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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
A Cinderella Christmas
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 19 November 2013
This is an easy read humourous story.
It is very much like the Cinderella fairy tale and all that is missing are the two ugly sisters!!
The plot touches upon the public`s adulation of celebrity culture and manages to show us the reality that lies behind the publicity machine. All the characters are believable. I found the dialogue and narrative funny and witty. I actually laughed out loud in parts.There are some good observations of human behaviour. The little dog is endearing and the festive setting makes for it to be an excellent Christmas read.
I loved this book, it gave me the feel good factor and I look forward to reading more from this author.
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on 4 December 2013
I don't generally read holiday themed novels as a rule and actually, Holly Kingston's A Cinderella Christmas might just be the first ever Christmas novel I've ever read. Apart from `Twas the Night Before Christmas, of course! This little novel by new publishers Novelicious was a great introduction to the holiday genre and wasn't so Christmassy that I felt the need to hang tinsel from my ears.

Lucy Tilley is a bit of a mouse, like me. She's afraid to stand up for herself and nervous to take the spotlight, opting for roles like the back half of a cow in a Christmas panto. Putting herself down for dog-walking duties for the show's star, Charmaine, Lucy is thrust unwittingly into the deceptive and devious world of the celebrity. Harbouring a crush for the show's heartthrob, Ryan Aspall, Lucy does her best to buck up and become the woman she knows she can be.

More than a Christmas story, A Cinderella Christmas is one of a young girl's metamorphosis into a strong and charismatic woman.

Short and sweet, A Cinderella Christmas is sure to get you in the festive mood without making you want listen to the Michael Buble Christmas album on repeat.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 December 2013
Firstly, what a lovely cover! It's all sparkly and christmassy, I love it and a big thank you to Kerry for asking me to be a part of the blog tour.

I love nice, light, easy reads and this one was exactly that. A Cinderella Christmas is so easy to get into and I read it incredibly quickly. At just over 100 pages long, this Christmas novella will leave you with a warm feeling inside.

It'a panto season and Lucy is starring in this years Cinderella pantomine; wait for it, as the back end of a cow. Hmm not quite what Lucy had in mind. But still, at least Lucy will be safe from the view of the audience as she surfers from stagefright, despite being in the show business. The star of the show, Charmaine has really done Lucy a favour getting her the part of the back end of a cow, although it does not exactly feel like that to Lucy, but at least Charmaine is looking out for her and Lucy is in complete awe of the famous Charmaine, but maybe Charmaine isn't all who she seems. Hopefully Lucy will find the confidence to get out of the cow suit and have the awesome Christmas that she deserves.

Lucy is so likeable, but she is a complete pushover, particularly when it comes to Charmaine. Lucy thinks Charmaine is super glamourous and that by just being around her, it will make her a little more glamourous. Charmaine very quickly has Lucy running errands for her and treating her exactly like Cinderella was treated by her ugly stepsisters; ironic really as Charmaine is playing Cinderella in the play! I really disliked Charmaine and knew something was up right from the beginning. She is fake in every way, fake boobs, fake hair and fake personality. I just desperately wanted Lucy to realise this and tell her where to go! Luckily Lucy has her great friend Ben working with her and playing the front end of the cow; not the worst back side that she could possibly have to endure. Ben is really sweet, but Lucy only has eyes for the famous Ryan Aspall who makes her lose all her sense when he starts talking to her, but maybe she is looking in the wrong place?

I really really enjoyed this and this was a fantastic debut from the really wonderful Holly Kingston. All the talk of pantomimes reminded me of Christmas when I was little as my family always used to take my cousins and me and my sister. It has definitely left me feeling festive! Absolutely brilliant writing and it has had me craving more! I really cannot wait to read more from Holly as I just know it is going to be A-mazing!
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If you love chick lit as much as you love the classic Cinderella story, then you'll certainly enjoy A Cinderella Christmas by Holly Kingston. Although I was a little disappointed that there wasn't quite as much 'Christmas' in the tale (other than it was set around a Christmas season pantomime), I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. I quite often found myself wanting to throw my Kindle across the room with frustration at the naive Lucy though. It drove me crazy how she couldn't accept how the evil Charmaine was using her! However, I loved the way the story wrapped up - exactly how I expected it to. All in all a very enjoyable read.
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on 2 December 2013
Lucy would like to be so much more than the back end of a pantomine cow but her lack of confidence in believing that's she good enough to be a leading lady is stopping her from achieving her dream.

Finding herself away from family and friends this Christmas, she's happy when the stars of the show Charmaine, who's playing Cinderella, and her crush Ryan, who's playing the leading man, befriend her. But are their intentions as innocent as they seem?...

Lucy was such a delightful character that you couldn't help but like her, she had such endearing qualities in wanting to please everyone even if they were taking advantage of her! And as for her other half of the cow Ben, he sounded so adorable. Where can I find my own version of Ben?!

This was such a fab, fun festive read that I whizzed through it in no time at all. In fact, my only criticism of it was that I would have loved a little more!
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on 18 November 2013
Thanks to Novelicious for the review copy of this book.

The Christmas Pantomime season has arrived and this year Lucy has been "promoted" from chorus girl to the very important role of.......the rear end of the comic cow. She must spend the season bent over behind her pal, Ben and learn to tap dance in unison, while wearing udders. Not the glamorous role she had envisioned.
The Panto's stars, Charmaine and Ryan, are both well known personalities and have the egos to match. Lucy volunteers to dogsit Charmaine's handbag sized pet and ends up spending more time looking after the Reality TV star than the dog.
Ryan, all spray tanned and groomed to within an inch of his life, is Lucy's secret crush and she can't believe she is getting to hang out with him on a daily basis. He even seems to be interested in her, cow costume and all.

