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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Whilst reading my Facebook wall one day I came across a share about this book, which after reading the blurb and as a fan of horror movies as well as ghost stories I thought I'd give it a go as I'm more than interested in getting to read someone's real life account of a haunting.

Yes, generally a lot of them are all based in historic places such as tales of the past Kings and Queens or a haunted old inn yet this one stood out as it was set in a fairly new property, not something that you'd think would be haunted.

So upon opening the pages the reporting of the events started straight away and to be honest never slowed down.unlike so many others. What this title has done completely differently was to sit down and explain everything in a clear concise manner that also allowed you to get to know the victims of this haunting. There was no bravado or heroic stances from the family concerned and after doing what they could, they took the only step left to them which was to leave their home but even that didn't end the paranormal events.

All in, this is a book that has a lot of twists and turns within, taking the reader from tears, from when the family had to rehome their dogs or your hair standing on end as the events are described in detail, yet throughout it all, it was clear that the familial bonds were strong as they stood together against the unseen foe.

I have read other reviews and am shocked at certain people's attitude to part of the story ( I will not go into it ) and I want to say to them until you have been literally been to hell and back don't be abusive about people's reactions to a situation like this. The books author also has a blog which is very interesting and in my opinion is something definitely worth looking at. I would definitely give this book 10 out of 10 and I'm glad the author could come forward with this story it may well help others.
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on 1 February 2014
This is a creepy tale of a family's dealings with a poltergeist in their own home. The occurrences the family experience are witnessed by friends, other family members, police officers and paranormal investigators. This is a brilliant book I struggled to put down, reading late into the night and wondering what every noise was as I tried to go to sleep. Loved it.
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on 26 September 2015
Read it with the lights on!

Well, where do I begin? First, my utmost admiration for opening this storey up to the world – I don’t think I could have, given what her family has been through. This is a straight-forward, up-front and open account of a family in fear of a paranormal entity. If you didn't believe before you read Paranormal Intruder you probably will afterwards. It is really gripping to feel a part of the events which unfold in the house, in the car, and at pubs! Sadly the church took some time to step in and help the family, but thankfully they did.

Thoughts, feelings and events are described well and it all flows seemingly from the heart. The main individuals involved summed up in a chapter each towards the end – this was a very effective way to round off the book. In a nutshell, I loved it (maybe that is an uncool thing to say!) I felt for the family as they dealt with it and continue to deal with it. I'm on a mission now to read Caroline's other books.
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on 9 July 2015
Story is too small a word for this book. It took a couple of pages for me to get into it and not view it as a piece of fiction, once I got my head round the fact that it was real, it made it all the more terrifying. The more I read, the more amazed and afraid for the family I became. I spent most of the time (when not reading the book) trying to imagine where this "entity" came from and why but I was almost afraid to give it too much thought, you will understand when you read it. It took me just over a day to read as I was unable to put it down and was compelled to keep reading. She's a brave woman to put it all down on paper, I'm not sure I would have been able to, especially after the threat but all power to her. It has played on my mind for over a week now and various things keep running through my head. I don't care that some won't believe it as being true, that's up to them. I do believe her and all those who witnessed each situation as it arose. Well done, Caroline.
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on 15 November 2015
I decided I needed to read this book after seeing lots of great reviews and recommendations for Caroline Mitchell's books and as much as it scares me, the paranormal has always fascinated me.

Paranormal Intruder intrigued me as it is a true account of paranormal activity which Caroline, her husband Neil, their family and friends were subjected to. Seemingly random as they wouldn't have expected their house to be haunted as it was a new build and they were the first and only family to live there.

The occurrences they experienced ranged from seemingly playful games to down right dangerous, such as fire starting and knife throwing! I can only imagine what it must have been like to witness such activity and actually fear for the safety of your family. The disruption they had to deal with because of this 'entity' was more than many could have dealt with whilst trying to function normally day-to-day. Having to travel to parents homes, for quite long periods of time as they were too scared to stay in their own home overnight must have been a strain on family life. Having to re-home their beloved dogs must have been heartbreaking. I can't imagine having to give up my Shih Tzu. I'd be devastated, as Caroline and her family obviously were. To feel like you aren't welcome in your own home must be horrendous!

