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4.7 out of 5 stars

TOP 100 REVIEWERon 16 February 2016

MGM of course stands for the mighty Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, which formed their own record label in 1946. Their first soundtrack was of Till The Clouds Roll By, a 1946 film based on the life of composer Jerome Kern. MGM quickly established itself as a major record company alongside fellow giants Mercury, Columbia, RCA, Capitol and Decca. The label’s logo was visually striking, the film studio’s trademark lion at the top of the label surmounting a bold black stripe across a yellow background. The decade form 1959 saw the label colour change to black, the ‘MGM’ once cut out of the stripe now rendered in a rainbow hue. The Seventies style would be a modishly swirly gold and turquoise, the lion remaining in head and mane form only. MGM has many subsidiary, like Cub label, later Verve, Kama Sutra, Ava, Heritage, Metro, Hickory, MGM South, L&R and Lionel. MGM continued into the Seventies, releasing material by acts as diverse as Petula Clark and the Osmonds, before becoming part of Polygram. It reverted to releasing soundtracks of MGM films, and by the mid Eighties had been sidelined altogether.


MGM is one of my favourite record labels, after United Artists and ABC-Paramount. The biggest pop star was of course Connie Francis, who stayed with MGM during her entire recording career. This 3 CD set contains 75 songs, all original versions, with many rare gems, some from movie soundtracks. I have compiled a detailed song listing (including chart position, year and personal comments) which is as follows:

