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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Anniversary Edition|Change
Price:£3.99 - £39.99

on 25 April 2017
IMO this is the best Gran Turismo in the series....Can't wait for it to be released on PS4....
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on 22 January 2014
If you have played a driving game in the last 15 years, you will probably have played GT at least once. It started so well and hasn't taken it's foot off the gas pedal one inch. I love the GT series, so I am probably biased. I started playing and it was so nice to be able to understand the GUI right from the start, it's so well laid out it really feels familiar from the get go.

The GT anniversary edition was real nice on the lightning deal, turned out cheaper with postage than the normal version I could buy here in Warsaw. Snapped it up right away. You get a load of free cars, free credits to spend on whatever you want, it's all good.

I was trying to find the 3D option in settings but I couldn't find the setting, a quick search on google and it turns out it's not ready yet... Maybe the update will come soon, but I miss the 3D aspect of the game, esp in the cockpit view.

Good things come to those who wait.....right?

4 stars hence having to wait for the 3D add on....

Edit **********************************

I just downloaded the update, the 3D works and it is glorious, have updated review to 5 Stars, because, why wouldn't you? :)

Now GT6 is complete... Buy it
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on 18 January 2014
This Game is amazing am a huge fan of the gran turismo series I have played and owned all gran turismo 1,2,3,4,5 and now 6 and for those who are saying this is the same like gran turismo 5 or is not good enough well your wrong this is better than gran turismo 5 a lot of improvements, and you really need to play the game to tell the difference not by just watching a video or a review, am really amazed and as I keep on playing it am loving it more and more! I recommend this game to all the people who love to race, love cars, own a ps3 and love racing games or just a good game this is a MUST owned game for your ps3 collection!
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on 13 December 2013
It's a real drivers game. You can forget GT5, that's ancient compared to the latest version of Gran Turismo. This Anniversary Edition is even more special, with unique cars available and the pre-order pack, it makes it very enjoyable right from the off. The packaging is excellent; the brushed metal box is a nice touch. But the game itself, it is simply sublime.

The handling has been improved dramatically, with the Thrustmaster steering wheel I have, you can feel every movement in the car. You can feel it roll in corners, jump over the curbs and aquaplane in the wet. It is such a realistic feeling; you really connect with the car you're driving. A massive improvement on the previous GT5 game.

There are more venues to try you're hand at also, Silverstone, Willow springs and Ascari to name just a few. It's always an enjoyable challenge to learn a new race circuit. There are also changes to climates with most of the circuits; you can change time of day and the weather conditions also. Again this adds a nice chunk of realism and variation to the game.

Overall it is an exceptional game and this Anniversary Edition is worth the extra money, the extra cars you get make it worthwhile. But I suspect the standard game is pretty much the same, so if you're not a dedicated Gran Turismo fan, I guess that will still be as good as this. But if you love the GT games, this is most certainly for you.

Best part of the game? The improved handling is outstanding. Very realistic, you can feel every movement on every circuit.

Worst part of the game? Having to turn it off, it is addictive.

Points worth Mentioning? Improved graphics, Drastically improved realism, Improved loading times, more cars to choose from, More Circuits to drive.

Overall = 5 Stars. If you're a fan of cars or motorsport, you will enjoy Gran Turismo 6 very much.
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on 27 January 2014
It's got to be the most wanted game on the market. I would recommend to anyone who likes cars. It gets a 9/10 and the only reason it doesn't get a 10 is when you have a collision the sound effects are like a bag of sugar being dropped on the table. But that's a minor thing
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on 16 December 2013
Its clear that Polyphony Digital don't do things like everyone else. Whether we like that or not, they deserve respect for sticking to their vision. Gran Turismo is evolving and will continue to do so into the far future, and that's the thing, evolution. It's a series that makes lots of subtle improvements over previous versions; righting some of the wrongs and pushing technology in new ways. So is the 6th game enough of an improvement?

The first improvement you will notice is the new menu; it's certainly easier to look at and navigate than the messy layout of GT5. It's still not idiot proof, but better it certainly is.