This short book is a perfect little read for the Christmas period. It has everything a Chic-lit novel needs; great characters, simple storyline and a fair helping of feel good moments. I love the way the author pokes fun at TV stars and their Diva lifestyles but shows that everything is not always what it seems.

Lucy and Ben are the balancing act and are charming and fun. One of the stars of the book is Charmaine's Chihuahua , Lenin. You can almost picture his antics in the Dressing Room and visualize the poor thing in his Christmas outfit....

This is Holly Kingston's first full length novel and I hope we will get to read more of her books very soon.
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on 5 December 2013
Lucy is an aspiring actress and she couldn't be more thrilled at the prospect of working with two celebrities she adores in this year's Christmas pantomime. And when one of them, reality star Charmaine, manages to bump Lucy's role up from the chorus line Lucy thinks this is going to be the most exciting production for her yet.

That is, until she realises that her grand new role is playing the rear end of a comical cow... Even worse, she has become the official babysitter for Charmaine's spoiled little Chihuahua, which takes up most of her spare time outside of rehearsals, and to her horror she finds out that she's unable to utter a word in front of the gorgeous Prince Charming of the production, television star Ryan Aspell.

I should start this review by saying that I'm not a huge fan of short stories or novellas as I find there's too little time for proper characterisation and as a result of this I never really care for the characters within. So unless it's written by an author I love and preferably slotting into a story I already know (so I am familiar with the characters and their backgrounds) I tend to avoid short stories and novellas, until now.

"A prince, a diva, a tiny cold dog, and a frustrated cow..." is one of the most funny and eye-catching tag lines I've ever seen and it is what made this novella stand out to me in the first place, so kudos to the author, or publicist, who came up with it. And when I read that the story is set around Christmas time during the rehearsals for a panto I knew this would be right up my ally, as I love anything to do with festive season and am a big fan of all things theatre.

The story itself definitely didn't disappoint as it was a hilarious journey from start to finish. I particularly enjoyed reading about the escapades of the diva from the tagline, Charmaine, as she is quite the character going from incredibly blonde in one moment (point in case, she named her dog Lenin after a member of The Beatles...) to cunningly clever in the next.

While, as I mentioned before, such a short novel doesn't allow for much character development, I found myself loving the main character of Lucy from the get-go. She was funny, sweet and likeable, all the elements that make a great protagonist in a romance novel (of any length). The fact that author Holly Kingston managed to not only portray Lucy so realistically in a shorter novella, but also the characters surrounding her, is greatly admirable and has actually changed my perspective on shorter novels for the better.

At a 100 pages in (ebook) length A Cinderella Christmas was still too short for my liking, but not because it was poorly structured or unengagingly written, on the contrary.... I enjoyed it so much that as soon as it was finished I was already craving more from Lucy, Ben, Charmaine and the rest of the gang.
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on 29 November 2013
If you're looking for a light hearted Christmas novella that will make you giggle then you need to get your hands on a copy of A Cinderella Christmas.

It's a brilliant story based around the cast of a Christmas pantomime. The heroine of the story is the very loveable back-end-of-a-cow Lucy. She's down to earth of full of the everyday insecurities that plague us all. The other leading lady in the book is a diva and a nasty piece of work called Charmaine; not the type of person I would fancy for a friend, but enjoyable to read about non-the-less.

I loved Holly Kingston's writing style, it's so light-hearted and really easy to get into. I was drawn into the story from the first few pages and really enjoyed reading the whole novella.

This novella has everything you could wish for in a festive read... it's full of Christmas sparkle, with big doses of humour, friendship and romance. And there's even an adorable little dog who dresses like an elf, for those of who like like a little canine influence in a story!

Oh and did I mention it's set in Manchester - which being a Mancunian I love :)

I look forward to reading more from Holly in the future.
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on 17 November 2013
This is a fab debut novella from Holly, and it really is fab! I was sent the copy late on Friday night, but only realsied I had it on Saturday morning. I sat in bed and began to read. It came apparent very quickly that this would be a book that I would not be putting down. And within a few hours I had finished it. It is just such a brilliant Christmas novella, it had me laughing out loud and routing for characters. I feel so honored I was among the select few to read this before publication day.

This story is based on Lucy, she is an aspiring actress, however she has never had a lead role, this is down to her lack of confidence. She is in Cinderella this year with some really famous people. Charmaine plays Cinderella and is currently the celebrity in vogue. When Lucy begins spending time with her she feels she has died and gone to heaven. She ends up being her unofficial PA and Lucy feels this is a real honor to be asked. Lucy has a crush on the lead male role, Ryan. Lucy is hoping that the more time they spend together he also will realise that he loves her. There is a slight problem though, that is Lucy is the back end of a cow...

This is a brilliant Christmas novella, Lucy is likable and I felt I could connect to her straight away. The story is funny and the pace is good. I began to develop hate for Charmaine and wanted her to get her comeuppance. Holly has written this novella very well, there is so much happening in it, it's hard to believe that it is so short. It feels like a novel to read and it also is not rushed at the end, this is something I feel that does happen in novellas. Holly ties things up nicely and the story is very smooth. I was only disappointed to come to the end.

I am glad I have had the opportunity to read something by Holly and she is going to be an author to watch. Her writing is brilliant and she connects to her audience well. This novella has really got me in the mood for Christmas, and I now desperately want to go and see a pantomime this year.

This is one to read to get you into the Christmas mood, I recommend everyone to read it!

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me this review copy.
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on 17 November 2013
This is a really enjoyable read. It was easy to get into and I didn't put it down until I'd finished it, which is definitely the sign of a good story. It has everything you want from a good chick lit novel but it also has an additional wit and warmth about it that made it especially stand out for me. Definitely a book I'll be telling all my girl friends to read.
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