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on 29 January 2014
Previous reviewer too generous with 3 stars.

On paper, this ticks all the boxes - android, dect, wi-fi, etc

In use, OMG - what a pain. The processor is not powerful enough and every happens in slow motion. This is combined with a not too responsive screen. Sometimes, you have to wait for over 30 seconds before the phone responds.

The memory is only 1Gb which in this day and age is bordering on criminal. Yes, you can add an SD card but many apps need to reside in phone memory.

The screen is too small - in portrait mode, the keyboard is not really designed to be used by anyone with fingers..

On the plus side, build quality is good (same as SL910 - they've saved money by using the same chassis, charger, etc) and call quality is decent too (though range is not as good as previous models I have owned).

They appear to have employed people to tick boxes (spec) without anyone actually trying to use the phone.

Overall, a shockingly awful phone from Gigaset. I will keep it in hope they resolve the laggy issues with a firmware update or something.

This is the most expensive phone in my house and gives the most irritation to use. Least favourite handset by far.

I do know that I will not be buying a Gigaset phone again. Each generation seems to get a higher spec and price, but the user experience is getting worse each time.

UPDATE - Nov 14

The 1Gb memory is now limiting the use of this phone. I have downloaded only 3 (yes, three) apps but there's no room to download even the Google system updates (play store, calendar, etc).
In its current form, this device is not fit for purpose. I will be contacting Amazon for a refund.

For your sake, please don't buy this device and make an expensive mistake. It really is awful.
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on 20 January 2015
Short review from my side after having bought this last week.

First of all, it all depends on your expectations from this phone. If you expect Samsung S-series smartphone-level performance, you will be disappointed. This is a DECT phone very similar to its predecessor (SL910a) but with a more friendly and pretty operating system.
As long as you stick with the normal DECT functions it works pretty well: calling, answering machine, paging/intercom, address book functions etc. Normal Android preinstalled apps work also reasonably well (Gmail/e-mail accounts, browsing, account sync).
As soon as you start tapping into Google Play downloaded apps, the experience starts to degrade because of the slow processor and limited memory.
From what I tried up to now, apps that work reasonably well are simple internet radio apps, Beautiful Widgets, simple utilities.
Anything heavier and smartphone-like will slow it down considerably.

I will list good/bad points compared only to similar devices, i.e. Android DECT phones. Comparison to normal DECTs is not relevant.

Good points:

-build and finish are top-notch. Above the competition (Panasonic PRW120/150), quite heavy but well-made.
-LED for notifications, blinks when answering machine messages are present or when mails arrive
-Siemens design means the base station can be tucked away as it doesn't have any use by itself, no buttons except the pairing one
-sound from external speaker very strong and clear
-very stable, a least for me, no restarts or lockups; this is without messing with downloaded apps from the store, I can imagine that heavy use of smartphone apps can lead to issues

Bad points:

-no way to see when the battery is fully charged. The handset screen goes off when put on cradle and the notification LED is not used for battery charge status indication
-no Bluetooth, only 3,5 mm audio jack for headphones; this also means no wireless sync with PC/Mac possible
-no GPS, no cameras; this means no video-call possible on Skype
-it has a gyroscope for auto-rotation but it is only enabled on some of the preinstalled apps (Youtube/mail/browser)
-processor slow
-memory available for app install is quite small (420 MB free after updates with only stock apps)
-bloatware preinstalled that cannot be deleted: Siemens apps as well as Google ones

Limitations of the Android 4.0.4 system that is used:

-SD card cannot be used to install apps. I still have to find an app from the store that I use frequently and that can be installed on SD card
-most of the apps in Play Store have been updated for 4.2 and are not compatible anymore with 4.0.4
-because Android is used, the only way to sync is through Google account; Gigaset Quicksync software is still useable but only for transferring data from another handset, not for sync with PC/Mac
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on 11 March 2014
I did not buy this phone from Amazon, but want to warn everyone to stay away from this product. The name Siemens has been associated with quality, but do not be fooled. This is flawed technology which has never worked properly. The sound quality is poor and the OS interface is very slow and clunky. Skype has also been a problem, and as of the date of this review, I have been informed that the phone does not work with the latest version of Skype. It is also extremely heavy and would be uncomfortable to use for extended periods of time. I would have given it no stars if this was possible. Look elsewhere.
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on 13 April 2016
I run a business, this phone cuts off calls, it is not broken, it is just rubbish! I thought it would be like an iphone but as a landline, it says it does everything an iPhone can do- but badly! If you are happy with an iPhone say 100%, this phone would score 5%. This phone should never been put into production! I have tried to use it for 6 months thinking it was me, as the original reviews were good. Now the true reviews are coming out please do not buy it. £200 for 6 months use is embarrassing, I pride myself on buying right 1st time, I got this one wrong, do not buy it.
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on 8 July 2016
This is an awful phone. DO NOT BUY.