Car handling and Physics have had quite a makeover; steering is more responsive and it's easier to feel the movement of the car with the new suspension technology. As expected each car feels different and has its own quirks. Once you've found a few cars that suit your style, you may find this is the most satisfying virtual driving experience on PS3.

Graphics deserve the mixed bag title all to themselves. The game can look astonishingly good considering the PS3 was released in 2006. The most obvious improvement is lighting; the way the sun changes the look of the circuits and reflects on car bodies is absolutely top shelf. Premium cars look a bit better than before (which is to say they look excellent), and some of the standard cars look much prettier than GT5. The question is, why is the irritating divide between perfectly modeled premium cars and lower detailed standard cars still here at all? Circuits now look more detailed, but can't keep up with Grid 2 or F1 2013 (unless that impeccable lighting is working its magic). Track side objects and scenery vary from impressive to surprisingly poor and shadows often flicker on and off helplessly. Mountains look excellent though. While driving, most of the graphical shortcomings can't been seen anyway, it's only on replays that embarrassing problems show up. On the subject of replays, the new camera angles are a nice change, giving more of a TV style impression that shows us the game at it's best... and worst.

In terms of pure content, Gran Turismo 6 is way ahead of the rest of the racing game industry. To have well over 1200 cars is incredible, but also a double edged sword as mentioned above. I can't help feeling it would be better to have a few hundred premium cars that are actually worth driving, than 1200 cars of different visual quality... and who wants to race a completely stock Honda Fit anyway? But here I must echo my previous statement - Polyphony Digital don't do things like everyone else. You also get a fantastic selection of circuits, the best of any game so far. I was especially pleased to see Brands Hatch and Bathurst (two of my favourites in the world) added to the already comprehensive list. Old classics are back too, and look a nicer of course. I'm really happy with the ludicrous amount of rally cars on offer here and I couldn't resist taking a couple to the Monaco race track to handbrake round the hairpins. As usual there's also an excellent selection of classy sports cars and pure racing machines, although I could do without some of the stock road cars with virtually no power. However the swanky Honda Civic, for example drives beautifully.

A.I Drivers... This is an area where Gran Turismo is some way behind most modern racing titles. They are better than before, actually bothering to defend and fight sometimes, but for a large majority of career races, they are way too slow. On the rare occasion that you are behind, the game will give you a helping hand with some blatant rubber banding on the final lap; allowing you to magically catch several seconds up. If your robotic competitors have cars that are much quicker on the straight than you, they will sometimes brainlessly shove you off the road, before continuing to drive slowly round the corners.

The game can be tough when it wants to though, I found the kart races a challenge, along with the Goodwood events, coffee break challenges, and other entertaining side notes. The Goodwood hill climb itself is a narrow, unforgiving piece of road; touch the grass slightly with an unstable car and you will quickly smack into the nearest hay bale or wall, followed by instant disqualification. I was dreading the much talked about moon missions, but they are actually quite exciting. Well... the first two are, the third one is ridiculous.

Don't expect advanced damage in GT6. Paint scrapes and dents look very good indeed, but no matter the scale of your accident, you will make it to the end with no problem.

Another problem is the all important engine sounds. After 15 years of experience, Polyphony still can't give us proper engine audio. Some of them sound good, but they are still fake, which is a disappointment when many others do it better. The Audi S1 sounds great, but it doesn't sound anything like the real car, trust me on that one. Other areas of audio seem good enough though; tyre squeal is very prominent, perhaps a touch over the top depending on your opinion. The sound of gravel being flung about sounds cool and transmission noise can be pretty loud depending on the car. I personally don't have an issue with the thudding noise people are moaning about when you crash, but it can sound quite different at times if you drive on bonnet cam.

To summarise: GT6 gives you a fantastic driving experience that can be thrilling in the right car, graphics are a mix of fabulous and disappointing depending on the situation, audio needs work, but the sheer amount of content is frankly stunning. There's plenty more to come though thanks to regular updates over the coming months; just make sure you've got plenty of room on your Hard Drive.

