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Whilst reading my Facebook wall one day I came across a share about this book, which after reading the blurb and as a fan of horror movies as well as ghost stories I thought I'd give it a go as I'm more than interested in getting to read someone's real life account of a haunting.

Yes, generally a lot of them are all based in historic places such as tales of the past Kings and Queens or a haunted old inn yet this one stood out as it was set in a fairly new property, not something that you'd think would be haunted.

So upon opening the pages the reporting of the events started straight away and to be honest never slowed down.unlike so many others. What this title has done completely differently was to sit down and explain everything in a clear concise manner that also allowed you to get to know the victims of this haunting. There was no bravado or heroic stances from the family concerned and after doing what they could, they took the only step left to them which was to leave their home but even that didn't end the paranormal events.

All in, this is a book that has a lot of twists and turns within, taking the reader from tears, from when the family had to rehome their dogs or your hair standing on end as the events are described in detail, yet throughout it all, it was clear that the familial bonds were strong as they stood together against the unseen foe.

I have read other reviews and am shocked at certain people's attitude to part of the story ( I will not go into it ) and I want to say to them until you have been literally been to hell and back don't be abusive about people's reactions to a situation like this. The books author also has a blog which is very interesting and in my opinion is something definitely worth looking at. I would definitely give this book 10 out of 10 and I'm glad the author could come forward with this story it may well help others.
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Paranormal Intruder is a non fiction book about the paranormal activity that happened to the author and her family.

I think this book is going to be one of those books that you are either going to like or dislike and I think that is mainly to do with whether you believe in ghosts/spirits and such like.

I don't know whether I class myself as being a believer in such things as for one I am very lucky to never have experienced such things but I have in the past had that feeling of deja vu and knowing that something was going to happen before it did. I have also seen a few psychic's over the years and though there are many con artists out there I have seen a couple that have been spot on with certain events happening in my future. Even though Paranormal Intruder could either be something demonic or spiritual I like to think that I am open minded enough to believe many of the people that have had these experiences, after all there are to many for them all to be wrong!

The book very much reminded me of the film Poltergeist, especially as the author documents not only big incidents she tells us of many of the smaller ones as well. Unfortunately unlike films, what help is out there when this happens to normal people in real life? This is something that Caroline and her husband Neil soon become to realise. The author takes us through the events and how it is affecting both herself and her husband as well as their family and friends.

It's hard not to go into to much detail without spoiling it for people who haven't read this book and I wouldn't want to do that as this book deserves to be read.

Even though the author does a wonderful job in describing the emotions and feelings they went through in this period of their lives I don't think the true horror and fear that this family must have felt comes across fully in the book and I was very torn in what rating I should give Paranormal Intruder. I think by the end though where a lot of the people involved with these events have all made a statement of their accounts, I do feel it is worthy of the full 5 stars.

I'm pleased that the author and her family have a great network of family and friends that were very supportive throughout these events and this very much comes through in the story.

If you love films like Poltergeist and Paranormal Activity I think you will love this book and readers should read it with an open mind, after all this isn't a film this is true life!
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on 1 June 2015
'Paranormal Intruder' is the true story of Caroline Mitchell, her husband, Neil and her family as they face a paranormal presence which torments them and tries to destroy their family.

What I liked about the story was how honest and straightforward Caroline was about what happened, from mysterious fires, objects being moved, thrown dishes, threatening telephone calls, a threatening note which are all directed at her husband.

I found Caroline's story to be unnerving, I have always believed that there is something after death but what Caroline and her family live with is a presence that is just plain evil, so there was times after reading that I went to sleep with the bedroom lamp on and I am still not brave enough to listen to the podcast of the presence growling.

'Paranormal Intruder' is a interesting read, there are aspects to the story which are never fully solved but that unfortunately is the nature of what the family is living with.

Whether you believe or do not believe in the paranormal, the story shows you how mysterious the world can be.
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on 16 May 2017
I have always believed in the supernatural/paranormal and this book has strengthened my belief. What this family went through, the horror of it all I just can't imagine. I would like to say to Caroline and Neil that I for one truely believe what they have gone through and indeed are still going through and they are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you both.
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on 20 December 2016
Oh. My. God. If you don't believe in the paranormal, then read this book and prepare to be convinced that for some people, living with an evil 'entity' is very, very real. Lord knows why I decided to read this book at bedtime. I don't think I'll sleep tonight, and I definitely won't be getting up to go to the bathroom by myself! Read it if you think you're brave enough!!
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on 31 October 2015
I have no idea how this family managed to stay strong through all this! admiration for them. not amused at church's attitude until it was threatened itself!
Think this would have given me sleepless nights if I'd read it while my hubby was away working! & I don't need any help with not sleeping, believe me!
Well recorded, factual, disturbing, true tale
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on 22 March 2014
Was not sure what to expect when I started reading this but page after page draws you into the family and how it is affecting them. It is well written and keeps you wanting to read more and more; you feel sorry for the all the family what they had to go through and really start to think whether something like this could really happen.

Brilliant book and would definitely recommend.
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on 20 June 2017
This was a horrible story ! If this was ordinary fiction you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a bit far fetched. The fact that this is a true story gives me the shivers and I hope I never have to encounter anything like it.
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on 15 March 2017
Really enjoyed reading this and struggled to put it down. Terrible what they went through and fascinating at the same time.
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on 26 June 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, i could barely put it down. One of the best paranormal tales i have read yet!
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