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After buying other Anker products and finding them fantastic value for money for the job, I decided to buy the Ultra slim ipad air case.

Looking around at various cases that varied in price from around £5 upto £60/£70 I just wanted something that gave some protection to my ipad while I was out and about and was not too bulky.

The case itself is fit for purpose, has a nice plastic backing plate fitted to the case to clip your ipad into and has all the cut outs for the charger, volume, on/off button and speakers, the ipad fits snugly without moving around.

The outer case I was slightly disappointed with, I was expecting slightly better from Anker, the outside of the case is made from a gloss synthetic covering, in my opinion looks slightly cheap, compare this to the Samsung Tab 3 7" case I have brought from Anker which has a nice textured finish, this case does not have the same quality finish.

The inside of the case has a good soft slightly velvety finish to protect your screen and face of the ipad and has two slightly raised what I would call bumps to stop the ipad from slipping while the case is folded back, allowing you to stand the ipad up for various viewing positions.

The back has the same gloss finish as the front with two cut outs for the camera and mic and has a magnetic fold over tab that secures to the front when closed, this also folds back when the case is open.

For the money this case is fine, it is slim so doesn't add bulk to the slim ipad and also gives a nice deal of protection.

To be honest, I would liked to have seen a better finish to the outer case and a hand strap to make holding the ipad safer, but for a tenner it is worth the money to protect the casing and screen of your expensive ipad.

Update: since leaving my review I have been contacted by Anker who according to the email said they were 'sorry' that I was not completely satisfied with their product and have given me a full refund for the item, so thank you Anker for your great customer service and caring what your customers think.

For the excellent customer service I have added you another star.
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on 2 January 2014
Firstly I was supplied this case by Anker to give my honest feedback.

I have already had the Anker Mini case for my partners iPad Mini and was was very happy with that so I was expecting another good quality case for the new iPad Air.
The case has a hard plastic backing and a soft synthetic leather front so it provides all round protection for the iPad. The iPad fits snuggly and does not feel it will slip out and all of the buttons and camera cuttings are well places. The case acts as a stand for the iPad as well and offers to feeing angles.
I like the little magnetic clip as well which stops the front of the case falling open if it was to drop. The inside of the case I had was a grey speckled effect which adds a nice finish.
My only slight complaint is that the case does seem to add quite a bit of weight of the iPad Air but its not to much to stop me from recommending this case to others. I have purchased a number of cases before getting this one and each have only been used for a few hours as they added to much bulk and were poor quality.
For the cost of the case (currently at £10) this is a bargain quality case for your new iPad air.
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on 6 June 2014
I bought this in Jan 2014 for a great price of £9.99. I received it promptly and was initially very happy with the fit, weight, design and feel.

However at almost 6 months later I'm afraid the edges around the top cover have started to fray and come away from the insert which has made it look very shabby. The top material is also starting to come away from the clasp.

I've tried gluing it down but that didn't really work.

I use the iPad every day and carry it too and from work in a laptop bag so I can't say that it's being knocked around.

At the price I paid I am happy to get 6 months out of it but I had hoped it would last longer.

*Update - 16 June 2014*

After writing my initial review Anker contacted me within a few days to apologise for the inconvenience and to remind me that the case has a lifetime warranty (which I had forgotten).

They immediately sent me out a replacement that seems to be of a better quality finish around the edges so hopefully will last longer this time.

The jury is still out on the durability of the product but given the low price I can't complain too much and added this review just so others are more aware of what they are purchasing.

One thing that I cannot fault however is the Anker customer service and despite the issue I raised here I would have no hesitation in purchasing from them again and recommend them to others.
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on 11 January 2014
Anker was kind enough to send me their latest iPad Air case for review.

The case was very well packaged. I'm always impressed by Anker packaging. Inside the box was the case, a returns slip and a note from Anker inviting you to review their product.

The first thing I noticed about the case was how well built it is. The method it uses to hold the ipad in is one I have not seen before, and it works very well. When I clicked my iPad air in, it felt very secure. It also protects the sides of the iPad. On a previous case I used on my old iPad mini, I got a dent in the corner because the sides were exposed. On this case, only the buttons and ports are exposed, and even they are recessed for protection.

