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on 3 February 2014
After one month of use the display cracket.
I have the IVSO Slim Smart Cover.
I transport the tablet inside one tablet bag, has I have done with other tablets.

The performance is good, it comes with full home student office.
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on 11 February 2014
I borough this from Argos as I couldn't afford postage but I thought id review here for buyers, firstly this tablet is really good and lightning fast at everything and flawless for gaming the processor isn't 1.8ghz its 1.3 but it has burst technology and sits at 600mhz and boosts itself up to 1.9ghz as its needed (tip.. McAfee is pre installed and eats the processor and have no idea why but it causes major lag uninstall it as windows defender keeps you protected) 32gb is very small for a modern windows os but you can expand to 64gb via micro sd and can install everything there as long as you format to nfts which is what I done to save money overall this is an amazing tablet and will find apps and games similar to Google play and still do every day computing also the battery life is astonishing for a windows computer and will easily last a full day
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on 19 December 2013
Update 26-MAR-14...

a) You can *maintain* the Encore charge while a USB device (e.g. USB hub) is connected, by using a USB A to Micro USB B Y-cable and a USB Female-Female gender changer : connect the red connector to the Encore power block, the Micro USB connector to the Encore, and the black connector to the gender changer and then to the USB device (e.g. USB hub). You must connect up before turning on. It will report "plugged in, not charging", but will maintain the current charge. (Thanks to "padgett" on Toshiba Forums for this tip - where there is also a discussion about using powered hubs.) No cutting or soldering required! (Do at your own risk.)

b) Toshiba have issued updates for the Encore in the last few days - the BIOS is updated, and external displays can now be added in "Duplicate these displays" mode. You can work to the higher resolution of the 2nd display e.g. 1920x1200 if you select "Show desktop only on 2" (but then touch won't work - you'll need a keyboard an mouse). (Switch off "Allow autorotate" if using a 2nd display.)

With these two improvements the Encore can be used like a desktop computer (with separate screen and USB hub).

Good points:-
- It's a full Windows 8.1 computer, so runs most existing Windows programs - I installed VirtualBox and a Windows 2000 VM no problem; and VB6 (dating from 1998) by using a few tweaks.
- The micro HDMI port allows a TV screen to be plugged in, or a full size PC screen (via a HDMI>DVI or HDMI>SVGA adapter).
- The 16:10 aspect ratio (1280x800) screen is a good compromise shape in my opinion.
- It's fanless/silent, with good battery life.
- Microsoft Office Home & Student are included (not trial versions).
- It has lots of built-in extras like GPS, compass etc. - see the specs.

There are a few minor issues:-
- The micro USB and HDMI port are close together - if you want to use both at the same time you may need to get adapters with (short) wires to full-size sockets.
- It's a bit heavier than the Dell or Lenovo equivalents - though mine weighed slightly less than the specs. say (435g/15.3oz vs. 445g).

If you are a traditional Windows user you may want to:-
- Install Classic Shell or similar to get the traditional start menu back, and 8Gadgetpack to get Windows 7-style desktop calendar, clock, CPU meter etc.
- Free an extra 5G or so by moving the recovery image to a memory stick. You can also free the space used by C:\hiberfil.sys by disabling Hibernate.
- Add a "full" on-screen keyboard (with Ctrl, Alt etc. keys) via Settings > Change PC settings > PC and devices > Typing > Turn on "Add the standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option".

UPDATE 24-Jan-14:- The IVSO Cover Case is a very neat fit, and can be left on all the time to protect the screen. I removed the metal IVSO name tag by prising the tag open at one end, and after doing so the closing magnets still work, as others have reported (though if you do this - at your own risk and invalidating any guarentees I assume! - you may mark the case slightly, and the tag leaves a slight impression).

A bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse may also be very useful if you want to do serious work on the Encore.
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on 21 March 2014
I bought mine at Currys (sorry Amazon, if you’d sort out UK Prime delivery I’d have bought it from you) so I couldn't easily take it back for being difficult. It has a number of "out of box" problems, camera, licensing Office etc. However I persevered, after all this is as good as a 3 year-old £500 laptop. Toshiba have updated the drivers and it's really a great little PC. At standard resolution you need the fingers of a 5 year old to manage the desktop; but the addition of a Bluetooth mouse made everything easy.
The big PLUS is that this is a real PC; yes it was released into the wild with more bugs than an Elephants arse but, slowly but surely, they are being fixed. The latest drivers make almost everything work- follow other reviews to fine tune.
It has all the benefits of a PC - browsers that work do Flash and JavaScript, Office that works, Dropbox with local files, it just goes on. Other than screen resolution it makes an iPad mini look like a toy. Persevere, it’s worth it. Buy an SD card for extra memory, an OTG cable to connect USB devices; backup to an 8Gb USB device and delete the recovery partition. For an extra £25 (8Gb Sandisk USB and 32Gb SD card) you get a solid device with plenty of storage and FULL Windows compatibility – what is not to like!
Buy one before Toshiba sort out all the bugs and put the price back up.
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on 26 March 2014
Simple the best tablet I have used.

