thickness.....

Also, it works at any angle you want and then the self-levelling feature is pointless of course.

It's sufficiently lightweight to allow it to be readily located where you want by either sitting it on a surface (eg ladder step for high-up work) or using the included clamp.

I used this to set, before final fixing, the vertical and horizontal aspects of a kitchen worktop and associated supporting cupboards on a floor which was not level (in varying degrees over the area !). It was in a sunlit conservatory, but the projected lines were just about usable even when the sun was out !

The beauty of a laser level is that you are not restricted to a specific length of what you're checking as you are with a spirit level, which I would have had to move about to check all the necessary surfaces/edges involved.

Yes, you move the laser level to move the projected line about, but after it quickly self-levels I had the confidence to know it was consistent and my movement of it did not introduce any error or movement, as is possible with a spirit level for example; it's also effortless, whereas you have to hold in place a spirit level on a wall (for example) which uses up at least one of your hands !

An added bonus is that you can use a corner of the crosshair to confirm a vertical/horizontal section at the same time. I used a step ladder to rest the level on and adjusted the height of the projected line by adding/removing small amounts of notebook paper underneath the body of the level until the projected line was precisely aligned with the surface I wanted to set.

*** Finally, it's worth mentioning that (again in contradiction to other reviews) I think wall-fixing IS possible since there is a notched opening on the top clamp jaw which should accommodate a small-headed screw, nail or, MUCH BETTER (since the latter have a less secure way of interfacing with the notch inside to ensure attachment is secure) a threaded cup hook which can screwed into the existing wall fixture.

The clamp jaws might not then be 'level', but since the fixing part of it is adjustable you can still get that necessary 'within 4degrees' for self-levelling !

[I've included a photo of that bit of the clamp jaws to help you understand my point along with it in use that way plus a view of the choice of bases/fixing threads]

So, I think this level works as advertised and, with the included clamp/fixture, offers the opportunity to use it in a multitude of environments.
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on 14 August 2014
I don't know how people manage without. My application has been a large wet room fully wall tiled ceiling to floor each wall with a hand made hand painted picture tile border edged by rail tiles half way up. And we chose to mount the field tiles diagonally!! Yes corners upwards. Quigo made it possible to set the lines and then to follow them exactly during laying - it was so easy. Forget the pictures of the man bravely trying to align his straight edge with a wobbly plumb bob. You aim the Quigo's vertical line at the tile below and press the above tile into place - yes what a great idea, you can actually see your setting-out line instead of it being hidden behind the adhesive. And I have several levels of lathes, the base and the bottom and top of the picture border. Again set the quigo at the right height and just follow it round.
I am a perfectionist and I checked the quigo lines with a real top accurate spirit level. They were remarkably accurate. However, first pass trying to extend the base lathe 360 degrees my quigo lines didn't meet by about 4mm which is too much - the spirit level does better than that. Rightly it wrongly I put it down to this. First time round I just slapped the quigo in the middle of the room and lined an entire wall in one go. Then turned it 90 degrees and took the line from the end of the just done wall ( you have to realign because your mounting height can move a mm or so when moving the mount. After that I set shorter lines (say half a wall) with the quigo mounted at right angles to the middle of the line and got perfect results - I don't know whether quigo wanders by a mm or so at its extremes? Finally the mounting grasp that comes with it works well - I stuck it on thee frame of a mini step ladder. If you intend to work all day with it on, get in some spare batteries, I'm not saying it's hungry but it is really annoying when it runs out after the shops are shut. Happy quigo tiling is what I say :-)
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on 6 September 2015
This is a self levelling laser level, which projects up to 7 metres. This is how it's advertised and this is how it works. In strong daylight you will have less visibility of the laser line than in very overcast conditions.
Like any tool it can take a little while to get used to the many and varied ways to use it. However having just used it to install a 5 metre rsj and install a kitchen with a floating ceiling I can tell you this is a great bit of kit.
We checked calibration against an older floating dot laser level and also various other builders quality spirit levels and did a full test against a carpenter friends level line across the whole kitchen versus the quigo, and the quigo won. The floor, walls and ceiling of the kitchen were all out of level by a fair margin, being able to quickly place datum points and know they were accurate made life a whole lot easier.
The cabinets and doors are all completely plumb and the led downlighters are in straight lines.Yes we did double check most of the time with spirit levels and 3,4,5 but this happened less and less as we got more comfortable with the quigo.
Its a great bit of kit and thoroughly recommended.
Downsides: No case, seriously why no case? Battery life is not great. A small rise and fall winding handle on the clamp to raise and lower depth once you have it clamped to something to help find an exact height would have been very, very handy as it can be tricky to get it to focus exactly on a precise height.
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on 21 February 2016
I'm a bit of a gadget geek so decided to get this. In reality you're really restricted in when you can use it. The issue is that the device needs to be at the same level it's projecting, it doesn't project upwards and then self level. As others have said the device needs to be pretty much level itself in order to produce a calibrated level line.

It's had less use than expected because of this limitations, but when I've used it it's been great. I certainly wouldn't buy this again due to cost/benefit for the use I've required so far.
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on 25 March 2015
This is pretty good. I hadn't been aware that it needed to be within 4 degrees of horizontal in order to project a level line (I had stupidly assumed I could happily clamp it to a chair and project a level line up near the ceiling) so for those of you that are a bit slow like me - be aware that you will need to clamp it to a step ladder balanced on 2 plastic boxes, balanced on a coffee table which is shimmed up by several copies of random books in order to get a level line up near the ceiling.
Aside from that - this is actually really useful and I have used it far more than I thought I would.
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on 31 December 2015
The cross line laser works well. DIY product would not survive construction sites. My biggest complaint is that it comes with a clamp in the package, not shown in Amazon photograph, I separately purchase a clamp, most annoying.
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on 2 December 2015
It works well in a domestic situation for the first few months. Since then is developed a fault, it constantly turns itself off despite numerous brand-new batteries. I've tried to contact the seller for return or replacement but I'm unable to do so via Amazon. If anyone can suggest a way forward I would be grateful. Amazon are you listening??
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on 27 March 2016
Paid for its self on first funstration free job. Just so easy to get a level without any hassle.

You do need to be able to get the unit up to the same height you want the line to project to if you want to use the self level function. A door is a great example of a mount point for the included 3D clamp, even using the top edge to get max height for the level. Need to go higher may be a bit more of a challenge. The clamp adjustment can be a bit fiddly as there is no micro adjustment possible, just general 3D clamp movement.

No micro adjustment on the clamp and no case gives it 4 stars. But functionally 5 stars.
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on 21 February 2016
Used this for tiling a bathroom. Perfect for ensuring you have a level datum line all the way round the room - no 2 cm offset like I was getting with the spirit level. Also perfect for ensuring the alignment of tiles around the window frame appears square and level (there was 1cm offset between left and right which explains why the old tiles became narrower at one end as they tried to follow the frame). I have a proper tripod but I found it just as convenient to attach it to the door, step ladders or a board using the included easy to adjust clamp. Because it's so easy to use I did a lot of double checking (measure twice - cut once) - because it is so handy/easy to set up. I will be using this for many other jobs around the house in future.
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on 23 August 2015
What a great litle device! I used it recently when tiling a bathroom mounted on a tri-pod and was able to get very accurate lines horizontaly and vertically. It comes with an adjustable clamp for attaching to shelves etc. All round a good product. Ignore the negative reviews for this, they are based on a misunderstanding of what it is for and how it is used.
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