The case is very slim. It has a magnetic clasp that keeps it closed. It turns the iPad on and off like the Smart Cover sold by apple. It does add a bit of weight, perhaps a little more than I was happy with but it feels solid, protected. It also doubles up as a stand which was very stable and offered two viewing angles, both which I felt were good for watching films. The inside of the case has a lovely soft velvety feel to it. The clasp that holds the iPad is a soft to touch but rigid plastic material that does the job well.

The version I received was blue. It's covering is made from a synthetic leather that looks and feels nice. It's a little on the shiny side, but certainly doesn't look ugly!

Overall, I feel this case is great value for money. It's on sale for £9.99 and when you compare that to the smart case at £65, it's a bargain. For me, a case must be trusted to protect you iPad when the worse happens. And I think this case does that. It also looks great, and acts as a great little stand.
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on 7 January 2014
My recently purchased iPad Air (aka iPad 5) needed a home; I purchased the Apple cover and, as nice as it is, it has never been a favorite of mine. The fold-it-into-a-triangle-and-use-it-as-a-stand approach never appealed to me, especially when the slightest pressure or torque causes it to detach and dump my expensive iToy on the iFloor, which makes me very iMad!

Enter the Anker Ultra Slim Case for iPad 5. I've tried many iPad cases over the years (I've owned every iPad version and I have a case for each one) and most of them stink. I can honestly say that this is a superior product. No one wants a bulky case, and the Anker Ultra Slim case earns its name. This case is super slim, very smooth to the touch, but rugged. What really caught my eye was the attached molded polycarbonate plastic sleeve inside the case. The iPad Air snaps into place, ensuring it stays secure no matter how you turn the case - even holding it with the iPad pointing at the floor it not a problem. A magnetic flap keeps the case closed and when opened, folds back to attach to the back to keep it out of the way. Open the case and the iPad Air turns on, using the same method the Apple covers do. The iPad Air slides out to rest against one of the two raised "stops". The resulting viewing angles include almost vertical and a more inclined angle. The iPad rests securely against the "stops" so it won't slip when you hit turbulence in the air or a bump on the highway.

I was amazed at how good it felt to hold it - the case is sleek and smooth and adds very little to the overall size. It slips easily into my backpack and briefcase and is easy to carry around like a very slim notebook. The case includes the appropriate cutouts for the camera, speakers, and buttons.

This is an ingenious design - the inclusion of the molded "sleeve" sets it apart from any other iPad case I've ever seen. If you have an iPad Air and want to protect it without adding unnecessary bulk, the Anker Ultra Slim Case is for you.
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on 8 January 2014
The Ultra Slim Case with Multi-Angle Stand for iPad Air - Synthetic Leather Folio comes in a black semi-gloss-styled synthetic leather covering on the outside weighing in at just over 9 ounces. I like this case. A lot! The interior is made from a supple and smooth microfiber material to help protect your screen from unsightly scratches and foreign matter. The Ultra Slim Case Folio is a minimalist design while ensuring full functionality of the device it holds inside. Pre-cut holes allow for full function of your iPad Air which includes unobstructed camera viewing, microphone reception, speaker sound, headphone port, lock button and volume buttons.

When your Ultra Slim Case with Multi-Angle Stand for iPad Air - Synthetic Leather Folio arrives it's only a matter of slipping your tablet into the protective case and using it as you normally would. Operating your tablet is the same from this point forward with the only change being it's now protected by a beautiful folio. Once installed you have the benefit of not only protecting your tablet in a brilliantly-designed case, but a very modern and functional case as well. The case also acts as a stand for your tablet allowing you to view the tablet's screen in landscape mode in a hands-free setting. Simply prop it up on any stable surface to properly align the case and securely hold your device as you surf the web, view videos, or play games. A notable feature of this folio is the magnet feature of the case. When opening or closing the folio, the magnet activates/locks the screen. So when you open it your iPad wakes up, and when you close the folio your iPad is put into sleep mode. This is a brilliant feature because it saves wear and tear on your iPad's buttons.

