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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars

on 20 August 2014
Ok here's the review you've all been waiting for. No bs and no biased opinions.

This card is clearly the single most powerful card for gaming on the market as of today 20. August 2014 in every aspect. It delivers performance on a level you've absolutely not experienced before. The clocks on this thing are almost out of this world and I am impressed by the punch it delivers right out of the box. This version of the 780ti comes super clocked all ready so you don't even need need to overclock it since the boys down at EVGA did a superb job clocking it as high and stable as possible right out of the box. At first I wanted to go for the factory form original cooler with the glowing GTX 780ti logo on it but soon changed my mind and I don't regret it one single bit. This is more silent and stays much cooler than the vanilla version and I have literally just given up on a shiny flashy logo for much better performance and cooling temperatures under load, and not to mention the noise instead. This card is absolutely silent. Even if it has 2 fans on it they are both top of the line ultra durable very light fans with the latest technology designed to run for at least 10 years. If you can hear something ,anything from this GPU while under load other than a faint hiss then I recommend checking your card for faulty parts especially around the cooler. And while you're not gaming you will never even hear this. You can test the card yourself outside the box with a DB meter app on your phone!!

For a straight muscle to muscle comparison between the best versions of the GTX780ti and R9 290x scroll down to the bottom of this review.

-Warning: This Graphics card chews every game and spits it back at you between 90FPS (in games like Tomb Raider) and 500FPS (in games such as League of Legends). If you only plan to game on 1080p then this card is a monster and will run any game as it was meant to be played.

GeForce GTX 780Ti EVGA ACX SC Specifications
Technical details:
2880 CUDA Cores
1006 MHz Base Clock
1072 MHz Boost Clock
241.4GT/s Texture Fill Rate

3072 MB, 384 bit GDDR5
7000 MHz (effective)
336 GB/s Memory Bandwidth

PCI-E 3.0 16x
DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI, Display-Port

Resolutions & Refresh:
Max Monitors Supported: 4
240Hz Max Refresh Rate
Max Analog : 2048x1536
Max Digital : 4096x2160

Height: 4.376in - 111.15mm
Length: 10.5in - 266.7mm
Width: Dual Slot

OS Support:
Windows 8 32/64bit
Windows 7 32/64bit
Windows Vista 32/64bit
Windows XP 32/64bit

Minimum of a 600 Watt power supply.
(Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 42 Amps.)
An available 6-pin PCI-E power connector and an available 8 pin PCI-E power connector
Total Power Draw : 250 Watts

Special Features on this board:
NVIDIA PhysX technology
NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready
NVIDIA CUDA Technology
PCI Express 3.0 Support
OpenGL 4.4 Support
NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync
OpenCL Support
NVIDIA Surround
NVIDIA FXAA Technology
Supports four concurrent displays
NVIDIA TXAA Technology
Microsoft DirectX 12 API (feature level 11_0) Support
NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology

Compatibility with your system:
This board comes with a solid hardcore back plate that can keep it straight and take the load off of it.
Works with Pro SLi Bridge 3way/2way

And the support:
The support is 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. Best support on the market

I went and bought the best versions of the 780ti and the R9 290x, respectively this GeForce 780ti EVGA ACX SC and the AMD Radeon R9 290x Sapphire Tri-OC and put them head to head in my system to test them out. You can find my specifications at the end of this review. But let's get down to business.

