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  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars

on 12 March 2014
Let's begin by saying this horn in essence; is Very good.

It has very well made components on it, strong plastic and strong tubing.

Its very reliable

it has a very high amount of use before you have to re-pump it.

Its very light.

Its very loud

It even has a volume adjuster on it.

it also has a quick release bracket.

it is rain proof.

Disadvantages are:

You need a pump with a PSI gauge, and has to be an Accurate and functioning one. And i also mean a heavy-duty pump, like a stirrup pump, but even with one of those, it was quite a struggle.

It would be impossible to pump it up to its Recommended 80 PSI (5.5 kbar) with a hand pump, though, you wouldn't run out of Air on a ride.

Lack of instructions, i found myself fiddling with 1 hour with the horn until i managed to take it out on a ride -- Returning home to read the box about the bracket. Since i didn't put it on properly.

I bought this one, they say its an 'Airzound 3' but, theres no indication of it being an airzound 3, it just says 'airzound' Though, theres little difference between most Airzounds anyway.


Alot of people are telling you that it is 'Loud' but how loud? well, the one i received is 115Db. Comparing to a A gunshot, averagely from a pistol is around 160-190 DB. An airplane taking off is about 120DB. So it is very loud, sudden, and sharp.

However, YOUR main question would be 'Loud enough for cars to hear' and well, the truth is, ... Barely. I've had little or no success in preventing drivers from pulling out infront of me, or what not. The reasons are as follow.

1. The sound the horn makes *typical horn sound* but, despite it being a sharp sudden motion noise, it isn't what you'd call..Piercingly loud, Sure, if a car driver hasn't got the radio on, and hes about at most 3-6 meters Infront of you, you've got a good chance of being heard.

2.The horn doesn't do well at spreading sound over a large area, i,e stand about 2 meters to the back of the horn, and it sounds very quiet.

The few other noticeable issues are

1. Temperature. Yes, it wont work in extreme cold, and you'd have to be careful at pumping it up when its a lovely warm day.

2. Excessive cable. The cable is incredibly long, which i guess isn't a disadvantage, since better long than short, however it is a faff to wrap it around the bike, and it looks pretty untidy. If your bike is grey (like the tubing) then you should be okay.


Alot of people are speculating, and comparing THIS to the Hornit horn. Which, if you haven't seen yet, check it out on Amazon.

The Hornit horn seems tempting.

Its 140Db, far louder than the 115DB airzound, and, Its electronic, so no need for pumping, just two AAA batteries that last a year on average.

It even comes with a little Trigger that you can wrap around your handlebar grip, so no need to reach for your airzound in the middle of your handlebars, it'll be ready right next to your thumb.

Its more easier to attach, assemble, and much tidier and smaller aswell.

It also comes with volume control. a Park 120Db Mode and the normal 140Db mode.

So why shouldn't you buy one?


The Hornit is £15.00 More expensive than the Airzound,

it is electronic, SO its not weather proof.

But the biggest pitfall of it all

Is the noise it makes, Since its electronic, it doesn't emit a horn sound. Instead, it emits a bird-chirping sound. Granted a very loud one, but it hasn't got much right, to be called a 'horn'

the problem is; car drivers dont recognize this sound AS a horn, they think 'Hey, maybe a house alarm has gone off? Somebodys car alarm has gone off, etc' and dont bother to look and carry on.

It is more of an 'Alarm' noise. Like one you'd hear when your house has been broken into, nothing to do with traffic.

So the AirZound has its flaws, but it is better than the Hornit in terms of being a 'bicycle horn' and its much more road-useable aswell.

So then, the conclusion is this

A. The Airzound is cheap, loud, a very good overall horn, reliable, and it does take effort to assemble and pump up, and it also does take alot of care in doing that too - But once your past that, you get a very good horn for road use.

B. it Defeats its main rival The Hornit.
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