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on 28 February 2016
The home release of the third of the Evangelion Rebuild films - 3.33 You can (Not) Redo - has been delayed and delayed for so long but now after all the wait it has finally been released from limbo and into the public. The delay is regarded to be due to issues with Studio Khara and Funimation and the quality of the latter's English dubbing efforts.

But about the release; this version is the BD+DVD Collector's edition. It comes (As can be seen in the attached images) the blu-ray and DVD discs in a single standard blu-ray case along with the guidebook included with this version of the release all contained in a cardboard sleeve/slip. The 52-page guidebook contains character, environment and prop art such as the pilots, EVAs and angels as well as containing information about the "Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33" which is an edited version of the films scenes only using pre-production imagery and work such as rough animation or animatics (this is included on the discs themselves).

The film itself can be watched in the new re-worked English dub as well as Japanese with two options of English subtitles: Home Video and Theatrical. Both are Dolby 5.1.

Special features on the discs include the aforementioned Q: Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33, trailers, teasers and TV spots for the movie. A disappointment to me is that, unlike Funimation's two previous Evangelion film releases, there is no audio commentary featuring the producers at Funi*, dubbing staff or voice actors.

The reason I picked this version as opposed to the singular Blu-ray release came down to two factors: I'm a sucker for special edition releases of anything and the pricepoint at the time of ordering was so close it made the decision easy - at only a couple pounds difference between the BD and BD+DVD versions, I may aswell go for this one, right?

Overall, if you just want to own the movie and don't care too much about the guidebook or cover then you may as well opt for one of the other two, either the DVD or Blu-ray. I wouldn't say there's anything so worth the extra money in this 'Collector's Edition' that you would be missing out if you didn't grab it.
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VINE VOICEon 3 March 2016
The promo for this says that this is where the story veers into entirely new territory and it's right. In many ways, the Rebuild of Evangelion feels like the work of people who have lived with a story that they never really got to tell properly in the past. I loved the original series, but the ending is one that veers heavily from what they had planned to do before their budget was slashed. Also, the original series and the End of Evangelion movies in many ways are from a very dark place. There is no question of a happy ending in those. Rebuild seems like it might give us a glimmer of a happy ending.

So, the big shock in this comes right at the start. There is a big status quo change that pushes us so far past the original that we find ourselves in a whole new world. Relationships have changed. Eva tech has changed. Nerv is explicitly the bad guys. A lot of the backstory is explained in ways it was only hinted at in the other versions of the story.

The story is still analogous to part of the original series, but we get to see Asuka in action, the new pilot in action, big time Eva on Eva fighting and Eva on Angel fighting. Shinji meanwhile gets taken on an emotional rollercoaster (as ever!). The more pro-active, slightly happier Shinji of this series is pushed right to the edge in this film, and it ends on another cliffhanger.

I loved it breathlessly. The animation is amazing. Truly gorgeous.

The terrible thing is thinking about how long it might take for us to get the final film!
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on 1 March 2016
I've waited 24 hours after viewing to write this review. Usually I write them straight after. Why the delay? I had to decide what I really thought. I really liked the original series, platinum version, its mix of existential angst, moral philosophy and mecha mayhem were fantastic. This rebuild has been good in parts and dreadful in equal measure. The character rewrites and uneven tone threw me. Fourteen years after forcing his son to bring about the third impact Shinji awakens to a changed world. It's an uneven film, fans of the franchise will love the lore and mystical elements present in the first 40 minutes, the ending feels like fan service and mecha mayhem thrown in to keep things moving. Shinji self-hatred still stains the development, he's still exceptionally whiny, but at least it's short lived. The plot asks more questions which the final part will find hard to answer if someone doesn't reign in the messy exposition and choose a direction for the film to follow. I liked it, but it won't be everyone's idea of what Evangelion should be.
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on 8 April 2016
I'd already seen this in Japanese, so already knew what to expect story wise, which is somewhat different from where we left off in 2.22.

I'll even admit it took me a couple of watches before I liked it. I also had to look up the significance of the lance on the Evangelion wiki...which helped.

Story aside, if you've had issues with the sound, you are (not) alone...sorry :) Seriously though, I had my 5.1 system volume two thirds the way up, normally at this setting I would blow out the windows, and it still wasn't loud enough. The surround was working fine, but the sub-woofer wasn't doing a great deal, if anything, whilst normally my floor vibrates when there's a large explosion etc. I even had to check it was working properly, and it was. Others have told me the same, or similar; voices too quiet etc.. I tried both the Japanese and English soundtracks, but no difference. It's especially annoying because the musical scores in 3.33 are possibly even better than 2.22. It's even more annoying as we've been waiting since last year for this release due to the poor dubbing issue.

The box has a Dolby True HD on it, as does the BD. Does Dolby have quality control?
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on 28 March 2016
Have been waiting for along time for the Eng Dub release. The story progresses from 2.22, but with a odd sort of pacing and a lot to grasp and workout how/when etc. It's a little off putting as its involves time skip. But, the great thing about this is that it's now its own new story, not told from the TV plot or older movies. So there's something to look forward to and be surprised.

The visuals are great, just like 1.11 and 2.22. There aren't many other characters involved, it mainly focus' on Shinji's perspective of things. By the third act, its very slow paced but you get to see him bond with other characters but not enought time in a movie to actually make a deeper connection than they show.

My opinion: the ending, I find quite anti-climatic, that's just me, 2.22 is probably the best one I like so far.
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on 16 March 2016
Fantastic product looks great art book is awesome.

I loved the first two movies, this one blew my mind. Animation / artwork was amazing yet I have no idea what happened. It was a mess to be fair and just felt really really weird... I will buy the next one to see how it ends but I can't lie and say I enjoyed this. It leaves you with a feeling like what the hell just happened. I didn't hate it but I can't really explain what happened. I couldn't relate to it at all.
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on 26 March 2016
Im not going to review the movie as thats the job of movie critics im just here to say what I think about the product.

The collector's edition comes with a small coloured glossy art book which has some really nice concept arts/different views of the characters and angels. This version also includes both a DVD copy and Blu-ray copy of the film, for those people who may not have a Blu-ray player or possibly a gift for a friend.

Both copies of the film come with the dubbed english version as well as the original japanese (which i personally prefer) along with other content like special features, trailers and scene selection.

The only fault I had with this and it's a very picky fault and may not even be worth noting down and that is the box art. Unlike the first two movies the box art on this one is just a plane background with the movie title, disappointing considering the first two had nice vibrant photo art :(
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VINE VOICEon 15 October 2016
Well, well worth the wait - sure, it's not as good as the second film (what is?!) - Eva 3.33 is a visually stunning, thought provoking piece that's deservedly controversial in its re-imagining of the original TV show. You'll come out of this with plenty of food for thought.
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on 25 May 2016
Saying that this 3rd part of the Evangelion "reboot" favours form over content is a gross understatement: visually nice but utterly nonsensical! A collection of graphically stunning and emotionally charged scenes strung together in seemingly random order without any discernable plot. Maybe you need to be high to enjoy it... I didn't!
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on 30 June 2016
Nothing really happens in this film so I wouldn't bother with it until the final film is released.
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