This is a fascinating story, but equally terrifying. Not for the faint hearted, but a must read for anyone with even the slightest interest in the paranormal. If you are a sceptic, I challenge you to read this and offer a reasonable alternative explanation for these occurrences. I doubt anyone could!

I'm happy to say I'm now a Caroline Mitchell fan and I will be reading her other books.
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on 22 February 2015
I downloaded this book the other day and out of curiosity I thought I would take a peek and then leave it until I'd finished reading my current book. But I was gripped totally and didn't stop until chapter 16 and only stopped then because my eyes were nipping and it was after 1am. I couldn't sleep and tried not to think about the fact it was a true story! Two hours later when I couldn't sleep I had to read my other book until all thoughts of Paranormal Intruder were far from my mind. I finished the book today and have to say it's the most extraordinary story I've ever read or heard about. It's fascinated me but also scared me to the core. I have never been a non-believer but if I did see a ghost or any of the things Caroline and her family experienced....I think my heart would stop permanently. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Caroline's story and highly recommend it but If you scare easily like me, then I suggest you read it early in the day, but if you are like me, you'll not want to stop until the end.
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on 25 May 2016
I just love a good demon/entity/poltergeist story but have found my most recent reads a bit tame. I want to be frightened and a cannot put the book down story line. This is a true story and I found it truly terrifying. What this poor family has/is going through is frightenly chilling to the bone. Any doubters of there being demons/entities/poltergeists in this world should read this book and then readjust their views. After this book I am a believer and only pray this never happens to me or my worst enemy! If you are interested in this kind of book genre buy it and you will not be disappointed.
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on 17 November 2015
It is difficult to write about something like these happenings. I do not think I would be able to do the job any better than the author of this book. The thought "Is this possible at all" never crossed my mind, as I think modern science doesn't know everything and can't explain many things.

The prose is a bit flat, but this is what to expect if you try to stick to facts and you are not a professional writer. I winced once or twice at passages like "I gathered my blond tresses..." though.

If you forget the literary quality of the writing and focus on the events in the book, some things immediately jump at you. First, the unpleasant, to say the least, phenomena seem to be connected to individuals. Second, Ouija boards are often involved, even if one used them a long time ago. Third, Church doesn't seem to be exactly helpful. I was truly glad to read that the priests did eventually perform Exorcism and it made things better. Another thing is - once direct and obvious danger like spontaneous combustion is over, people tend to forget what they are dealing with and engage into a dialogue or even play with poltergeist. I couldn't help thinking it is probably extremely dangerous, to encourage communication with something like this.

I am glad the family is now safer and can have their lives back. They are very, very brave people. It was touching how they cared for their dogs amidst the worst nightmare of their lives too.
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on 15 December 2015
So I read on a book club (TBC) about someone talking about this and immediately downloaded this as it sounded right up my street and I did not expect to be so creeped out by it!! I am actually quite a sceptical person so wasn't intended to actually get scared, just be interested and maybe ask a few questions!!

WELL!!! The action started right from the start and quite frankly by the time I had to go to sleep that night I was bricking it!! My other half was asleep and it was too late to text my mates for a quick chat so I had to read sky news and Google pictures of kittens until I calmed down!! EVEN after all that, the shadows in the room were still freaking me out AND every sound in the house was freaking me out for like a week afterwards!!

I made things worse for myself by going onto the authors website and listening to the recordings because it scares me even more!! I can laugh about it now but it honestly is a really scary book! I wouldn't want to go for a pint with her husband il tell you that much!!

I would love to hear a follow up a few years down the line because I know there wasn't a full resolution.

Well done, brilliant read.
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on 11 September 2014
Imagine being terrified to go home at night because you are worried about who, or what, will greet you. This is what happened to one Essex police officer and her family when their home was taken over by some kind of paranormal entity. Smashed crockery, knives embedded in kitchen units and weirdly terrifying phone calls at all hours of the day and night were just some of the problems they faced.
Unable to sell their house, they had to fight back and this is their true story of how they did it.

It's an interesting story - and one that the rational part of your brain will tell you is unbelievable - but the author, Caroline Mitchell, does seem plausible and it would be bizarre to open yourself up to ridicule by making this sort of thing up.

Whether 100% true or not its definitely worth a read.
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