A solid phone which would imply good build quality, but do not be fooled. It's only solid because of the weight of the metal used in the construction -everything else is poor. The plastic used in the rest of the construction is cheap and the buttons are horribly implemented, clunky and unresponsive.

The user experience is even worse - the operating system is Android but lags significantly. If you are expecting an experience similar to that of current smartphones, think again. My first generation HTC Desire from 2010 was much better built and specified than this phone.

The screen is low resolution, and unresponsive. The sound quality is poor, both in-call and ring tones (it is incredibly quiet and cannot be heard over the TV, even when the TV is turned down).

The on-board memory is minimal (1GB) and is utilized by the bloatware that is included and cannot be uninstalled.

I was extremely disappointed in this device even without taking the purchase price into account. If you do consider the cost of the handset, it's downright insulting.

I do not write reviews but I felt it necessary to warn people from buying this hunk of junk.
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on 27 August 2015
Astonished to find a new firmware update released yesterday (26/8/2015), after nothing for a couple of years - I'd given up.

Oddly, it updates the phone to Android 4.3.1 (sic), the last Jelly Bean release, from late 2013. Odd for that to be the basis for a new firmware update. At least it's better than the previous ICS 4.0.4, from early 2012.

Whilst it does nothing - of course - to adress the hardware issues, e.g. no Bluetooth, dreadfully under-powered cpu, not enough RAM, it does fix things. The two bugs I had logged with Siemens are fixed, I'm pleased to see:

- the answer machine app now uses the Contacts address book to map numbers to names

- call screening is now possible; i.e. you can listen to a message whilst it is being recorded, to see if you wish to answer. That is not enabled by default: needs to be enabled in answer machine app's settings.

Also, a (possibly) new feature:

- "listening in" if one handset is engaged on an external call, another handset can listen in, by holding down the green call button.

Am not sure if this is new in this update, but I'd not noticed it before. This is controlled from the phone app's settings, and does seem to be on by default.

So, a great update, which fixes the most annoying deficiences I have. But the underlying hardware limitations are still a problem.

Unfortunately, I don't know of another Android-based DECT phone (does anyone else?) that is any good.
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on 25 February 2014
It would have been good but the hardware is not powerful enough and as such, the laggy and slow performance is highly annoying.
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on 29 August 2014
The SL930A has a lot to like about it, like being able to install playstore apps, and using your own MP3 ring tones, once you start to add ringtones and games liking it kind of drops off, as the apps you add use the memory which mean add 6 apps and the app memory is full and will cause reboots of some description as the system runs out of memory.

I have always been a Gigaset fan, products are made in Germany and are robust, they are innovative too, but in reality this phone is not all it is made out to be, it is a fresh approach on the SL910A but misses out on bluetooth and is plagued with rebooting to regain memory.
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on 13 January 2014
Been waiting for this for what seems like an eternity!

It's ok in general, but it currently has a major problem for me, which Is lag.

This lag is really a pain in the rear, when you are trying to end a phone call. Like most modern phones they sense when you have it up to your ear, well this does that, but its major bug/flaw at present is that when you take the phone away from your head to end the call, you have to wait and then wait some more, for the screen to come back alive and show its end call button!

Spoke to Gigaset, none English person again, no surprise, its like I'm talking Chinese to these people, who were very unhelpful and made out there is nothing wrong with it!

Again it beggars belief how someone can sign off on a product with such a problem, its like nobody in these companies test the product they sell!

Just dropped a star, due to nothing apparently being done about the phones lag IE lack of any update!

Omg it gets worse, just tried to connect my Bluetooth headset, this phone doesn't have Bluetooth!
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on 13 July 2017
Seems well built and good quality I can't believe, I can buy the economical and applicable products here, this is a pleasant shopping.Now I am ordering again, to give it to my girlfriends, I'm sure she'll like it. All is good arrived before expected, love them best buy for the dollar 100% satisfied customer
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