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on 6 August 2015
First-class Scandi noir. Whether future series will be as effective now that Saga Norén (Sofia Helin) will be without former partner Martin (Kim Bodnia) remains to be seen. But Bodnia's refusal to go along with the scriptwriters' apparently far-fetched device to extricate him from the spot of bother in which he finds himself at the end of Series 2 may be The Bridge's saving grace and save it from following in the footsteps (and seemingly inevitable decline) of such none-Scandi series as The Fall and Broadchurch. As far as Series 1 and 2 and this blu-ray are concerned, the quirky partnership between Helin and Bodnia made it compelling television, a worthy successor to The Killing and much better than most of the UK crime series output.

UPDATE (December 2015): My concerns about Series 3 in the absence of Kim Bodnia were wide of the mark. For my money this latest series, with Sofia Helin's Saga joined by new partner Henrik (Thure Lindhardt), added a new dimension to this brilliant Scandi noir series and I rate it one of the very best things on television through 2015. The complicated multiple-murder plot was less interesting than the developing relationship between and psychological examination of Saga and Henrik and, by comparison, the interplay between Saga and Martin in Series 1 and 2 was less interesting. That the marvellous weekly Guardian blog on the series was attracting in excess of 1,000 comments a week is testimony to the huge impact The Bridge has had! I'm not normally a fan of sequels, but I really hope we do get a fourth series of The Bridge - and maybe Kim Bodnia might make a brief reappearance? I watched Series 3 on BBC4 as it was broadcast, but if you haven't yet caught up with The Bridge you should go for the complete Bridge trilogy, preferably on blu-ray The Bridge Trilogy [Blu-Ray] or otherwise on DVD The Bridge Trilogy [DVD].
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 September 2014
I`m still totally in thrall to the magnificence of this program, and the two truly wonderful and very different series. I`m sure I`m not alone in finding it via The Killing and other Scandanavian imports; but this is the greatest of them all in my opinion.

I can think of no other series that combines a breathtaking, labyrynthine story with perfect casting and acting that exudes convincing emotional depth; ironic bearing in mind Saga displays almost no emotion at all.

Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia are the two leads; and I should probably confess that I could hardly be more mesmerised by the way Sofia Helin portrays Malmo Police`s Saga Noren. She is...well, enigmatic does not do her justice. Asperger`s? Possibly, probably, but it isn`t confirmed. Whatever her quirks, I can`t think of anyone I have been more drawn to in a television series. Martin Rohde - Saga`s Danish counterpart - is a man with many flaws, but is still strangely loveable. He`ll be missed in Season 3.

My wife and I travelled to Copenhagen and Malmo as a result of this, as I had to see the Oresund Bridge!
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on 17 November 2015
Great series
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on 17 January 2016
I bought this box set a year ago and it sat unwatched until Series 3 aired. I found it less drawn out than the Killing and far more enjoyable.
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on 18 March 2014
Loved every aspect of this series.The stories in each were gripping ,The characters fantastic,sorry if Marten not in the third series.can't wait
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on 21 February 2015
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on 30 April 2014
Don't buy this if you value your evenings. Once you start, you can write off the next 2 weeks!! Loved it.
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on 2 April 2014
Nordic noir, what more should I say? Better than the US Bridge and then the Tunnel in that order - see also review of The Tunnel
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on 22 May 2014
The problem with TV is that series often get compared to one another, i.e. is it as good as The Wire, Breaking Bad et al and this is not alway helpful when reviewing. I will just say it as it is The Bridge is a brilliant piece of entertainment with consistently excellent episodes across the two series, excellent acting and characterisations. The cinematography from the opening credits to the closing credits is uniformly exceptional with a strong soundtrack.

Some people do not like subtitles, but be patient and enjoy TV making of the highest standard.
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on 8 October 2014
There are a couple of circumstances that make writing this review of particular interest to me. The first is that I lived in both Malmö and Copenhagen for several years, before the bridge was built, and I used to speak the two languages in which the series is made. The second is that I have a personal interest in autistic spectrum behaviour, as can be seen from other reviews I have written. I believe the writers of this series based the personality of Saga Norén, the Swedish detective, on some idea of a high-performing autistic individual. It could be just an exaggerated version of the Danish idea of a typical Swede.
The general atmosphere and the social interaction on both sides of the Øresund in the series is very much how I remember it. The difference in character of Swedes and Danes, their opinions of each other and the touch of rivalry between them are all there. If you know the area you'll enjoy seeing it like this, if you don't know it you'll probably want to visit one day.
The bridge is truly significant not just as a physical reality but also as a social one. The whole of both stories, apart from the role the bridge plays as an object, would have been quite impossible to imagine when I lived there, communication was just too difficult in all senses. The stories in both series are gripping, fast-moving and will keep you on tenterhooks, and there are lots of fascinating secondary characters and sub-plots. However the centrepiece of everything is the relationship between Saga and the Danish detective Martin Rohde. It's certainly not a love story but it's about some kind of chemistry. They are opposite poles but they build a friendship that has many layers, wonderfully portrayed by both actors. Martyn has a very Danish sense of irony that completely sails over Saga's head, he is the emotional one and she the cold ice-queen, they have very different personal lives and are critical of each other's; but there are moments that are pure gold.
Saga's personality is though at times a little too much to swallow. It's the only criticism I have of the series apart from the theme song, which is just pretentious and irritating and fortunately only heard in the introduction. There are times when she seems to be a bit too limited by her condition, whatever it is. A person of her intelligence would have learnt, cognitively, a better understanding of the world around her than the one she displays. It didn't spoil the series for me though. I found it much too tempting to suspend my disbelief and I suggest you do the same if necessary, the rewards are great. Sofia Helin ended up convincing me of that, she's got a kind of knock-you-out-of-your-seat ability that takes you totally by surprise.
The stories are far too much totally engrossing and there is an array of wild and varied characters far too rich to miss these series. If you like Nordic crime you'll love this and if you've never seen any of it, nor read any of the books, I would suggest this as a good place to start.
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