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on 22 December 2017
I bought this book but I didn't think that is was going to be as good as it was. When I started reading it I was immediately drawn into the book and couldn't put it down, that is how good it is. This story, if you could call it a story because it is so realistic, makes you feel as though you are there and involved within this book. It gives a great idea to those pre-teens to what it is like being a teenager and how you change from before. The book provides great information even though you wouldn't think of it. Bex Carter book one is written differently and like some teenager has written it with her problems and how she is treated. This book also provides life lessons such as to be who you are and to be a great friend and act as if you are their friend but you aren't actually their friend, in another words not to be a fake friend. It gives a message to not be popular or want to be popular because you are good the way you are. Also it gives a message that you can't always get what you want and tells you that you are good the way you are. You need to keep your friends close to you and your enemies because they are all special to you and no different. It is a great book for those who are pre-teens and for any other person. It will kind of tell them how to prepare and be ready to become a teenager, it will also tell them those probems they could find along the road of teenaged years. These messages are carried out within a story from Bex's point of view from things. I hope the rest of the books from this book series are as good and interesting as this one. It is deffinately one of my favourite books and hope the rest are. I see no reason why anybody should not read this book as it is for free in the kindle store. So if you feel up for some teenaged excitement buy this book and enjoy it and find the messages within this book. Buy now and get dragged into the series just like any other book series. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the others as their titles seem to drag me in. Thanks for a great read of which I needed. I really enjoyed this book, Thank You! xx Enjoy your reading if you buy this book. Once again Thank You, I hope to read more. Thanks!xx
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on 19 August 2017
This book is amazing it starts of with shopping and ends up with her being rave and saying her opinion. This book is lifelike because that's how parents or guardians make you join a club by tempting you with something you want. The fact she is bullied and that the mean girls are liars could happen .
I also think that the way she was lying to Geraldine could be true and how the girls trick her friend . That's why it deserves five stars . I am hoping to get more this one was fun especially when she kept points in her head. I wonder what's next ...
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on 12 September 2017
This book was very good because as soon as I picked it up I was immediately sucked in. This book is very engaging and very well written, you should definitely give it a try.
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on 7 April 2018
we i dont really know because i deleated it as soon as i saw the first chapter..... if you are unsure about getting it definetly try a sample. I think the first chapter is very weird it talks about growing up and u know that type of stuff. I would recormend it for 12-14
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on 3 June 2017
I give the book 5 star because I am into to it A LOT. I like the way it is presented and I would recommend it for ages 8/16. Thank you for reading my review and I hope that it is helpful!
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on 29 March 2015
This was a very God book about a typical teenager but I do wish that maybe there could of had more scenes and adventures in it. It was very true and showed true morality. Good book as it was free and I enjoyed it. Quite a short read but good as a nice short book to read for 2 day.
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on 19 April 2014
I have thoroughly enjoyed the first book,and I am really looking forward to reading the others. l chose this particular book to download on my kindle because I was drawn in from the moment I read the ratings and descriptions. I would recommend this book to readers aged 12-16
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on 16 March 2014
Well for me it was a bit weird and I am 11. Most reviews say that this is a book for 9-12 year olds but I totally disagree. Personally I don't know what age group this book is for as it is so strange.
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on 2 March 2014
There's a lesson in the way of the world in this book, very suitable for children and adults. My teenage years are well behind me but I shall save this for my granddaughter to read when she visits. Very true to life. Recommended
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on 5 March 2015
My daughter is 10, and she liked this book because it was funny. She said she felt she had similarities to Bex. She liked the character Ava G, but her favourite was her Russian 'bestie'.
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