Without further adieu, the 780ti wins by miles. If you can afford it that is. It's the best GPU for gaming on the market. If you can't afford it then go R9 290x. That GPU is weaker but much cheaper so is worth it. The difference between 780ti and r9 290x is huge but then again so is the price. I realize the technical data is damn right confusing and that's why you are reading this instead. But I assure you that numbers aren't everything! So where the R9 290x tells you it's got 4GB RAM doesn't actually make it better than a 3GB card! And where you see 512 bit interface, it doesn't actually mean that it's better than the 384. There are plenty reviews telling you WHY exactly that is. Me on the other hand, I've bought both cards and put them in the same system and ran the same tests each time and I can tell you that the 780ti blows the 290x out of the water in every way except for the price. The lower price however just translates into weaker performance ESPECIALLY in Crossfire and SLi but not extremely a lot in a one single card- one single monitor configuration system (given that you don't bottleneck/slow down your card with other hardware in your PC such as a poor CPU or slow RAM or Motherboard). HOWEVER!!! If you only plan to play on one monitor and with resolutions lower and up to 1080p then these cards will perform almost the same because they both have enough juice to run games on that resolution properly. Notice I said almost the same, and I do mean it. I am of course talking about the best versions of these cards as well so what I mean by that is that if you are just a normal gamer that plays games on a normal PC and you're willing to lower the quality, performance and your own expectations alongside a good few FPS then you're ok with either of them! In the future though, if you ever plan to upgrade your TV size , monitor size and setup and/or add more video cards in your system or simply increase the Resolution you're gaming on for more quality, then the GTX780 ti is the better choice due to it's superiority and future proof insurance over the 290x. Put it this way: The R9 290x is a great card. Will it be ok for gaming on one monitor with res up to 1080p? Sure! Will it be so different from the 780 ti in a normal standard system? No, not really UNLESS YOU USE GSYNC AND RESOLUTIONS HIGHER THAN 1080p AND A GOOD SIZED MONITOR WITH LOW RESPONSE OR IF YOU ARE PLAYING GAMES LIKE E-sports COMPETITIVELY then NO! , not on that res and setup. Will it fall against the 780ti in a more complex system setup or when new games come out? Yes but then again that's why there's a huge price difference between them. Radeon have Mantle which isn't a lot to go by, it's an unknown factor. GeForce have Gsync which is out and working. A win there as well.

My rig is as follows:

CPU iNTEL i7- 4790k Unlocked 4.5Ghz
CPU Cooler NOCTUA NH-D15 Dual
Motherboard ASUS R.O.G Maximus VI Formula
Memory G-skill 1866mhz 16 GB quad channel
Storage WD 5TB 6GB/s + SSD Samsung 840 Evo
Video Card GeForce GTX780Ti ACX SC 3GB DDR5
Capture Card Red Devil Dual Neons
Audio Card ASUS R.O.G Supreme FX
Power Supply Corsair RM series 850W fully Modular
Case CM Cooler Master Storm Stryker
Monitor ACER 24" Black Refresh
Headphones M.U.S.E
Microphone Black Boost
Software Windows 8.1
Keyboard MAD CATZ V7 Cyborg
Mouse Archelon Red Dragonite 16400 dpi 18 buttons
Webcam Creative Red

(it's a solid 9.0 score in windows rating on the lowest component)

Hope this will help you make your mind up. That being said, I will keep both of these cards and use both for games which are specially designed for different technologies such as Metro Last Light and Crisis 3.
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on 7 August 2014
Bought this as part of a new PC build. It provides very high framerates across modern games and is currently one of the best cards on the market. EVGA provide a 3 year warranty with this card - not 10 if that's one of your purchasing factors (if the product code ends in XR/X1/X2/X3, you get 10 years else it's 3-5 years).

There are 2 DVIs, 1 HDMI and 1 DisplayPort ports as outputs from this. Even under loads, this card stays relatively quiet and the double fans really help. Note that the vents at the top are where the most heat comes out from, so if you are thinking of airflow, think of it as a heat source and plan accordingly. In my case, I have a top fan extracting air out from here, with a fan blowing against the card itself. It stays nice and cool even under heavy load.

My build is a Z97 Sabertooth with an i7 4790K, it works perfectly with them.

For Ubuntu users, at the time of writing this card was pretty new, so there were no built-in drivers and so the OS appeared in low resolution mode (I think it was 800x600). You will need to press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to enter a console shell. If it appears blank, then you may first need to kill the gdm process from within the OS itself, then try Ctrl+Alt+F1 again. Once in there, perform a wget to download the NVidia proprietary driver. The version I got was version 340.24 and yes, I typed the entire URL out by copying from another screen. Once downloaded, execute it and it will install the needed drivers. Reboot and you're all set.
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on 8 September 2014
Purchased two of those fantastic cards. EVGA always provided a great quality and efficiency, which can be clearly said about those cards.

First of all the packaging was great, everything well packed and video card had plastic and rubber caps on connectors, great for future transportation.

Card itself has a great build quality, it feels sturdy and this card is one of those rare cards that have metal panel within the card, which makes it very stable when placed horizontally into your case, besides that improving the cooling.

