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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 February 2014
In this darkest of Scandinavian noir detective thrillers, the Swedish autistic workaholic Saga joins forces once again with Danish Martin, the once easy-going philanderer now estranged from his partner Mette and traumatised by a ghastly personal tragedy. The complex crime of eco-terrorism which they are required to unravel turns out to be less gripping than the relationships between the main characters. Despite Saga's frequent resemblance to a robot, lack of empathy and wooden quoting from textbooks on how to behave, her acting towards the end is excellent in showing the dawning of emotion in her face as Martin forces her to confront the past events that have so damaged her psyche, and also as she has to deal with a final dilemma. In portraying a busy office where a disparate group of officers are thrown together, working under stress, there are also frequent touches of humour in what might otherwise be a very bleak and macabre film, with frequent scenes of speeded up grey clouds streaming frenetically over ugly grey concrete blocks.

The plot twists and the continual introduction of new, seemingly unconnected storylines for the watcher to work out while contending with subtitles made me wish I had noted key events at the end of each episode. The body count was so high, and the events at times so ludicrous, that I almost gave up watching. However, I was both rehooked and quite impressed by the final two episodes, with their pace and some real depth. The writer Hans Rosenfeldt has ensured the plot "adds up", which is often not the case in this kind of drama, plus he has left at least three loose ends to justify a third series.

Even if you have reservations, the dramatic sweep of the Øresund Bridge, never fails to impress in the opening shots. This has developed to be stronger and more "multi-layered" than Series 1.
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on 9 April 2014
Don't faff about watching English language remakes of this remarkable Nordic Noir you won't get the full force of the atmosphere created by the amazing filming and the great actors. I was sceptical at first having watched many foreign movies as a student - could I be bothered with sub-titles? Well in this case YES I COULD! I have also bought series 1 because I missed that. The great thing is there is going to be a series 3 - FANTASTISK ( I used Google translate to get that Swedish word, but hey there are many similarities in our languages :)
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on 23 February 2014
Only once in my life have I found a "sequel" to be superior to the origiinal! I much preferred the brooding GODFATHER 2 to the first--and now I'm astonished, amazed and enthrall by The Bridge 2, which miraculously surpasses the first. Now the first is right up there with the Classic Nordic Noir--THE KILLING 1-3, the MILLENIUM trilogy most importantly. But I was shattered by the fearless honesty and depth of the characters! The plot is probably better in #1, sensational as it was, but the plotting here is fine and absorbing. BUT the characters have drunk a Shakespearean potion that heightens their inner depths thrillingly. Saga is here an astounding presence--managing to convey a robotic concentration and intensity focused on the mystery at hand------but OH! the views of her inner soul & heart are yearningly aching and filled with wonder. Sofia Helin is the Cate Blanchett of Europe! And Kim
Bodnia gives a richly textured complex set of heartbreaks and hidden agony. The ending is apropriately an emotional volcano!
This is worthy of Strindberg, as it reveals the Scandinavian world, and its need to keep things secret, repressed, and avoided.
I thought it had to be disappointing after the wild thrill of #1. But the Wagnerian brooding of THE BRIDGE 2 tops the Verdian melodramatic "rushes" of BRIDGE 1.
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on 19 February 2014
The Bridge has got to be the best show on TV (why it isn`t on BBC1 in the UK I`ll never know), but anyway we do at least get it. I didn`t watch it when it was on TV and waited for the dvd box set as wanted to see it without many breaks. The two lead cops played by Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia have an amazing chemistry together, and the acting by them has been superb. I await with anticipation Series 3.
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on 15 October 2015
Whilst the series is excellent, I am giving one star to the DVD itself. This is the second copy I have had to return because there are no English sub-titles. I note that at least one other person has had a similar problem. Amazon need to review their own and their suppliers quality control systems.
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on 3 October 2016
Unlike those who rate s2 higher than s1 , I have to disagree .
I have wrestled with my thoughts over whether to give the
second series 4 or 5 stars . Undoubtedly it deserves a five
as series one deserved a seven , even sequel / s2 is far
superior to most of the trash or same old same old , plot
lines etc on tv .The subtitles are tiring on the eyes , as the script
is so intense and full , but the effort was worthwhile , once again
this series was compelling and unputdownable .
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on 29 December 2015
Devotees of The Bridge will be aware that once you have viewed the first episode, you are hooked ,and a "binge watch" (time permitting is almost inevitable Having watched the first three episodes (Disc one ) I placed disc two in my player and you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that there was no subtitles.I immediately checked disc three and found that similarly there was no subtitles. As I purchased this DVD a year ago I have been unable to return it Having read other reviews I note that my experience is not unique.!! It is simply not good enough as I paid over 15 pounds I have subsequently bought another DVD from another retail outlet as I will not be buying DVDs again from Amazon following this experience Once bitten twice shy
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That bridge is much in evidence as Swedish and Danish police combine to combat the threat posed by eco-terrorists. After a year Saga is reunited with Martin, he still traumatized by personal tragedy. Can working with Saga provide the therapy he needs?

Ten episodes of around fifty minutes. No extras. Close attention is required to keep up with all the twists and turns - some developments such a shock, it becomes impossible to predict the outcome. (Well done, anybody who did!)

As before, great talents have converged for a series that grips all the way through. Atmospheric photography instantly sets the mood. Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia head the impressive cast, all concerned totally convincing. Helin as Saga is superb - the character blinkered, humourless, totally lacking in people skills, but brilliant at her job and curiously appealing. Bodnia as Martin is most moving, he clearly teetering on a breakdown, unable to get out of his head the man who killed his son. Both are dedicated to their work, but in every other way could scarcely be more different. Salute here one of television's most unlikely partnerships.

A viewing treat - bleak, brooding, memorable.
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on 20 February 2016
Totally fantastic. We are hooked on The Bridge, having only discovered it fairly recently after friends recommended it. We enjoyed the first series, but this one was even better. The dynamics between the two main characters is great - and autistic Saga is brilliantly acted by Sofia Helin. The subtitles really aren't a problem and you don't feel you are missing out on the story by having them. We are about to start series 3 now - can't wait.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 February 2014
Review of content.

It's very rare that a second season tops a great first series but this was certainly the case - for me, at any rate - with The Bridge 2.

Saga is just such a brilliant creation and simply the most fascinating female cop ever. What is so clever is that her borderline autism - which makes her so hopeless at social skills - plays directly into her investigative skills - which are so outstanding. It's a truly mesmeric mix and a spellbinding performance from Sofia Helin. The character of Martin is equally three-dimensional and fully realised. Can anyone convey damp-eyed pathos quite like Kim Bodnia? The chemistry between the two of them is utterly compelling and their humorous scenes together are a delight for the viewer.

I absolutely loved this series of The Bridge. Plot-wise one may have some quibbles - but aren't there always with these things? If you haven't seen season one yet, do yourself a favour and catch up with it, even if you don't like watching things with subtitles. This is must-watch television of the highest order, worth watching for the opening credits alone. Long may this Saga continue...
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