Disc 1:
01 Don’t Go Near The Eskimos – Ben Colder (US 72/1962)*rare gem; Ben Colder is really Sheb Wooley
02 Who’s Sorry Now – Connie Francis (US 4/1958; UK 1/1958)*Connie’s 1st Number 1 hit in UK
03 You’re My Teen Age Baby – The Berry Kids (uncharted single, 1957)*rare gem
04 One More Time – Andy Starr (uncharted single, 1957)*rare gem
05 Hey, Good Lookin’ – Hank Williams (US 1(8)/1951)
06 It’s Only Make Believe – Conway Twitty (US 1(2)/1958)*voice imitating Elvis; before he became a Country Superstar with 40 Number 1 C&W hits
07 Respectable – The Chants (US 101/1961)*rare gem
08 Theme From Dr. Kildare – Richard Chamberlain (US 10/1962)*this compilation good way to collect Richard Chamberlain
09 The Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley (US 1(6)/1958; UK 12/1958)*his biggest hit
10 The Glory of Love – Clyde McPhatter (uncharted single, 1958)*rare gem
11 Stampede – Danny Valentino (uncharted single, 1959)*rare gem
12 The Stripper – David Rose & His Orchestra (US 1(1)/1962)*his only Number 1 hit
13 Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home) – The Impalas (US 2/1959)*their biggest hit
14 I Apologize – Billy Eckstine (uncharted single, 1951)*rare gem; great song
15 Breakin’ In A Brand New Broken Heart – Connie Francis (US 7/1961; UK 12/1961)
16 Let Me Be Your Boy – Wilson Pickett (b-side to My Heart Belongs To You, 1965)
17 Rockin’ And Rollin’ With Grandmaw – Carson Robinson (uncharted single, 1956)*rare gem
18 Handy Man – Jimmy Jones (US 2/1959)
19 Whole Lotta Woman – Marvin Rainwater (US 60/1958; C&W 15/1958)
20 Gonna Find Me A Bluebird – Russ Hamilton (uncharted single, 1960)*follow up to his biggest hit Rainbow/We Will Make Love, 1957 on Kapp label
21 Your Cheatin’ Heart – Hank Williams (C&W 1(6)/1953)
22 I Really Love You – The Stereos (US 29/1961)
23 It’s All In The Game – Tommy Edwards (US 1(6)/1958)*his biggest hit; charted twice: first time (18/1951), slightly different version
24 Second Hand Love – Connie Francis (US 7/1962)
25 Singin’ In The Rain – Gene Kelly (uncharted single, 1952)*great song from the movie of the same name; there is a large size blu ray movie box set out now, containing the actual umbrella!
Disc 2:
01 Lovesick Blues – Hank Williams (US 24/1949; C&W 1(16)/1949)*his biggest hit
02 Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool – Connie Francis (US 1(2)/1960; UK 5/1960)
03 Let’s Try Again – Clyde McPhatter (US 48/1959)*rare gem
04 Whatever Happened to Baby Jane – Bette Davis & Debbie Burton (uncharted single, 1962)*ultra rare gem, from the movie of the same name
05 Biology – Danny Valentino (US 95/1960)*rare gem; the female version of this song by Sue Rainey, an even rarer gem
06 Go, Go, Go – The Berry Kids (uncharted single, 1956)*rare gem
07 Can I Come Over Tonight – The Five Satins (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
08 Stupid Cupid – Connie Francis (US 14/1958; UK 1/1958)*Connie’s 2nd Number 1 hit in UK
09 I Ain’t A Studying You Baby – Don Gibson (uncharted single, 1956)*rare gem;
10 Mona Lisa – Conway Twitty (US 29/1959)
11 Angela Jones – Johnny Ferguson (US 27/1960)*rare gem
12 Rock And Roll Fever – Cecil Campbell (uncharted single, 1957)*rare gem
13 Watchin’ the 7-10 Roll By – Buck Griffin (uncharted single, 1956)*rare gem
14 Rootie Tootie – The Berry Kids (uncharted single, 1960)*rare gem
15 Another Lonely Girl – Mark Dinning (uncharted single, 1961)*rare gem
16 I Told You So – Jimmy Jones (US 85/1961)*rare gem
17 Lonely Blue Boy – Conway Twitty (US 6/1959)
18 Why Did Yo Have To Go And Leave Me? – Marvin Rainwater (uncharted single, 1956)*rare gem
19 Freddy – Connie Francis (uncharted single, 1955)
20 Love Me Tender – Richard Chamberlain (US 21/1962)
21 Skin Tight, Pin Striped, Purple Pedal Pushers – Sheb Wooley (uncharted single,
22 Half As Much – Hank Williams (C&W 2/1952)
23 Do You Love Me – The Stereos (uncharted single, 1962)
24 My Melancholy Baby – Tommy Edwards (US 26/1959)
25 Teen Angel – Mark Dinning (US 1(2)/1959; UK 37/1960)
Disc 3:
01 Good Timin’ – Jimmy Jones (US 3/1960)
02 Lipstick On My Collar – Connie Francis (US 5/1959; UK 3/1959)
03 Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Conway Twitty (US 55/1960)
04 My Square Dancin’ Mama – Bob Gallion
05 Jambalaya (On The Bayou) – Hank Williams (US 20/1952; C&W 1(14)/1952)*his second biggest hit
06 Sunset Strip – David Rose & His Orchestra (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
07 Love Me, Love – The Berry Kids (uncharted single, 1957)*rare gem
08 Oh What A Fool – The Impalas (US 86/1959)*rare gem
09 No One Can Love You Like I Do – Johnny Ferguson (uncharted single, 1960)*rare gem
10 Always Always – Johnny Cymbal (uncharted single, 1960)*rare gem; 2 years before his biggest hit Mr. Bass Man on Kapp, 1963
11 Vacation – Connie Francis (US 9/1962; UK 10/1962)
12 Hoot Owl Boogie – Sheb Wooley (uncharted single, 1951)*rare gem
13 I Dig You Baby – Marvin Rainwater (uncharted single, 1958)*rare gem
14 The Big Knock – The Stereos (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
15 I Really Don’t Want To Know – Tommy Edwards (US 18/1960)
16 Summer Love – Joni James (US 97/1957)
17 Please Come Back To Me – The Stereos (b-side to I Really Love You, 1961)*rare gem
18 Settin’ The Woods On Fire – Hank Williams (C&W 2/1952)
19 Danny Boy – Conway Twitty (US 10/1959)*this compilation good way to collect early Conway Twitty
20 There Is No Greater Love – The Wanderers (US 88/1962)*rare gem
21 Rock Around The Clock – The MGM Studio Orchestra (uncharted single, 1955)*rare gem; original version, before Bill Haley’s version
22 Turn Off The Moon – Sue Lyon (uncharted single, 1962)*ultra rare gem: b-side to Lolita Ya Ya from movie soundtrack; should have included Lolita Ya Ya to
23 These Foolish Things – The Five Satins (uncharted single, 1960)*rare gem
24 Mule Boogie – Sheb Wooley (uncharted single, 1950)*rare gem
25 Together – Connie Francis (US 6/1961; UK 6/1961)

