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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
Never Enough
Format: Audio CD|Change

on 16 December 2013
"Nothing lasts, nothing lasts" sang our Steve once upon a time. I'm pleased to say he was wrong.

"Never Enough" is the third single culled from Visage's excellent comeback album, "Hearts and Knives". And, for me, it's the pick of the singles so far, even eclipsing the fantastic "Shameless Fashion". The "Never Enough" CD single like the aforementioned "Shameless" and previous single "Dreamer I Know" is pure synth heaven and excellent value for money.

John Bryan's Widescreen version kicks the whole thing off with over a minute of wonderful strings from the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra best-known for their re-recordings of John Williams' film soundtracks.
The Marc Mitchell mix is also pretty fab with a (and this is the anorak coming out in me) great homage to Mind Of A Toy - it's not just me who's noticed that lovely bit of electro drumming, is it?

I've been a Visage fan since 1980 and am now approaching the big Five Oh so it's wonderful for me to listen to these remixes and still be able to enjoy them. So many bands nowadays have remixes that sound absolutely nothing like the original song. I blame DM for that who've had some horrors over the years.

"Never Enough" really does deserve a wider audience and I'm hoping that it'll get some mainstream play on R2 at the very least.

New material from reformed bands tends to leave you underwhelmed after the initial rush of "Oh my God, <nameofbandhere> have reformed and are releasing a new album". Visage are different. "Never Enough and the album "Hearts and Knives" is fantastic. Hats off to Steve S, Steve B, Robin Simon and all the other people involved in the new Visage project.

"Fade To Grey", "Mind of a Toy", "Night Train", "Damned Don't Cry", "Pleasure Boys", "Shameless Fashion, "Never Enough". Not many bands can release such fantastic material over the space of 30 years.

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on 24 February 2014
This review is for the 7-track Remixes EP. "Never Enough" is the 3rd single from "Hearts and Knives", and is a great track, certainly in its original form. This is also the only single to get a second remix EP release (the vinyl 12" has yet to surface, but was intended to include the first 5 tracks on the MP3 EP). What was so good about the previous 2 singles was that they included a true extended version, an instrumental and a few remixes. This meant the singles were heads-and-shoulders above recent Depeche singles, for instance, where the remixes were often very patchy and had absolutely nothing to do with the tune of the original (or much of the vocal either, in many cases). Unfortunately this Visage Remix EP is also a mixed blessing, and much as I'd love to, I am struggling to give it more than 3 stars ("ok").

The opening Young Parisians remix is the only new full vocal mix (as Bottin Vocal already released in edit form). It is very good but is 100% electronic, so out go Rob's guitars and in come slightly repetitive synth loops. It is a mix that purists should like, which is less likely with tracks 2-4! Jon Pleased Wimmin mix does have some elements of the original later on, but is really a dub, albeit a cleverly constructed one for the clubs. The following 2 dubs are slow, and whilst the Baarregaard/Coast Dub has an earthy appeal of its own, they remove all of the energy completely, and I can't imagine these being classed as dance-floor mixes! The plodding Bottin Dub is in fact an instrumental, with only very minor differences from the backing track of the Extended Vocal - disappointing.

We then get a glimpse of the original in radio edit form, which is nice to have, and then the 2 MP3 EP extras. The John Bryan Widescreen Instrumental is the other highlight of this EP, as its the closest to an extended instrumental, and you get a better feel for the skill of both the Orchestra and Rob's guitar licks. John has done a great job with this, and the vocal on the CD released Dec 2013.

The Bottin Extended Vocal is ok, if not exciting, and does seem to work better in this extended form.

This release was delayed by around a month, so I was awaiting it with increased expectation. Maybe that's why I am rather disappointed, and definitely won't be hunting out the vinyl 12" on the strength of just the Young Parisians remix.
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on 6 December 2014
This is my favourite track from the new Visage album so I was pleased when it was chosen as a single. Of all the singles from the new album, Hearts & Knives, this one also has the best remixes. John Bryans Widescreen version adds an orchestra, that resulted in Visage being asked to perform for the Prague Ski Jumping Championships closing ceremony with the Czech Synthosymphonica Orchestra and concluded with the 'Orchestral' album. My favourite mix is Marc Mitchell remix, which makes it sound like an outake from the original visage album with lots of Billy Currie piano and sweeping synths (here's hoping he is invited to be involved in the recording or the next Visage album). I also particularly wanted to mention the Bottin remix which is another great synth heavy mix, but also to inform people that this led onto Steve Strange recording a track which was released as a single last August which weirdly was not mentioned on any of the Visage websites so went under my radar. Its called Poison Within and can be downloaded from Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Poison-Within-feat-Steve-Strange/dp/B00LRP8UDQ/ref=sr_1_8?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1417880382&sr=1-8&keywords=bottin
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on 4 November 2014
super super super
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on 20 January 2015
CD arrived with damaged with broken jewel case! Shame on you!
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VINE VOICEon 19 March 2015
wow! a stunning single from the "hearts and knives" cd.....a very under rated album!

and I think, if I may presume, this is were they got the idea for amazing "orchestral" cd album!

the first remix if full of strings yet holds the dancefloor feel of the 80's...the second is more electronic (it sounds like the human league...never a bad thing!)

I could go on an on...if you love steve, love visage, love electronic 80's....you will not be disappointed with this....i'm blown away!!!
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on 2 December 2014
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on 9 December 2013
This song is truly awesome.

I have loved this song since I bought the latest Visage album 'Hearts and Knives and in my opinion is by far and away the song of 2013.

I vow anybody who buys this will not be disappointed.

An absolute classic and so good to have Visage back after all these years.

This song deserves to get plenty of airplay and get very high in the charts too.

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