Office works great, I'll probably pick up a blue tooth keyboard at some point but the touch screen is perfectly useable and quick

Windows 8.1 built in speech recognition works well enough to dictate into word

HD video plays perfectly from amazon prime streaming

I got the 32Gb version along with official case and a 32Gb micro SD card
I dont need a lot of free space as I won't install many apps, if you intend to download lots of apps it may be better to opt for 64Gb version, as there is less than 10Gb available (although moving restore partition to a USB drive will free up more)

I'm struggling to find a negative, people may look at resolution but if it was higher than 720p, the desktop mode would be much harder to see, 1080p would be great on a 10" tablet. You certainly can not see any pixels on the screen

If you need a tablet that can play simple games, watch video, browse the web (without normal tablet limitation), and still get some serious work done, this tablet is great.

I just wish Amazon would release a prime video app for windows 8 (although prime video works fine through Internet explorer in desktop mode)
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on 25 May 2014
Although I have a touch screen laptop I rarely use touch on it but with a tablet Windows 8 comes to life.
This one is bit more heavy than it's competitors but is solidly built and has a nice screen. Its a bit small to use this for just desktop apps but the Windows store is growing and Microsoft should be releasing touch versions of the Office apps soon.
The first thing you will want to do is uninstall McAfee (Windows built in firewall and Defender are fine), and also update the BIOS and Intel drivers. Just search for "Toshiba Encore BIOS update" and you will find the installers on Toshiba's website.
Don't bother with installing another web browser, IE is optimized best for touch and fly's on this tablet. Using the Metro version in split screen with youtube on one side and browsing on the other is great. All my bookmarks and settings where synced from my other PC which is nice.
I got the 32GB version and there is about 8GB free after setting up Office and installing a few apps. I may get a SD card for it but I've found it's more convenient to just store stuff on OneDrive now as it is accessible on all my devices.
Would recommend this over Android or iPad.
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on 18 April 2014
If you love gadgets in general you'll love this one. It's got full Windows 8 along with full MS Office. It takes micro sdxc cards up to 64GB for added storage. Average sound for such small speakers, a lovely screen, plenty of connections for attaching it to things like TV's.
So overall it has everything you need in a very small computer.
But sadly I personally found it too small to use successfully.
I wear reading glasses (I'm a certain age you see) and constantly found myself concentrating too hard on trying to press tiny buttons on the screen, only to find I'd hit the wrong one - again. So it quickly became too frustrating for me and I'd stop using it.
After a couple of weeks I sent it back for a full refund and instead bought an HP Omni 10 with a 10" screen - much more usable for me.
(At the time of writing the Omni 10 is down to £249 on HP's site and in PC World - bargain!)
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on 25 March 2014
I was pleasantly surprised with the speed and screen quality of the Toshiba encore. I really wanted a Microsoft surface pro but as they are 500+ I went with this for £180.

I mainly surf the web, watch YouTube in HD as well as play some games on various emulators and the little encore 8 ran all of this without a hitch!

my girlfriend has a 300+ppi nexus 7 and although this screen is only 180ppi you can hardly tell the difference. They both look very clear and crisp.

I would strongly recommend the IVSO case to go with it as it feels very well made and makes the whole tab look a heck of a lot better.

With windows 8 and office included in the box you really can't go wrong with this tab.
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on 12 October 2014
Excellent battery life; I can use it all day long from a single charge.
Decent size; it can fit in my jeans back pocket even some of the skinny one, very useful when walking around the house with your dinner in your hands for example ...
Full windows experience; no tablet can beat a full usable windows pc in a tablet form factor, never need to worry whether an app is compatible or available as it is windows and will run any program you have, or you could just install linux, or other OS if you wanted.

This is now the perfect backup pc, toolbox for IT people.
Only downside it will not power most external USB2 2.5" HDD without external power, I only manage to get one USB3 HDD to power up.
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on 22 March 2014
Pleasantly surprised by the Toshiba in that its the full 8.1 version (no upgrade from 8) and a copy of Home & Student Office 2013 on board it. The 8" screen is highly workable even with my shovel hands, and the build quality is robust and sturdy, but the standard display is obviously noticeably small, so if the eyesight isn't what it used to be I'd look at going for a device with a larger screen..

The 32 gb leaves you about 13 gb free space (once you've removed the extra software) so I would strongly recommend a SD card for additional storage for any apps you want to apply on the device. (Use sky/onedrive for your photos and document storage).

The Atom processor is more than capable of running the O/S and Office with a good response with just an occasional lag (if you want to be really picky), the touch response is good (very few 2nd/3rd prods required)

Good aspect & quality on the rear facing camera, taking photos with tablets has always appeared weird to me, but the size of the device make it using a phone for photos. Battery life very good, lasted well with heavy usage on a work day without flashing/beeping that the battery needed a charge.

The price for what's on board is excellent, and its great for what I need for work. If you're looking to use Windows 81 more and more then you may need something bigger and better so that you can expand. But for an entry level Windows 8 device, or requiring a tablet for "the basics" you cant go wrong in picking up this, quality tablet. Well worth the cost
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