The audio is superbly remastered, clean, vibrant with no hiss. There are so many rare gems, like Bette Davis, Sue Lyon, etc. You will tap your feet when you hear the original Hank Williams, reminisce when you listen to Connie Francis & Tommy Edwards. Rock Around the Clock by the MGM Studio Orchestra was released long before Billy Haley & the Comets, but remained in obscurity.


One Day Music has released over 100 different sets on various labels. This is a good way to find rare gems. The sound is very well remastered. This set is highly recommended for collectors and all music lovers.
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on 8 May 2017
I have alot of these compilation sets but I think this is the best one yet. Has me singing along in the car. Great great collection good quality, worth every penny and more.
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on 14 December 2014
Fantastic Collection of greats and obscurities, but nonetheless still very good. But what an absolute crying shame it is that 1962 is the end of the line for all of these comprehensive compilations, at a very reasonable price...until 2033!! Thanks to Richie F*****g Cliffard. Thanks a bunch, matey. In actual fact the real benefactors of "Cliff's Law" (Vomit) will be the already stinklngly rich record companies. And don't be kidded into falling for the it's for the poor session musicians line. In actual fact, it will make precious little difference to them.
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Lovesick Blues GEMS FROM THE MGM VAULTS is a 3 disc set which comes in a pastic case.

All of the tracks on the CDs are, you will be glad to know, the Original recordings.

BUT Amazon's track listing isn't exactly clear and I must admit I found it hard to read when it's cramped up.
I did not notice Gene Kelly in there for example!
So here is a clear track listing which makes the artists and title just that bit clearer.

Have pity I'm too old for a paper round and too young to retire!

CD 1

1.Don't Go Near The Eskimos-Ben Colder
2.Who's Sorry Now-Connie Francis
3.You're My Teen Age Baby-The Berry Kids
4.One More Time-Andy Starr
5.Hey, Good Lookin'-Hank Williams
6.It's Only Make Believe-Conway Twitty
7.Respectable-The Chants
8.Theme From Dr Kildare (Three Stars Will Shine Tonight)- Richard Chamberlin
9.The Purple People Eater-Sheb Wooley
10.The Glory Of Love-Clyde McPhatter
11.Stampede-Danny Valentino
12.The Stripper-David Rose And His Orchestra
13.Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)-The Impalas
14.I Apologize-Billy Eckstine
15.Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart-Connie Francis
16.Let Me Be Your Boy-Wilson Pickett
17.Rockin' And Rollin' With Grandmaw-Carson Robison
18.Handy Man-Jimmy Jones
19.Whole Lotta Woman-Marvin Rainwater
20.Gonna Find Me A Bluebird-Russ Hamilton
21.Your Cheatin' Heart-Hank Williams
22.I Really Love You-The Stereos
23.It's All In The Game-Tommy Edwards
24.Second Hand Love-Connie Francis
25.Singin' In The Rain-Gene Kelly