The Ultra Slim Case with Multi-Angle Stand for iPad Air - Synthetic Leather Folio is recommended for anyone who wants to protect their investment in an economical, chic, and attractive case. Overall my impression of the Ultra Slim Case with Multi-Angle Stand for iPad Air - Synthetic Leather Folio is very favorable. I've already forsaken the other two cases I have in favour of this one because it's easy to open, has a magnet to auto sleep/wake, feels supple, soft and comfortable in my hands and there is no bulk added to the iPad. The synthetic leather holds up very well and takes all the abuse I throw at it (unintentional, of course) and gives me peace of mind knowing it's protected when I place it in my electronics bag. For the price, you can't go wrong. It's simply the best iPad Air folio I've tested under the £10 price point.

Overall impression:
1. Function: 5 stars
2. Design: 5 stars
3. Ease of Use/Installation: 5 stars
4. Durability: 5 stars
5. Price: 5 stars

The Ultra Slim Case with Multi-Angle Stand for iPad Air - Synthetic Leather Folio scores 5 out of 5 stars in my book. As always, Anker includes a card with their customer service information as well as an email address to reach them should you have any issues or concerns. One of the best in the industry who understand their customers needs!

I was provided a free sample from the folks at Anker for a fair, honest and unbiased review of their product.
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on 7 January 2014
I was supplied this iPad Air case as a review sample.

The case arrived in the usual impressive Anker packaging and upon opening, bearing in mind the very reasonable price, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of it.

There is a magnetic clasp which keeps the case securely shut when not in use, and the front cover will put the iPad to sleep when closed and wake it up upon opening. Inside there is a polycarbonate 'shell' which the iPad clips in to and holds it safely in place. The cutouts for the various buttons and front/rear cameras are all in exactly the right places and, although it does inevitably add a little bulk to the ultra-slim iPad, it doesn't make the combination heavy or awkward (unlike others I've seen).

The tough black outer synthetic leather finish looks like it will be extremely resistant to knocks and bumps, and should last for years.

My only slight criticism would concern the two 'ribs' inside the cover which, when used in landscape mode, allow the case to support the iPad at two different viewing angles. I found these to be marginally too small/low profile which resulted in the iPad collapsing at the slightest knock or jolt. I note that other reviews have not reflected this so maybe it's just my sample. - See more at: [...]
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on 12 March 2014
Let me start off by saying that I have only ever owned a few cases for tablets in my lifetime. My previous one made was a Tecknet case for the Ipad 2. This case is absolutely light years ahead of that one, but that's not to say it is faultless.

The product arrived quickly, no less than I expect from Amazon. The case was extremely well packaged, it really did feel like it was a premium case when I was unboxing it, not what you would expect from a £5.99, budget case.

The IPad Air fits very snugly into the holder which is one of the positives about this case, there is no room for the ipad to move around. I also love the grey/silver inner side of the case that goes over the screen when closed, very nice material.

The main thing I dislike about the case is the front cover; it looks extremely tacky, and not something I would expect from a product from Anker. However, I can't really complain having only paid just shy of £6 for it.

In summary, a good case that will protect your ipad for a very good price.
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on 3 June 2014
I'm a big fan of Anker products buying everything from keyboards, mice and screen protectors. All have been fantastically designed and innovative. I was gutted to received what I consider to be a poor product by Anker.

On the plus side it's light and fits the iPad like a glove. However, it's all down hill from there on.

The case feels like thin plastic reminding me of an old macintosh coat from the 50s with sponge underneath. It's not nice or pleasing to hold or to the touch.

The landscape viewing tramlines provide little support and are not deep or strong enough resulting in the iPad more often than not collapsing. The magnetic clasp when folded back needs to be spot on when it does decide to work.

Sorry Anker, it's not what I've come to expect. Come on, you can do better.

For now I've replaced this with the JL Ultra Slim Leather Smart Case for the New iPad Air (5th Generation) with Full Sleep Wake Compatibility and it's been consigned to the cupboard.
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on 29 May 2014
I had read reviews for loads of alternatives and went for this case. I think it was a good decision. Firstly the price is excellent value, secondly it does what it supposed to do. The plastic back provides a good fit and keeps the iPad in place as well as giving it good protection. The inner surface of the cover is soft and protects the screen. The ridges to prop the screen up are fine when viewing movies or using FaceTime, but probably not robust enough if you want type or interact a lot with the screen(not a problem for me). I chose the black cover as other reviews said that the other colours were a bit shiny and plastic looking. The black looks OK,. I may update this later when it has had a lot of use, but as a new product it is great.
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