It is indeed better than GT5 but I feel it should have been better still. It is certainly ahead of its rivals in a few ways but some elements of its presentation are old fashioned and in need of an overhaul for future releases.
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on 29 January 2014
this was a Christmas gift for my son and well worth the extra money, as he loves it.. pages and pages of special cars and outfits and even a moon buggy that can be raced around the moon landscape
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on 7 February 2014
This was the 15th Anniversary edition which I chose because of the 1000000 credits and the 15(?) anniversary cars. It is an absolute dream to play, and it also reignited my interest in GT5!
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on 16 December 2013
This is what Gran Turismo 5 should have always been!

GT6 is a huge improvement over GT5, the new cars and tracks breath fresh new life into the game.
The new menu is much easier to navigate and loading screens are 20% quicker than before.
PD have promised more content and updates every month and they've already kicked off by releasing the new Mercedes Vision GT car, the new BMW M4 (which you can't drive in any other game or buy from showrooms yet) and Mario Andretti's Hudson Hornet.

The Anniversary edition is the better version to have as you get the following;

20 cars which are tuned from their in-game standard counterparts.
1 million credits
15th anniversary racing suit and helmet
15th anniversary PSN avatars

And a lovely steel case. It's shiny as well!

However there are a few issues, the sounds are still poor on some cars, sometimes the engine sound doesn't appear at all.
The new lighting engine has affected the way shadows fall in the game, but you should be driving quickly and you won't really notice them.
Also don't forget issues that arise, do get patched. There's already been 4 updates for it and it's only been out 1 week.

This game is the PS3's swansong before everyone moves onto PS4. So it's definitely one you should pick up and add to your collection.

Oh and for those people who think that this should have been on PS4, think of it PD's way.

Release it on PS3 where at least 20 million people have those consoles.
Release it on PS4 where they have no idea how many people own those consoles. (Current sales are over 2 million)

Sell 20 million copies or 2 million copies?
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 27 December 2013
The anniversary edition I own came with the PS3 Bundle Sony PlayStation 3 500GB Super Slim Console with Gran Turismo 6 Plus The Last of Us (PS3) and what a bargain this is.

This game's edition has it pro's and cons - mainly there are lots of new features, including hugely improved graphics, a user friendly menu, real and fictional tracks (some fictional favourites are back!) and cars that run very smoothly and handle a lot better. You are also given 20 cars with exclusive liveries, new challenges and tasks - you can even drive on the moon in a buggy!

I actually like the fact that you can start the game with 1 million credits (instead of the usual thirty thousand) , although this may not appeal to all players since it does make the start of the game feel very easy as a result of the free credits, which allows you to improve your car or buy a super car that will instantly win the race which you can enter once unlocked. Basically you only have to save up for parts, as you can tune up the cars you already own. Of course this does get harder as you play longer and get further into the game. So it's not truly a con for me. The whole game play feels much truer to life this time, making GT5 appear a little ancient now!

Overall it's a fun and improved game with a personal touch, as there are many average cars you can buy -- like I can race around in a Nissan Micra just like I do in real life. Only faster!


I'm very excited to inform you that there was an unexpected update this morning, which revealed an innovative new extra for this anniversary edition. It's called VISION GRAN TURISMO, in which many of the world's manufacturers and global brands have each designed and developed a new concept car for the fans of Gran Turismo, opening with a beautiful new design of the Mercedes-Benz AMG VISION GRAN TURISMO. Where you can see a short movie clip of the 'real' concept of how our cars could possibly be looking like in the not so distant future. You also get to see the design sketches and learn about the designers themselves. Yes, you heard me, these are real manufacturers getting together for us fans of Gran Turismo sharing their concept versions of what could be available on our streets in the future!

What's even more exciting about this, is that there are 28 of these cars coming our way and they will gradually be revealed in future updates for the privileged Anniversary Edition players AND there is a new button by the latest car which says 'accept gift' click on this and you get -- for free -- the latest (and may I say very beautiful) VISION concept car to drive. Love it when it's downloading it says 'Delivering your new car...' If only I could have this one for real...

So, as you can tell, I'm very excited about this and for car lovers and racing game enthusiasts this is a great reason to get this perky new edition!

RIGHT ON TRACK, Polyphony Digital Guys!!
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