1.Lovesick Blues-Hank Williams
2.Everybody's Somebody's Fool-Connie Francis
3.Let's Try Again-Clyde Mcphatter
4.Whatever Happened To Baby Jane- Bette Davis & Debbie Burton
5.Biology-Danny Valentino
6.Go, Go, Go-The Berry Kids
7.Can I Come Over Tonight-The Five Satins
8.Stupid Cupid -Connie Francis
9.I Ain't A Studying You Baby-Don Gibson
10.Mona Lisa-Conway Twitty
11.Angela Jones-Johnny Ferguson
12.Rock And Roll Fever-Cecil Campbell
13.Watchin' The 7-10 Roll By-Buck Griffin
14.Rootie Tootie-The Berry Kids
15.Another Lonely Girl-Mark Dinning
16.I Told You So-Jimmy Jones
17.Lonely Blue Boy-Conway Twitty
18.Why Did You Have To Go And Leave Me? - Marvin Rainwater
19.Freddy-Connie Francis
20.Love Me Tender-Richard Chamberlain
21.Skin Tight, Pin Striped, Purple Pedal Pushers-Sheb Wooley
22.Half As Much-Hank Williams
23.Do You Love Me-The Stereos
24.My Melancholy Baby-Tommy Edwards
25.Teen Angel-Mark Dinning


1.Good Timin'-Jimmy Jones
2.Lipstick On Your Collar-Connie Francis
3.Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On-Conway Twitty
4.My Square Dancin' Mama-Bob Gallion
5.Jambalaya (On The Bayou)-Hank Williams
6.Sunset Strip-David Rose and His Orchestra
7.Love Me, Love-The Berry Kids
8.Oh What A Fool-The Impalas
9.No One Can Love You Like I Do- Johnny Ferguson
10.Always Always-Johnny Cymbal
11. Vacation-Connie Francis
12.Hoot Owl Boogie-Sheb Wooley
13.I Dig You Baby-Marvin Rainwater
14.The Big Knock-The Stereos
15.I Really Don't Want To Know-Tommy Edwards
16.Summer Love-Joni James
17.Please Come Back To Me-The Stereos
18.Settin' The Woods On Fire-Hank Williams
19.Danny Boy-Conway Twitty
20.There Is No Greater Love-The Wanderers
21.Rock Around The Clock- MGM Studio Orchestra
22.Turn of the Moon-Sue Lyon
23.These Foolish Things-The Five Satins
24.Mule Boogie-Sheb Wooley
25.Together-Connie Francis
26. Cook House Blues - Glenn and the Mellowtones.#

Don't include the last track 26 on your listing.

It's a sad thought that many of these artist will now have passed away after over 50 years or more since the tracks were originally recorded.

In a way it's really good that when we hear them again today we can think back to the original artists.
It would be nice if you could say a little prayer for them.
Like the add for Tesco says `Every little helps'.
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on 24 February 2014
I have others in this series and love them all. This MGM set is 3-CD discs and 75 tracks. It gives me a good smattering of Connie Francis, Hank Williams(Sr) and David Rose. If one remembers these tracks and had the original MGM 45rpm records this is a perfect replacement and full of memories. Clean transfers all. Go for it if popular music from 50+ years ago is your bag.

Others in the series often prove hard for me to purchase due to Marketplace sellers who restrict international or some countries but the price is a steal for most of these.
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on 26 June 2013
Another great collection of songs never dreamed in the late fifties when I started collecting records I would be able to pick up gems
like this for a few pounds terrific sound, I have bought all the one label releases and found everyone first class.
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on 22 July 2013
great music more please !!! what more can I say go go go why do we have to put so many words when a few would do ????
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on 17 August 2013
Like so many of these albums from a particular label some well known classics and also some tracks i have only heard once or twice, years ago. Good to hear them again. So many great singers who never really got much recognition.
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on 9 January 2014
There are some good tracks on this compilation, the notes are informative and many of the tracks here were an education to my ears. Simple music, constructed songs, not all great, but fun music from less complicated times.
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on 27 December 2013
great.bit of oldies music, Love this old stuff this sort of sound will always be around. it is always nice to here
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