Now performance of the card ( I use 2 of those in SLI = slightly higher temperature ). Performance is hands down fantastic. This is without any doubt the strongest gaming card on the market. And 2 of those tear apart any game, you can expect fantastic performance however you do need a good processor in order to let this card work to its full potential.

Temperatures are great, idle this card runs at 28c in SLI mode, however my bet is single card would run at around 24-25c.
Temperatures in games are great as well, I like to keep my cards below 70c (however it is fine if they work above that, jet decreases their life span). Not a single game so far has heated them up over 70c, however note that you will have to limit your fps at lets say 120 (twice 60hz monitor) or as in my case I limit it at 144fps ( i have 144hz monitor) as you will not see any difference, as its extremelly smooth in any case) and why let your cards heat up more then they have to. As an example, Metro 2033 Redux (With Ambient Occlusion turned off, as I personally never see the effect itself, however it is famous for heating up cards badly) runs at insane 240+ fps (bravo to developers for optimization), even at that frame rate cards heat up to 72-74c, however when limited to 144fps they run at 59-62c (Bravo to EVGA for ACX cooling, it works great). Besides that Cooling itself is very silent jet efficient.

Card uses 1 6pin connector and 1 8pin connector, however power draw is less then 1 GTX 670 (another Bravo to Nvidia for creating this energy efficient card).

And make sure you use latest Nvidia drivers always (that includes the Beta drivers)

Some of you may ask, why buy this one now and not wait for GTX980? Well in short, GTX 980, will not have Maxwell architecture, it will come only in late 2015-2016, and uses the same hybrid tech as GTX 780TI, and will not be able to compete with it, as it wont be stronger. So this card will still be competitive for a while.

To sum up the Above - Top notch card; Can run Any game maxxed out (However make sure you control temperatures and FPS); Great Quality Build; Great Cooling; Energy Efficient.

Fantastic Product from Nvidia and EVGA. Absolutely worth it. Highly recommended!
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on 5 March 2014
Fast Card Best Single card available, Doesn't seem like a Massive upgrade from my matrix 7970 overclocked even further, Its a definite upgrade don't get me wrong but not wroth the actual price they ask for it. Would recommend for anything under a 7970ghz but anything over, not really much of a boost. 20-30% it seems I got, Still dropping below 60fps in some games which to be when you are buying the best card available should not happen. by the way I play at 1080p with most graphics settings maxed, This card should handle that at 60 minimum.
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on 18 June 2014
Fantastic card if you are a hardcore video gamer or even graphics designer/artist, or you do a lot of media/video-editing work! I would buy a TITAN/TITAN Black for anything developer related simply because the clocks are optimized differently. The 780 GTX Titanium is basically the TITAN for video games. Fantastic card, the only downside is when warming up or put under a bit of stress it can produce a rattling noise but this is normal and happens with most cards, it will not damage it in anyway just may be a bit annoying for you. 5/5 fantastic card!
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on 23 July 2014
So far so good. I had to return a gigabyte overclocked 780ti due to fan rattling and ball bearing faults so I ordered this to replace it. The EVGA card is cool and silent and the fan seems to work fantastic. The card itself clocks higher then the ones stated and easily matches the OC edition of the Gigabyte card.

Doesn't get 5 stars because of the price, Nvidia charge a bit of a big premium but the card itself is solid.
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on 14 July 2014
There's little to be said about this GPU. It's extremely powerful. One of fastest / the fastest consumer grade single GPU in the market at the moment (I would consider the Titan line to be aimed more at developers due to double precision technology). That being said, the GTX 780 (not Ti) has a better price to performance ratio. Then again, if you want the best then that is what you get with this GPU.
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on 10 May 2014
I bought 2 of these cards for nvidia surround and play crysis 2 and the frame rate does not go under 120 fps on low settings at a resolution of 3962x800 normal res 5040x1080 i upgraded from 3x gtx 580 3gb on a 3960x with 16 gb of memory and every game i play is twice as fast,Farcry 3 is amazing with these 2 cards.
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on 24 September 2014
Any 780 Ti is going to be impressive but with the ACX cooler this thing is a beast!! I have managed to get a 30% overclock stable as well over the reference cards so very happy :)
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on 12 September 2014
Only one word : JUST GREAT, awesome, superb, fast!
Well...I guess that's more than one...
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